10+ Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x In 2022

Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x

Searching for the Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x ?

Many people usually don’t know or don’t understand why RAM or RAM met one of the most essential parts when you are building a ryzen PC. The RAM memory is considered one of the most important components for anybody trying to build a powerful PC.

The Ram’s performance or the specifications of the RAM have always affected the users and the users haven’t seen much of a change in the performance of the rise and rams until the company came up with the AMD processor.

So here is the list of Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x that you can get for your next ryzen 7 based pc build.

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10 Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x In 2022

1. Corsair Vengeance LED: Best RGB RAM For Ryzen 3700x

We all know that the Corsair models are very good, this is why the Corsair Vengeance LED makes it to this list. With this RAM memory, we will find that the Corsair manufacturers have retained the looks, but they have also ensured that the RAM’s performance also remains the same as before.

But this Corsair series the company reported very good responses from the users about the mind-blowing CL16 latency.

This Corsair Vengeance LED comes with a DDR4 type and this means that the Corsair Vengeance LED out-performs almost all the top quality DDR3 Ram models that are present in the market.

This series also comes with a very good heat sink that safeguards the RAM from the heat produced during the operations. The user will experience the increased heat only when they overclock this RAM module.

The Corsair Vengeance LED provides you with a very good clock speed of 3466 MHz. This Ram series of Corsair Vengeance also offers the users with RGB and provides an excellent speed of 3200 MHz. This also provides or offers the users with 16GB of RAM memory

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  • Excellent clock speed
  • RGB
  • Excellent latency
  • DDR 4 memory type


  • A bit expensive for some

2. HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB

The HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB is considered one of the best models that people can buy if they plan to build a gaming pc. The RAM module provides you with aluminium heat spreaders and it also comes with hyper X infrared sensor technology.

This module will provide you with very high standard performance and along with the set also comes in a very good look. The RAM kit comes with 2 sticks and each of them is of 8 GB and both of the sticks have very good styling and design for a beautiful view.

The hyper X Predator comes with very good RGB lights. The two sticks that the RAM kit provides are very sleek and they also give very good gaming experience.

You will also find that the Predator’s logo is printed on both south of the edges of the metallic part and has a logo of HyperX in the upfront. With this RAM kit, you will get an infrared sync technology and with the help of this technology, the user will find excellent syncing of the RGB effects. 

The HyperX Predator provides you with very good overclocking but reaches up to 4000 MHz at CAS latency. The HyperX Predator also provides you with very good gaming experience. Ram, he will find that the overclocking is very high compared to the other Ram get, which is even more expensive than the HyperX Predator. 

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  • Excellent design
  • Very good performance
  • Excellent price
  • Amazing overclocking.


  • RGB effects cannot be controlled

3. G.Skill Trident Z Neo

If you know the market, you must know that the G.Skill has a very good name in the market currently for the quality of the products it produces. This RAM set of the G.Skill comes with a 16GB of RAM memory with an ideal DDR 4 kit.

The G.Skill trident scenario has a CAS latest of 18 along with the set provides 10 layers of PCB. This Ram set also has a dual-tone design and it can work at a voltage of 1.35 v. 

When you have a look at this memory kit you will see that it comes with the design of the two-tone colour scheme and with this you get to memory sticks each of 8GB. 

The G.Skill Trident Z Neo comes with dual-tone design with black textures all over the stick. You will also find the Trident Z logo which has been placed in the Black part and edges of the memory module also look very elegant.

It offers you a racing type sports car design that comes with a tri-fin design. The memory state of this memory module looks very neat and tidy.

The Trident Z Neo also comes with RGB lightings and it also provides the users with lighting control software with the help of which the users can very easily control the RGB lights.

This RAM module also provides the user with an option of choosing from a large number of colours that are available using the different patterns. Can also work very smoothly with a clock speed of up to 3600 MHz.

You will also find that this Ram module also does not affect the performance even while overclocking. The RCB lighting that the RAM module offers to the users is also very beautiful.

The only problem is, the user’s face is the problem of the heat sink. While the heat’s dissipation might field a little bit of problem, that problem is not even noticeable.

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  • Excellent performance
  • Sleek design
  • Mind-blowing overclocking potential


  • Heat dissipation.

4. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB: Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x

If you are looking for a memory module for building a grade PC to handle great workloads then this RAM module is the perfect for you as it provides you with 32 GB of memory.

The Corsair dominator platinum RGB comes with 12 ultra-light LED’s per module and it also provides the user with dual-channel the cooling technology. This memory stick from the manufacturers has been dealt with premium quality and it has been given some very good exteriors. 

The Corsair dominator platinum comes with very beautiful aluminium construction. This Ram kit comes with two sticks each of 16Gb. It also provides the users with two LED lights and the LED that has been used in these models is the Capellix LED’S developed by ProMax.

It also provides you with a software with the help of which the user can control the lighting and apply 15 different effects.

The dominator platinum can be overclocked up to the speed of 4000 MHz with absolute stability and it faces no issues up to the speed.

The dominator platinum can easily handle high-end tasks with no issues. The only thing that the user thinks is not good about this Ram kit is the price. 

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  • Excellent RGB lighting
  • Good build-up
  • Amazing overclocking potential


  • Costly

5. Adata XPG Spectrix RGB

This RAM kit is considered to be one of the best RAM Kits if you’re looking for something that is cheap. This rain curtains with the CS latest of 18 and it also provides you with a memory speed of up to 3600 MHz.

The Adata also offers the users and operating voltage of 1.35 volts. This Ram module comes with two models and both of them are of 8GB. Adata has used the very high-quality check-in in building these sticks and because of this module has excellent durability.

The Adata comes with a 10 layered PCB and blackish and because of this, it can dissipate heat in an excellent manner. This RAM Kit also provides the user with an app with the help of which the user can control the RGB lighting.

The users will also be very astonished by seeing the different patterns and the excellent variety of colours that this ram module offers to them. the users will also find no you and the vibrancy of the colours and at it a very decent level.

When it comes to the performance, the auditor is considered one of the fastest models you will get in the current time. The Adata ram kit can be overclocked and then also you will not find any sort of issues. 

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  • Cheap
  • Ease of installation
  • Very quick


  • RGB Lights don’t sync sometimes
  • Inefficient heat spreading

6. Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB

If you are among those who want to build a very powerful PC and do some high-end task by overclocking then the Crucial Ballistix MAX is the best suited Ram kit for you. This RAM kit comes with amazing heat spreaders which are made up of aluminium. The Crucial Ballistix comes with a clock speed of about 4000 MHz. 

This module comes with two sticks each of 8GB and this module also provides you with top-notch quality chips. The way that the heat spreaders work in this module is excellent and the heat spreaders are also considered very high quality.

This is possible because of the aluminium construction that is present in the heat spreaders. This Ram set provides you with heat spreaders which are matte black colour.

When we talk about the RGB lightings, we will find that this module comes with 16 LED lights and they also provide you with software, with the help of which the user can easily control the effects of light.

As we have discussed earlier, this Ram module is very good if you want to overclock it and it also provides you a speed of 4000 MHz while overclocking which is considered to be pretty good and fast.

The help of this Ram kit we can very easily perform all the high-end tasks and render all the high-quality images and videos with ease.

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  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • Amazing look
  • Provides a warranty of 10 years


  • The heat spreaders are not that robust 

7. Corsair Vengeance LPX: Best Budget RAM For Ryzen 3700x

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is considered one of the best RAM modulus when you are planning to build a ryzen PC. The Corsair Vengeance LPX comes with a memory speed of up to 3600 MHz and also provides an operating voltage of 1.35 volts. It also comes with heat spreaders that are made up of aluminium. 

This is a memory module where you will see the design is of little low profile and it has two sticks and each of the stakes are of 8GB. The PCB that this module provides is custom layered and it is especially suited for the cases of small PC’S.

When we talk about the heat spreaders, we will find that they are made up of aluminium and do a very good job dissipating the heat away from your PC.

With this module, you will also find that it is very useful for overclocking and provides excellent performances while overclocking because of the present aluminium heat spreaders.

The only thing that I think is not there in this Ram module is the RGB lighting. If you are among those who love the RGB lighting, this module is not for you, but if the RGB lighting is not a problem, this can be considered one of the best RAM modules you can go for.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • Very good heat dissipation


  • Absence of RGB lighting

8. Teamgroup T-Force Dark Z

This RAM KIT is for the people who want something very new. The team group is a perfect solution for your latest processor of ADM Ryzen 3700X. The team group comes with armour type design and has a CS latency of 18.

This module also provides you with a lifetime of the warranty. This module also provides you with an excellent look and it has two states and both of the sticks are of 8GB.

It can work up to the speed of 3600 MHz and it also provides the user with excellent quality heat spreaders which are made up of high quality and Aluminium has been used to make it.

Come with armour type designed and on that it has a metallic logo which makes it very durable. It has been made in such a way that it helps in dissipating almost all the heat that is being produced inside your PC. This RAM Kit can also work with a tested voltage of 1.35 volts. 

With this module, you will see that it has excellent overclocking potentials and apart from this the same module also enables the user to use the auto overclocking feature. This frame module is a top quality design and has excellent heat spreaders which makes it a very good option for you.

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  • Cheap
  • Excellent overclocking speed


  • The LED is are not that good
  • Timings for average.

9. Kingston HyperX Predator: Premium RAM For Ryzen 3700x

The Kingston Hyperx Predator module has been present in the market for a very long time and this is one of the best RAM modules that you can buy of this Corsair series. The Kingston HyperX Predator does not have RGB lighting.

This module also provides you with boosting frame rates because of the DDR4 memory. It also provides a high clock speed of up to 4800 MHz and has a latency of CL12-CL19. 

The Kingston HyperX Predator is also very well known for having a very good heat sink. Because of this aggressive black heatsink, this Ram module can control or dissipate all the heat produced during the high-end operations or tasks inside your PC. This heat sink also acts as a passive cooler when your PC’s overclocking temperature starts to get out of your control.

The Kingston Hyperx Predator also has the RAM that has been XMP certified and it also has discrete profiles which support the latest ADM and the Intel chipsets.to sum up, I would like to say that this lovely Ram module is one of the best RAM modules you can buy to build a Ryzen PC.

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  • Excellent frequency speed
  • Provides a lifetime of the warranty


  • Lacks RGB lighting.

10. Kingston HyperX Fury

Kingston HyperX Fury is very well known to be the descendant of the Predator series and the hyper X Fury also provides almost all the specifications that the Predator used to provide to its users.

The Kingston HyperX Fury offers a base frequency of 3733 MHz, making it the best  RAM module for editing videos and rendering and coding.

It has a CAS latency of 15-19 and this means that some module is very efficient. The Kingston HyperX Fury also provides you with very good overclocking speed without facing any issues with the performance. This Ram module also provides the user with very efficient heat sinks that help dissipate all the heat produced inside your PC. 

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  • Excellent overclocking potential
  • Lifetime of warranty


  • Lacks RGB lighting.

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Buying Guide To Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x 

Buyers guide for Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x
Buyers guide for Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x

Memory Clock Speed

The users usually think what is the MHz specification that they find while buying a Ram. It is actually the maximum cycles per second that the RAM can handle.

For example, if it shows 3600mhz that means the RAM can handle 3.6 billion cycles per second. So you must go for a Ram that provides high MHz.


The latency of a RAM is also a very important factor before buying a Ram. The latency of Ram can be very easily calculated with the help of a very simple latency calculator.

The memory speeds and the 10c are both very important for making a Ram module work efficiently and fast.


You can buy a Ram module that comes with RGB lighting and you can also go for a Ram module that does not offer you the RGB lighting it does not affect the performance of your Ram.

The RGB lighting is just for looks and the RGB lights just make your module look elegant and beautiful.

The random message memory of any PC is considered a volatile memory with help in the operations, such as assessing the given data.

You might be thinking then why it is called volatile memory so the answer to this is that when the PC is turned off of all the electric supply has been cut down then they lose all the memory for information that was stored in them and because of this feature they are called volatile memory.

The RAM memory also has a very high speed at which they can read and write and even when we compare it to the model, we will also NVMe then also we will find that they are fast and this makes them very important.

It is also said that when you buy a low model memory of like 3000MHz memory module then they are also four to five times faster than the flash storage that is considered to be the fastest till date. The RAM is considered a short-term memory for any PC and it is used in almost every task you do on your computer.

For example, when you are opening a document or you are playing a game or doing any architecture work that requires high and complex rendering your Ram is used for everything and so it is considered a very important asset for your PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x
Frequently Asked Questions for Best RAM For Ryzen 3700x

How much RAM is needed for a good PC?

After the launch of the 32GB RAM memory module people now have enough Ram which will help them in performing complex operations very smoothly on their systems. But everybody doesn’t have to go for a PC with 32 GB of RAM memory.

The amount of Ram required for building a good Ryzen PC depends upon the goal for which the PC is being built and also according to the applications that the user is planning to use on that PC.

If you are trying or planning to build a PC that you are going to use for rendering videos and footage of high quality and videos with complex scenes aur your planning to use applications like the Adobe Premiere Pro then you must go for the 32GB Ram module because this task requires 4K footage and they also required more RAM memory.

These files and these tasks require a RAM that can handle bigger files very smoothly. So it is recommended that if you are building a PC or you are going to use it as a workstation or your PC is going to have some heavy workloads then you must go for the 32GB RAM memory but if you are just building a PC for gaming then 16GB memory is considered enough currently.

What is QVL? Does it affect anything? 

People generally don’t know or don’t generally pay attention to what is QVL. QVL is also referred to as Qualified Vendors List. This list consists of the information published by the motherboard manufacturers.

This list shows you the memory module that have been tested by the motherboard manufacturers and confirmed that it goes memory module well verb at their given speeds.

To check that the memory module you have bought will work, you need to check the module path number of the module you have bought. So this is also very what time part aur aspect that the users need to consider before they buy anything for building a ryzen PC. 

If you have a memory module that is not listed in the list by the motherboard manufacturers, then this means that the RAM that you have bought will not be working at the speed that it has been rated.

By checking this list, the user will just make it sure that the RAM will work at the rate and clock speed. There are some cases in which you will find it tough to find the RAM that has been tested and listed in the qualified vendors’ list.

Then you don’t need to worry about that, you just need to check the motherboards’ Qualified vendors list very carefully and see the number of manufacturers that have tested and are running perfectly at rated speed. 

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To sum up, I would like to say that these were the list of some of the best RAM modules you can buy for the Ryzen 3700x. We are also provided to the buyer’s guide for the things that you need to consider before buying a good Ram module for yourself.

In this life, you will find some very good Ram modules for gaming purposes and also some very good Ram models on which you can very efficiently perform high-end tasks.

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