What Are Some Problems Old Mac Owners Can Expect?

MacBooks are some of the best options as far as reliable computers go. However, if you have an older model, you are bound to run into performance issues. These issues become even more apparent if you neglected to take care of your computer properly throughout the years.

With that said, there is no need to consider purchasing a new Mac, even if your current laptop is underperforming. You can fix some issues yourself or get help from professionals.

Overheating and Loud Noises

Using the MacBook in a poorly ventilated room is already a chore, even if the computer’s model is relatively new. Running resource-heavy applications will overwork the MacBook’s hardware. Overheating and loud noises are more or less inevitable.

However, the issue becomes even more apparent when you fail to clean the dust that accumulates inside your Mac. Another problem is that not everyone is keen to clean the dust themselves. The reluctance stems from the fear of damaging the hardware because you need to take the MacBook apart to clean it thoroughly. 

In such cases, it is better to leave the work to professionals. If there is a nearby computer service store that offers laptop cleanup services, do not hesitate and pay them the money.

Other than cleaning the dust, you should also consider investing in a cooling pad. An accessory that offers a source of cool air is a good option. Besides, it costs about 30 dollars, which is not much for what it does.

Flickering Screen

One can usually get rid of screen flickers by restarting the MacBook, but such a solution is temporary. 

More often than not, screen flickers occur because the operating system and the graphics processing unit become incompatible. For example, the MacBook’s screen starts flickering after you install the latest macOS update.

Switching to a previous macOS version and waiting for a hotfix from Apple’s end could be one of the possible solutions if the problem is universal. If not, you will likely need to take the MacBook to a service store and let the professionals handle it.

Insufficient Storage

Lacking disk storage is also a common issue. Macs are not the best when it comes to their hard drive or solid-state drive capacity. 

If a user is not careful with storage management, the drive will be left with only a few gigabytes of free storage. 

To deal with the lack of storage, you can consider:

  • Sticking to streaming services instead of hoarding large media files on the MacBook
  • Transferring some files to iCloud, Dropbox, and external hard drives or USB flash drives
  • Deleting old junk, such as applications, downloads, email attachments
  • Using cleanup utility software to remove app caches, extensions, plugins, system backups, and other temporary junk data

Lag Playing Video Games

MacBooks are not the go-to option for playing video games. However, given recent hardware improvements, a Mac should not have problems running certain video games. AAA titles might be a bit of a stretch, but there are plenty of low-end games that do not require powerful hardware.

If dropping frames, random freezes, or crashes still get in the way of your gaming experience on a Mac; the problem probably lies in the computer rather than the video game itself.

Start by limiting background processes. Check Activity Monitor to see which apps are consuming the most resources. There are bound to be some you can quit and free up the MacBook’s CPU, memory, and other resources.

Malware could also be a potential problem source. Scan the system with reliable antivirus to eliminate corrupted files in case the software finds any.

Desktop clutter is another issue worth a shout. If you have too many app shortcuts and documents on the desktop, put them in a different location.

Slow Internet

When you encounter issues with your internet, calling the internet provider is usually the first thing to do. However, if your ISP confirms that things are okay on their end, you will need to seek the solution elsewhere.

Mac users who rely on Wi-Fi could get an ethernet cable. It would limit the laptop’s portability, but an ethernet cable improves the overall internet connection.

Modifying the internet browser might be helpful as well. If you install too many extensions or fail to clear the browser’s cache regularly, you should not expect it to perform optimally. 

Pro tip: check for third-party peripherals that might be jamming the signal. For example, wireless printers and microwave ovens.

Poor Battery Lifespan

Charging the MacBook too frequently is bothersome. If there are problems with its battery, check whether the charger is in good condition as mac charger problems are quite common.

Limiting background processes and disabling visual effects will also prolong the battery’s lifespan. 

In case you put the MacBook to sleep after you finish using it, change this habit. Instead, shut the computer down. Doing so will save a few percent on the battery’s lifespan.

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