10 Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink In 2022

Best Printer for Home Use with Cheap Ink

Looking for Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink? Then you are at the right place as we have made a list of 10 Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink that you can get for your home use that does not require much ink.

Almost all houses and small scale businesses have printers. It is crucial as most of the documents are required to be printed down. We know how much a printer is needed, but very often we do not understand what ink we should be using.

These days, the printers come at a very low price compared to the main element of the device – the ink. The cost of ink is often looked over by the customer while focusing on the price of the printer.

However, we need to understand that ink is what makes the printer usable, and these ink cartridges need to be refilled or replaced from time to time after they get empty.

Ink does not come cheap, more often, the total cost of ink exceeds the cost of the printer after a few replacements or refills. It also depends on the usage of the ink and what you are using it for.

Suppose, if you buy a printer with ink for your home use, usually the ink gets dried up if we do not use it often or stop using it for some time. Thus, it becomes more costly for home users rather than businesses.

Hence, it is very important to buy the best one that you require and it depends on what you use your printer for. 

There are a lot of types if we talk about ink and you also have an option to buy printers with cheap ink. However, you will need to do a lot of research to find those printers. Therefore, we have brought you the list of best printers that come at a relatively lower price of ink and are highly effective. So here is the list of 10 Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink.

Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink In 2021

1. Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer 

Canon Printer
Best Pick

Canon MX922 Printer

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The Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer is a duplex auto document feeder which ensures that you do not have to worry about manually doing any work.

The printer can feed 35 sheets of paper at once and thus it is great if you use your printer for heavy photocopying or scanning. The duplex automatic feeder lets you sit at peace while the printer does the job of printing both sides of the paper.

This will prevent you from manually turning the paperback to get it printed which makes the job a whole lot easier. If we talk about its ink, the Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer has the capability to print monochrome i.e., all black and white documents with the best quality. 

The best feature of this printer is its speed. It has a high-speed scanning rate and also printing a document is fast. The connectors on this printer are gold plated, thus it makes it super fast at printing.

If you are wondering about the compatibility of Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer then, be assured because this printer is compatible with various windows OS, such as Windows 7, 7 SP1, 8, RT, XP SP3 32-bit, Vista SP1, Vista SP2 as well as on the MAC OSX 10.6.8 – 10.9.


  • Automatic document feeder
  • Supports Ethernet and wifi connectivity


  • Relatively slower than other printers
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2. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer: Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink

Brother Printer
Best Brother Pick

Brother HL-L2300D

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We have all known about the laser printers yet most of us have never tried to buy one, however, if you are a tech-savvy person, you must have come across all kinds of laser products. The Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer is one of the printers that will stand to your expectations.

Of course, there are some downsides, but we will get to that later. The Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer lets you do all the activities that are expected from a printer. from scanning, printing, faxing as well as photocopying.

The best thing about this printer is its capacity to hold 250 sheets of the paper tray, therefore, you will not need to stack up the papers after every use. 

Moreover, if we talk about the speed of printing, it is quite fast. The Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer is also an automatic duplex printing device.

It prints on both sides of the paper without having to put our assistance into manually turning the page. Therefore, it is very easy and helpful. This printer is compatible with our pc and usually on the devices with Windows 10.

Also, it has a USB connectivity option to let us connect to the printer with our mobile device. The resolution of the print is 2400 x 600 dpi and gives you crisp and clear black and white prints. The ink in the printer is capable of printing 2000 pages per month.


  • The ink does not smudge
  • Very cost-effective
  • Does not use much ink


  • The USB cord is not included in the product.
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3. Brother MFC-J460DW, All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

Brother Printer
Best All in One Pick

Brother MFC-J460DW

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The Brother MFC-J460DW, All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer is an inkjet printer and if you were looking for one, then this might be the best option in the list.

The basic functionality that the printers these days offer, is also offered by the Brother MFC-J460DW, All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer, from photocopying to printing.

The best feature of this printer is the wireless connectivity that it provides. It allows you to connect via Bluetooth and hence, it makes our life really easy when we can print out subjects via our mobile phones directly. 

Moreover, this printer is very user friendly with its simple features which let you navigate through all the process in a very straightforward manner.

The most unique feature of this printer is that the toner levels are shown by the printer. It has a tracking system that keeps you updated about the toner level and thus you never run out of the toner.

It is very economical and comes at a good price and thus, it is quite affordable for office usage and homes too. You can also connect through wifi and easily get your documents printed which is a huge plus point for small-scale businesses.


  • Integrated wi-fi
  • Duplex mode printing
  • Very fast


  • No wired network connectivity available
  • Paper capacity is very less.
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4. HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer

HP Printer
Best HP Pick

HP OfficeJet 4650

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The HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer delivers the standards as its name as there is no doubt on the brand. They have a facility for all the purposes we need a printing machine for.

This machine helps you to connect to itself via wireless options which are very feasible these days. You can simply connect your device and get the documents, pictures, diagrams at once.

This printer is also capable of giving us the ease of getting a double-sided print on the paper without manually doing it on each and every paper. 

The quality is also up to the mark and the printer prints and pretty clear image as well. If we talk about the wireless connectivity in detail, it needs an app installed on your tablet or mobile phone to use this printer.

The app that it uses is the HP ePrint, which can be downloaded from anywhere. This is a laser printer which means you will be witnessing a faster process.

It has got brilliant ink which gives you a very neat, crisp, and high defined print of your images without altering the original colors.


  • Easy to set up
  • Has wifi connectivity, easily connected to mobile phones and tablet
  • Automatic duplex printer
  • High-quality printing


  • A little slower compared to others
  • As there is no ethernet, it is difficult for business applications
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5. Canon MX492 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Canon Printer
Best Pick

Canon MX492

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If you are a person who loves to print cards on special occasions then this printer is for you. The Canon MX492 Wireless All-In-One Small Printer which looks very small and compact yet it has all the features that you need to be the perfect printing option on a low budget.

Canon is a very well known company which has the best products. This printer offers good quality printing with various options of faxing, printing, photocopying, and scanning.

Moreover, the best quality of the printer is that it is wireless, therefore no more complex set up of your device and printer before going for a print. 

This printer has an auto document feeder which makes the work faster and easier. Just like its name, this printer is amazing because it takes very little space.

You will not even feel like you have a gadget that takes up a lot of space on your desk, yet does a truckload of work. The duplex printing option is a recent update that took over all the printers and anything less than that has become very hectic for us now.

The Canon MX492 Wireless All-In-One Small Printer uses Full-Photo lithography inkjet Nozzle Engineering, thus it has a quality of being compatible with any device.


  • Very compact and small, can be put anywhere without worrying about space
  • Connects through an app
  • User friendly
  • Allows border-free images


  • Weak paper tray
  • Not a very good option for business
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6. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 All-In-One Wireless Printer

HP Printer
Best AIO Pick

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968

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If you are looking for a printer that will suit your printing needs in your office and your business then you should consider the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 All-In-One Wireless Printer.

This printer will reduce all your burdens as it incorporates all the basic tasks such as printing, scanning, faxing, two-sided duplex printing, and of course, as a big bonus, an automatic document feeder which is a must for business-oriented printers.

This printer lets you send your document which needs to be printed to the printer, very easily from anywhere. You can use your mobile, desktop, or mobile phone. Moreover, this printer does not slow down when you use a number of functions. 

You can do everything simultaneously without delaying your printing process. It is very suitable for home and businesses as it gives very good quality prints with very vibrant colors.

The unique feature which makes people opt this for official or professional use is because of its touch screen display for taking inputs. This reduces the hectic work of fixing worn-out, wobbly, or damaged keypad.

The printer is capable of printing 20 pages per minute. Moreover, it can print upto 20,000 pages in a whole month which is a big plus point.


  • All kinds of connectivity available: USB, Ethernet, and wireless.
  • Very affordable
  • Good quality print
  • Effective for business, has a touchpad


  • Frequently jams, as said by customers
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7. Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Color Photo Printer

Canon Printer
Best Pick

Canon PIXMA TS5020

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The Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Color Photo Printer is one of the most good looking printers on the list and not only in the looks but also it has all the features that you would basically look for in a printer.

Moreover, as we said its name, is also wireless which makes it a viable option. Its connectivity is great strength in itself as it lets you connect your devices to it easily without using any cabling and heating wiring. It is simple, fast, and easy to set up.

Moreover, as far as the print quality is concerned, it gives an outstanding quality of pictures without compromising the color quality or resolution. 

On top of this, this printer also gives you an option to print creative and beautiful pictures with more care and effectively.

The Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Color Photo Printer has the ability to print on both sides of a sheet, automatically.

It prevents our intervention to manually turn the paper. This printer is very ideal for home use as it is wireless plus it is compact and its storage is not an issue. The printing quality of this printer is awesome and its ink comes at a reasonable price too.

The best part about this printer is, it has 5 ink systems. Also, it gives glossy papers too for you to print beautiful pictures.


  • Individual 5 ink systems
  • Automatic double-sided printing
  • Very good quality images
  • Very small in size


  • Does not have ethernet, not viable for business use
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8. Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Epson Printer
Best Epson Pick

Epson Home XP-340

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Epson is a brand that quickly rose to fame and we all have seen printers from Epson in more or less every shop or cybercafe we have ever been to. The reason is simple, Epson gives very high-quality image printing options.

The Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Photo Printer offers all the basic requirements of printing, scanning, wireless printing, and copying. The navigation in this printer is super easy and reliable. 

The Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless  Color Photo Printer comes with a 1.44” color LCD which lets you navigate and thus, it is great for business application. The best thing about this printer is that you can replace the ink cartridges at a very affordable price.

Moreover, you can only replace those cartridges which you run out of. The Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Photo Printer gives you the ease of double-sided printing. On top of that, you can even get very high-quality pictures.

The ink is of great quality and the cartridges also lets you keep an eye on the ink levels. Thus, making sure that you never run out of ink.


  • Good quality scans
  • Fast printing
  • The image quality is of 1200 DPI
  • Holds a lot of paper


  • Comes a little costly
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9. Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank

Epson Printer
Best Overall Pick

Epson Expression ET-2750

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This Epson all-in-one printer is great if you want to focus on the ink quantity. This printer comes with super-sized ink tanks which makes it an ideal choice for home and small-scale businesses. You will not need to refill your inks again and again.

It is very small and compact and can fit into any corner of your desk without taking much space. 

The color display which lets you navigate through all your works is of 1.44” and it has also got a customization setting which is really helpful. Refilling of ink is also very easy because it is front-facing and you re-fillable.

This ink tank can last for 6,500 pages if you go for monochrome printing along with 5200 other colors. Therefore the Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank is an ideal printing solution if you are looking for a cheap printing option.


  • Individual int tank
  • 5760 x 1440 dpi color print, hence, very high-quality print


  • No auto document feeder
  • Paper capacity is less
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10. HP ENVY 7640: Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink

Hp Printer
Best RRunnerUp Pick

HP ENVY 7640

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The HP ENVY 7640 comes with wireless technology and thus, it is very good for home printing. The best thing about this printer is that you can print on photo paper without changing the paper.

The reason is, it has separate trays for each paper type which makes it very handy and effective even if you run small businesses. The HP ENVY 7640 has another feature which makes it, even more, user friendly.

It also has an application that you can install on your phone which will let you use your printer by using the application. Therefore, you can use your mobile phone as a remote.


  • Easy setup
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Wireless connection


  • A little slow printing.
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This list has everything you will need to know about buying a printer. You should make a list of all the features that you need and make the best decision by matching your needs to the feature of each printer.

Looking at everything can be a hectic job and that why we made you a list of top 10 Best Printer For Home Use With Cheap Ink that you can buy so that you don’t waste unnecessarily on the ink. Hence, ensure to buy the best that suits your needs.

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