How to complete the Over the Top mission for Mendoza in Hitman 3

In Hitman 3 Mendoza, located in Argentina, you are responsible for taking out two targets, Tamara Vidal and Don Archibald Yates. Don Yates can be difficult to ride alone because he is constantly surrounded by guards. So we want to lure him to an area where the perfect accident will happen. Here’s how to complete the Over the Top mission for Mendoza in Hitman 3.

You have to come to the party first, so you need an invitation. If you talk to Diana first, she’ll give you one, or you can find one somewhere on the map. When you enter, head to the wine cellar on the left side of the building. Two employees will talk about a recent accident that occurred with the wine barrels, causing them to overflow.

Once they are silenced, follow the worker down the stairs to the left. He stops to talk to another worker who is checking the pump. When the worker is done talking, he walks to the pump and then to the corner of the room. If he bends down to scrub the floor, jump over the big pipe and use a coin or other object to distract him so he can get to the side where you are. If he runs away, subdue him and steal his disguise. He will also provide you with drawings of pumps that you can pick up and explore.

You should now have a screwdriver and a wrench in your inventory. If you haven’t found them on the map yet, the game will show you the rooms where you can find them. While the game takes you into a room full of screwdriver boxes, we suggest you take the one stuck in the room’s wine barrel with all the workers, because you don’t have to worry about the notes.

The key is in the same room, on the blue toolbox, in front of the worker looking at the clipboard. You can try to grab the key in time as he looks down, or you can divert his gaze for a moment.

Now that you have both tools, go back to the room with the pump and the huge tanks. The power cable for laying the cables must be laid directly in front of the worker who is mopping the floor. Obviously, you need to distract or get rid of the employee or he will call security. We just tossed a coin behind him to get him to turn around.

Once the wire is exposed, break the pump seal. We recommend doing this quickly after turning the wire, or to distract the worker so he doesn’t turn around and see you doing it. When the pump breaks, the wine spills out of the barrels onto the floor and Don Yates runs to the factory.

Don Yates starts yelling at his employees to find out who caused the accident. It will take some time and you may think there is no way to get him out, but be patient and he will take care of himself. In the room where you have your tools, there is an emergency room on a bench. Take it and plug it into a nearby fuse box.

Wait until Yates stops yelling at people and looks at the pump, and the others walk away, leaving only Yates in the wine bath. Turn on the fuse box, and the wires we exposed earlier will electrocute Yates and cause an accident.

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