Phone v Laptop: Which is Best for Online Casino Games

These days, no one wants to be tied to a desk. Millions of people have discovered the joys of working outside the office, whether that is at home, at a café, or simply outside enjoying the sun. Thanks to the continued, if occasionally stalled, 5G rollout across the US, people have better internet speeds when they’re out on the go, meaning they can stay connected wherever they are.

It isn’t just work that people are doing on the go, though. People have found that playing online games has given them a layer of social interaction during the pandemic. Even now, with many of the restrictions and lockdowns dropping, people are continuing to find their social lifeline with online gaming, according to the BBC. The technology has, thankfully, been able to keep up with demand, with more powerful phones and laptops to help satisfy the increasingly complex and graphics-intensive games.

Though first-person shooters like Call of Duty or MMOs like World of Warcraft are what first spring to mind when someone mentions online gaming, one of the fastest-growing sectors of gaming is online casinos. These are more than card games or roulette; they have developed into graphically complex and demanding games over the past several years. As an example, the online slots hosted by Ladbrokes include games with specific branding and sounds that make them recognizable, such as The Goonies and Jurassic Park Gold. These games have become attractions in their own right, with each one being different and unique. They lean heavily on recognized sounds and graphics for their effect, which places demands upon the phones or tablets they’re played upon.

If you want to dive into online casino games, you’ll need to make sure that your device of choice is up to the task. It needs to be able to deliver quality graphics, crisp sound, and fast performance. The two main options are smartphones and laptops, but which should you choose? Both have strengths and weaknesses, of course; here is what you need to know before you make your choice.


The obvious advantage of smartphones is their size and mobility. These are devices that have been developed to slip in and out of our pockets at will. They’re always connected to the internet through mobile broadband connections and can connect to Wi-Fi when needed. They routinely have excellent battery life, depending on age and usage, usually lasting several hours on a single charge.

There is a trade-off to that size and mobility, of course. Though they’ve gotten much more powerful over the past several years, they simply can’t hold up to the power and versatility of a full-blown PC like a laptop. Many will struggle and slow down when playing highly graphics-intensive games like those on offer at online casinos. Their small size, while one of their greatest assets, is also their biggest liability; they can make text and images difficult to read. Even with these drawbacks, they are the best choice for those who want the maximum freedom to play when and where they want.


On the other side of the scale, laptops are bursting with power. Even the most entry-level laptop can handle the graphics and processes needed for online casino games. While they are bigger than smartphones, they have gotten smaller over the years. Not only that, but even gaming laptops are rapidly coming down in price, making them an affordable option for those wanting to play their favorite games.

The price of that power is, sadly, a lack of mobility. Not only are they bigger and more cumbersome to carry around, but laptops also don’t usually have a built-in broadband connection. Instead, they need to connect to Wi-Fi connections available when you want to use them. They also typically have shorter battery lives, lasting only a few hours without being plugged into the wall. However, if you’re more about performance and don’t mind sacrificing mobility to get it, laptops are the right choice for you.

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