• Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Screen Surface Description: Glossy
  • Display Resolution Maximum: 1920×1080
  • Curved: No
  • Weight: ‎14.73 pounds

The MSI OPTIX MAG271R is a new breed of gaming monitor which also can be used for gaming and business purposes, one that has finally eliminated the VA panel from its list.

With an amazing 1080p resolution and 165Hz refresh rate, you can take on all your favorite games like never before!

If you’re looking for a more traditional flat-screen TV, this may be the one to get. However, there are many other models that offer better features at lower prices available out in the market today so it’s worth checking them before making your decision final!

Those who can’t get around curved screens may finally find a suitable alternative in the MSI MAG271R, which is an ultra-fast 165Hz VA monitor with 1080p resolution.


  • 165hz refresh rate is fantastic. Especially if you’re upgrading from a 60hz monitor.
  • Good build quality which will be for sure long lasting.
  • RGB looks good… when seeing it.
  • Very smooth with minimal input lag.


  • RGB is not very visible except when room lights are off.
  • Not meant for competitive gamers.


The MSI MAG271R is an affordable 27-inch monitor that offers the gamer shatteringly fast refresh rates and crisp images at a very reasonable price range!

If you can look past its slightly narrow viewing angles, you will find yourself with a great unit to take on any game that comes your way!

Having said that, this model has made it easier for people to accept curved screens if they feel like choosing one over flat-screen counterparts because of its shorter curvature radius.

Since curved VA monitors are usually more expensive than their traditional competitors, this product’s ability to be a good gaming monitor while being affordable enough can actually help bring in more buyers into the market.

It’s up to you whether you’re okay with curved screens or have no issues with flat ones, but if you prefer the latter, there are many other options available that will not only give you better features but also allow you to save some money at the same time!

If you do like curved displays though, this is definitely one of the best units out there today!

The MSI MAG271R is an extremely fast 27-inch monitor that has almost all necessary features for gamers and future-proof technology.

The combination of VA panel technology and 165Hz refresh rate allows users to enjoy smooth images without worrying about screen tearing or stuttering.

Image Quality

The 27-inch screen size of this monitor is perfect for viewing crisp, clear images with a high resolution.

It’s not without its flaws though – despite having 1080p resolution it has an average pixel density which could be improved upon to give you better results from your favorite games or programs!

The very best gaming monitors out in the market today will have a pixel density of at least 110 pixels per inch.

While it’s not an IPS display, the MSI MAG271R is able to produce good colors when viewed straight on. Color accuracy still isn’t perfect though!

Since it has nearly no bezel you can surround your entire vision with the display of this MSI monitor, making for a more immersive experience.

It’s definitely an upgrade from curved displays. Thanks to its 165Hz refresh rate you can feel the smoothness in your gameplay like never before!

The image quality is not perfect, but it’s good enough for entertainment purposes.


This means that there will be no delays between your actions and the reaction on screen.

The input lag amounts to about 4ms, which is more than quick enough for elimination of any noticeable delays between what you do in the game – therefore giving an advantage during combat or other fast-paced sequences!

The movie screen is made of pixels that need to light up quickly enough for your eyes and brain.

This can be tricky, but instead, they just specified 1ms MPRT – which stands for Motion Picture Response Time (or backlight strobing).


  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports‎: 1
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports‎: 1
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H : ‎24.29 x 21.07 x 7.18 inches

It’s got great specs that allow gamers to immerse themselves during their favorite titles.

It has picture-in-picture (PIP) technology, allowing users to do more than one thing on screen simultaneously, like watch gameplay or chat with friends online.

It also comes with the option of using Freesync on your AMD graphics card for better synchronization between your system and monitor!

However, there are only two main issues that plague this product – firstly its viewing angles aren’t as great as they could be, but it seems like some people don’t even consider this an issue since you’re meant to


The MSI MAG271R is a great gaming monitor with immersive image quality and plenty of useful features.

However, its price tag may be off-putting for some people since there are cheaper alternatives out on the market today which provide similar performance or even better!

It’s a big investment to make if your budget is tight, but MSI has done a good job with this model and it may just be the right choice for you!

The MSI MAG271R is a bit expensive at $300 but it goes on sale for around 250 dollars.

When you can find this monitor cheaper than that, we recommend going with either the lower-priced options of 180 or 230 which will still provide excellent performance!

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