The Best Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons for Your Browser

For optimal navigation, it is important to install the right Firefox add-ons. First, add-ons act as basic navigation tools that allow for good control over the functionality and behavior of the browser. They not only help you to surf safely, but they make surfing a very productive and enjoyable experience in general. In this article, we have compiled some of the best Firefox extensions that will help you ensure a smooth browsing experience.


The very first rule of navigation is to ensure your safety. That’s the VPN’s job.

When you download a VPN to your browser, you can safely browse the internet because all your data is encrypted. Once the VPN is installed, all you have to do is click on it to make sure your browser remains protected.

Unlike other Firebox VPN add-ons, the VPN provides excellent privacy protection and optimal security for your online browsing. Using such a tool for online activities is nowadays a matter of course!

Adblock plus

Tired of unwanted ads appearing everywhere? With the Adblock Plus add-on, you can easily block all unwanted ads so you can seamlessly use your most visited websites.

Removing these ads not only protects your browser from malicious adware, but also saves a lot of bandwidth. It works with a filter list option that helps you block a certain type of traffic, so you can access the filtered content without advertising.

You can also block social media buttons, malware domains and disable tracking. It’s also free! Also you buy cheap Instagram likes that will help you too increasing your reach.

Indicator light

Lightshot is a free add-on that helps you take screenshots as quickly as possible and gives you many options to customize them to your liking.

Whether you add text, a shape or a selection, you can use it to edit your screenshot as quickly as possible.

You can also share your content on social media. You can even use Lightshot to search for similar images in your browser.


When it comes to customizing the look and feel of a website on the go, you can count on GreaseMonkey. It allows you to download scripts that allow you to change the appearance of a web page or even manipulate the function of certain navigation elements.

You can even use GreaseMonkey to insert just about anything on the site (like comparing the features of different vehicles). This extension is easy to install and free to use.

Dark reader

If you work a lot at night, consider purchasing the Dark Reader add-on. This allows you to create a dark website theme by replacing light colors with darker tones. This helps you read better at night and protects your eyes from bright colours.

The extension is free and also allows you to customize the font, create different themes, use filter settings and much more.


If you want to write more productively, more neatly, and find and correct your mistakes quickly, grammar is a must for your browser.

It works like this: every time you type something in your browser, it checks and shows you the mistakes you make while typing, so you can make changes immediately. Not only is your content error-free, but you also save a lot of time.

Features include grammar, punctuation and spelling check, plagiarism detection, sentence structure, vocabulary enrichment and more.

The add-on is available in a free, premium and business version.

Speech rate controller

Voice Speed Controller is a free Firefox add-on that allows you to fully control the speed of your HTML5 video.

You can use this extension to perform tasks like speeding up, slowing down, fast-forwarding and rewinding videos. If you go to settings, you will notice that you can also create custom shortcuts for each of these tasks


Now that you are equipped with some of the best Firefox add-ons, we are sure you will have a great browsing experience. Install it now and give your browser the update it always needs!

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