10 Best Standalone Smartwatch In 2022

Best Standalone Smartwatch

Looking for Best Standalone Smartwatch? Now that we can assure you that after reading this blog you will be able to the Best Standalone Smartwatch in your budget.

Standalone smartwatches are technologically inbuilt watches which support activities like a mobile phone. It allows activities such as receiving and making calls, whatsapp or text messages, Internet facilities and also other basic features that a normal watch features. These watches are usually touch screen watches. 

Technology and the communication field has increased immensely and now communication can reach any nook and corner of the world and is now available in watches as well.

All that one needs to do is put a Sim Card in the watch and then this works as a perfect replacement for your smartphone. It is very fashionable and well built. These can be used in times of emergency.

We see that there is a huge influx of standalone smartwatches in the market. Due to plenty of them, it is very difficult to choose which one is the best choice.

Hence, this article forms a view to help the readers choose the best options according to the pros and cons of each of the watches that are described below.

Advantages of a Smartwatch with Sim Card: 

  • It has a SIM card due to which it can make calls and also has an extra slot for inserting memory card which allows it to increase space and storage 
  • These watches can be used constantly together with smartphones 
  • These are portable and are small and compact 
  • They are highly suggested due to its performance ability and incredible touch screen facility 
  • They have an option for having a wireless charger 
  • They have a good and strong covering which allows it from easy damage

Buyers guide to buy the perfect Standalone Smartwatch: 

  • Sim Card compatibility:  One should keep a check if their smartphone is easily connected with the smartwatch. It should have easy transmission of messages, calls, media information
  • Function: One should see the functionality of the smartwatch. If it has increased its functions in the smartwatch compared to the previous watch. 
  • Connectivity and Battery: The smartwatch should have great and supporting features such as good WiFi strength, Bluetooth, and can work with the phone independently or depending on it. 
  • Price: One should check if the pricing of the smartwatch is according to what their budget suits. These watches are usually expensive and one must be ready to spend 
  • Design: If one decides to spend their extra money on it, they should also check the designing of it and see that the design suits them and is attractive. 

10 Best Standalone Smartwatch In 2021

1. Apple Watch series 4

Best Pick

Apple Watch series 4

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It is made of great and durable steel material. It has an emergency SOS button. One can stream easily to Apple Music and Podcast very easily. Tracking of physical activities such as exercises, heartbeat, calorie level, and current location, etc can all be visible in the watch.

The watch is installed with a 64-bit dual processor with amazing battery power, water-resistant and waterproof. The speaker is commendable and has great volume. It has other extra features such as GPS and WiFi. It is very fashionable and easy to carry. 


  • It has a very high processor 
  • Great connectivity and easy to use 
  • It is compatible with both iOS and Androids. 


  • It is a little bit on the expensive side 
  • This phone may require some long and deep research as how to use 
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2. Huawei Watch Stainless steel:

Best Runnerup Pick

Huawei Watch

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This watch is a stainless standalone watch. It is compatible with pairing with Android and iPhones. It is made of great leather material and is scratch resistant. It has a great round display. The phone has a great system of calls, receiving notifications from social media. It also records daily activities and has the ability to personalize the phone. It is a very fashionable watch. 


  • Great display and connectivity 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Tracks sleep and other physical activities 


  • The customer support is very poor 
  • The battery usage is not for long 
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3. Samsung Gear 3:

Best Overall Pick

Samsung Gear 3

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This is a great watch for those people who wish to keep their safe and work in extreme temperatures. These watches are water and dust resistance. This has a payment app inbuilt called the Samsung Pay which allows payment instantly and in a safer mode of payment.

It is very compatible with Android as well as iOS. One can personalize their display screen when it is connected to Bluetooth, WiFi, or LTE. The watch has a wireless charging option which allows the watch to continue with its activities even though kept at a charge. 


  • It measures the fitness level accurately and has a plus point of measuring the heartbeat
  • This watch is rugged and hence will last for a longer period 
  • The battery level is this smartwatch is great and durable 


  • There is no camera
  • Password change can be a headache and can be only done when it is set to restart 
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4. Andmei:

Best Cheap Pick


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This watch is compatible with Android and iPhones. It is capable of enabling calls, receiving notifications, and SMS. It can calculate the pedometer once connected with the phone. This watch functions better with an Android phone.

Its camera works perfectly fine with Android and is partially functioning with an iOS. To function it independently and for accessing all the features, it should be charged fully. It can work just like a phone when connected with a SIM card. 


  • It is accessed with a screen protector
  • The touch screen is sensitive and the display is very high 
  • It is affordable and easy to use 


  • It isn’t waterproof 
  • The watch is not compatible with iOS and can create some issues. It functions best only when fully charged as well 
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5. Sony SWR50 Smartwatch 3:

Best Sony Pick

Sony SWR50

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This is a watch with great design and is very fashionable. With the GPS application in Android phones, one can check the distance traveled. The bands can be changed and resized according to the user as per its firmness. One can listen and access to their music library very easily with this watch is connected to the phone. It is lightweight and very fashionable to all users’ needs. 


  • It is waterproof and easy to use 
  • It has got a durable battery 
  • It allows the usage of earphones 


  • It lacks the heart sensor 
  • It can’t connect to iOS user phones. 
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6. Huawei Watch 2:


Huawei Watch 2

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This watch is best for fitness tracking due to its technology installed. It tracks the heartbeat and other physical activities instantly. It records all the activities of the user such as sleep and can prepare a weekly report. This device can be customized according to the user’s choice.

One can play music independently on this by not even connecting to the phone due to the external memory of the watch. This might reduce the longevity of the phone as it will reduce the battery. It also has a secure mode of payment with the help of an android payment app called NFC. 


  • It is lightweight 
  • Waterproof and is compatible with both Android and iOS 
  • It is built with a speaker and usage of microphones are allowed 


  • It is very sensitive to damage 
  • The response of the support team is very slow 
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7. Ticwatch E:

Best Affordable Pick

Ticwatch E

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This smartwatch is chosen to be the most comfortable product by many users. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. It works perfectly with Google Assistant. This watch has a great design to attract people and has an additional feature of being waterproof.

The GPS system in this phone allows it to calculate the distance traveled and it is an excellent fitness tracker which includes a weekly performance report and also to maintain a good heart rate.

It functions fully with an Android phone when connected such as receiving notifications and calls but whereas with an iOS it works partially.

The most attractive feature of this watch is its pricing which comes with its fitness features such as it has other extra applications such as Strava and Google Fit which is downloadable easily and is integrated. 


  • One can personalise their display 
  • It is very attractive and well designed 
  • The Google Assistant works perfectly 


  • The battery power is not compatible 
  • It works partially with an iPhone user 
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8. Ticwatch E2 Waterproof:

Best Tic Pick

Ticwatch E2

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This watch is compatible with both Android and iOS users is the best for people who are into swimming.

It is a great watch to record fitness tracking. It has a commendable technology to display the accurate statistics of day to day physical activities. It has a GPS that can locate the location of your whereabouts quickly and can also receive and make calls, texts, etc.

There is a Google assistant in this watch which makes the function much easier. This is the most recommended watch for any sport user as it shows the accomplishments and boosts the morale of the user. 


  • Display can be personalised as per the user 
  • It is lightweight and is easy to use 
  • It is affordable and great for tracking activities 


  • It can burn if it is charged with faster power supplier 
  • It is not fashionable 
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9. BURG Neon 16A:

Best Budget Pick

BURG Neon 16A

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This is the most independent, stylish, and durable smartwatch with all features in one. It has a quite sensitive touchscreen and a QWERTY keypad. One can download and store information with the external system of the SD card, giving it extra space.

With having limited features, yet it has created a place for itself in the market which is commendable. It does not support any phone networks. Having an extra SD card as well it is inbuilt with a storage facility of 16 GB.

It allows the user to personalize their screen and the bands can be changed according to the firmness of the user. There is an option to listen to the radio as well with speakers activated.

This is highly compatible with Android and iOS users. It allows the person to make and receive calls and notifications. This is very affordable as well. 


  • It has gotten a durable battery 
  • It is very easy to set up and operate 
  • It has necessary features which are required of a smartphone 


  • The display is a bit small 
  • It can function better when connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth 
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10. King Wear KW88 3G:

Best 3G Pick

King Wear KW88

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This is a very affordable smartwatch if a user is looking to track its physical activities. It gets activated and can start working with the activation of a Nano sim.

This smartwatch is built with 3G, WiFi, and it is quite compatible with iOS and Android phones. The display is quite big and is available in High Definition. The battery has a power of 400mAH, which functions better according to its uses.

It comes with a camera, sound recorder and its functioning is quite similar to that of a smartphone. The fitness tracking consists of features such as pedometer, heart rate tracking and other physical activities.

It has great connectivity such as connecting to Bluetooth and WiFi to social media and the GPS is very accurate to the location.


  • It allows making and receiving calls
  • It has a great battery usage 
  • It allows the easy tracking of distance 


  • It is not waterproof 
  • The smartwatch is very sensitive and can be easily breakable
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Guide to the Getting the Best Standalone Smartwatch

These watches as described in the article can have multiple purposes apart from being fashionable and durable. They are a secondary source to smartphones, a health tracker , music player along with several other services.

One can check the distance and the exercise workouts’ calorie burn in the watch. Following points will guide the user about its usage: 

  1. Read the instructions: To be fluent with the functioning of the watch, it is compulsory to read the instructions that have been provided very carefully before one uses it. Even though one might have had a smartwatch before this it is still important to read the instructions carefully in order to know the functionality since these watches are always updated. 
  2. Customizing the watch: As the user can customize their phone with setting it up with their name, email address, date and time, social media information, and also other personal information. The user as well can set up this information similarly in the standalone smartwatches as well. The GPS in this watch will help you locate yourself in case the user is lost or in need of direction. 
  3. Keeping the downloaded apps updated: In order to keep the ongoing system of notifications, it is necessary to keep the smartwatch updated. The applications need to be updated frequently or when a notification is received for its update to avoid the crash down of them. 
  4. Care to be taken: To maintain the healthy usage and durability of the smartwatch, one must take proper care of them and also make sure to not use them in places of which it is not resistant, such as water or extreme temperatures. These watches are expensive and it is sure that the user would want to use it for a longer period of time hence,  one should use these carefully and not just throw it away.


This is a great alternative to smartphones and also side by side tracking physical activities. The best of them as said is undoubtedly the Apple because of its durability and versatility.

Although being expensive it will be long-lasting and seems to be more promising than the others. It has the best interface and comes with great packaging also. After the Apple Series 4, one can settle with the Samsung Gear S3.

It has an amazing design and is fashionable with great features to attract customers. It is much cheaper than the Apple smartwatch but has greater battery life. 

Everybody right now is so technologically friendly and loves to collect gadgets. This gadget is a one system all in all. One need not buy any other additional physical activity tracker as everything is available in one single watch.

One need not now even roam around with their phone at all times. If it is just connected to their phone via any connectivity, they can easily access calls in their phone.

It is easy to care for and wearable and much lighter than carrying a phone at all times. The next time if you forget to carry your smartphones, these standalone smartwatches come to your rescue. 

This article hopes to clear the major conceptions of some watches that the buyers would be having and also clear their confusion on several products. These are the best standalone smartwatches available in the market and it is recommended that users buy from these options given above which have been chosen after critical study. 

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