Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive?

Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive
Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive

The motherboard is the backbone of your system. The motherboard provides the interface between your CPU and everything else in your machine, whether it be sound, video, storage, or input/output options. But our topic is Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive?

This is a question that has been on a lot of people’s minds lately, especially now that AMD’s new AM3+ processors are starting to come out. So what is the reason for the high prices?

So we are going to tell you some reasons that will give you a clear-cut view for the question that Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive?


The reason why AMD motherboards were so cheap (compared to Intel) was because they weren’t selling many of them. This meant that there wasn’t a huge demand from customers and companies had no motivation in pushing them out to market.

Now however with a surge in popularity, we’ve seen prices steadily increase since the release of the FX-8150 CPU.

This isn’t just a few dollars mind you, I’m talking about an average price hike from $80 – $150 across various motherboard models.

As ridiculous as that may sound, let me state that this is a very good thing for AMD; it means their sales are picking up and people are it’s buying their products.

Price Cuts: AM3+ Motherboard Price

We’ve seen this happen in the past with CPUs like the 2nd Generation Core i5 (Sandy Bridge) after its release which suddenly saw cuts of up to USD 100 at retailers everywhere.

This was because Intel had finally started to see huge amounts of demand which led motherboard manufacturers to produce more boards.

When this happens, there’s usually a few months where prices will remain elevated then suddenly drop like rocks as supply catches up with demand.

Once companies start manufacturing these motherboards again, prices will return to normal or possibly even fall below what they were before.

This is what we’re seeing now with AMD’s AM3+ socket. Prices aren’t just slowly increasing, they’re jumping up by $100 and holding steady which means that motherboard manufacturers are producing a lot of them to meet demand. 

Again though this is great for AMD because it means that the new CPUs are selling well.

We’re unlikely to see dramatic price cuts on AM3+ motherboards until June hits, this is when companies like MSI, ASUS, and ASRock will be announcing their latest products at the show.

Once they’ve arrived in stores, prices should stabilize or even fall slightly; I would guess we’ll see some decent deals around July/August time frame.

Motherboard Makers: What Is AM3+ Motherboards

The other reason why boards can be so expensive right now is thanks to the companies in charge of making these motherboards.

This goes back to how much profit they can make from hardware sales and in recent years, CPU sales have been pretty bad due to low demand from consumers.

With that said you can imagine how little incentive they have to make more AM3+ boards; it’s not like you can come up with a new feature or improvement that would warrant anyone to pay $200 for one.

So unfortunately the number of companies making these boards is as low as it can go, which results in limited supply and that’s why Motherboards are expensive.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some AM3+ boards on the market, there are a few around but they’re all very expensive.

If you want a good motherboard for a decent price then you might be waiting until Computex time or possibly after that when prices drop.

AMD: Where To Buy AM3+ Motherboards

I’m sure AMD would love to reduce the price of their new CPUs because it makes them seem more expensive than Intel’s offerings right now, yet at the same time, I don’t think they can do much about it unless companies start making an abundance of motherboards again so we’ll have to wait and see what happens in June.

The one thing I am worried about is how many people will go with AM3+ this time around compared to FM2+.

While it’s been a few months since the release of Trinity, I’m still seeing a lot of people talking about upgrading to an FM2+ build which is probably down to prices on AMD boards being so high right now.

If FM2+ builds become cheaper while AM3+ remains expensive then we may see fewer people going with the newer socket.

So this is why I’ve rallied against some enthusiast communities who have criticized AMD for releasing new CPUs with old platforms.

Because no matter how much they lambast AMD, it’s not going to change anything – unless motherboard manufacturers start producing more motherboards again that is which isn’t going to happen without demand from consumers.

If you’re after a new AM3+ motherboard then I would hang on for June or even Computex time, that’s when companies are going to reveal their latest boards and hopefully drive prices down.

Beyond that is the question of will stay at current price points… well I certainly wouldn’t bet my house on it!

AMD’s New CPUs:

All this being said, however, I’m still optimistic about AMD’s future because their new CPUs are pretty good if you ask me.

The problem is that the next generation APUs won’t be out till September or October so there isn’t much we can do at the moment other than wait patiently until then.

We’re also seeing better sales from people upgrading to consoles instead of PCs so AMD will still have a hard time producing enough boards for everyone, but I’m sure they’re doing their best.

In any case, it’s not as bad as it was during the dark times of CPU manufacturing where AMD could barely produce enough CPUs to keep up with demand and companies were practically giving them a way to meet sales quotas.

This is why we didn’t see nearly as many motherboards back then compared to what we see now.

So if anything this is great news because the situation isn’t nearly as bad and hopefully we’ll also see prices fall quickly once these new APUs come out in September/October.


At the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say that this will be a normal occurrence with AMD products now that their fame is once again on the rise.

With Intel slowly losing its dominance in both performance and price structures, we’ll start seeing more and more market competition from them as prices slowly drop over the next few months.

This will be limited to AM3+ motherboards at first because there still tends to be a higher demand for those boards thanks to their superior overclocking capabilities. In time, however, we’ll see Ryzen CPUs come out which could create an even bigger demand for these new Socket AM4 motherboards.

So we have mentioned the reasons Why Are AM3+ Motherboards So Expensive.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article today!

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