Skul: The Hero Slayer – All Skulls Ranked

This guide contains basic details and information about Skool turtles: Heroic killer. In addition to the details, you can also find the difficulty level of each skull in the game.

Before we start, I want to give you a few tips you can use in Skool : Heroic killer. It should be noted that this article too is based on the personal experience of the author.

  • Throw as much as you can, because it makes you invincible.
  • Loaded attacks are bad because they take time and expose you to enemy damage.
  • Status effects such as frost, poison, burn, dizziness and bleeding do not apply to the head patterns.
  • Females attack the nearest enemy and can cause problems if used on multiple platforms, so keep this in mind.

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All skulls in row

Level D

  • Hunter is the worst skull in the whole game, auto attacks are slow and have short range (short range archer), loaded AoE attack exposes you to dmg, low dmg deals, skills are also overpowering (the barrage is really hard to execute properly and blocked at the ceiling). Remember we are talking about rare skulls and there is no improvement.
  • Bomber – I know some people will say that you can dish out an insane amount of dmg with a bomber, and that’s true, but to do that you need good magic and self-destruct ability, which is not guaranteed. Otherwise, you’ll get your bomb going in seconds (and probably do some damage along the way) and do less damage than with another skull. If you really want to play this skull, don’t treat it as a main skull, but rather as a basic weapon for your mage character. But I wouldn’t risk it for a dream.
  • Gargoyle – Not a bad character to start with, but his problem is the duality of his playstyle. First, you have to be on the air, which can sometimes be a problem. Now he gets the magic range attack when you’re in the air, which pushes you towards the magic path, but he also increased the attack speed, which pushes you towards the hunter path. The truth is, he’s bad either way. Sylph wings are highly recommended.

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Level C

  • Recruit – If you plan on going to the next level, make sure you have one of the Summoning Skills at the beginning, as this is a Summoning class and their minions get dmg’s after attacking the charge. The problem is that there are no objects to enhance your minions, and the attacks are really bad because they expose you to the dmg. Keep in mind that minions attack the nearest opponent, and there are situations where we want to focus on a specific opponent first.
  • Lurker – The only character who can help you in your cause. The problem is that you don’t need that much gold in this game! Once you’ve increased the sales bonus to the maximum, you can skip all the gold rooms and continue to buy everything you need in the store. In addition, none of the items match your gold amount, which puts our little cheater in a bad position.
  • Ent – In the beginning he is a very good character, but later he is superior to the others because his abilities need to be recharged. Moreover, his subordinates suffer from a lack of attention and platform problems.
  • Sword. – He would have been a good regular …. Had it been Speed’s skull instead of libra’s. A character that focuses on automatic attacks won’t benefit much from low-level inhibition. A strange decision, but who am I to judge.
  • Warrior – Too slow. Every movement must be loaded. Highly recommended for Dark Souls players.
  • Aqua – The problem with this skull is its ability to move in waves. Not only does it suffer from a platforming problem, but it repels enemies, giving them a chance to counterattack.
  • The Minotaur is your mediocre, pretentious creature. Not as slow as before, but suffers from low range on attacks and skills. Major damage!
  • Ghoul – This character is a very good starter and shines on normal maps where you can stack his passive skills, but is completely useless against the bosses. While good against normal opponents, its large size can be a major disadvantage and lead to unnecessary hits. And also: FRESH MEAT!
  • Yaksha – Just compare it to any other legend xDDD No amateurs, crowd control, evacuation mechanics, WARNING!
  • The Gambler is a mixture of physics, magic and attack speed with no escape mechanism. His skills are more likely to fail than succeed, a perfect illustration of how gambling works.

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Level B

  • Mummy – He needs items that compensate for his low dmg and take advantage of his high attack speed (Thief’s Armor, Jagamon’s Thorn, Explosive Arrow). Without those things, it’s not such a good sign. Reducing fall damage is useless once you get used to it. His skills are not of a very high level either.
  • Djinn is bad at attacking, but his skills allow him to escape and run away. A good sign for a change if you’re expecting a nuclear boss.
  • Living Armor – I’m not a fan of the soul dimension mechanism, as it’s easy to get busted trying to fill it, but if you succeed, the rewards are huge. Try it out and see if this style of play suits you.
  • Samurai – He’s facing massive dmg stacks on the enemy…. You know what that means. Too much effort for results. He far outperforms the other speed racers.
  • Fighter – His ability to slow down is great and can be devastating to the end bosses, but he needs energy to use his skills. So, against normal enemies, you pretty much have everything in your hands before you can do anything.
  • Freeze – Powerful in normal maps with its ability to freeze when upgraded, there is no need to go after bosses as they are immune to the effects of status.

Level A

  • The werewolf is an excellent starting skull, he has quick attacks, he is mobile, his skills are mostly physical, and later he gains useful passives that increase his chances of being investigated.
  • Throwing – Get as many points as you can and become an S-level killing machine that can race through the game! (The pope can be a pain in the ass when he floats on the docks).
  • The shield is the best skull for alternative use. Who doesn’t like plates, right? Is the boss going to blow you up? Just change places to protect yourself and limit the damage. Look out!
  • Rider – Trample the hordes on your bike and use other skills to fight the boss, great passive skill if you can find objects for speed.
  • Clown – High skull attack speed with great escape ability. On the wrong side, we have a mid-range offense and a weak jump offense.
  • Hunter – Physical carnage against normal enemies, slightly weaker against the boss, but still useful.
  • Prisoner – Moving speed skull with a variety of skills and passive buffs moving through rooms.
  • Berserker – Yes, he’s slow, yes, he has low range, yes, he has no escape mechanism, but he hits like a truck, and if you can find items that can offer damage reduction/shields (knight definition and personnel that regenerate HP to 30%), he will destroy while having low health.
  • Rockstar is a mobile mage with significant damage and really useful skills. His energy bar can be easily interrupted and can be deceiving at times, but in any case be prepared to hit the attack button and be rewarded with a devastating appearance.
  • Ninja – You can’t say anything bad about this skull, it’s fast, it has dmg and it has the perfect escape mechanism, it doesn’t have as much attack speed but at least it’s physically dmg oriented.

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Level S

  • Alchemist – Targeting projectiles without pressing the attack button, giant golem explosion through the walls, lanterns with more uses and status effects (overloaded synergy with the wizard’s collar). This skull keeps enemies at a safe distance and is 100% magic damage. And you can have this bad boy as your starting skull, which is probably the best thing about him.
  • Dark Paladin – This aggressive mage rewards you for using an anti-personnel shield to advertise your skills. As a balanced hero, he gets reduced cooldowns for spamming on his magical powers. His passive ability to give you magic damage is also a nice addition to his arsenal.
  • Archmage/Archlich/Mower – They fall into the same category of killing everything on the map from a safe distance. With your skills, you can sit in a safe place and just bombard the enemy without engaging in combat. It was mastered in Early Access and still is. You must be a nerd, so have fun while you can.

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