How to complete a Cargo Run voyage in Sea of Thieves

Cargo flights in Sea of Thieves allow you to act as a messenger between NPCs in the game. You have to find one of them in a certain place, pick up their cargo, and then transport it by sea to the recipient. You have a certain amount of time to do this. Make sure you and your crew are on time with one of these flights.

Freight transportation is available from any Merchant Alliance representative. You can find them in any outpost.

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Buy freight miles and secure freight

You can usually find one of the Trade Alliance representatives near the outpost docks. They are usually dressed in blue and carry a manifesto in their hands. If you talk to them, they have the ability to buy a load. Your rank in the merchant alliance increases the amount of goods you will deliver. The higher your rank with this merchant, the more goods you can expect to find on these trips.

When you accept a shipment from a Trade Alliance representative, go to the Quests tab of the shortcut menu and retrieve the order you received. It will tell you where you were originally, who gave you the assignment, and how many boxes you need to deliver.

The NPC you need to talk to first is a representative of the trade alliance that gave you the assignment. You can approach them and accept the cargo you need to carry on your ship. There are three types of cargo you can get from these agents, and they can be damaged during your trip. You get more gold if you deliver them intact, and the way you care for them is different for each one.

  • Linen: A substance that can absorb water incredibly quickly and is considered damaged if it absorbs water before it reaches its destination.
  • Plants: A box of ferns that need water when they travel. If they are not supplied with water, they will decompose and any amount of rot will be considered damaged before they reach their destination.
  • Bottles of rum: These fragile bottles can break easily, and if they shake, flicker, or are mishandled, they are considered damaged before they reach their destination. You can break these bottles if you jump while carrying them, if the barrel next to it explodes, or if you hold them and fall far, usually when you get fall damage.

Depending on the type of cargo you receive, you will have to find a good place for them on your ship. Plants, for example, want to be at the very bottom of the ship, where you can flood the lower decks with water to keep them moist and thus maintain quality. Store rum bottles in a safe place, but not in areas that are targets for enemy gunfire. It should be in a place where there are no plants, and somewhere high as your ship will absorb more water during the voyage.

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Cargo delivery for cargo flight

Once you have secured the load, go to each one and a bill of lading will be attached. This note states the destination of the shipment and who will receive it.

The first part of the delivery note states who receives it and where it goes. An outpost should never be too difficult to find, and you can always consult your ship’s chart to find the best route. When searching for this person’s place in the outpost, it is important to remember that the first letter always refers to his or her occupation. So we give it to Carl to ship, which means Carl runs the clothing store in this outpost.

The last part of the delivery information contains information about the time and date the delivery is to take place. The time and date do not correspond to the actual time and date, but to the information in the game. You can refer to it at any time by looking at your watch, which you can access through the element wheel. The clock is on the second side, with all your tools.

Once you’ve found your way, you’re ready to set sail. The difficulty of these routes varies depending on the route, whether you encounter spawning grounds or random players, or whether you end up in the middle of a storm.

When you arrive, the hardest delivery will probably be handing out bottles of rum. Make sure your ship is as close as possible to the outpost’s berth, and be careful when you jump off your ship. The first, small jump should be fine, but don’t do it more often than necessary. When you’ve handed in all the boxes, the trip is over.

frequently asked questions

How do I make a trip under a commercial alliance?

How do you steer a trade alliance into a sea of thieves…

Are cargo flights counted as flights?

Cargo flights are the second type of commercial flights that can be purchased by experienced traders. These trips require the player to take a number of crates of goods from a Marine Station, Outpost or NPC on the Big Island and deliver them to another NPC on another island.

How do I collect Trade Alliance boxes?

When you begin a journey with a trade alliance, you can pick up crates at any outpost from a trade alliance agent. You don’t have to swim to find the crates, just go to the nearest outpost to pick them up and load them.

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