What is the best motherboard for intel i7?

What is the best motherboard for intel i7?
What is the best motherboard for intel i7?

The best motherboard is that which meets your requirements. The Intel Core i7 supports the LGA 1366 socket, but some motherboards made for this socket are not supported by Core i7 processors.

So, before buying a motherboard for intel core i7 you have to make sure whether it is compatible with Core i7 or not.

There are many things you should keep in mind when looking for the best motherboard for the intel core i7.

Price of the Motherboard:

The price will depend on the manufacturer and technology used in the board among other things.

You can get great deals online for Intel Core i7 motherboards if you do some research on price at different e-commerce sites like newegg.com etc. than buying from your local retailer.

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Chipsets/Features Provided:

You should look for a motherboard that provides you with all the options to upgrade in the future.

Check if it is compatible with your graphics card and hard drive as well as provide enough USB ports for all your devices. You must also note that cards such as Creative Labs, etc.

will consume one of those slots, so you would only have room for two USB ports on those slots after installing those cards. Also, consider Firewire and eSATA support if they are important to you. Since we are talking about compatible graphic card so you Also checkout our article on Best Graphics Card For i7 9700K.


Make sure there is enough space inside your PC case to accommodate the motherboard and what else goes along with it like drives, etc.

The general rule for this is to ensure at least an inch between the back of your drives and the wall of your case.

Also, many cases will come with different sized spaces for different motherboard sizes so refer to the manual that came with the case or online before buying a case.


The best way to figure out what is important to you is by checking your list of components and determining which ones are the most important features on your motherboard.

Many available options are depending on the price range, but only you can decide what is most important for your system.

You can then research motherboards that will provide these features easily or explore customizing a board to fit your needs should they not be met by a stock board.

Running SLI/Crossfire?

If running two or more graphics cards at once, select a motherboard that will accommodate your needs.

For example, if you plan on running two graphics cards in SLI mode then you should look for more than one PCI-E x16 slot.

If not then the card will run at 8x/8x speeds which severely limits performance and may even cause issues such as overheating and BSODs (Blue Screens of Death).

Check other Manufacturers:

Intel motherboards are not your only choice anymore. Many companies like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.

make great Intel boards as well. You can also explore getting a motherboard that supports other chipsets for an upgrade path or to provide you with switch options should you change processors later on down the road.

Checking the Memory Slots:

Many motherboards offer dual or triple memory slots. This is great for future expansion options, but each stick of memory can take up one of these slots so only one stick will be used even if you have two sticks installed.

Also, note that many high-end boards limit your total memory capacity to 4GB max since they support more than 2 sticks of RAM.

Make sure this is ok with you before choosing a board that supports multiple sticks of RAM.


Intel’s latest i7 chips come with L2 and L3 Cache built into the CPU (unlike all previous models) which provides faster access to frequently accessed data and instructions within the chip itself!

So it is important to consider the amount of cache your motherboard supports and is usually listed as L2, L3, and sometimes even up to 4MB or 6MB.

The higher the better since this reduces access times. You can also use the Internet to help you determine if an i7 is right for you based on what type of programs you will be using.

Extra Features:

If overclocking is something you are interested in, then look for a motherboard that has adjustable voltage settings or other options.

If an extra USB 3.0 port is needed, then make sure to check if the board comes with at least one USB 3.0 connector before buying it.

Also, note that boards supporting SATA 6GBps will also support cooling fans on hard drives so check for this feature as well if your system may be running hot or you have an SSD drive installed in your computer.

Generally Intel Core i7 motherboards support these features .


The best way to find out which motherboard is best for you would be to learn about the features of each motherboard and using this information, buy a board that meets your needs.

So before buying make sure to check whether it supports intel core i7 or not by reading its description or checking on the manufacturer’s website.

Also, take care of what other components are required to run with the motherboard.

I hope you reviewed the Intel Core i7 through this article and made your decision.

Once you learn about these things, then go ahead and buy the one that fulfills all your requirements.

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