10 Best Motherboard for i7 8700K In 2021

Best Motherboard for i7 8700K

In the search for Best Motherboard for i7 8700K? Then now you are in the right place as we have made a list of 10 Best Motherboard for i7 8700K that you can get in 2020 for your gaming pc build.

The motherboard is the main circuit board of any integrated or expandable system. It keeps all the electronic subdivisions of the system to work in coordination. The performance is made to cope up with the processing of 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors, Celerons, and Pentium.

Peripherals, sound cards, video cards, interface cards, network cards, extra USB or FireWire slots, and hard drives are some of the many controls under the motherboard. Let us see what can be the top selects for Best Motherboard for i7 8700K.

10 Best Motherboard for i7 8700K In 2021

1. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E :

Best Pick

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E

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Asus ROG Strix Z390-E with the dimensions of 13.5 x 3.03 x 10.75 inches is designed for the 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core processors with extended speed and connectivity. It has the 5-way optimization that lets you optimize your system in just one click.

Along with dual M.2, it is equipped with a Wi-Fi facility as well. The FanXpert ensures expert cooling and thermal control. The second-generation USB 3.1 guarantees high-speed.  

The new versions are very quick at delivering over-locking results that usually take a long time with manual tuning. It has a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system of 64 bits.

SupremeFX S1220A gives good performance with headsets and better virtual sounds while gaming. The IO shield is previously installed and reassures high-quality performance. The lithium battery ensures a good battery backup and efficiency.

Pros :

  • 802.11AC Wi-Fi 
  • Streamlined installation ensured by the I/O shield
  • 5-way optimization
  • ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming feature
  • Friendly design

Cons :

  • For the 9700K/9900K, its 4 phase VRM is not sufficient.
  • Colour schemes may not seem pleasant to some people.
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2. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero Z390 Motherboard: Best Gaming Motherboard For I7 8700k

Best Gaming Pick

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

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This gaming motherboard with the dimensions- 14.57 x 4.25 x 12.28 is the next in the list and is specially designed for the 9th Gen Intel Core processors. It has the 5-way optimization that lets you optimize your system in just one click.

One of the best features out of the numerous remarkable ones is the extensive cooling control. The DRAM overclocking balance is due to ASUS optimum II.

With the dual M.2 and built-in Wi-Fi, this motherboard offers high-quality performance. SupremeFX ensures high-quality sound effects for the best gaming experience.

XI Hero Z390 is equipped with extended gaming durability and an efficient cooling system. Along with an excellent memory, this product offers quick response for commands.

Pros :

  • 5-way optimization
  • Comprehensive cooling controls
  • Faster memory support
  • Synchronized RGB lighting technology
  • Optimum II for careful memory mapping

Cons :

  • Colour schemes may not seem pleasant to some people.
  • Needs a bios update for a 9900K CPU.
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3. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard

Best Overall Pick


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GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra Gaming Motherboard with 13.58 x 11.57 x 3.14 dimensions is designed to support the 8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor. Direct Touch Heat-pipe and thick thermal pads provide ultra cooling.

The improved thermal design with cooling fans helps to avoid overheating. Optane memory is another excellent feature of this device. The Wi-fi speed is upgraded that ensures smooth video streaming and break-free gaming experience.

AORUS 360 Armor gives the game system strong and durable protection. Smart Fan 5 works efficiently to keep the system maintained without being overheated during continuous gaming.

Pros :

  • Triple M.2 with Triple Thermal Guard
  • Onboard Intel CNVi 802.11AC Wi-Fi
  • Durable protection
  • VRM delivers quality
  • Great for performance and value

Cons :

  •  Bios is not easy to deal with even with the updates.
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4. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I Mini-ITX Motherboard: Best Gaming Motherboard For I7 8700k

Best ITX Pick

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I

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ASUS ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming Mini-ITX Motherboard is specifically designed for the 8th and the 9th Gen Intel Core processors. With the dual M.2 and heat sink, this device is well equipped for gaming.

It offers excellent bandwidth for seamless gaming connectivity. FanXpert makes sure to cool the system down from overheating and thus avoids risks.  

The efficient processors and other components provide you with a continued reliance on its performance and storage. The audio quality is enhanced with SupremeFX that heightens the standards of sound effects.

It offers 5-way optimization, along with the USB 3.1 that guarantees faster connectivity. This device is well equipped to check to overclock and ensures a persistently good-quality performance.

Pros :

  • M.2 double-decker heatsink
  • 5-Way optimization
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Intel Optane Memory
  • Addressable RGB header

Cons :

  • The network connection might be poor at times. 
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5. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Z370 ATX Motherboard

Best RunnerUp Pick

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

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ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Z370 ATX Motherboard is designed specifically for the 8th and the 9th Gen Intel Core Processor with maximized connectivity and speed.

The device is 12.01 x 1.00 x 8.58 inches in dimensions and weighs 3.50 lbs.  The SupremeFX S1220A with dual headphone amplifiers gives a great audio experience while gaming and other related tasks. It also guarantees an uninterrupted and top-quality output and input.

The Aura software permits you to alter the LED effects and enjoy the liberty of creativity. It comes with USB 3.1 and 3D printing features.

The automatic tuning feature manages other aspects such as over-clocking and thermal issues. Moreover, the design of this device is effective and smart to optimize its performance. 

Pros :

  • Intel Optane Memory
  • Dynamic system cooling
  • Advanced software performance
  • 3D printing mounts.

Cons :

  •  No extra space for additional CPU cooling fan
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6. ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151: Best Motherboard For i7 8700k

Best ASUS Pick

ASUS Prime Z390-A

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ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard LGA1151 with dimensions of 12.91 x 2.68 x 10.35 inches is exclusively designed for the 8th and the 9th Gen Intel Core Processor.

It offers maximum connectivity and speed along with one-click optimization with smart prediction to overclock the CPU. Fan Xpert 4 gives advanced system cooling. It gives customizable performance with AI overclocking.

The second-generation USB 3.1 guarantees ultra-fast connectivity. This device offers high-quality audio and video along with various levels of hardware protection.

Pros :

  • Better DRAM overclocking stability due to ASUS Optimum II
  • 5-Way Optimization.
  • Safe Slot Core with Protection III Hardware-level safeguards
  • High definition audio with Realtek ALC887
  • Full RGB lighting control.

Cons :

  •  Non-addressable 4 pin headers.
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7. MSI Performance Intel ATX Motherboard:

Best MSI Pick

MSI Performance

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MSI Performance GAMING Intel ATX Motherboard is specially designed for supporting the 8th Gen Intel Core Processor. The design and layout is suitable for making optimum use of storage.

You are also given the freedom to customize the gaming according to your preferences. This device has an advanced heat sink for a quicker and better thermal solution.

Such a feature helps to avoid overheating issues and lets you use the system for long periods. With the high-end processors, it can carry out even heavy tasks with great diligence. 

Pros :

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Slots supporting up to 64GB
  • Best optimized layout for storage
  • Ultimate gaming customization
  • No beeps to troubleshoot

Cons :

  •  Update of Bios is required for dealing with the 9th Gen
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8. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Motherboard

Best Gaming Pick


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The versatile MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Motherboard supports 9th generation i9-9900K, i7-9700K, i5-9600K, along with the 8th Generation Intel Core / Pentium Gold / Celeron, processors.

This device is designed with dimensions of 12.00 x 9.60 x 1.20 inches and a weight of 3.30 lbs. It has special inbuilt features for high-performance gaming.

The system is equipped with second-generation Turbo USB 3.1that ensures efficient connectivity. It comes with an in-built IO shielding for warding off dust and increasing security for the ESD.

Pros :

  • Dual-channel DDR4 Memory
  • 2x TURBO M.2.
  • Optane Memory.
  • Control Mystic Light SYNC.
  • Outperforms most of the top-quality gaming products 

Cons :

  • Issues may appear due to bios being not up to the mark.
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 9. Gigabyte Z390 UD 

Best Gigabyte Pick

Gigabyte Z390 UD

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Gigabyte Z390 UD is a durable choice due to its stable structure that provides enough support to the additional components attached such as the graphics cards. This also prevents the model to break down on rough handling.

Supported with ultra-durable armor, this device provides the ultimate graphics features. The Smart Fan cooling system ensures instant cooling of the device, dodging off the possibilities of heating up. 

This system has six thermal sensors where the fans can be replaced according to the requirement. The Realtek LAN performs an automatic assignment of bandwidth and chooses the most suitable network.

With the decreased drain-source, the power usage is channelled wisely by providing power to the energy-hungry units of the system.

Pros :

  • Full-colour RGB Light strip support
  • Smart Fan 5 with multiple temperature sensors
  • Ultra Durable Armour for Multi-way Graphics Support
  • 8+4 Solid Pin Header
  • Enhanced VRM Design

Cons :

  • Monitoring App feature is not available
  • Not compatible with some old components
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10. ASRock Z370 Extreme4

Best Asrock Pick

ASRock Z370 Extreme4

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This device has four DDR4 DIMM memory slots that make the set-up the most powerful and suitable environment for the user’s programming needs. The ports include USB 3.1, HDMI, Type A and C ports. ASRock Z370 Extreme4 supports eighth-generation processors and NVIDIA Quad SLI.

The components are all tested and proved of efficiency, which ensures a perfect usage without compatibility issues. The memory modules are extremely efficient with the DDR4 technology. 

Pros :

  • The motherboard is protected with spike protection from all sides.
  • HDMI connection supports the maximum speed.
  • The memory ports are easy to access and provide more memory relatively.

Cons :

  • It does not support the 4K display.
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Buyer’s Guide For Best Motherboard for i7 8700K

The Intel Core i7 8700k processor is the 8th Gen processor that provides 4.70 GHz speed. The memory provided by it is the 12 MB cache. The buyer should be aware of some basic facts and keys about the i7 8700k processor.

Here is a very brief and important list of facts about the Best Motherboard for i7 8700K processor and the motherboard choice for the same. A buyer must follow the following points for the right choice and smooth working of the system :

  • The foremost requirement is that the motherboard you choose should support the system processor (Intel Core i7 8700k processor in this case). You can look for any motherboard that is designed for 8th Gen Intel Core processors. 
  • It can support three display screens simultaneously. You should make sure that the motherboard that you are choosing should be compatible with all the three displays.
  •  The Intel Secure Key feature keeps the encrypted information and data secure. A random number generator generates a sequence of numbers that keeps the security ensured. Make sure that your motherboard features go along with the security terms, processes, and conditions of the secure key features of the processor.
  • A 14 nm lithography is constituted in the Intel Core i7 8700k processor. Mostly the semiconductor size in the motherboard is preferred to be small but you can select according to what is compatible with the processor.
  • The Intel Core i7 8700k processor does not provide any heat sink or additional fan for the motherboard’s installation. You will have to look for an additional cooling system for this purpose. Most of the above-mentioned motherboard specifications have a heat sink or a cooling fan for the motherboard as a substitute for this problem.
  • See what ports are available and be specific if there are any restrictions according to your requirements. However, mostly HDMI and USB 3.0 are vital.
  • There should be control of the fan or heatsink that is controlling the overheating of the motherboard. Any other heat dissipation method should be verified or examined. It could be a great help for heat-reduction, even though it would not be a complete replacement of the heat sink or cooling fan.
  • The PCI format is mostly used for the ports of peripherals.
  • The memory handling of the motherboard is ideally able to handle all the programming needs of the user. Some can even handle 64 GB of RAM.
  • The size of the unit should be sufficiently big to cover all the required ports. At the same time, the size should fit the system structure.

Conclusion :

Various motherboards with their specifications have been mentioned above. A complete guide for the purpose is also given above for your convenience. A perfect choice greatly depends on your needs and requirements. The basics that should be considered in any case are also mentioned in the Buyer’s Guide.

The right choice of motherboard concerning the system processor is important for the coordinated working of your system. The available ports, the automatic heatsink or fan, the display support, and the memory handling allowed to the Motherboard, gives a great performance of the system if found compatible to your system processor.

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