How To Check What Motherboard You Have?

How To Check What Motherboard You Have?

Have you ever wondered what motherboard you have? Learn how to check what motherboard you have in this blog post.  

The motherboard is one of the most essential parts of a computer because it acts as the “brain” for all other components. 

The type of motherboard determines the maximum memory, number and type of expansion slots, built-in peripheral ports, and what processor types are supported by the board.

It’s always good to know what board you have, in case there are any problems with your computer. To find out how easy it is for different people see this article about checking the motherboard on their own system and learning more from a list of various methods below!

If you are wondering how are motherboards made then read about it here: How are Motherboards made?

Check Via Command Prompt

If opening your PC case and playing around with the cables seems difficult, this method saves you a lot of time. It’s quick, easy to follow with pictures so that anyone can do it!

How To Check What Motherboard You Have using CMD

1- Open CMD by searching for it in the search bar

2- Type “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer” inside CMD and hit enter

3- BINGO!! You have your model number and manufacturer on your screen!

Use ‘System Information’

You might not like the command prompt, but you can check your system’s hardware with it. If that doesn’t suit your fancy then go for something more gentle – System Information!

How To Check What Motherboard You Have using system information

If you’re looking for some helpful information about your PC, then head on over to the ‘System Information’ page.

The data pulled from this section will give insight into what kind of hardware is installed and when it was manufactured!

Follow the following steps for checking what motherboard you have using System Information

1- Search “System Information” in search bar

2- After opening system information scroll down till you find “Baseboard manufacturer

3- Here you can see the brand of your motherboard

4- Just below it, you will find “Baseboard product“. You can check the model name here.

Simply close down once you are finished with your work, note any information required for future reference then do so!

One thing worth mentioning, however, is that this method doesn’t work for all users. 

Sometimes certain bits of information are not displayed in the system-information and if you find yourself with this problem proceed back to one or two steps above before engaging again – it should help!

Open Up Your Computer And Look

I find that the easiest way to identify your motherboard is by looking at it.

The manufacturer and model number should be clearly visible on most motherboards, but sometimes they’re hidden or hard-to-find in a small place – so if this doesn’t work for you then just open up the PC manually!


Motherboards are the lifeblood of your PC. They give you all sorts of vital information about a system’s potential performance, including what kind and how much gigahertz each processor is rated for – but not to worry if those numbers aren’t enough!

Motherboard manufacturers display their own model number on most boards (though sometimes in odd positions) so that even first-time builders can easily know whether they’re seeing something special or not by simply checking out some popular brands and chipsets beforehand.

Popular motherboard manufacturers:

  • MSI
  • ASUS
  • ASRock
  • Biostar

Popular motherboard chipsets:

On rare occasions, the brand and model number may be separated on your motherboard. In those cases look for a 4-digit code (similar to popular chipsets) that can help determine which board you have!

Use Third-Party Hardware Checking Software

If you want to get all of your computer’s information in one place, then downloading a third-party program just might be the answer. 

There are tons out there and we like CPU-Z for its free quality without compromising functionality or features!

How To Check What Motherboard You Have through third party apps

Here’s how to use CPU-Z to find out what motherboard you have:

1- Download CPU-Z by clicking here.

2- Install CPU-Z once the download is finished

3- Once inside CPU-Z, Select mainboard from navigation menu

4- There you have it. Everything you need is in front of you!

For me, this is the best way to go if you’re looking for an honest price for your current PC. CPU-Z not only showcases the motherboard specs but pretty much every other hardware detail as well – including what’s inside it all and how fast they’re running!


So, there you have it guys – our complete guide on how to check what motherboard your PC currently has. Ultimately the process of checking hardware is actually really simple! 

As shown in this article- there are a number of different ways that can help with checking these details– all requiring very little technical knowledge or knowhow.

The quest to find out what motherboard your PC has just become a whole lot easier. 

We hope that this article helped and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible if there’s anything else I can do, or perhaps share some resources for other people looking into the same thing!


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