Locked Vs Unlocked CPU – Which One Is Better? (Explained)

Locked Vs Unlocked CPU - Which One Is Better (Explained)

You may be wondering what the difference between a locked and unlocked processor is. Is an un-locked one even worth it? Let’s take this into consideration Locked Vs Unlocked CPU!

Unlocking the processor clock multiplier is easy, allowing for quick and simple overclocking.

A locked CPU cannot be overclocked this way and can only be overclocked via BCLK overclocking.

The right CPU for your new gaming PC is a must-have if you want to be able to play games at maximum graphics settings and without experiencing any lag.

However, not all CPUs have been created equally so it’s important that before making such an invested purchase decision into what type of processor would work best with the rest of the system components in place – meaning RAM amount/type as well as motherboard capabilities–you do research first!

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing between an unlocked and locked CPU is what type you want. So which should it be? We’ll tell you all about that in this guide!

How To Know If a CPU Is Locked Or Unlocked?

Unlocking your processor is one way to get more power out of it. A locked clock multiplier means you can’t overclock, but an unlocked one gives plenty of opportunities for boosting performance with new settings and higher multipliers!

If you’re looking for an Intel Core gaming CPU and want to make sure it’s unlocked, there are a few things that need checking.

All mainstream “K” letter designations mean your purchase will be compatible with any installed motherboard or platform from the company in question – this includes models like ‘KF’ (Core i5) & ‘HK(Core I7).

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are the best bang for your buck, with all models being unlocked and able to overclock in accordance.

While some Ryzen models come with an “X” designation at the end of their model numbers, this has nothing to do with multipliers and it merely indicates that these CPUs are slightly faster than others.

Can You Unlock A Locked CPU?

The answer is no, you cannot unlock a locked CPU. This process takes place when manufacturers create their CPUs and it’s impossible for any software program to bypass this security measure without being able too to access the manufacturing facility where they are made!

CPUs can be overclocked by adjusting their base clock speed, and this is referred to as BCLK Overclocking.

This process increases the power limit of your computer’s processor which then boosts performance because it requires less energy for each operation than before; however, there are some drawbacks including an increase in heat generation (which could lead you towards unstable system pop-up messages), lower overall efficiency if set too high or not enough time has passed since last use–so don’t forget about battery life!

Is Overclocking Worth It?

Now, we get to the important question: should you even care about overclocking?

Overclocking is the process of pushing your computer’s clock speed beyond what you would typically find in a store, thus increasing how many instructions it can process each second.

This improves both raw single-core performance as well as heat generation for those who do so but there are always tradeoffs involved with any form or increased overclocking power that needs consideration before implementing them onto an already working system without understanding all aspects thoroughly enough beforehand – don’t just go adding more cores without knowing exactly why this change matters!

The performance of an overclocked processor can be higher than that running at stock factory settings, but does this really make any difference?

Whether or not you should overclock your computer’s processor depends on the game.

If it is a very graphics-heavy title, then most likely no; but if there are other tasks that take up too many resources like loading times for example (which can be improved via optimizing), then overclocking might just help out slightly more than expected!

Oftentimes, overclocking chips can be more expensive than just buying a new motherboard and processor.

Not only does it have an effect on performance but you will also need to spend extra money on thermal solutions because the heat generated by these parts is so great in some cases that if left unchecked could destroy them completely!


So, at the end of the day, should you invest in an unlocked CPU or would a locked CPU suffice?

CPUs can make a significant difference in performance, especially if you’re planning on using professional software and gaming.

For those who have money to spare or want an ultimate high-performance system for future-proofing purposes – unlocked CPUs are worth consideration!

However, for gamers who are looking to get the most out of their system or those with more demanding needs in gaming performance, there is always overclocking.

“Overclocking shouldn’t be too high on an average gamer’s priority list as stock clock speeds combined with technologies that allow automated boost clocks will offer plenty enough processing power.”

CPUs are one of the most important components in any gaming PC. There is a lot to consider when choosing your processor, including what kind you need and how much power it will give off – but we’ve got all that covered here!

Picking the right CPU for gaming can be difficult, but do not worry because we have compiled a list of some great options.

Our top picks are all CPUs from brands like Intel and AMD so you’re guaranteed to find something that will work well with your system!

Game speed up? Yeah, that’s something you need.

With the newest games coming out faster than we can play them–and thanks a lot of processors which are no longer able to keep up with their demand by themselves!

That was until now though: there is an automated fanning technology called “overclocking” where your processor will run at higher speeds without having any harm done on its own hardware; this way all gamers have access, not just those who game often but also individuals looking forward towards playing one particular specific title soon enough- whether they’re newbies or experts alike.

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