Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor In 2022

Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor
Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor

Samsung has been one of the best brands when it comes to technology for over a decade now. In this list, we have focused on Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor that one can buy.

Bezel-less monitors are portable, wall-mountable, frameless, tilt adjustment, and come with flicker-free technology.

These monitors give you full focus and come with less or no bezel at all. A minimal bezel brings maximum concentration to the user. 

Samsung laptops or monitors now come with a virtually bezel-less screen that showcases the user with the full-wide picture on the display and looks almost gapless when used in a dual-monitor setup.

This aids the user to keep the distractions away.

The Samsung frameless monitors are equipped with ample features. The edgeless display wraps you in the true colors all around with the IPS Panel technology and 178 degrees wider viewing angles.

The IPS panel ensures that users can see every inch of their screen with much clarity.

The Samsung wide displayed monitors are perfect to work for a longer duration of hours sitting in front of a computer.

It has 178° viewing angles, hence, colors never get lost or distorted, thus, making them incredibly easy to work with. 

Now the user can use the ports like HDMI, VGA, ethernet jacks, and many more while staying connected and utilizing all your peripherals devices such as laptops, desktops as well as tablets, etc.

You can also connect the USB hubs too whilst using the 3rd port especially used for the smaller items that are unable to reach. One should keep in mind that 27-inch monitors are the most optimal and productive.

Best Samsung Bezel Less Monitor In 2022

1. Samsung 27-Inch Class Monitor M5 Series : Samsung Bezel Less Monitor

With the latest advancements in technology, gamers can now enjoy a more immersive gaming experience with a new bezel-less IPS monitor that has a Full HD display 1920*1080 resolution.

It is a portable, wall-mountable, edge-less, tilt adjustment, and the most vital feature is it comprises the flicker-free technology innovations in the monitor. The flicker-free technology reduces eye strain and contributes to eye health in a good way.

AMD Free Sync Game mode with a 5ms response rate which will never allow you to miss your favorite game.

It also supports even those players who love to play their games into late-night hours.

This is all because the eye saver mode optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrasting the sharpness of the colors and flicker-free technology that protects the user’s eyes from strain. 

For example, when playing games, the players will be able to see through dark scenes easily due to its great contrast ratio.

Therefore, it keeps the gamers going without experiencing any discomfort in their eyes.

Furthermore, AMD Free Sync makes the user exhibit a superfluid entertainment experience by keeping your monitor and graphics card refresh rate in sync with each other. 

This reduces the tearing and stuttering of the images. People can watch movies without any interruptions or play games with pristine detail every time they turn on the screen.

Game Mode’s adaptive technology adjusts game settings accordingly for an immersive gaming session.

The new Full HD IPS bezel-less flat screen monitor is not only lightweight and slim but also has a variety of features that can help with your gaming and working needs.

Also, the 3-sided bezel-less screen expands your view with a sleekly-designed and sophisticated flat screen monitor.

The Y-shaped stand is slim for an almost seamless dual setup that saves space on your desk too.

The advanced eye comfort and the flicker-free technology persistently remove tiring, and screen flicker that irritates the user’s eyes.

It emits the blue light that is safe for the purchaser’s eyes when using it during night hours and also while doing extended computing tasks.

This keeps the end-user’s eyes fresher for longer periods of time while they work on their office projects such as business presentations that require a lot more focus. 

With both HDMI and D-sub ports or VGA ports, it gets easier to connect multiple devices at once.

This makes all devices plugged into one monitor instead of having them separately connected across different monitors.

With this, the user can complete difficult tasks by working on two programs simultaneously. 


  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Connectivity Technology: HDMI
  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Series: Samsung 27″ Monitor – LS27AM501NNXZA
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz


  • Superb quality
  • Great for work from home setup
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Amazing Display
  • Best IPS Panel display


  • It hurts eyes
  • Fragile monitor
  • Poorly manufactured low brightness
  • Bad display quality
  • Low brightness
  • Artificial colors are too contrasted and not accurate.

2. SAMSUNG 27″ FHD Flat Monitor with Super-Slim Design – LS27F354FHNXZA, Black

The Samsung 27″ FHD flat monitor comes with a 3-sided borderless display that brings a clean and modern aesthetic to any working environment.

In addition to this, the display lines up seamlessly for a virtually gapless view without distractions in multi-monitor setups. 

It comprises various innovations like an IPS panel technology that preserves color vividness from every angle of viewing.

This monitor is perfect for computer professionals, architects, and electronic engineers who need concentration to work efficiently on their projects.

Hence, IPS technology maximizes their screen space for greater productivity with minimal distractions. 

The 3-sided borderless display brings a clean and modern aesthetic to any working environment.

In a multi-monitor setup, the displays line up seamlessly for an immersive experience without any distractions or color washing across every inch of the screen with IPS panel technology that preserves vivid colors from virtually any angle on screens.

AMD Radeon FreeSync monitors and graphics cards work together to ensure that the monitor’s refresh rate is always in sync with the graphic card.

This means that the user will get a seamless, smooth entertainment experience without any interruptions.

They can even watch fast scenes in their favorite TV shows or can play games on a more fluid screen perfectly.

It also makes the buyer’s entertainment experience more engaging. With synchronized action, games and movies are a seamless blend of graphics, sound design and cinematography will not disappoint the user in any way possible.

It is all due to the 75Hz refresh rate that delivers fluid scenes with less image tearing for an uninterrupted viewing or gaming session with better visuals.

Talking about the gaming mode, which is also an added functionality in the Samsung frameless monitor.

It instantly adjusts any game to fill the end-user’s screen. So, no detail will go unseen due to the smaller screens. Now, the gamers have the choice to play even much longer than they used to.

Eye strain is a very common issue that arises from eye fatigue for IT professionals, engineers, businessmen, gamers, etc. while working and playing on the computers.

With over 40 million gamers in the US, eye protection has been taken seriously to avoid putting extra stress on your eyes and other parts of your body.

Luckily, Samsung covers advanced eye comfort technology which adjusts any video, picture, or game for optimal color contrast so that the user can view the scenes more vividly than before.

Also, this frameless monitor contains flicker-free technology that reduces eye strain by continuously removing the tiring interruptions in gameplay like flickering lights from monitors. 

So, there is no need to worry about getting your eyes harmed. The pre-installed eye saver mode minimizes the emitted blue light while providing superior vision protection against harmful rays of high-energy visible (HEV) radiation.

The superior ergonomic design makes long gaming sessions and business presentations much easier and prevents blisters from forming.

It also keeps fatigued at bay along with providing better circulation throughout the rest of your body too.


  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Series: Samsung 27″ FHD Flat Monitor with Super-Slim Design – LS27F354FHNXZA


  • Customer’s superb choice
  • Very sleek and lightweight
  • Amazing pre-installed features
  • Good viewing angles.
  • Eye protection
  • Feels comfortable while watching videos from any angle


  • Rigid monitor stand
  • Dead pixel  
  • Screen bleeding
  • Not a User-Friendly Product

3. SAMSUNG 24″ FHD Monitor with Bezel-LESS Design : Best Samsung Bezel Less Monitor

The 24-inch monitor features a bezel-less 3 sided screen with IPS panel technology for maximum viewing with 178 degrees wider viewing angle with 75Hz refresh rate that delivers a more fluid picture. 

With the edge-to-edge screen, the user will have a smoother viewing experience with AMD Radeon FreeSync gives you an instant entertainment experience.

It eliminates any chances of tearing and stuttering. No matter what game or show you are watching on your monitor, AMD will make sure the images are as clear and seamless to watch as possible.

Hence, even fast-paced action scenes also look smooth and clean.

On the other hand, for a more immersive viewing experience, the gamers can view every detail within a game mode adjusting any games of their choice onto a single screen for maximum viewing pleasure and with no black spots.

Along with this, the frameless Samsung monitor also has a 75Hz refresh rate. The high refresh rate monitors are good for gamers as it enhances the gaming experience.

With this, the user can see even more fluid pictures without any skipping frames in between.

Adding to this, it also exhibits the flicker-free technology and eye saver mode that aids your eyes from getting eye fatigue.

Hence, it reduces the blue light emissions which are harmful to retina health, and keeps your eyes fresh longer. 

Flicker-Free Technology constantly removes tiring and irritating screen flickers to keep the user’s eyes at ease.

Moreover, focused comfort is the best choice for those professionals, businessmen, content creators who work endlessly on their computers.

The advanced screen technology in this monitor reduces eye strain and blur for more comfortable and extended computing. 


  • Refresh Rate: 75
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Screen Size: 23.8 Inches
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 1
  • Resolution: FHD 1080p


  • Brilliant display
  • Maximum viewing
  • A sleek, modern look of the monitor
  • Free Sync reduces image tearing and stuttering
  • Shows vivid and clear color images 


  • Cheap, bad picture quality
  • Blurriness in images and videos
  • The base is very unstable and hideous
  • Lots of aliasing and ghosting

4. SAMSUNG Business S22R350FHN

When we talk about buying smart and great-designed monitors, one of the most essential features that every user would be concerned about is its viewing angle.

The 22 inch bezel-less 1920×1080 IPS Panel with 75Hz Refresh Rate gives you crisp, stunning images with a 178˚ wider viewing angle.

This makes the user see and enjoy their movies or play games on this slim and sleek monitor with full wide-screen coverage. 

Furthermore, the 3 sided edgeless screen is perfect for high-end monitors used for creatives and industry professionals who are seeking to produce the most productive results at their workplace.

IPS panel technology also ensures bright, and vivid colors that are perfect for collaboration with team members. They can see the displays from any angle without color washout. 

Hence, such borderless monitors make any environment look clean and sophisticated without compromising quality or performance because they can stand out in any place.

For example, they can be wall-mounted, placed on a desk without covering the larger area.

This monitor has an ultra-slim frameless design and tilts adjustment stand that allures the end-users to purchase it.

It is commonly used for multimedia, personal, gaming, and business purposes as well. Due to its affordability factor that piques the interest in the minds of various buyers. 

Moreover, it also offers flexible connectivity options including HDMI and VGA ports for easy use in any environment.

Along with this, it also comes with other awesome specifications such as eye saver mode and flicker-free technology.

These advanced technical aspects are more preferred by the professionals that protect their eyes and provide more comfort for extended working on the screen for long hours. 

Such technological features help them in protecting their eyes from the strain that further leads to intense headaches.

This is done by reducing exposure to harmful blue light emissions as well as flickering respectively.

These are the major contributors of digital eye strain symptoms such as dry eyes or blurred vision. 

Therefore, the LED-backlit screen runs at a 16:9 aspect ratio which makes it much easier and more comfortable for the user to watch shows on the monitor than ever before.

Besides all these attributes, it also comes with a 1ms response time for reducing any blurring effects while watching movies or gaming.


  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Screen Size: 21.8 Inches
  • Special Feature: Anti-Glare Coating, Swivel Adjustment, Tilt Adjustment, Frameless, Flicker-Free


  • Frameless display
  • Amazing look
  • Can be used for gaming, personal or for work
  • easy to set up
  • nice resolution


  • Dead pixel  
  • Decent picture quality
  • Non-adjustable stand
  • Overall Quality Average

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor:

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor
Frequently Asked Questions for Best Samsung Bezel-Less Monitor

What are the drawbacks to Bezel-Less’s design?

The bezel-less design leaves less room for your fingers to hold the monitor comfortably.

Therefore, this can lead to accidentally tapping and pressing onto the screen while shifting the frameless monitor from one place to another or whilst changing your grip from one edge to another. 

This can harm the sensitive screen, thus leaving you with huge bucks to spend on it for repair.

What is Screen bleeding?

Backlight bleeding or screen bleeding occurs when light from your monitor’s backlight escapes from the edges of the screen.

A light that is supposed to shine throughout the screen now comes only along the edges, resulting in uneven lighting on the screen.

What causes Screen Bleeding and how to fix it?

The backlight bleeding in IPS monitors is caused by the deviation of the alignment of different layers.
The pressure inside a display then displaces liquid crystal alignments and causes light to leak out, creating an annoying issue that affects many people with screens.

There are no ways to completely remove this, though it can be reduced in some scenarios. If you have too much backlight bleed, you might be able to RMA your display.

However, the user can still give it a try by mildly loosening the screws at the rear of the display.
This may reduce flashlights. Another method to do this is by reducing the screen brightness until backlight bleeding is unnoticeable or by enabling the local dimming if your monitor supports it.

How do I fix my backlight clouding or IPS Glow?

IPS Glow can be reduced by using a microfiber cloth and rubbing it very gently on and around the area where the backlight bleeding is prominent. This can reduce backlight clouding.


Besides the ample advantages in various models of Samsung frameless monitors such as luring design, attractive features, bezel-less display, easy setting up, used for personal, gaming, or business purposes, etc, there are also many pitfalls of these systems. 

There are many users who have experienced power shock on HDMI & VGA port, dead pixels while watching videos or playing games despite the pre-installed AMD Radeon FreeSyn technology, screen bleeding, etc.

Various purchasers nowadays are happily buying these borderless designed monitors.

On the other hand, there are other end-users also who buy such monitors but they are unable to take care of them due to its frameless style. 

Therefore, it is advisable for the user for detailed research on these monitors before buying them.

The above-mentioned merits and demerits all depend upon the people’s experiences of using the bezel-less monitors.    


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