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We live in the age of digitalization, which includes social media, websites and applications. These platforms provide us with a wealth of intelligent, social and entertainment data and have eventually become our daily activities. Recently, as a result of the Covid pandemic, everyone has been using this technology regularly. Just as students are learning online, employees are working from home, which has increased the use of the digital product.

For all these reasons, the software market keeps pace with new software products and updates. We’ll talk about one of those Joyoshare programs. This software allows you to record the activities on your desktop with one click. Joyoshare screen recorder is one of the best software available in the market. It is versatile and easy to use, with a clear user interface that no other software offers.

Joyoshare Screen Recorder is a great deal for anyone who needs to record videos of all kinds of screen activities such as lectures, movies, webinars, YouTube videos, live chats, video games, etc. Besides video, sound is also recorded, which is of high quality. You no longer have to worry about missing conferences or meetings because you can record videos and watch them later. The screen recorder is equipped with many amazing features which are as follows:

Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder :

  • Supports devices such as iOS, Windows, Android, Smart TV, game consoles and more.
  • Allows you to register high resolution displays such as 320×240, 640×480, 1280×720, etc.
  • Allows you to capture any area of the screen. The field must be selected before it is posted.
  • This allows you to pre-program the start and end time of the recording, reducing the amount of time you have to spend at your desk.
  • At the same time, it can take a screenshot while recording the screen.
  • Allows you to create custom recording shortcuts, so you don’t have to start and stop the video recording with the cursor, but instead use the keyword.
  • Recorded video files can be saved in different formats, for example B. MP4, AVI, FLV, SWF, WMV, MKV, MOV.
  • The software consists of ID3 tags of the audio encoder which work independently. Allows you to backup audio files recorded in different formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M3A, M4B, etc.
  • Allows you to record various sounds such as microphone voice, system sounds, online radio, game music and streaming music.
  • Allows you to record videos with or without sound.
  • The video quality remains unchanged even after compression.

Steps for using the Joyoshare screen recorder :

1) Install and run the Joyoshare software:

Download and install the free version of Joyo Share on Windows from the website. Now double click on the program icon to start it. You will get an overview as shown below.

2) To select the registration area:

On the left is now part of the catch area. Press the + button. You will see the registration window. You can choose between full screen recording and custom recording by zooming in and dragging the recording window as needed. If you want a fixed recording size, click on the drop-down menu and select the desired size.

3) Audio recording:

The software includes simultaneous automatic recording of video and audio. However, if you want to record only video and no audio, select the axis icon below to stop recording the audio track. When recording a continuous movie, for example. For YouTube or music, for example, it is recommended to turn on the audio system and turn off the microphone. This prevents the recording of unwanted sound. You can also record only sound. To do this, you must select this icon, which is located next to the save button.

4) Adjusting the recording settings :

Before saving the screen, you can use the software to make the desired settings. In the bottom right corner is the settings icon. Various settings are available, including the output video or audio format, the output file folder, scheduled recording tasks, custom recording shortcuts, and more. The software also supports a wide range of formats and devices.

5) Start recording:

Open the file from which you want to record the video. Press the record button to start recording. To take screenshots, click on the icon.

6) Preview and manage saved files :

When the recording is finished, click the Stop icon. To view the recorded files, open the History window and change the name and ID3 tags of your choice.

Now capture your screens with great ease and quality. The Joyoshare software is lightweight and uses very little RAM. After recording a video, you can indicate your identity by adding a watermark. You can expect a complete software package in one click. Visit the website now to explore the software.

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