How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost

How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost
How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost

So if you are asking yourself “Can I make my gaming PC?”, the answer is Yes, most likely, but exactly How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost.

If you want to play most of the latest games on ultra-high settings then a good desktop will cost around $900-$1000 or more depending on your needs and hardware specifications.

Gaming PCs can be built from anywhere between $500 -$3000+ for those who have some technical knowledge and more money than they know what to do with!

There are several pre-built systems as well that vary in price range, so if budgets are not an issue for you then check out our Gaming PCs section as well as some excellent pre-build options from companies such as ASUS, Acer Predator, MSI, Alienware, etc…

Some of these Factors for How Much Does A Gaming PC Costs are Listed Below:

Quality of the Motherboard:


The quality of the motherboard, if you choose to go cheap with cheap gaming pc parts then at first it may work for a while but as time goes on these parts will malfunction.

This is because generic parts are not made specifically for each other and some components may be too wide or too long that they can’t even fit into the sockets.

Nonetheless, there are many cases where certain components do not play well together so it’s best to read reviews of products before buying them.

The Type of Motherboard:

The type of motherboard you are planning on using, there are many boards out there ranging from low-end gaming motherboards up to high-end gaming motherboards.

You can save money by purchasing the cheapest board available but keep in mind that it probably can’t handle any more than two or three graphics cards if you want multiple video cards in your rig then buying at least one mid-range board is recommended.

Operating System:


The Operating System that you will be using for finding How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost to boot up your gaming computer with.

Whether it is Windows XP, Windows Vista, or even Windows 7, you have to buy the OS first before buying any of the parts needed for building a gaming PC.

It is possible to download the Windows OS for free but this will not be covered in this article because all manufacturers require you to have a legitimate copy of windows that was purchased legally.

The Number of Memory Sticks:

The number of memory sticks needed, if your motherboard supports 4 slots then you can get away with buying just one stick and save yourself a little money.

If it supports 8 slots then you may want to buy multiple memory sticks because the more sticks you have, the better the performance is going to be.


The RAM or Random Access Memory will also be needed which is one of the most essential parts for computers.

It makes a difference to store a huge sum of information at the same time without any breaking down.

If you are planning to get 8GB then get a motherboard that supports it otherwise you’ll have to go back to the store and buy another one that complies with your standards for gaming PCs.

You must also know what type of memory sticks or DDR3 or DDR2 you need since not all motherboards support both kinds so far so if ever in doubt, do your homework well by asking around in forums like Hardware Secrets where answers come fast enough to solve even the toughest questions in computer hardware

Type of Case:

The type of case you want, there are different cases out in the market for gamers ranging from gaming cases that can fit multiple graphics cards to cases that look sweet or ultra-cool.

You can get cheap ones like the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer which is currently priced at PHP 4299.00 but if you prefer something cheap yet functional then go with an Antec Sonata Proto that only costs about PHP 3200.00


The storage needed by your computer could be either a hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD).

SSDs are great for saving time when you boot up your computer because it takes half the time compared to HDDs so if you have more money to spend then it’s recommended that you go for one.


If you are on a tight budget, I suggest getting only the bare minimal parts needed which are the case, power supply, and motherboard since these three will be enough to support your computer’s hardware performance.

For other components like processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, etc.. just buy them in phases or whenever you have extra cash left in your pocket because being able to upgrade is always better than buying everything in one go.

The best thing about building your gaming PC is that its s customizable so you can do whatever you want without having to be constrained by pre-built rigs out in the market.

Just make sure to thoroughly research every component before deciding on what to get especially if you do not have any knowledge about hardware.

As a gamer myself I prefer to build my PC for convenience, upgradeability, and control over the specs of my rig since it is more affordable than buying a pre-built one from a store.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to buy something that can play games well then I suggest checking our article on Best Budget Motherboard where you will find great deals on parts without breaking your bank.

Just make sure to do some research before going out there and getting whatever part or component of your choice because wasting money on crap parts won’t be good for your wallet or PC so beware of scams out there that claim to be selling quality parts at dirt cheap prices.

Let’s cut it short if you have more money or just simply want a better gaming experience then build one yourself by buying the components needed one by one until you have all that your PC needs.

Observe some ground when building one though, make sure that the parts you bought are compatible with what you already have or else it will cause compatibility issues in your computer.

You can visit Tom’s Hardware to see reviews of every component in the market which is helpful when choosing one since all reviews are well written and based on personal experience.

Trust me, building a PC by yourself isn’t as hard as most people think it s s just like putting Lego blocks together or playing with K’nex so if you still want to buy something pre-built then go ahead but make sure it’s quality, or else expect issues later on down the road especially after a year or so.

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