How To Install Motherboard Drivers

How To Install Motherboard Drivers

Installing a motherboard driver can be difficult, but it is very important for the computer to boot. In this blog post, we will go over how to install motherboard drivers in an easy way.

Determine What Motherboard Drivers You Need

Installing motherboard drivers is an important task and it makes sure that the computer stays up-to-date.

It’s a good idea for when you’re building or upgrading a new PC, as well as just wanting the latest device firmware version in general!

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The computer’s motherboard is uniquely identified by the make and model. As such, only with this information will you know which exact drivers are needed for your specific device-type combination.

1- Search for “System Information” in the search bar

System Information search bar

2- You can find your baseboard information in the list of manufacturers and products. You’ll need to know three pieces: TheManufacturer, Product code (found on a label under something like ‘CPU Board’), And version number for each piece.

System information

3- If you’re looking for a specific driver, select Components from the tree in the left pane. You can also choose Sound Device or Display as your component and see driver information on it right here!

Components system information

Find and Download Driver Files

You can easily find the drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website!

1- Every motherboard manufacturer website typically has a section dedicated to drivers. You can usually find this by searching the site or finding links in various places on their web pages, like under “Drivers” for example.

2- You can search by the driver model number you obtained in your System Information window.

3- When you access the search results page, a list of drivers will be displayed. However, if an option exists to scan your computer for outdated software and update it online then this service can be utilized as well!

4- If you want to update a specific motherboard driver rather than all of them, it is usually easy for the user. You can find out what drivers are needed using their names as identified by the System Information window!

5- Once you’ve found the motherboard driver to update on your system, select “Download” next to that file.

6- The default location for downloaded drivers can be found in the “Downloads” folder. You will need to extract them from a ZIP or EXE file, depending on what kind it is.

7- Go to the folder where the driver files were extracted. You should see an EXE file there and right-click it, selecting Run as Administrator if necessary for compatibility purposes.

8- The launch of this driver installation wizard will take you to a screen where there are several options for updating or modifying the currently installed version. Choosing either Modify or Repair is easy and simple!

9- Once the update is done, you get a Finish button to take you through the final steps.

10- Your computer will restart shortly after you select the option to do so. When it restarts, all of these changes take effect and any new programs that were installed or updated can be used immediately!

Final Words

That is it, guys! This was our guide on how to install motherboard drivers.

Now you know how to update or install a new driver to your PC. We hope this article was helpful. Thank you for sticking around!


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