Top 5 Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300 [Review and FAQs] – 2022

Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300
Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300

You must want to buy a new monitor or upgrade to a new and better monitor. This list consists of the top 5 Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300 which will be a really good choice for you.

Many online or offline shoppers nowadays prefer to save as much money as possible with a specific budget in mind while purchasing frame-less monitors.

The most common price that the buyers expect whilst purchasing a new monitor is less than or around 300 dollars. Thankfully, the users can now get a lot of pre-installed features when buying a monitor under 300 dollars.

Most people nowadays, prefer bezel-less designed computers that would allow the display to blend subtly around its surroundings. These computers ensure the users that there will be no visible layer between multiple displays.

For casual users, the market has plenty of options for them such as 1440p as standard screen resolution with a screen size of 24-inch, 27-inch, or 32-inch.

Also, for creative professionals and content creators, the edge-less monitors that are priced under $300 will not disappoint them. 

There are flooded options available like ultra-wide aspect ratios, 4K screen resolution that features 100% sRGB color gamut for better colors and vivid images.

These budget monitors are also perfect for gamers who are seeking an immersive gaming experience. Featuring other aspects, it also includes a 144 Hz refresh rate for better visibility of fast-moving visuals.

Technology is advancing day by day at a much rapid pace. Due to this, it is becoming impossible for users to keep up with the wide variety of changing trends.

Therefore, it is very natural for one to get frustrated because of the dissatisfaction of having and using the latest technologies.

To ease this pain, here is a splendid list of the borderless monitors under the price range of 300 dollars. You can even check Monitors Under 200 dollars if you are on a tight budget.

Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300 In 2022

1. Dell S2721HS 27 Inch : Best Bezel less monitors under $300

Dell bezel-less monitors are famous for their excellent color production. The 27-inch display includes various features such as In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution.

This resolution makes the user view the screen from a wide 178° viewing angle. The end-user can stay focused between applications, emails, or windows on one screen using this enormous featured product.

Dell S2721HS full HD monitor is gracefully designed and ready for the user’s everyday lifestyle. They can work whether from home or office. Besides all its features, it also has a VESA mounting space of 100mm x 100mm.

Moving further, this frame-less monitor has certain interfaces for multiple connectivity options like ports & slots for the security-lock slot, power connector, display port 1.2 modes, HDMI 1.4 port, and audio line-out port.

Apart from this, it comes with the cables packed in the box are power cable and HDMI cable.

The casual users or gamers can experience the highest quality of the resolution. Adding to this, AMD FreeSync Technology eliminates stuttering and shaking of the voice.

It aids in avoiding the tearing while moving through the scenes in a video. This is done by matching the output frame rate with the user’s graphics card’s frame rates.


  • Specific Uses For Product: Gaming
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Brand: Dell
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Number of HDMI Ports: 2


  • Clear views with less distraction
  • Consistent colors
  • Tear-free experience with AMD FreeSync technology
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Superb screen clarity
  • Height adjustable


  • Not a gaming monitor
  • No speakers
  • Poor sound quality
  • Not Reliable
  • Not good for eyes
  • Poor quality

2. ASUS VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor : Bezel less monitors under $300

When it is about gaming, then the gamers require only two things that are a good display and an adaptive synchronization. ASUS bezel-less monitor inculcates both of them.

It delivers an excellent full HD 1920×1080 performance with a 165Hz refresh rate.

The FPS racers or real-time strategy gamers can take full advantage of games like Counter-Strike GO where a high frame rate means everything.

With the G-SYNC compatibility through display port and HDMI ports, this borderless computer can deliver varying frame rates. Due to these variable frame rates, the video will never stutter again. 

Also, free sync or adaptive sync helps the players by keeping the tearing at bay while they are playing on the monitor that supports 144Hz G-SYNC technology.

It is not only useful for gaming, but also for personal, and even business purposes as well. This frame-less monitor with a 27-inch Full HD display has a response time of 0.5ms.

ASUS borderless monitor has imbibed in the latest technology to reduce or eliminate ghosting and motion blur. It is done when the user wants to make full-height, tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments according to the requirements.

This provides maximum comfort during gameplay with Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB). 

Moving further, the edge-less monitors have eye care technology that minimizes eye fatigue and thus making the user’s eyes perfect for the whole day working at the office or for marathon gaming sessions.

This makes the gamers enjoy a fluid gaming experience. Hence, the user feels much more comfortable during playing games, watching videos, or while working.

Adding to this, there are also flexible connectivity options that enable multiple monitor configurations such as the display offers display port 1.2 in addition to HDMI 1 and DVI-D Dual Link.

With this, the users can connect it with their favorite devices without any issue. Along with this, it comes with stereo 2W speakers.

Hence, in-built stereo 2W speakers offer an immersive sound providing crystal clear sounds without relying on external speakers.

The best part of this computer is that it is immensely affordable for the buyers.


  • Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
  • Brand: ASUS
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Special Feature: Height Adjustment, Anti Glare Screen, Ultra Thin Bezel, VESA 100


  • Flexible connectivity options
  • No need for external speakers
  • Extreme low motion blur (ELMB) technology
  • 0.5ms (GTG) response time 
  • Designed for intense, fast-paced games
  • Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) technology


  • Worst picture quality
  • Dead pixels
  • Clunky controls

3. Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ frameless monitor : Best Bezel less monitors under $300

Philips E-line 27″ edgeless LED monitor has full HD 1920×1080 resolution and IPS panel for wider viewing angles. The ultra-narrow border allows the user to see the video from any direction or angle.

The 124% sRGB color gamut feature delivers impeccable colors to your eyes due to its high-quality display. Also, AMD FreeSync technology avoids glitching or screen tearing.

This reduces or eliminates visual anomalies by synchronizing the refresh rate of a display with the framerate of FreeSync compatible graphics cards. 

Moreover, the quality of low blue light-emitting monitors reduces the emission of harmful low-blue lights on a display.

This prevents the user from eye fatigue. Along with this, it also has an added functionality of flicker-free technology that saves the consumer’s eyes.

It protects the users who suffer from eye problems such as eye fatigue which is caused by LCD-back-lit screens.

This feature provides a solution to regulate brightness and reduce flicker for a more comfortable viewing and amazing user experience.

Philips bezel-less E-Line 27″ LED monitor is a great choice for people who need an affordable, yet reliable screen.

This product has the end user’s well-being in mind as well as gives them quality specifications at a good price.


  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Special Feature: Frameless
  • Hardware Interface: VGA, HDMI


  • Excellent value for money
  • 3-sided frameless design
  • Ultra Wide-Color technology
  • Vibrant colors
  • Quick response time


  • Dead pixels
  • Quality control issues
  • Terrible brightness
  • The sound quality is not good
  • Poor durability

4. LG 29WN600-W Ultra-Wide 21:9 Monitor : Bezel less monitors under $300

Bezel-less LG 29WK600 comes along with an impressive display, with only 1 cm of the bezel that surrounds the screen. Its look is highly sophisticated because of its matte finish.

The border-less matte finishing fulfills its functional purpose of limiting any flash coming in from a large window or from behind the user. This means that it does not distract the user from watching the video on the system.

The main highlight of the LG 29WK600-W is its ultra-wide frame-less screen which contributes towards higher productivity.

Furthermore, this LG monitor also has a feature of windows snap assist. This provides the user with a quick and easy way to arrange the multiple openings of windows.

With this aspect, the user can quickly snap the windows to the sides or corners by using the mouse, keyboard, and touch.

The consumer feels no need of resizing and positioning the windows manually.

Moreover, this automatically takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Also, the wide aspect of the display allows the users to work comfortably.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the bezel-less monitor also comprises an IPS panel. This has been proven far more superior than other TN displays.


  • Specific Uses For Product: Multimedia, Personal, Business
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Brand: LG
  • Screen Size: 29 Inches
  • Special Feature: Ultrawide Screen, Anti-Glare Coating, Wall Mountable


  • 21:9 ultra-wide form-factor
  • Excellent for productivity
  • Ideal for video-editing
  • HDR 10 support
  • AMD FreeSync technology


  • Tilt-only Design
  • does not have a height adjustment feature
  • The refresh rate of 40-75Hz
  • Impossible to save custom monitor presets

5. HP 24mh FHD Monitor : Bezel less monitors under $300

The micro-edge designed HP 24mh Full HD Monitor is a stylish and affordable computer for daily users like for personal basis, businessmen, and gamers as well.

The astounding features installed within it enhance the performance to a level that the consumer wants in a monitor.

Now, the users using this border-less monitor can enjoy the desk space more than they thought might have been possible with this adjustable ultra-slim IPS display. 

The edge-less monitor is equipped with built-in 2W speakers that bring life to the entertainment on-screen in 1080p resolution.

This resolution display makes a powerful viewing experience even better!

With stunning panorama viewing, the user will experience vibrant details with consistent color and image clarity.

This is maintained across ultra-wide 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. Thus expanding and enlarging the view to see the items more clearly on the screen. 

Another feature of this bezel-less monitor is a three-sided Micro edge display.

With virtually no bezel encircling the display, the IPS technology and height/tilt adjustability, make the consumer enjoy an incredible viewing experience.

This makes the user so immersed as if they are watching a movie in a theater. 

Moving further, the other implausible aspect of this frameless computer is the low blue light mode which subtly shifts its colors to a broader spectrum. This enhances the user’s eyes’ comfortness. 

Another trait is, it makes the user stay connected watching the videos, games, and listening to the audio through Display port, HDMI, VGA, and 3.5 mm Audio Jack.

The combination of VESA mounts, HDMI, and Display port make it a great monitor for users’ pc or consoles. 


  • Specific Uses For Product: Multimedia, P*ersonal, Gaming
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Brand: HP
  • Screen Size: 23.8 Inches
  • Screen Surface Description: Flat


  • Outstanding visuals
  • The screen covers less space
  • Easy connectivity
  • In-built speakers
  • Low blue light
  • Stunning Panoramic Viewing


  • Monitor speaker makes a weird noise
  • Poor Durability 
  • Moderate Picture Quality
  • Unreliable System
  • Dead pixels

Frequently Asked Question for Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300:

Frequently Asked Questions for Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300
Frequently Asked Questions for Bezel-Less Monitors Under $300

What are bezel-less Monitors?

Slim bezel monitors are the displays of choice for those customers who crave a sleek, sophisticated. These users do not look or want to have extra workarounds on their screens. 

This slimming technology such as edge-to-edge glass and high-quality backlighting lets the images and videos shine across the wider viewing angles without any obstruction.

Are bezel-less Monitors good?

For one, a frameless or bezel-less monitor provides a larger screen without necessarily increasing the size of the gadget.

Secondly, this screen improves your viewing and gaming by getting rid of distractions.

What monitors have the smallest bezels?

Nowadays, people prefer more frameless or extremely slim bezel monitors than old-fashioned computer systems. The smaller a monitor’s border is, the better suited it is for a multi-monitor setup. 

Hence, it will cover the less gap keeping the desk space more available for other setups. With this, the user can set up multiple monitors such as  for gaming.  

What is IPS panel technology?

IPS stands for in-plane switching, a type of LED (a form of LCD) display panel technology.

IPS panels are characterized as having the best color and viewing angles among the other main types of display panels, TN (twisted nematic) and VA (vertical alignment).

What Can You Get With a Monitor Under 300 Dollars?

While buying a monitor at an economical price, a user can get an expected screen size, with high resolution, higher refresh rate & less response time.

Also, the user can get amazing display technology depending upon the model to be purchased.

Is sRGB enough for photo editing?

Yes, this is sufficient for photo editing. Professional-grade monitors comprise wide color gamuts for resulting in more vibrant and detailed images.

When purchasing, the users should seek displays with a low response time of 8 milliseconds or less. This will avoid the images from getting blurred on the screen while working.

Is sRGB good for video editing?

If you are editing videos for web use, sRGB will do the trick. The user has to make sure that it covers at least 90% of the sRGB gamut.

Higher the sRGB gamut more effective and amazing videos will be produced. After all, you want to edit videos that will look good on any screen.

Are thin bezels more expensive?

Bezels are the frames that are wrapped around the screen to protect the display from breaking easily. The bezels or borders around the display fill up half of our computer screens.

On the other hand, bezel-less or thin bezel monitors have a great viewing and gaming experience. It also has better color handling as compared to other displays because of the fewer distractions between the screens.

What is Panorama Viewing?

The word “panorama” has a variety of meanings depending upon the context you are using it in. Basically, it is to describe any type of wide-angle view or representation, whether through painting, drawing, photography, or film. 

For example: if someone paints your house from end to end and wants their work titled as “your panoramic home”, that would look appropriate no matter how many angles they wanted them painted at.

The motion picture term for this is called ‘panning’.

Can you find a quality computer monitor for under $300?

When purchasing a good quality monitor, the user expects to get it at an affordable price.

A $300 budget will allow you to explore multiple options for frameless monitors that come in this price range. With this, people can easily find one that fulfills their specific needs.

Why buy a Bezel-Less Monitor?

A bezel-less monitor is a modernized version of the traditional one, with an ultra-thin frame. With this, LCD monitors with bezel-less technology can make the users see without any distractions on your monitors.

This full HD screen becomes so clear and crisp that the user watches movies, plays video games, and surfs the web with no detraction.

Its dual HDMI ports allow the screen to display 3D and 2D images simultaneously. It comprises the best user interface.

How thin can a bezel be?

Bezels can be pretty slim but a monitor can never be entirely frameless. The slimmest bezel of a monitor for fast is 0.8 millimeters which is the thinnest bezel on earth available.


The border-less designed computers offer many advantages like less response time, a higher refresh rate.

Along with this, these above-mentioned frame-less monitors also exhibit a variety of other features such as wider viewing angles, anti-flicker technology, vibrant colors, high resolutions, etc.

However, there are still some demerits of these edgeless monitors like no height adjustment feature, poor durability, and low sound quality.

Some border-less systems contain these disadvantages. Whereas, other bezel-less computers have different issues like lower brightness levels, blurring around font edges because of the low pixel density. 

All in all, bezel-less monitors have the potential to be very amazing, with a good user viewing experience, but they also come with a set of drawbacks such as dead pixels or blurred fonts.

All these above-mentioned pitfalls are based on real user reviews just to make other customers aware to not make wrong choices.

Therefore, consumers need to do extensive research before buying one of these new products in the market.

This research will allow you to understand how these innovations based on your requirements will enhance your user’s experience. 


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