Top 10 Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p [Buyer’s Guide And FAQs] – 2022

Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p
Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p

The Bezel-less monitors are the latest technology in monitor screens. In this list, we have mentioned some of the best bezel monitors with 1080p resolution.

These Bezel-less Monitors are huge and they come with a lot of features to enhance your computing experience.

It expands your screen real estate by allowing you to fit three or more screens into a given area, they are a great way to work and play with minimal distractions.

It is a completely new type of computer display that fills up your field of vision, it creates an immersive experience for the user that brings you into your media like never before.

They also minimize the Bezel around the monitor, which helps in reducing distractions and increasing productivity.

You can find these in various resolutions, you can get one according to your computer’s specifications. The price is also very reasonable.

Top 10 Bezel Less Monitor 1080p In 2022

1. SAMSUNG 27-Inch CR50 : Best Bezel Less Monitor With 1080p Resolution

The immersive Samsung curved gaming monitor will provide 1800 R screen curvature and a minimalistic aesthetic. Samsung bezel-less monitors are some of the best bezel-less monitors available in the market.

With the ability to be more comfortable than ever, this computer monitor reduces eye strain with a dark blue-gray exterior finish that stretches from edge to edge for maximum viewing.

AMD Radeon FreeSync helps you reduce image tear and stutter in your entertainment experience.

Watch movies, play games–you won’t notice any interruptions with this computer monitor! Your scenes will look seamless even if they’re fast-paced action ones.

The Samsung CR50 comes with an AC 100-240V power supply, 35W maximum power consumption, and HDMI cable.

It has a standing height of 614.2 x 466.2 2400mm and without the stand, it is 362 mm high at 614x362mm in dimensions.


  • Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p
  • It has a great 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Pocket Friendly
  • FreeSync Support


  • Not Recommended for Photo and Video related work

2. SAMSUNG LC24F390FHNXZA : Best Bezel Less Monitor With 1080p Resolution

The Bezel-Less Monitor is designed to provide a more immersive experience for the user. They come in various sizes and resolutions to fulfill your desire.

It gives you complete exposure by filling up your field of vision, it provides a never before gaming or working experience that allows you to work and play with minimal distraction and interruption.

AMD Radeon FreeSync technology helps eliminate tearing and stuttering during intense actions scenes making it perfect for gamers who demand high performance without any motion lag.

AMD’s black stabilization increases visibility in dark areas so that users can see objects clearly even in low light or quick movements. Be aware of shiny bright surfaces as they will reflect.


  • LED Gaming Monitor
  • Super Slim Design
  • AMD FreeSync Game Mode


  • The horizontal viewing angle is very narrow
  • Bad for Photographers and Video Editors
  • Limited colors and brightness.

3. LG 24MP88HV-S 24-Inch

The Bezel-less Monitor is a combination of beauty and performance. They make the best computer monitor for photo and video editing as they provide complete exposure, it fills up your field of vision.

You can work without any distractions or interruptions providing coherence to your media.

LG 24MP68VQ-S 24-inch  provides accurate and consistent color across an ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle enabling you to see more of what’s happening on screen than bezeled monitors with less image distortion at wide angles so you get a great view from anywhere in the room.

You will get 2 HDMI support, one Display Port, one DVI (Digital) Ports supporting HDCP. It has a built-in USB 3.0 KVM switch, allowing you to control two different computers’ displays and audio from a single set of keyboard, mouse, and speaker.


  • IPS Monitor
  • Infinity Display
  • 2.5mm Bezel
  • Black Stabilizer
  • sRGB over 99 percent


  • Narrow Horizontal viewing angle
  • Dim in color.

4. Packard Bell AirFrame 24 Inch

Full HD with 1920×1080 resolution means you can enjoy sharp, clear pictures across ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angles.

The slim bezel design makes the monitor seem more sleek and minimalistic while 5° forward or 15° backward tilt support provides a comfortable work experience in an office/home environment.

With a fast response time of only 5ms, it also ensures smooth images without motion blur making them realistic to watch for movies, etc., along with VESA compatibility that allows wall mounting using standard holes on your desk/wall.


  • Ultra-Slim Bezel
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • VESA Mounting (75mm)


  • The horizontal viewing angle is bad
  • Only 1 HDMI port

5. VIOTEK GFV24CB 24 Inch

The upgraded VA flat panel delivers a premium visual experience with vibrant, color quality and high contrast.

165Hz refresh rate allows for fast response time during competitive gameplay while adaptive sync eliminates image glitches to deliver smooth visuals.

The 165hz monitor refresh rate combined with adaptive sync technology brings hyper-responsive, ultra-smooth gameplay.

The lightning pace at which this monitor responds to the action on-screen creates an incredibly competitive experience that is suitable for gaming and esports alike.

Slim and minimalist, this stylish monitor can make your space uniquely yours.

Its edgeless design looks great in any setting, with its three-sided borderless body for a minimalistic look that saves you room on the table or desk without sacrificing quality! Easily mount it to save even more space using a 75mm VESA adapter (not included).


  • Slim Bezel
  • Edgeless Design
  • Freesync and Gsync Compatible with Adaptive-Sync technology.
  • High Refresh Rate (165Hz)


  • Limited connectivity with only one VGA and one HDMI port.

6. SAMSUNG 24″ FHD Monitor : Best Bezel Less Monitor With 1080p Resolution

Samsung 24 inch SR35 Bezel-less monitor (LS24R350FHNXZA) is a beautiful 3-sided bezeled screen that stretches from edge to edge.

IPS panels offer picture quality and maximum viewing, which creates an aesthetic display of beauty for your home office or workspace!

The dark blue-gray exterior adds a sleek touch to any desk. The they-stand base provides support, and AMD Radeon free sync keeps the monitor refreshing in accordance with your graphics card’s rate so that you do not get images tearing up or stuttering on screen.

This computer is great for those who are into high-quality entertainment experiences where every pixel counts!

Fast-paced scenes in movies and games are more visually impressive, so Game Mode instantly gives you the edge by optimizing your color settings and image contrast.

It can make it easier to spot enemies hiding in dark places for better gameplay as well!


  • Beautiful modern look
  • IPS Panel
  • 178 Degrees Wide Viewing Angle.
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • No stuttering or tearing while gaming.


  • Only one HDMI port on the back.
  • Only one headphone jack, no other connectivity.

7. BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor : Best Bezel Less Monitor With 1080p Resolution

The monitor stand has an elegant design and it comes with a Full HD 1080p IPS panel. BenQ monitors are without any doubt some of the best monitors one can get their hands on.

It also features Zero Flicker technology, any viewing angle, eye strain reduction, brightness control technologies like Low Blue light, and an Integrated cable management system.

The 24 inch Monitor Stand is designed beautifully to go along well in your office desk or home table as the decoration piece of furniture itself!

The main advantage of this product lies within its display screen which offers you full view angles (it doesn’t matter what side are you looking at) for sharp images from all kinds of directions.

Apart from that feature set, we have integrated so many safety measures into our product such as low blue LED lighting system when used during nighttime, etc.


  • Proprietary eye care technology
  • Full HD 1080P IPS Panel
  • Zero Flicker technology
  • No stuttering and tearing while gaming


  • Built-in speakers are not that great

8. Samsung Business S27R650FDN : Best Bezel Less Monitor With 1080p Resolution

If you’re looking for a sleek, slim design with the ultimate comfort and multiple display options then look no further.

The Samsung Business S24R650FDN monitor series is perfect! This multi-monitor setup will help make your work more productive than ever before by providing an IPS panel that has Flicker-Free technology to reduce eye strain while also having 1920×1080 resolution so all of your images are displayed in clarity.

With this flexible connectivity option, you’ll be able to connect any device necessary without worrying about compatibility issues due to its HDMI capabilities. 

IPS panel technology protects the entire screen from color loss to ensure you can work without worrying about the quality.

The monitor is height-adjustable, tilts, and pivots for your convenience so that it fits how you need it. It also saves on power consumption by up 10% while still maintaining picture clarity for a better experience overall!

Fresh Eyes Achieve More Protected eye strain means heightened concentration with greater productivity results in less time spent staring at screens when trying to get things done quickly or efficiently.


  • Height-adjustable stand
  • IPS panel technology
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Power consumption 10% lower than previous models while maintaining clarity


  • Expensive
  • Fewer connectivity options

9. Sceptre IPS 24-Inch

Sceptre is more than just a budget gaming monitor company.

The Sceptre E248W-FPT Monitor proves that they can stand with heavy hitters like Samsung and HP when it comes to business monitors too, for those looking for one in their shortlist of options.

Sure, you have plenty of other great choices from brands known mainly as gamers or techies but if your priority is saving some money and getting an all-around good product then the Sceptres are most definitely worth considering!

Sceptre’s monitor offers a fantastic screen and an edgeless design to make it more appealing.

Not only that, but this 27-inch monitor has additional features such as built-in speakers which are useful for the value hunters who want all of these things at their disposal.


  • Built-in speakers 
  • IPS panel technology
  • Zero Bezel Design
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Poor connectivity options
  • One may face backlight bleed

10. ASUS VA27EHE 27”

The ASUS Eye Care monitor is the perfect solution to help your eyes in various ways. IPS 75Hz refresh rate with Adaptive Sync HDMI and D-Sub ports for connectivity.

In addition, this product features 178 wide viewing angles due to its panel type of IPS technology – allowing you to view everything clearly from different areas of the room without any distortion or color changes whatsoever!

You can also feel comfortable that these monitors have eye care technologies that are built into them such as TUV certified Flicker free backlighting & Blue Light Filter anti-flicker plus Low Dimming function all created so that there would be no strain put on those precious peepers!!

It has Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and up to 75Hz refresh rate that ensures crisp, clear video playback without blurring or ghosting effects.

Its frameless design enables it to be seamlessly incorporated into multi-display setups for an even greater degree of immersion in the visual experience than ever before possible!


  • Zero Bezel Design
  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • Proprietary eye care technology


  • Poor connectivity options
  • Built-in speakers are not that great

Buyer’s Guide:

Buyer's Guide for Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p
Buyer’s Guide for Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p

Size of Bezel-Less

When trying to find the best thin bezel monitors, it’s important to look at how much of a “bezel-less” display they provide.

We decided that these are top-notch if their actual frame is 15mm or less across — this means you really get a large screen with a minimal border around it!

Refresh Rate

For gamers, a refresh rate of at least 144 Hz is considered basic. If you want even higher rates such as 280Hz then there’s plenty to choose from too!

Response Time

This specification refers to the time it takes for a monitor to switch from one color to another.

It’s measured in milliseconds and anything under 5ms response time is respectable enough for most gamers.


Gaming monitors come in two main types: 1080p or 1440p. Bezel-less gaming monitor with a resolution of 1080p will be perfect for those looking to save some money and still get a large screen!

Display Size

This shows how large the monitor is in inches. Most monitors are between 21-inches and 27-inches, so keep that in mind when looking to buy one at Bezel-Less 1080p!


When Bezel-Less is at Bezel 1080p, it’s unlikely you’ll want to break the bank and those who are on a budget can get these monitors for as low as $200 or even less!


If you’re serious about building a multi-monitor setup or playing games competitively, then you will have to consider the ergonomics of the monitor as well.

Frequently Asked Questions Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p:

Frequently Asked Questions for Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p
Frequently Asked Questions for Bezel-Less Monitor 1080p

What is Bezel-less?

Bezel-less is the opposite of Bezel. The bezel-less monitor is a monitor which has zero bezels.

Bezel-less monitors are also known as frameless monitors where Bezel is an external frame of a monitor.

 How Bezel-less monitor will increase display space?

Most of the Bezel-less monitors use a new technology where they have removed the bezel completely from their displays, it increases the display space because Bezel is removed.

Might a Bezel-less monitor have a bad impact on picture quality?

No, a Bezel-less monitor won’t have a negative impact on the picture quality.

 How Bezel-less monitor affect picture quality?

The bezel-less monitor doesn’t affect the picture quality. In fact, Bezel-less monitors use a new technology that increases the picture quality.

The bezel-less monitor has an advantage because these monitors have a higher resolution and it uses the latest technology to increase its quality.

 How much is the bezel-less monitor?

Bezel-less or Bezelless monitors prices start from $120 -$500 depending upon the brand and quality of the monitor.

How is a Bezel-less monitor different from normal monitors?

 Bezel fewer monitors are different because the actual frame of the screen is only about 5mm while a normal monitor has a bezel that allows the user to place their hands.

Bezel fewer monitors have a higher resolution and picture quality as compared to normal monitors because they use a new technology that provides better picture quality.

 How many types of Bezel-less monitors are there?

Bezel-less monitors are of two types: Bezel-less monitors with frames Bezel-less monitors without frames.


We hope these monitors help to make a good choice.

There are many options available from low budget to high-end, so this will be helpful for people who need the best value of money and want an efficient output.

We recommend you check out this list thoroughly and choose the monitor which suits your needs and budget perfectly.


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