Dead by Daylight Survivors Icon Status Info Guide

When playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, it’s important to keep an eye on your health and that of your teammates. Survival is the only goal of this game, and you need each other to avoid being connected to fix the generators and lead the killer after him. Here is an overview of the survival status symbols and what they mean when they appear before each symbol.

Information on survivor’s status


As you can imagine, you are in top form and in good health. You won’t limp and the killer will have to hit you twice to bring you down.

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When injured, a survivor limps and moans with random pain, but maintains a normal gait and speed. This happens when they are hit by an assassin or lured into a trap. If you are rescued from the hook, you will also be put in an injured state. To get back to a healthy life, you have to take care of yourself, or other survivors can take care of you, whether they have medicine or not.


In a state of death, you are vulnerable on the ground and cannot get up. It’s a status the killer can use to catch you and fine you. If the killer doesn’t come looking for you, you can crawl and slowly increase your healing bar to resist the wound, but a teammate will have to finish it. If you crawl away, you leave a trail of blood for the killer to follow. Below the icon, the red bar indicates the time remaining before bleeding and death, which takes a total of four minutes.

Act of March

Hook status applies to any survivor who is placed on the victim’s hook by the killer. Meanwhile, the survivor is stuck on the hook until rescued by another survivor or released from the hook. If they have not done so by the end of the Red Drag period, they die and are sacrificed to the Essence.

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If the step is more than 50% full, the survivor may try to free himself from the hook, causing him to jump off the hook and injure himself. However, they only have a 4% chance of success, and if they fail, they lower the bar considerably.

If the bar is below 50%, the survivor can no longer try to escape on their own and is forced to fight the creature to stay alive. If they don’t fight, they are immediately sacrificed and die.

Survivors can be connected a total of three times. They start the first time with a full bar and can try to escape if they want. If this survivor is released and then placed on a second hook, he is immediately in the combat phase. If they are rescued again, but then hung by the killer on the third hook, they are immediately sacrificed to the Entity.


This trap means the survivor is caught in a bear trap set by the trapper’s killer. During this time, the survivor can try to free himself or a teammate can help him before the killer arrives.


The sacrificed icon indicates that an entity has been sacrificed to the hook. They are considered dead and cannot come back into the game.

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This symbol indicates that the survivor died of a hemorrhage or was brutally murdered by the killer along with the memento mori victim. They were not sacrificed to the structure.


An escape badge indicates that the survivor has left the playground. This can be done by restarting the five generators and opening the escape gate, or by unlocking the escape hatch and jumping over it.


If this status symbol is displayed above the player’s game day, the player has left the game or is disconnected from the game and cannot return.


Possession status can only be applied to a maximum of one survivor per game. It is represented by spider legs around the status symbol. They only apply if the survivor or assassin has special advantages that impose a possession status and affect the game differently for survivors and assassins. The effect depends on the premium.


An interrupted state is indicated by a white cross crossed out in the upper left corner of the toolbar. This indicates that the survivor is under the influence of a bounty or power that would prevent him or her from regaining health. The best they can do is put themselves in a state of injury.

Sleep timer

If a transparent clock appears above your status icon, you are in conflict with Freddy Krueger. When the timer goes off, you fall asleep and Freddy is stronger against you. You can wake up by finding your alarm clock and dealing with it, or a teammate can wake you up.


If a yellow spot appears behind the symbol, the survivor is infected with the plague killer. Every object they touch is contaminated, and the survivor is eventually left in a state of injury and brokenness, indiscriminately vomiting unless he finds the devotional pool to heal himself.

Caught Spilled Bear

A survivor in agony can be lured into an inverted bear trap by a pig killer. With a trap, the survivor can search for the key in the puzzle boxes scattered around the map. Once the generator is activated, the bear trap timer on the status symbol will start the countdown. If time expires or if a survivor attempts to escape while the countdown is active, he is immediately sacrificed. The only way to remove the trap is to find the key.


When you play Ghost Face, an assassin may hunt you down, causing a red circular bar to appear around your status symbol. If an assassin fills this bar with a survivor, he can put him in a state of death with a healthy blow.

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