Some tips for playing on GMGOW difficulty I wanted to share (No Spoilers)

This is nothing too specific, just general advice that will definitely help you win every battle in this game.

  1. The hardest part of this difficulty will be the beginning. If you can bypass these sections, you can bypass this game in GMGOW. If you don’t reach any of the goals in this game (that give you XP), you’ll have trouble getting through, because the game otherwise gives you XP to help you unlock some very useful skills at the beginning (more on that in a second), but in general, do anything that can give you more XP in the Goals menu on the pause screen.
  2. Walls and buffers make early play much, much easier. Throw an enemy into the air near a wall (even if it doesn’t look like a completely flat surface), and as soon as you aim for Kratos, he’ll often aim for that enemy already. Use a heavy roll (R2) aimed at the target, and once it’s pinned against the wall, it’s a single kill. By doing this at the beginning of the game, you will gain XP much faster than if you just kill the first Draugr normally. Same goes for leg placement, it’s easy to place several at the beginning of the target list, and of course your target is temporarily immobilized, which helps. Play early, before the open world opens up, do it as often as possible, seriously.
  3. Attacks that keep enemies away from you are incredibly useful for crowd control and especially if you can knock them off the ledges, as it’s also an insta-kill. Some people may think it’s cheap, but trust me, it’s not. Take care of the arena and enjoy the surroundings.
  4. Most fighting games like DOOM 2016, you ALWAYS want to keep moving and not be stuck in one place for too long. Even with high defense stats, Kratos can’t hit the tank, and you’ll have attacks and projectiles coming at you from all directions. Standing still can kill you if you’re not careful.
  5. Don’t be afraid of skills that require you to dodge an attack or pause to change position, especially later in the game, as some enemies can easily be interrupted by these skills. I know that taking a break to change positions can be tricky, but it’s a compromise for a very strong crowd control attack, good timing and intelligent execution.
  6. Switch regularly from one arsenal to another. Sometimes the game forces you to use your fists, but I found (personally) in my first loss that I rarely use my fist attacks. Some enemies are more likely to be interrupted by axe attacks and vice versa.
  7. Make sure you know when to attack. Some animations cannot be undone, but others can. Don’t press the buttons or you might die if you have to dodge or run.
  8. Complete ALL sub-queries as they become available, this will give you more XP and resources to update your hardware. If you’re struggling to beat one, there’s no shame in coming back later, but always make sure you finish it and reap the benefits as soon as possible.
  9. Update and use Atreus ALWAYS. It is incredibly useful in combat and can often distract enemies. He will often save you if you are ambushed by a group of enemies, whether because of his skills or as a distraction.
  10. It’s a very subjective suggestion, but I always put power first, then protection, then happiness. I say that because I think it makes more sense to invest in the attributes you use the most. Runic and Caldown are good, but they are too situational, but again, that’s just my personal style of play.

So if you haven’t tried this difficulty yet, you should. The battles in this game are so delicious that Ragnarok couldn’t have come sooner.

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Post some tips for playing the GMGOW difficulty I wanted to share (no spoilers) for playing God of War.

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