12 Best Smartwatch For Kids In 2022

Best Smartwatch For Kids

In the search for the Best Smartwatch For Kids? Then now that you are at right place as we will be telling you what are the best smartwatches that you can get in 2021 for your kids.

A smartwatch for kids these days is not just a watch which shows time. It includes various other facilities with the advancement in technology.

It has modern facilities such as GPS – which allows to track the kid’s whereabouts as well as it has software that allows them to track the steps taken in a day. The step activity allows the kid to be active and encourage healthier activities.

Some of the watches also have facilities to make and receive calls. This is said to be one of the greatest technological inventions. Innovations are taking a whole another step in the economy.

The advancement in the field of technology is immense and huge. Ordinary smartwatches were once upon very popular but after the invention of these smartwatches, ordinary smartwatches have taken a back step.

Smartwatches have many advanced features that attract the buyers now since they have great connectivity and more attractive games and developed applications. Although, there are some smartwatches that aren’t child friendly.

If there is a child between the age of 6 to 16 years of age in your household then it is suggested buying a smartwatch. There are some pros and cons of having a smartwatch being given to your kid.

They can become very technologically dependent and lethargic. But if they are taught in a proper way how to use and these smartwatches come with properly installed apps that keep a track of the time they are used and also promote them to be active as there are several active challenging applications and health tracker which will help the child to be on their feet and move around.

It will not make them sit in one place and be lazy. The time tracker will help the parents monitor the activity and they can set a time for every day that their children can become exposed to the smartwatch.

This article will show some smartwatches which are child friendly and will be beneficial for the children. There are smartwatches that are available at the market based on the age of the child.

This article will show some of the best smartwatches for kids and help the parents if by any chance they are planning to buy a smartwatch.

Following are the 12 Best Smartwatch For Kids available for all age categories ranges from a kid to a teenager in the markets:

12 Best Smartwatch For Kids In 2021

1. Pebble Time

Best Pick

Pebble Time

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This smartwatch is well designed with modern technology instalments. It has a health tracker to track sleep and steps. It also has facilities such as voice recording, making calls and notification alerts.

It has a built-in microphone. One can set reminders as there are other applications such as an alarm clock and a calendar. It has several games that can be downloaded.

The maximum time the battery can last is for 7 days. It is durable and built with a tough glass display. It is recommended for age grounds from 10+.


  • Good battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Active E-Paper display with LED


  •  IOS functional is limited
  •  Hardware is not up to date
  •  Fitness apps are not as advanced as in other watches
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2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Best Runnerup Pick

VTech Kidizoom

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It is just not a smart watch but is also a digital camera. There is a front camera installed in this watch to attract the kids. Adding to the front facing camera, there is a side facing camera for taking shots.

There are several built in games which will attract kids and several active play challenging games. To keep health in mind, there is a pedometer set in this app. There is also a parental control feature to limit the time of playing in the watch.

The watch is charged by a USB cable which enables different games to be downloaded. It can resist water and also water in the form of sweat. The watch can be used by kids ranging from the age group 4-12 years old.


  •  It is well designed
  •  Available in many colours
  •  Built-in games, activities, and action challenges


  • Although it is sweat proof, yet it can’t be taken swimming since not wholly waterproof
  • There is no GPS installed
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3. VTech Star Wars Stormtrooper

Best Overall Pick

VTech Star Wars

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This watch is a favourite for all the star wars fans. It has an excellent touch screen facility and a good interface. The camera is installed sideways and a front facing.

There are some interesting games installed such as racing games and other Star Wars related games. They have motion sensors installed to make the watch more interactive.

There is a voice changer application installed. The templates are available and can be changed at any time. Alarms can be set, stopwatch, calendar, pedometer, and calculator are all extra built-in apps installed. It is for the age group between 5-11 years old.


  • There is a star war sound app
  • Camera and video recording
  • It is a motion sensor


  • There is no GPS tracking device
  • It is not water-resistant
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4. Garmin Vivofit Jr2

Best Premium Pick

Garmin Vivofit Jr2

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This watch is specially designed to attract children of younger age. It is a themed watch with designs.  It has fitness and an active tracker technology. The themes signify special cartoons which include Disney characters and some avenger characters as well.

This watch aims to make fitness fun for the children and is set up with interactive technology. This app has a unique application which allows that chores could be set up and alerts from parents as well.

Due to the parental control feature, they can keep a track of the amount of time spent playing games. This is great for kids ranging from 4-12 years old.


  •  It is waterproof
  •  Has parental control feature
  •  Has a pedometer installed


  •  This watch can be a bit expensive
  •  The interface can be a bit complicated
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5. Huami Amizfit Bip

Best Budget Pick

Huami Amizfit Bip

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This is one of the greatest Chinese inventions as a smartphone. It has prime features and is sold at quite a competitive pricing. It has features such as GPS, Heath apps such as it can measure and track the heart rate as well.

The watch is installed with games which are suitable for teenagers. It is available in various colors and is lightweight. It has a great battery life of about 30 days.

The watch also tracks steps and sleep schedules and the number of calories burnt to monitor a healthy lifestyle.

There is Bluetooth connectivity which will allow the phone to connect to the watch in order to have an alert of messages and calls. It is durable and can make sure that scratch marks are not easily formed. It is recommended for age groups of 12+.


  • It has a heart rate motion
  • Has a GPS installed
  • It is well within budget


  • There is no remote camera function
  • There is a lack of mic and speaker
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6. LG Gizmopal 2 Kid’s Smartwatch

Best Affordable Pick

LG Gizmopal

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This watch is mainly used for GPS tracking. It works in cellular when a connection is provided by Verizon only. There is also fencing technology which will allow your child to move about in specific distance only.

If and when they cross the distance, a notification would be sent to the parent. There is a facility of two way voice calling as well. It has several interesting features such as voice call, voice recorder, voice changer auto call answer, etc.

It can connect to an Android or iOS device by installing an app GizmoHub which will allow the parents to keep a stricter check. It is suited for kids of age group 4-12 years old. 

There is an auto-answer facility in this watch to keep in mind the safety of the child incases of any accident that has occurred.


  • Two-way voice calling feature allowing calling up to 4 contacts
  • There is a GPS system
  • Geo fences call alert technology has been installed


  • There is only a limited number of alerts for location tracks
  • The bands could be big in size for small kids
  • The smartwatch is installed with very limited games which may not be of any interest to the children
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7. Kurio watch 2.0

Best Kids Pick

Kurio watch 2.0

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This is a simple design watch for kids of age 4-12 years old. It has installed games and applications which can be played online via 2 players. It can interact with android devices and watches via Bluetooth facilities.

It has a front camera as well. The camera has several filters and templates. There is a music player also installed within. There are some features such as an activity tracker, alarm, stopwatch, calculator, and calendar.


  • Durable and a scratch-resistant
  • Has good Bluetooth connectivity
  • Emergency apps can be installed


  •  Not enough storage capacity
  •  Has a short battery life span
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8. Omate Wherecom K3

Best Fitness Pick

Omate Wherecom K3

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This is a smartwatch for kids ranging from 6-10 years of age. This is one of the first watches built on top of Android 5.1 and yet having an interface of kid- friendly. It has a slot for a SIM card allowing it to make calls which are limited only.

There are some other features such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and has an internal storage of about 8 GB. The smartwatch has a great resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

It has some built-in apps such as a pedometer, music, gallery, and an alarm. They have an app called the K3 Management App which allows the parents to track the location of their kids.


  • It has built-in Android technology
  • Includes GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Worth the price


  • One can make only restricted calls
  • These phones can last up to 24 hours only
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9. Tencent QQWatch

Best Children Pick

Tencent QQWatch

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It is a GPS enabled watch which has the facilities of installing a nano sim to make calls supporting a 2G data plan. One can track their child using a GPS system and there is a system of emergency apps installed within as well.

Parents can also set boundary limits to which extent their children can go. Once it is crossed, an alert message reaches the SOS number. It has features of group chats, photo captures, text messages, voice messages, pedometer, reminder, and alarms installed.

It is recommended for age groups within 9-12 years old. It has a built-in camera with a 0.3 megapixel. It is built with water resistance and can withstand multiple challenges. The watch apparently can be worn in multiple ways such as in the hand or even as a pendant as to what suits their conformity.


  •  It has enabled two way communication system with a SIM card
  •  The GPS tracking is backed up with SOS
  •  There is parental control and health control app installed


  • There are no games installed
  • Designs are also limited     
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10. LeapFrog LeapBand

Best Budget Pick

LeapFrog LeapBand

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This smartwatch is the best for kids of 4-7 years old. The watch is basically an activity tracker for kids which has been installed with about 50 active challenging games which are installed with characters that are unlocked and it will ensure that kids are always active.

The smartwatch helps in building healthy habits for children such as their food, hygiene, nutrition, and sleeping habits. It is water-resistant and is installed with a parental control feature. The audio instructions are very interactive.


  • Has a USB charging cable
  • Has installed a fitness and health tracker
  • Encourages to do activities and is water-resistant


  •  It doesn’t have a calling or messaging feature
  •  It is only designed to check the location of the child       
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11. GreaSmart Smartwatch

Best Affordable Pick


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It is a smartwatch for the age group 4-9 years old. It is a cheap GPS inbuilt watch. It is exclusively made for children of younger age. It has a slot for micro-sim enabling a two-way calling system.

The GPS is enabled along with the SOS calling system. The sim slot has some limitations as it cannot support all kinds of carriers. Recommended sim slots for this watch are T-Mobile and SpeedTalk. It has some great features such as flashlight, camera, voice message, calls, and reminders.


  • Two-way communication with a sim slot
  • It has a GPS location feature
  • It has some additional features such as a camera, flashlight, alarm, clock


  • The GPS system though installed is very cheap
  • There is no parental control
  • It isn’t water-resistant and durable
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 12. Amazingforless Smart Watch

Best Cheap Pick


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This is one of the cheapest Bluetooth installed smartwatches. The interface isn’t that durable or slick. It is a very cheap smartwatch and has a touchscreen which isn’t very active. It has a slot for a SIM card and supports it.

It can make calls and receive notifications and get connected to Bluetooth as well. There are some additional features such as the pedometer which will help it to track activities like counting steps, distance and monitor the sleep basically will help the child to inculcate healthy habits.


  • Can receive or make calls
  • Has a pedometer device
  • Has a slot for sim card


  • It has no games installed
  • It is not a promising or a durable smartwatch
  • The touchscreen of the watch can get stuck multiple times
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Amongst the 12 smartwatches, the VTech Kidizoom DX2 and the Gramin Vivofit Jr2 is the best for kids who are aged above 4 years old. They are very colourful and are well designed which will attract the kids of this age group.

The interface and the software are also easy to use and not fitted with complex technology for kids of the above age group. For kids who are above 12 years old, it is suggested that the Huami Amazfit Bip is used since it has all the fun features and keeps the children of that age active.

Kids of the age group above 12 years are always seen to be very active and this device will keep their active participation and development in track and will show them their progress.

There are several applications in this app that will attract teenagers as well and it is installed with modern technologies and looks. The pricing of the phone is also not very high.

This article hopes to be a good guide for the kid’s smartwatches and a purchasing guide for the adults as to what to give their kid. There are many smartwatches in the market which are built-in with several technologies and systems but fail to deliver the promise that they are supposed to.

Hence, this article covers all the aspects necessary that a buyer wishes to purchase for their kid and in a different pricing range that suits them. The article consists of smartwatches that are cheap to a high price ranging to fit the desire of the buyer. We only aim to make sure that our readers have a good experience and an economic purchase. 

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