8 Best Tablet For Gaming In 2022

Best Tablet For Gaming

Are you a gamer a looking for the Best Tablet For Gaming? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the best tablets that you can get for your gaming sessions.

Tablets are the manifestation of the Swiss army knife, they are the all-rounders that you can’t live without. Whether you want to surf the web, do something productive, watch movies or play games, these exceptional devices can do everything.

Initially, they were not that popular but with the score of offering on market now and the improvement in their style and versatility, they are the hot stuff today. 

Just like the rest of them, all tablets are not equal. And not all tablets have the spunk to be able to run heavy games like a breeze. Only the best can combine the components with the craftsmanship to provide you with peerless performance. 

Out there, there are tons of choices to choose from. Everyone from Amazon to Microsoft has thrown their hats in the ring and decided to battle for your cash.

Some devices are almost identical to each other while some manage to pull themselves above the common rags.

Here we will be listing out some devices that we think are worth your time, so without further ado, let us dive into it and list out the Best Tablet For Gaming in 2020.

10 Best Tablet For Gaming In 2021

1. Amazon Fire 7

Best Budget Pick

Amazon Fire 7

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An under $100 device that gives one of the best performance in this price segment. It is an excellent pick and destroys all competition in this price segment, where all you could get are cheap and low-quality devices.

It is designed especially for entertainment purposes like reading, watching videos and gaming. To that extent, it is the best device you can find at any place. 

This device gives its users reliable and trustworthy performance, as much as could be expected from an entry-level device at least. The Amazon Fire comes with a compact 7-inch screen and an excellent ergonomic design.

It is good to look at and feels sturdy. In terms of battery performance, it can give do decently and is easily able to support 720p of video resolutions. Although, in terms of video playback you might get into trouble with full HD and videos of MKV format.

Still, that is something which can be easily rectified by the use of an external app, so it should not pose too much problem. 

If you enjoy Amazon and their services, then this device comes integrated with all of their apps and provides a seamless experience. For a budget device under $100, this is one of the best devices.


  • The best entry-level device
  • ARM GPU and extendable storage of up to 128 GB
  • Great Integration with the Amazon Ecosystem
  • Has a comfortable grip


  • The camera quality is not good at all
  • Speakers are of subpar quality
  • It has only 1 GB of RAM and a simplistic design.
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2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Best Samsung Pick

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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A light, thin, and reliable model from Samsung, you will be hard-pressed to find a better device than this one. If you have high expectations for work, leisure, or gaming, this device will make sure to stand up to them all.

It should be on your list if you want to get yourself a high-end 10-inch tablet. The Galaxy Tab A has a superb display and its design is one of the best that ever was. 

Samsung has used materials of the highest quality and this shows in its build quality. If you take proper care of this device, it should last you for a while.

Plus, Samsung will make sure to provide you with regular updates to keep your device in tip-top configuration. 

It has an internal memory of 32 GB but what is exceptional is that it has an expandable memory of up to 512 GB. A bit of an overkill, but you will never be in want of more storage.

There is also up to 3 GB of RAM and a Mali GPU to run your games and applications smoothly. With a thickness of only 1 centimetre, you will not want to put down this device from your hands. 


  • It is beautifully designed
  • Has a fast and responsive screen
  • RAM of up to 3 Gb


  • Its screen is quite fragile
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3. GPD XD Plus

Best Gaming Pick


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Looking for a tablet that is made just for the sole purpose of gaming? Then the GPD is the best choice there is. It combines the best features of a Nintendo DS and a tablet, pooling the form factor of the former and the impressive specifications of a tablet.

The hardware it packs is great. With a 1.7 GHz CPU and Power VR GPU, it can easily run just about any game smoothly. There is also 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage which is just perfect. 

Featuring Android 7 OS and the built-in Vulkan engine support, it is capable of jutting out enough power to run any game. This means that you get to experience some of your favourite titles in the Play store along with Androids extreme modding ability. Whether you are a gamer or a techie, this tablet is the perfect type for you.


  • It is small and compact and can fit in your pocket
  • Has a Hexacore CPU with integrated GPU support
  • Features Vulkan engine support


  • It has a very small screen size of 5 inches.
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4. ASUS ZenPad

Best Android Pick


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This is a must-have device which is not only light but also gives enough firepower to compete with models which are twice its cost. Featuring a 2 GB RAM, 16 GB SSD and a quad-core 64 bit 1.3 GHz processor, there is no game that this tablet won’t be able to run.

It’s ASUS VisulaMaster Suite which is a combination of screen optimization and visual enhancements give it an extra edge over its rivals. Plus, this also makes the game much more beautiful than they would appear on a normal device.

Running on Android 7 OS, it has 4600 mAh battery that also has an energy-saving mode that makes sure that you can have long gaming sessions on your device.

At top power consumption, it can run continuously for a little less than 8 hours. Since it comes from ASUS, the build quality is top-notch and the device feels durable and solid. 

If you are a mid gaming selfie taker, this tablet is also equipped with 5m/2m dual camera. This device is a snatch for its price. 


  • It comes with an SSD which increases writing and reading speeds
  • Asus VisualMaster provides excellent display
  • It has great performance


  • Internal storage could be a bit higher
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5. Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro

Best Lenovo Pick

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro

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With its eye-catching design and its powerful processing, the Lenovo YOGA stands up to its name and lays its claims as one of the most exemplary tablets.

Its battery cylinder manages to take away the attention at the first glance and its presence makes the tablet look like a magazine.

This is not just a design flex though, it also brings with itself two advantages. Those being a large battery and excellent ergonomics. 

The rotating cylinder is not only equipped with a mini projector and a rotating stand but it also provides the tablet with a comfortable grip.

It has an insane battery back up of 18 hours and it is truly a marathon runner in the world of tablets.

The battery is so large that you can even use it as a power bank for your other devices, for which purpose the company packs a cable. 

The image quality is great and provides an immersive experience but in terms of entertainment, its mini projector takes the cake. The speakers come from JBL and Dolby Atomos technology and their quality leave even some speakers far behind. 

In addition to all that, the tablet also comes with a rotatable base and can be set up for any angle. Gaming on this device will surely be an enjoyable affair.


  • An insane battery backup of 18 hours
  • Audio quality is excellent
  • The display is sharp and bright


  • The projector might come as an added dead weight if you do not use it often
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6. Apple iPad Pro

Best Pick

Apple iPad Pro

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An Apple device so you know that this is going to come with excellent processing speed which will be able to keep with the best of them.

Even if it specs might seem lower on paper, the performance they give is far above their weight. The display is light and not entirely laminated which can be easily repaired. 

Although it works just fine outside, you need to jute the brightness all the way up when you are under direct sunlight. The screen provides crisp and vivid colours and you will not be disappointed on that front. 

Coming to its processing speed, you can do a lot more than just simple gaming on this one. Its Bionic chip will not only give you smooth performance during games but also let you edit 4K videos video and render 3D models. 

In terms of battery, it can keep going for up to 10 hours. There is also the fact that once you buy this device you can get access to the Apple App Store which have a great collection of games and apps. The fact that this is an Apple device just increases its appeal. 


  • Has a very powerful processor and Battery life
  • The iOS app store has one of the best app selection
  • The design is sleek and beautiful


  • One of the more expensive device
  • You can find devices with better specs in this price range
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7. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Best Microsoft Pick

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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This device stands out from the rest of the bunch due to its compact nature, its low weight and high resolution IPS screen that is one of the best in this segment.

Talking about the battery, it can easily clock up to 13 hours of continuous runtime which is impressive.

This tablet comes in a lot of configurations with different processors, RAM and storage options. Here we’ll be taking the midrange configuration device which houses 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage and comes with an Intel i5 core.

This makes it a balanced choice as it has both the components to run heavy games as well as the benefit of lower cost. 

The device comes with several attachments such as a Stylus and is very responsive and quick. You will not be disappointed with its gaming performance, it is capable of running almost all mid to high range games.

You will only run into snags when you try to play the latest resource-hungry triple-A titles at top configurations. It is a great choice if you want to bring some productivity with your device along with some gaming capabilities.


  • One of the best hardware components. Can even take the place of a laptop
  • It has facial recognition and 3 USB ports
  • Comes in a lot of different configurations so you can select your ideal device
  • 13 hours of impressive battery life
  • Its stylus works like a charm


  • No specialized GPU
  • Might face overheating problems in lower configurations
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8. Google Pixelbook i5

Best Google Pick

Google Pixelbook i5

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Sliding into the list with an impressive 12-inch screen, the Google Pixelbook is one of the most powerful devices on the list standing next to the Surface Pro 6. Its screen has a resolution of 1600 pixels with a DPI of 235 and an IPS display that comes with Corning Gorilla Glass.

The IPS display provides this tablet with great viewing angles and you should not face any kind of problems when you view it from the sides even when you are playing games or notching up the brightness to the maximum. 

The design is minimalist which is sleek looking and the body is made of aluminium. Google takes its minimalist theme seriously and there are no design or any other branding other than the simple G on its back.

Google fancies this device as a complete solution to all devices and gives it capabilities to do any kind of work.

It comes with the Chrome OS which provides seamless integration with chrome and now they have even decided to add the Playstore in their repertoire.

With its quality hardware and expectational performance, you will not have any problems playing any kind of game.

The recent upgrades and the guarantee of device support for the foreseeable future make it a great pick.


  • The specs are one of the best and that shows in its performance
  • Seamless integration with Chrome and Playstore
  • Minimalist and simple designed


  • It is rather expensive.
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Buyers Guide To Best Tablet For Gaming

Whether you just want a simple tablet for some productivity-related things or a tablet to run games on, you have to keep some things in your mind before you fork out your cash on a device.

Size: Before you go out to buy a tablet, you need to know what kind of screen size suits you best. The devices listed in the list run from 5 inches to 12 inches. If portability is not on your agenda then you can safely go for those 12 inches model.

Similarly, the smaller 7-inch tablets are ideal for trips on the road. For those looking to do some productive work, you can select one of the 10 inches tablets. Fortunately, whether it is Samsung or Lenovo, you have a lot of options.

Resolution and Display: The critical element when you want to consider gaming along with performance. This affects the experience and the controls alike. Good image quality is important and the screen needs to be quick and responsive to touches.

Cheap displays can bring down the experience by sporting touch that is unresponsive. Fortunately, cheaper displays are easy to recognize due to their coarse nature. That is why we recommend an LCD or an IPS display with at least HD resolution for the best experience.

Memory and Extension: A lot of tablets comes with messy bloatware which can take up space unnecessarily, which is why it is essential to keep an eye on the memory options in your device.

If you want to play large games, make sure that your device comes with large internal memory and if not, that it at least has a memory extension option. If your device comes with an SSD that is even better since it provides faster reading and writing speeds.

Battery Life: This needs to be top-notch since tablets have a big screen that can suck a battery dry very easily. Add to that, the load playing games and the battery drains even more quickly. For optimal gaming experience, make sure that you select a device with a large battery back up.

Hardware and OS: The most important stuff. You can play games on a potato tablet. The device that you plan to buy got to have good enough configuration to be able to run the games you want to play.

The GPU, CPU and RAM are the three most important components. Make sure that you go through them and select the best one you can in your budget.

The type of games you play also depends on the type of OS your device have. Windows, iOS and Android all have a large selection of games that may or may not overlap among platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Tablet For Gaming

1. Do I need a tablet for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, tablets get to have the last words. The best of gaming phones might seem more portable, but they just can’t compete with tablets.

With a bigger screen, better battery, and greater power, the days of squinting your eyes to see the players on the tiny screen of your mobile are over.

The tablets nowadays can play just about any high-end game like Call of Duty Mobile and Apple Arcade. 

2. What kind of operating system should I choose?

This is a three-way competition. Five if you include the Fire OS of the Amazon Fire 7 and the Chrome OS on the Pixelbook. Compared to the other the Fire OS is at a disadvantage.

The Chrome OS has integrated itself with android and offer all of its app that is available in the Playstore.

The three-way battle between Windows, Android, and iOS is an eternal struggle. All we can say in this regard is to choose according to your needs.

3. Which is better Wi-Fi or Cellular?

Modern tablets come in two kinds. Those with a SIM slot and those without it. As a general rule of thumb, Wi-Fi only tablets are cheaper than those with SIM.

However, if you plan to go to remote areas, the one with the SIM slot is recommended.

4. Will my device get support?

Support from the manufacturer is important to make sure your device is future proof when it comes to software and security.

Most of the tablets come with a couple of years’ support to keep it up to date. Manufacturers like Apple and Google go the extra mile for their customers and provide even longer support time frames.


This was our list of best gaming tablets which are available in the market. Some of them are expensive while some of them are cheap. Earlier, even the basic tablets used to be expensive and a mobile phone at the same price range used to outperform and out spec tablets by a wide margin.

With advancements in technology and improvements in chips, this technological gap has been reduced today but some work remains to be done in that regard. 

Some tablets are more suited to a certain person than others. While a tablet may also provide a user with productive capabilities, it might seem like a waste of money to another person.

The user is the best judge, and we hope that we provided you with enough information that you will be able to make a wise decision regarding the type of tablet you will buy. 

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