Top 8+ Best Smallest ATX Cases [Expert Pick For 2022]

Best Smallest ATX Cases
Best Smallest ATX Cases

If you are searching for the best small ATX cases, then this is the post for you. We have researched and reviewed some of the best small ATX cases available on the market today to help make your buying decision easier.

This article will provide a summary of our findings as well as links to each product’s review page so that you can find out more information about them before making your purchase. 

ATX is an evolution of the Baby-AT form factor, developed by Intel in the mid-90s. It’s a motherboard specification that PC enthusiasts and gamers spend their money on; it still needs protection though – cases can be full towers for standard ATX motherboards like Full-Tower Cases or Mid Towers with ample room to spare between components (like most systems do).

Mini ITX might seem small at first glance but this type also includes some larger microscale variants which usually come equipped with enough storage space inside them so they’re perfect if your computer will never grow too big!

ATX cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find one that is perfect for your computer aesthetic needs, at just the right price point too!

These little guys don’t skimp out on features – they’re got it all: from water-cooling radiator mounts to dust filters with plenty more space than their standard counterparts so you’ll never run into problems fitting everything inside these compact creations again (even if we do say so ourselves).

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The Best Smallest ATX Cases To Buy In 2022

1. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO: Best Small ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Desktop
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 334mm
  • Storage Support: 4 HDDs or SSDs
  • Included Fans: 2

Cooler Master is a company based in Taiwan, founded in 1992. This multinational corporation deals with computer hardware and components, making them one of the best brands for cases!

The HAF XB EVO was awarded an “all-round” title due to its versatility that can accommodate most ATX systems out on today’s market – it’s got your back no matter what you’re doing or how big things are getting these days!.

The mini ATX case is a small, black enclosure for your build in the market. With its beautiful design and removable panels to make installation easy this product will not disappoint gamers looking to piece together their gaming PC!

The availability of multiple graphics card slots along with motherboard trays makes sure that there’s room on top where you need it most – inside this awesome-looking cabinet!”

It features a steel and polymer front bezel that gives it an impressive look while also providing solidity to the construction of this small ATX case.

Additionally, there are liquid cooler holes as well as dust removing filters included in order to maximize performance potential on your next build!

The case is very easy to port due to its small size and LAN gamers can cope with it. However, this is a little heavier than other lighter cases which might make transportation more difficult on your end.

The casting overall sounds good except for a few cons including an all-purpose use option in the future if needed!

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  • User-friendly horizontal layout
  • Removable filter
  • It has USB3.0 ports at the front
  • PSU mount bracket


  • No spare parts availability

2. Corsair Carbide Air 540: Smallest Corsair Case


  • Type: Micro-ATX Case
  • Motherboard Support: Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 320mm
  • Storage Support: 6 SSD & 2 HDD/SSD
  • Included Fans: 3

For those looking to build a high-end gaming PC, Corsair is the perfect company. From their power supplies and memory kits all the way down to individual components like CPUs or GPUs – you can’t go wrong with anything they sell!

Recently I was able to review one such product myself: The Carbide Air 540 ATX case proved itself as both fast (with its dual intake fans) tidy in appearance thanks to its sleek design that allows for plenty of airflows without compromising on space inside your desk tower.

The Corsair Carbide Air 540 is a unique-looking, compact ATX case that can fit even the biggest of components inside without sacrificing airflow!

It comes with 3 pre-installed fans and 2 extra fan mounts – so you’ll never have to worry about overclocking your CPU again. The front panel has nice big openings for an instantly cool look which will have your neighbors drooling with envy.

The design of this small ATX case is cleverly done – the front panel has two separate chambers for airflow to be split evenly throughout your build. What’s more, you can even remove this middle section if needed by removing 4 thumb screws!

The Cable management on this product is simply spectacular – it’s easy to hide your cables behind the motherboard, at the back of the case, or even under the PSU if needed.

All in all, this product will provide you with everything you need without breaking the bank – I would recommend it for gamers who are looking to build their first gaming PC but have a bigger budget!

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  • It has a very effective ventilation system
  • You’ll get more space because of dual-chamber
  • Remarkable I/O assortment


3. Fractal Design Meshify C: Best Airflow Compact ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Mid Tower
  • Motherboard Support: ATX, mATX, ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 315mm
  • Storage Support: 5 SSD
  • Included Fans: 2

Fractal Design is a company that designs high-quality PC cases and other computer peripherals.

Their quality products have been appreciated by many in the industry, including themselves! Fractal’s Meshify C case won an award for being lightweight but also fast enough to handle gaming at top speeds with its innovative design from 2007 onward – they were one of few companies back then doing this type of thing which made them all so popular among gamers who wanted something different than what was out there already on shelves or coming soon thereafter.

The Fractal Design Meshify C is an incredible case for building your next gaming system. The designers focused on the airflow aspect of this case by integrating two separate air chambers to distribute cool air evenly throughout components that are placed inside – making it ideal for overclocking which many gamers love!

My favorite thing about this model is its clean, minimalistic appearance that will make every component inside the case pop – it comes with a transparent side panel that lets you show off all of your hard work to friends and family.

The Cable management on this product is simple yet very effective – I love how effortlessly this case hides cables from sight without compromising on space to add more components.

The price point for this product is very reasonable considering the features it comes with so I highly recommend this product for gamers who want a case that can handle their overclock and also look good doing so.

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  • It has multiple dust filters
  • Easy cable management
  • Justifiable price point
  • Best for gamers who are building their first setup


  • It does not have space for the new AMD cards

4. SilverStone ML08 Slim : Mini-ITX Case


  • Type: Mini-ITX case
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 330mm
  • Storage Support: Up to 3 SSDs
  • Included Fans: 2

Silverstone technology is one of the great companies for building PC cases. They’ve been making quality products since 2003, and their leading product – an award-winning mini ITX case called ML08 Slim – has it all: steel frame; solid side panel protection; Raven Z RVZ02 chassis that can hold up to 11 drives or 5 HDDs plus 2 DVD burners!

The Silverstone ML08 Slim case is an amazing piece of technology that will provide you with all the necessary features you need in a tower – while keeping your build aesthetically pleasing.

This product has an elegant, sleek design made for gamers who want to show off their hard work. I love that this case can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.

My favorite thing about this case is that it not only looks good but you can use a full-size graphics card in the slim build – making it ideal for gamers who want to show off their skills! It also has a special space for video cards, so there’s absolutely no need to hide them away in another room.

This product provides excellent value for money and I highly recommend it for all gamers looking to build a Slim ITX system.


  • You can use a Full-seize graphics card even after its slim build
  • It could be placed vertically as well as horizontally depending on your needs
  • It has a separate space for video cards
  • Provides a great value for money
  • Best slim Mini-ITX Case


  • You can not add extra fans

5. Corsair Carbide 400C : Mid-range ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Mid-tower
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 370mm
  • Storage Support: 2 HDD 3 SSD
  • Included Fans: 2

The Corsair Carbide 400C is a beautiful and well-built case, which has been awarded for its exceptional slimness. It’s one of the premia builds by this company – perfect if you want performance with an elegant design!

The most admirable feature about these cases is how easy they make access; it doesn’t take much effort at all because each panel slides away like someone pressing elevator buttons on their way up (no joke).

With a small ATX case, two fans are preinstalled and ensure that your system will stay cool. You can detach it without any problem or hindrance from other parts of the computer as they’re transparent in design!

Water cooling radiators supportable on front top rare sides which helps distribute airflow to keep all components within optimal temperature ranges for performance during heavy use cases such as gaming sessions long hours at desktop etc.

The Corsair 400C is a small, yet potent case that can fit any system. It has room for long and multiple GPU cards despite its size with the power supply cover made from plastic material which needs to be handled carefully due to it fragility nature.

You can buy it to style up your PC and create a great-looking system without having to worry about space either.


  • It comes with PSU and a 3.5″ bay cover
  • Best slim ATX case
  • Elegant and classy look


  • It has three-pin fans
  • It does not support longer GPUs

6. NZXT H510: Best Compact ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Mid-tower
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 352mm
  • Storage Support: 3 SSD 3 HDD
  • Included Fans: 2

NZXT is a computer hardware manufacturer company, located in Los Angeles. They’re most well-known for their PC cases and other related products that cater to gamers’ needs.

Their distinctive design with an eye-catching color scheme has made them popular among this niche market as it allows users maximum customization when building their systems or upgrading parts on existing ones without having too many options confusing them about what they need next!

NZXT has created a quality product with the H510, which still holds strong to its promises even after years.

This company is one of the leading case manufacturers for good reason! One thing I’ll mention right away is that this case has detachable filters on the intake fans, making it easy to clean while providing attractive aesthetics.

The NZXT H510 is a case that provides exceptional value for money! It’s one of the most popular choices among gamers who need an ATX case. With almost all components visible, it’s very easy to work on and keeps things organized as well.

The NZXT H510 is a great case for any builder or computer enthusiast looking to build their own gaming machine.

This PC component has an easy installation process that one would typically find in more expensive parts, which makes this affordable mid-range model stand out from the rest of its competitors on market today! The H510 can be a great case for a wide range of gamers and builds, making it a well-rounded purchase!

The case is made of high-quality materials, including steel for the frame and tempered glass. It comes with 2 pre-installed fans to help keep your PC running smoothly at all times!

The PSU shroud also helps to give this machine an immaculate look that you’ll love owning in any room or gaming setting – even when it’s turned off!.

The beautiful exterior is perfect for anyone who wants to have a classic look without sacrificing modern features. The case has ample room inside, so you can fit all your components whether they are large or small in size!


  • It has a premium steel HDD cage
  • Great Cable Management
  • Justifies the price point
  • Stunning aesthetics


  • SSD mounts are oddly placed
  • It does not have a top exhaust fan

7. CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB: Best Looking Small Corsair ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Mid-tower
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 370mm
  • Storage Support: 3 SSD 2 HDD
  • Included Fans: 3

The Corsair Crystal 460X RGB is a sleek and modern small ATX case, which includes great aesthetics and a cooling solution with the help of multiple fans.

The looks are eye-catching as it can store up to 3 graphic cards at 370mm in length without any problem! With seven expansion slots available or three pre-installed ones for your convenience respectively this product surely stands out among other similar products on market right now.

The Corsair Crystal 460X RGB performs very well. It keeps the components cool and is noise-proof, which makes it suitable for use by any gamer who needs an amazing experience while playing on this PC case.

On top of that, you can customize your own lighting effects with three included 120 millimeter RGB fans! You’ll love how easy this case is to set up and manage, making it easy for anyone to work with.

It is a great choice when you’re looking for something that offers plenty of support space! Whether you want to use air cooling or water cooling in this case, you’ll have no problem keeping your system running cool while not making any sound.

It’s a small mid-sized case that offers plenty of flexibility for anyone looking to upgrade their PC in the future!

The crystal series from Corsair is a beautiful, cutting-edge case with premium finishing. It has plenty of cooling potential and features to keep your system running cool for longer periods of time thanks in part to its high-quality fans which barely make any noise at all!

The only drawback might be that this product does not come preinstalled with an SSD drive but it’s worth looking into if you’re on the market because most people will never know how much faster their computer can run after installing one extra fast solid-state storage device.


  • It has RGB fans included in it
  • It can even support oversized motherboards
  • You will get front and top radiator support
  • It comes with stunning aesthetics


  • You don’t get full control over the RGB lights

8. Rosewill Challenger S: Budget-Friendly Small ATX Case


  • Type: ATX Mid-tower
  • Motherboard Support: Micro ATX / ATX / Mini-ITX
  • Card Length Supported: 360mm
  • Storage Support: 7 SSD/ HDD
  • Included Fans: 3

Rosewill makes reliable products, tech gear, and power supplies. Newegg owns the company that has been providing great service for over a decade with their budget-friendly cases like The Challenger S!

It’s a small atx case which is perfect if you’re looking to save money on your next build or upgrade kit without compromising the quality of life when building out new systems in any way possible (not to mention it’s aesthetically pleasing).

The dual blue LED intake fans in the system make it look like a pleasant place to be. The bays can easily come off and be replaced by ones that will do what you need them to, which is great for those who might want more airflow or not enough at all depending on your needs!

This case is perfect for anyone who wants a classic and essential PC. It can support any GPU, has a single USB port with which you’ll be able to easily cable up to your mouse or keyboard if necessary (or both!), plus the ability to suit all motherboards out there – not just ones from this company!

The cable management needs to be done by the user with zip ties. The case is clean and elegant, with unique black steel angles combined with tempered glass- it’s an excellent option!


  • It comes with eSATA
  • It also has SSD mounting
  • Easily customizable
  • The money to value ratio is at point


  • You don’t get to control the fan speed

Buyer’s Guide for Best Smallest ATX Cases

Buyers guide for Best Smallest ATX Cases
Buyers guide for Best Smallest ATX Cases

Form Factors:

ATX cases come in a few different form factors. The two most common are mid-tower and full-tower cases. Mid-towers cases are smaller, less expensive, and allow for a mid-sized ATX motherboard.

Full towers have more room for components and they provide better airflow for your PC hardware, but they aren’t always necessary depending on the type of build you’re building out (how many hard drives/GPUs will you be using? What kind of processor do you plan to use?)

If the case is too small then there’s not enough space inside it to properly run cables or manage cords while if it’s too big then it means that you’re paying extra money for features that won’t help your components run as well they could.


When buying a case it’s important to be sure that there is plenty of airflow inside the tower and that each component has its own fan speed.

If you’re building out a high-end gaming PC then we suggest getting at least one extra case fan to help keep your components cool and running optimally for maximum performance.


Having USB ports on the front or top of your Tower can be extremely helpful, especially if you plan on using an external hard drive enclosure or flash drive with another computer.

However, cases with USBs throughout the front may disrupt airflow so make sure you account for this when purchasing your new system! (You want to make sure there’s room for all of your components to breathe).


Make sure you check what size motherboard your case supports before purchasing it. For example, if you have a mid-tower case that supports an ATX motherboard but only wants to use micro-ATX then you will need to find another case because the motherboards are not compatible!

If you’re looking for a smaller system it’s important to note that not every ATX Case will be able to support mATX motherboards, so make sure that whatever size you are needing or planning on getting is actually supported by the tower itself!

Case Build Quality:

It’s important to understand that the ATX case you buy is able to be used for building out your PC. Make sure that whatever one you are getting has enough space between where you put your components so you can actually plug in cables and wires!

If it’s too cramped inside then there will likely be issues with airflow, cord management, and proper installation of hardware pieces. If this is the case then it could cause component failure or just not perform as well as it should – all because of poor quality control!

Processor Compatibility:

Make sure that the tower supports the processor you will be using before buying it. An older generation motherboard might work perfectly fine with an AMD processor but could have compatibility problems with AM4+ motherboards.

GPU Compatibility:

If you’re planning on using multiple GPUs make sure that your tower can support the weight of it!

There are towers out there that only support up to four graphics cards (6 Pin not 8-Pin) but if you want to use 8+ then it’s best to find an ATX Case that has extra support by way of metal reinforcement or extra case fans which will help maintain airflow and heat management around the motherboard.

Cable Management:

Cable management is arguably the most important part of building out a PC. If you’re trying to save yourself some time then it’s best to find an ATX case that supports cable routing by way of grooves, channels, or designated spaces for moving your cables around quickly and easily.

That way you know exactly where every cable will go without having to guess (or risk cutting yourself on sharp edges!) It can also help reduce airflow problems if all of the cords are routed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Smallest ATX Cases

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Smallest ATX Cases

What is the smallest ATX case?

Corsair Carbide Series 100R is the smallest ATX case according to our record, with dimensions of (W) 19.1″ x (H) 8.3″ x (D) 18.0″. It weighs about 10 pounds.

What’s the best small-size case?

Corsair Carbide Series 100R is the best small size case according to our records, with dimensions of (W) 19.1″ x (H) 8.3″ x (D) 18.0″. It weighs about 10 pounds.

What’s the smallest gaming pc case?

Fractal Design Nano S is the smallest gaming pc case according to our records, with 17 cm x 39,2 cm x 39,2 cm. It weighs about 8 pounds.

What is the smallest mini ITX case?

BitFenix Prodigy M Mini-ITX Case (Black) is the smallest mini itx case according to our records, with dimensions of (H) 17.3″ x (W) 16.7″ x (D) 12.7″. It weighs about 14 pounds.

What’s the smallest gaming pc case that supports a full-size graphics card?

BitFenix Prodigy M Mini-ITX Case (Black) is the smallest gaming PC case that supports a full-size graphics card according to our records, with dimensions of H 17.3″ x W 16.7″ x D 12.7″. It weighs about 14 pounds.

Will Mini ATX fit the ATX case?

No, not all ATX cases are compatible with Mini ATX motherboards – make sure to read the dimensions of any case you are looking at carefully.

Will micro atx fit a regular size tower?

Yes, but only if the motherboard is backward compatible which most modern Micro ATX boards are. It’s important to remember that just because it fits doesn’t mean it will work properly too!

Make sure to do your research before buying if this is the case because compatibility issues can arise even between two boards that were both made by one company (such as Asus or Gigabyte.)

What size is mini ATX?

The smallest mini ATX motherboard is 9.6″ long x 8.2″ wide.

What size is micro atx?

The smallest Micro ATX motherboard is 11.6″ long x 10.4″ wide.

Can a full tower fit in a mid-tower case?

Yes, but it will be very tightly squeezed and won’t have any airflow space to work with – the best bet would be to go for a half-height PCI-E card or look into lower-profile cards that aren’t as thick/heavy if you can find them.

Most mid towers should support larger ATX motherboards by way of mounting holes, but always double-check just to make sure!


The Best Smallest ATX Cases are the ones that will fit your needs best! It’s important to understand what you need from a case before going shopping so you don’t find yourself buying something only to have it sit in your home unusable because it doesn’t fit your needs.

That being said, if you’re looking for a new tower then hopefully this article has been helpful and provided some information that will get you one step closer to building out the PC of your dreams – just remember to be careful during the assembly process and take everything slowly since rushing can lead to mistakes being made which can cause serious damage or even more expensive repairs later down the road!

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