10 Best RTX 2070 In 2021

Best RTX 2070
Best RTX 2070

Searching for Best RTX 2070?

We all have hard and stressful days, and we have our own ways to cope up with all the fatigue we have and relax. Sometimes its movies, books, and sometimes we just want a break from reality and drown ourselves into some pleasurable activity.

Some people even pursue gaming as a hobby, and they try their best to maintain their progress and learn new things about gaming every day. Some people even follow it as a carrier. People earn by playing huge tournaments. 

A significant amount of the young generation prefers gaming over any other source of relaxation; gaming is known to be a very beneficial activity to shape young minds.

Gaming has significantly improved team building and teamwork, hand and eye coordination, Strategy building skills, and research skills. This activity is considered to be very beneficial for the development of the mind, and hence researchers encourage gaming for the development of young minds.

Well, gaming is not a simple task. It requires a good setup, good monitors. Sometimes they also need multiple monitors, a good laptop or system with a good processor, good monitors, and advanced graphic cards.

Core gamers would be very familiar with these things and how important these things are to enhance your gaming experience.

Hence we bring you the best RTX 2070. These are graphics cards that can boost up your gaming quality and help to get the best gaming experiences.

They say the better the graphics, the better you can play, and the more fun the gaming is. We need graphic cards and that too of the best of quality. 

10 Best RTX 2070 To Get In 2021

1. MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2070

This is a graphic card by MSI; they are one of the top producers of graphic cards. These are compatible with display ports and HDMI. This is the gamer’s favorite, and its Graphic coprocessor is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070.

They offer high-quality graphics and animation and are a very good choice for gaming and video editing. It has a very stylish built, a well-fitted for gamers setup, a black body design which is tough and rugged body design and is compact and does not take up a lot of space.

This performance is 6X faster and better than others. They have Twin Frozr 7 Thermal Design, which ensures proper heat sinking and cooling.

It has curved cooling blades which provide maximum air cooling and helps in heat sinking. 

It has GDDR6 6GB RAM, which provides external storage, which is good for image storage. It has a memory speed and a boost clock of 16200 MHz.

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  • It has great cooling technology, and it does not heat up.
  • Great noise cancellation features


  • You might have to be an MSI member and agree to some Chinese agreement, which might take many tries.
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This is one of the most cost-effective and budget fitting products; it has a feasible cost. It is from the ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-A8G-GAMING and is one of the latest models. It has amazing graphics.

It is powered by the NVIDIA Turing and has an advanced chipset, which is made by NVIDIA itself. These are the best chipsets that allow the smaller cores to multiple tasks at one time, making it faster and more efficient for image processing. 

It has the boost clock with an 1830 MHz. It has great technology with 3 cooling fans and an amazing and stylish design adding more value to your gaming system.

It is compatible with up to 4 Monitors with 2x Display Port 1. 4 2x HDMI 2.0. It provides a huge variety of colors like a neverending spectrum and great synchronizing abilities.

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  • Cost-effective and is very feasible.
  • High boost clock


  • Heats up very quickly.
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3. Gigabyte RTX 2070

This is another one of the best graphic cards available for gaming, editing, and high-resolution image creation. It has a triple-fan cooling technology Wind force 3x cooling system with alternate spinning fans and has the alternate cooling technology which provides better cooling and effective heat dissipation.

It has a slightly smaller boost clock, but it is very efficient and is compatible with Display ports as well as HDMI.

It has intuitive control with the AORUS engine. It has an external RAM of 8GB. Its core clock speed is 1518 MHz.

Due to the AORUS engine, there is a huge range of color lighting and effects options through which we can produce high definition and high-quality graphics required for an amazing gaming experience.

It is silent and does not produce a lot of noise, and there is an international warranty. It is very feasible and is a good choice for gamers.

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  • Alternate spinning for easy heat sink and airflow.
  • It has an RGB fusion providing a huge range of color choices.


  • Its boost clock is not very efficient. 
  • There might be some audio output issues.
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4. ZOTAC RTX 2070 Mini

ZOTAC is one of the finest RTX 2070. It is known to be very popular due to people’s choice and is a great product for your gaming setup.

It is very compatible, and you can set up very easily with this product, and the Graphics coprocessor is NVIDIA GEFORCE, which makes it one of the most efficient graphic cards.

It produces high definition and high-quality images and animation, it has one of the most amazing graphics when it comes to video gaming, and this product is known to be the video game editor’s secret weapon.

It has a good variety of RGB and hence increases its image quality, and gives us the best gaming experience. 

It has an excellent cooling system with 2 fans and curved blades that are good at air circulation.

It has 8GB external RAM, which provides good storage, it’s boost clock speed is 14gbps, and it supports 4 display monitors. 

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  • It is easily compatible
  • Compact and runs very efficiently.


  • Hard to cool, it does not cool faster.
  • Might blow out your motherboard
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5. EVGA RTX 2070 SUPER XC Hybrid

This is a beautifully crafted piece of hardware, which provides us the most amazing gaming experience as well online video streaming experience to us.

This one is really important for the video and graphics quality and their high definition quality.

It is the best at image producing and has an endless spectrum for RGB and lighting effects, which can be nothing more than a box of treasure for the editors.

It has a Boost Clock of 1800 MHz and comes with a  Memory of 8192 MB GDDR6.

It has a Hybrid air cooling facility, which is great and provides a good heat sink and keeps the card from heating up and damaging itself.

If it does get damaged due to some reasons, we have a three-year warranty, which is an added advantage. They also have RGB lighting, which is adjustable according to our gaming set environment.

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  • Great cooling features.
  • Precision X1 for a wider color spectrum.


  • It is expensive.
  • Produces a lot of noise.
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6. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

We have heard this name everywhere, this is the best product we have and it is due to the huge popularity and is people’s favorite. It is produced some of the best that are produced in the recent  years.

These are efficient graphic cards which produce clear high-quality. 

It has a clock speed of 1650MHz and an external RAM of 8 GB very efficient for storage. It is compatible with most of the devices and even has c-type  connector slot, it has the advanced ray tracing technology that makes the images flawless.

This graphics card has the PCI express of 3.0 Interface along with a real-time tracing power which lets you have a great image quality during every video and online gaming sessions.

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  • It has a great boost clock.


  • DVI input is not available
  • It is expensive
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7. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super Gaming

It is also one of the best graphic cards we have and has an image quality for online gaming and live game streaming. These are powered by NVIDIA GEFORCE which makes it very efficient, it even has very delicately designed smaller cores for greater efficiency and increased quality of the images.

It has a fashionable design with 2 fans and a black colour body.

It has iCX2 cooling technology which focuses on the cooling and producing a heatsink to avoid excessive heat and damaging of the product, and this card also offers you the HDB fans, HDB stands for Hydro-Dynamic Bearing fans that are great to keep your hardware cool and optimized at all times.

The HDB fans optimize the flow of the air and increase the cooling.

It is a fairly new product and is yet very advanced; it has a clock speed of 1770 MHz and an external memory of 8192 MB. It is a high performance product with very less disadvantages. 

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  • More efficient.
  • Options for water blocks are available.


  • Produces a lot of noise.
  • Might not be easily compatible.
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8. Gigabyte RTX Super Gaming OC

This one deserves to be on the list because of its amazing features and high performance.

It is Powered by GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER and is hence more efficient and faster, these can produce high resolution and high-quality images rapidly and it has a Graphics RAM size of 8GB and a clock boost of 1805 MHz and RGB 2.0 for wider color scheme and PCIx16 express card interface technology with it.

It comes with a non-heating case which is very stylish. It has 3x cooling fans and has Windforce technology with alternating fans this provides good ventilation as well as great cooling it also has brackets for water blocks and fans have unique curved blades which provide maximum cooling, there are heating pipes made up of copper and heat pipe touch facility which makes the performance higher and the temperature lower.

It is a great product with a good price and is feasible for everyone.

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  • Good performance
  • 3x cooling fans cools efficiently


  • Huge noise production
  • Faulty design of the product.
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9. Asus GeForce RTX 2070 Super

It has a cutting edge technology and is an emerging product which has immediately grabbed people’s attention and has become the most sold product.

It is powered by NVIDIA GEFORCE like all the others but this one of the best boost clocks and hence the efficiency is more than any of the other products.

ASUS offers you the  4K gaming experience that offers you a good performance in every frame of the images and videos. 

There are AURA Sync RGB lights installed with the capacity of six lightning effects along with a variety of  color options that allow you to explore every aspect of editing you want to.

These are compatible with mostly all devices as they can be connected through DVI, display ports, c-type connectors and HDMI.

The clock speed for this product is 1680MHz and the external memory available is 8GB.

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  • RGB lighting and a great performance.
  • Amazing boost clock.


  • Fans might not work properly.
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10. ASUS GeForce RTX 2070

This is another good product from ASUS, this brand never fails to impress us and hence this one is provided with a lot of good features.It is the ultimate graphics card for game editing and streaming live games with an amazing experience.

These are packed with technically advanced processors and they have used automation to improve performance.

These are powered by the Turing GPU architecture and the all-new RTX platform. 

These have advanced cooling technologies and are provided with 2 fans , they are compatible with most of the devices and are made up of super alloys which make it’s working more efficient.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Worth the money.


  • A lot of noise is produce by the fans
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More RTX GPU Buying Guide:

Buyer’s Guide

Buyers guide for Best RTX 2070
Buyers guide for Best RTX 2070

Monitor support:

The graphics card should be compatible with the monitors we will be using. The graphic cards can be set up with multiple monitors, but how many monitors can be connected depends on the number of output slots available.

Graphic cards can be connected through various sources like a video card, visual display interface, HDMI, and display ports. Make sure your available devices are compatible with the graphic card.

Form Factor:

Determine how much space is available with you. If you have less space for the card, you could go for the slim options. There are ATX full height, essential and standard for desktop with less space, Low profile these are half the height and slimmer than ATX and can fit in a smaller bracket.

Storing capacity:

Check for the with a lot of storage. These can help store the edited and the highly graphic images and would have separate storage that would not overcrowd the main memory of the device, and hence the graphics would have high resolution.


If there is no proper interface available, then the high-resolution images are of no use. Looking for cards with a good interface can be a huge advantage for you and maintain the high quality of the images produced.


Graphics cards come with a fan for cooling; production of high-resolution images and animation can cause a lot of heat, which needs to be cooled off so that our card does not get damaged, and hence we require good fans.

These are some of the best RTX 2070 that you can get for your next PC build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Best RTX 2070
Frequently Asked Questions for Best RTX 2070

What is a Graphic card or a GPU?

A GPU or Graphic card unit is computer hardware that processes and delivers the images on your monitor. The GPU is a very important system of a gaming unit, even more, important than the CPU.

It is an electronic circuit designed on a chip that helps in speeding up the process of image production and displaying it on your screen. This is indeed a blessing for video gamers. It produces smooth images, which are great. There are two types of GPU integrated and discrete.

These little chips can handle multitasking very well. They have thousands of smaller cores that can handle these functions very well.

These are not just used by gamers but also by video editors, designers, and many more for their amazing image and animation production.

These graphics cards also contain some RAM, which is dedicated only for image and animation processing. It does not share any general RAM memory because it leaves very space for image processing, and hence the separate memory is a good call.

The capacity ranges from 512 MB to 8GB. Graphic cards are really advanced, and hence RTX 2070 is a very good choice.

What is the difference between an Integrated and a discrete GPU?

There is a big difference between integrated and discrete graphic cards.

Discrete graphic cards come with their memory and processing power, and it can process images separately without affecting any other task you’re doing on your computer.

On the other hand, an integrated graphics card comes pre-installed with the motherboard of your computer. It doesn’t have its own dedicated RAM but shares its memory with your RAM. It does not yield as much result as a Discrete graphic card will do.

How to choose Graphic cards (GPU)?

Well, that’s why we are here; to help you out in choosing Graphic Cards (GPU). There are certain factors that need to be considered before buying a GPU, and these factors will help you in buying the best one for your computer.

First of all, check out its RAM capacity. Graphic cards with a high capacity of memory are great to have because they can process images much faster than a lower-capacity GPU.

Secondly, consider the Graphics Processing Unit or the Core Clock Speed before buying a GPU. The CPU speed is indeed very important when it comes to processing images and videos on your screen. As higher the clock speed is better it is for image processing purposes. It has been seen that 2 GB graphic cards always provide good output while working on applications that require heavy graphics like CAD/CAM etcetera while 4GB or more GPUs are excellent while working on heavy games which involve large graphics.

And thirdly, check out the Interface of the GPU before buying it. They have different types of interfaces for graphic cards like PCI Express, Thunderbolt 3 and more. The interface type you want to buy depends on the slot available on your computer motherboard so be careful while selecting it. It is also possible that you buy a new motherboard if there are no suitable slots available for your graphic card’s interface type since upgrading can be very expensive at times.

What are VRAM?

VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory which is basically dedicated memory only for Graphic Cards to process images and videos without sharing its space with any other device or task done by your computer.

VRAM comes in many capacities like 1-4 GB or even more.

1 GB VRAM is suitable for gamers who use low-resolution images, while 4 GB VRAM is excellent for processing high resolution images with high graphics games or working on applications that require lots of image processing like CAD/CAM.

VRAM serves as a separate memory for GPU since it doesn’t have its own processing power.

What is RTX 2070?

RTX 2070 is a new series of Graphic Cards manufactured by NVIDIA. The GPU is very advanced and has a dedicated VRAM with a high capacity that can process images much faster than any other current-generation GPUs available in the market.

For gamers, there are many features provided by RTX 2070 which makes it an eligible choice, but keep in mind that one should invest enough money on this type of GPUs because they aren’t cheap at all. Also, make sure you buy from a trusted dealer or retailer to avoid fake products being sold to customers.

What are GPUs used for?

The main purpose of a GPU is to process images. They have the ability to process complex details smoothly which makes them suitable for processing high resolution images with high graphics games or working on applications that require lots of image processing like CAD/CAM etcetera.


There is a huge variety of RTX 2070 available that are made with the latest technology and advancement.

If you are planning on buying these RTX then you can choose any from the ones mentioned above these are selected according to the consumer’s budget and they provide high performance.

You should also be able to select the product based on the compatibility of your device and also how much space is available.

You should also consider where you will be using it, these are high-performance graphic cards they are not needed for daily purposes, they are specially made for experiencing high-quality graphics while gaming and streaming online videos. 

In the end it depends on the user which RTX will be the best for their system, of you need high quality result we recommend you to increase your budget 

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