Best Motherboard For AMD FX8350 [Updated 2022]

As you already know AMD FX8350 is a powerful processor. As a result, choosing a compatible motherboard for this CPU become more critical because overclocking typically requires better hardware. So which is the best motherboard for AMD FX8350?

The FX 8350 is a great processor for gamers on the go. It can produce 100+ fps at 1080p and does not have any trouble with 3DMark games like PUBG, Fortnite, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (unless you’re playing against other CPUs).

The CPU doesn’t deal much in terms of physics so it maintains high framerates!

The best combination for gaming on the AMD FX 8350 is a graphic card like Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

This will lower your CPU’s bottleneck, and you can take that experience up to 100+fps in games such as Fortnite with this setup!

The 2012 CPU, with its eight cores and threads, is unlocked for peak performance.

This means that it’s possible to run games without any hiccups or glitches on this high-end processor!

The FX 8350 is a great processor for gaming, but if you want to use your computer primarily as an AMD GPU and don’t have the money needed for RTX parts then be sure not to insert anything other than what’s necessary.

The budget-friendly decision will go long way when optimizing performance between different components to give optimum results without experiencing any bottlenecks or decreases because of overloading them with too many tasks at once!

If you’re looking for the best gaming and performance PC build, look no further than our list. We have compiled a variety of options that will suit any need – from budget-conscious to high-end systems tailored specifically toward gamers!

Best Motherboard For AMD FX8350 (Updated)

1.ASUS 970 PRO GAMING: Best Supported AMD FX8350 Motherboard


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Processor: AMD AM3+ FX / Phenom II / Athlon II /Sempron 100 Series
  • Chipset: 970FX/SB950  
  • Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM
  • Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2133 MHz (O.C)
  • Socket: AM3+
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Audio: SupremeFX 8-Channel High Definition  
  • VRM: 7+1  
  • Dimensions: 10.35 x 12.91 x 2.68 inches

This motherboard is perfect for those who want to take advantage of the latest techs without having an old piece on their computer.

USB 3 and PCIe 2 make data transfer super fast, while diagnostic LEDs help pinpoint any problems you might have with your processor or configuration so they can be fixed before something worse happens!

ASUS works hard to make your system stand out. The 970 PRO GAMING motherboard offers an array of features, including support for USB 3 front panel slots and 125-watt processors like the AMD FX 8350 processor which is perfect if you want some extra oomph in games or other demanding tasks that require more processing power than what’s available within today’s higher-end CPUs/GPUs without paying too much money.”

With this affordable and powerful motherboard, you can play all your favorite games with ease.

You’ll be able to enjoy 100+fps at 1080p resolution on medium settings without missing out too much on performance even when Twitch streaming!

The AMD AM4 platform offers the best balance between price and performance.

Throw in an Nvidia 1060 6GB GPU, you have yourself a future-proof system for all of today’s top titles playing at 1080p resolution with appropriate settings—and 60fps+!

Online gaming also works great without any dip due to lack of multiprocessing speeds either; its robust connectivity clear audio multi


  • It comes with M.2 compatibility.
  • Provides 6 Fan headers that work so efficiently.
  • Crossfire compatibility is there.


  • Provides No wireless connectivity in this.

2. GIGABYTE GA 990FXA UD3: Best Budget Motherboard For FX8350


  • Brand: Gigabyte  
  • Processor: AMD AM3+ FX / Phenom II / Athlon II Series
  • Chipset: AMD 990FX/SB950  
  • Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM  
  • Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2000 MHz (O.C) | Socket: AM3+
  •  Form Factor: ATX
  •  Audio: Realtek ALC889 2/4/5.1/7.1-Channel High Definition
  • VRM: 8+2
  •  Dimensions: 10.35 x 12.91 x 2.68 inches

The perfect gaming PC is at your fingertips with this motherboard! It supports USB 3.0 and 6 SATA connections, which can transfer data faster than ever before-especially if you’re running high-resolution videos or other large files from external storage devices like flash drives.

And don’t worry about compatibility problems; because it has 8 channels of audio processing power on board as well (32GB total), all sounds will be crystal clear during gameplay without any distortion whatsoever.”

GIGABYTE GA 990FXA UD3 is a motherboard with dual BIOS and SLI/Crossfire support.

It can handle overclocking well, but you’ll need an efficient cooling solution for the AMD FX 8350 if want to reach 4 GHz on air!

The clear labeling and ample spacing on this motherboard ensure that you can install thick graphic cards like the NVidias 1060 with ease.

The 9-pin serial port is still featured since some people still use it for programming etc., while the premium black color makes your PC stand out from others in its class!

If you want the best performance for your money, this is an excellent choice. The 8+2 VRM phases will keep all of its components running at peak voltage so that nothing crashes during online gaming sessions and with ultra-fast USB 3 speeds up to 5 Gbps (gigabytes per second) there won’t be any need to reload or wait around while things happen on screen!


  • Comes with 8+2 VRM phases.
  • Well efficiently stable overclocking.
  • Gunmetal with Black & Grey Aesthetics.


  • Not having user-friendly BIOS.

3.ASUS M5A99FX PRO: Best Motherboard For FX8350 In 2022


  • Brand: ASUS
  •  Processor: AMD AM3+ FX / Phenom II / Athlon II /Sempron 100 Series
  • Chipset: 990FX/SB950  
  • Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM
  •  Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2133 MHz (O.C)
  •  Socket: AM3  
  • Form Factor: ATX  
  • Audio: Realtek ALC892 8-Channel High Definition
  •  VRM: 6+2
  •  Dimensions: 10.4 x 12.9 x 2.7 inches

This ASUS motherboard has four USB 3.0 ports, an easy BIOS flashback button to bring your settings back if you have corrupted them and it also offers network control as simple as a single click!

The ASUS M5A99FX PRO motherboard is the perfect tool for getting your AMD FX 8350 up to speed.

It has been proven time after again that this product can handle high overclocks with ease, and its UEFI BIOS makes applying those changes simple as pie!

In addition, you’ll enjoy DTS connect audio restoration technology when gaming or listening through headphones on supported devices – so not only will it overclock like nobody’s business but they might just make sure every sound comes through loud & clear too!”

There’s no need to worry about your PC getting too hot with this motherboard.

The fan connectors are 4-pin, so if you have 3 pin fans on another set of equipment then they might not work properly; otherwise, the Overclocking capabilities and stability when under load will keep any system running smoothly without generating excessive heat or Candidate for failure at 51 degrees.

With this new technology from ASUS, you will be able to send files across platforms and devices with ease.

The Remote GO feature allows all of your smart appliances like laptops or cell phones to connect wirelessly so that transferring large amounts is not burdensome on any single connection point!


  • Well efficient software.
  • Trustable overclocking ability.
  • Comes with wireless connectivity.


  • Consumes power more.



  • Brand: ASUS
  •  Processor: AMD AM3+ FX / Phenom II / Athlon II /Sempron 100 Series | Chipset: AMD 990FX/SB950 |
  •  Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM
  •  Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2133 MHz (O.C)
  • Socket: AM3+
  •  Form Factor: ATX
  •  Audio: Realtek ALC892 8-Channel High Definition
  • VRM: 6+2
  •  Dimensions: 12.91 x 10.35 x 2.68 inches

The motherboard’s blue and black color scheme is striking, as are the stellar-looking heatsinks.

It features dual intelligent processors with full hardware control that allow users to adjust clock speeds or voltages depending on what they need for their system at any given time!

USB 3.” boost technology helps transmit data faster than ever before – perfect if you’re transferring big files like videos from your camera phone while out filming; plus it runs smoothly under Windows 10 64bi.

The ASUS M5A99X EVO motherboard is a great choice for those looking to overclock their AMD FX 8350 without any hassle.

Along with being capable of reaching high clock speeds, this makes it one affordable solution that can handle all new games including VR titles!

The FX 8350 is a great processor for content creators because it allows you to run photoshop and premier with ease.

encoding time isn’t as slow compared to the latest 5000 series AMD processors, but while editing software lags are minimal which makes this motherboard perfect if your goal photo editing!

If you want to build a budget gaming PC that can also overclock well, this motherboard is an excellent choice.

It features easy access BIOS and solid PCB construction with AI software suite for added convenience – no need to search through settings menus when your data transfer needs are met by remote GO!

The 14 USB 2 ports will more than suffice but if Barrack Obama wants us using his precious outlets then we’ll give him 4 too (it’s not like he ever uses them).


  • Enough USB connection.
  • Quad GPU support for AMD and Nvidia.
  • One of the best compatibility with AMD FX8350.


  • Doesn’t come with M.2.

5. ASUS M5A78L-M Plus: Best ASUS Motherboard For AMD FX8350


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Processor: AMD AM3+ FX / Phenom II / Athlon II /Sempron 100 Series 
  • Chipset: 760G/SB710
  •  Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM
  •  Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2000 MHz (O.C)
  •  Socket: AM3+
  •  Form Factor: Micro ATX
  •  Audio: Realtek ALC887 8-Channel High Definition
  •  VRM: 4+1
  • Dimensions: 10.24 x 10.63 x 2.03 inches

It’s an absolute basic motherboard for overclockers. It does feature the all-new USB 3.0 port for fast and reliable data transfer.

The support for dual-channel RAM ensures that the max performance is extracted from the memory.

The BIOS is also user-friendly for overclocking. The anti-surge helps protect against power surges in countries where electricity surge is a big problem.

The ASUS M5A78L-M Plus micro ATX motherboard is small but it can still handle 32 gigs of RAM and 125-watt processors.

The onboard overclocking capabilities are also good enough for this price point, allowing you to overclock your processor or ram without having any worries about throttling themselves to do so!

There isn’t a lot going on with regards to heat sinks here since the VRMs don’t have one yet they manage 8350GHz across all cores nonetheless which makes them worth getting if anything else electrical happens during gameplay like lightning storms etc…

This motherboard is a great choice for gamers looking to spend the minimum and get an excellent performing gaming PC.

The SATA III port isn’t available, but M.2 slots are still present which allows you to reach high speeds with your system running Windows 10 support–perfect if small form factor or low space at home requirements apply!

It is an excellent motherboard overall. For its price, it’s a perfect choice for new PC overclockers.

The RAM and CPU can easily get overclocked with the BIOS.

However, the BIOS isn’t UEFI-based, so it is challenging for new gamers. The 1050 Ti would work fine on this motherboard and be a perfect match for the AMD FX 8350. The minimum bottleneck is expected with this board.


  • Slots are good quality.
  • HDMI and VDI gives outstanding outputs.
  • Compatible with Windows 10.


  • Consumes too much power.

6.MSI 760GMA P34


  • Brand: MSI
  •  Processor: AMD FX / Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron Series
  • Chipset: 760G/SB710
  •  Memory: 16 GB, 4 x DIMM
  •  Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 1866 MHz (O.C)
  •  Socket: AM3+
  •  Form Factor: Micro ATX
  •  Audio: Realtek ALC887 7.1-Channel High Definition
  •  VRM: 4+1
  •  Dimensions: 9.30 x 8.10 x 2.20 inches

The MSI 760 GMA P34 motherboard is a great choice for gamers who want to get into overclocking. With 1866 MHz RAM capabilities and compatibility with Windows 8 or 10, this board can meet all your storage needs!

The micro ATX form factor makes it perfect as an AMD FX 8350 processor heatsink too – so go ahead and find one today at our low prices on Newegg!.

The active phase switching helps to adjust the voltage better and keeps your CPU running at a fixed clock speed, while also providing secure connections.

The military-grade components ensure that this motherboard will last longer than most others on a budget!

The FX 8350 is a great processor for gamers because it can play most games without issue. It has the power you need to take on any task, plus 4 USB 2 ports and 2 USB 3 ones!

This motherboard is not suitable for those who want to run multiple graphics cards or connect to more than one monitor.

However, if you can manage your cables and components with care then this board will be perfect as it doesn’t come integrated at all!

There isn’t Wi-Fi connectivity either so make sure that’s something worth getting before buying anything here (you’ll regret doing otherwise).


  • Comes with a USB 3.0 support.
  • The excellent build quality of components.
  • Active phase switching (APS) is also there.


  • OC software is not user friendly.

7.MSI 970 Gaming: Best MSI Motherboard For AMD FX8350


  • Brand: MSI
  • Processor: AMD FX / Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron Series
  •  Chipset: AMD 970 / SB950
  • Memory: 32 GB, 4 x DIMM  
  • Memory Speed: 1066 MHz to 2133 MHz (O.C)
  • Socket: AM3+
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Audio: Realtek ALC1150 7.1-Channel High Definition  
  • VRM: 6+2
  •  Dimensions: 11.60 x 8.70 x 3.00 inches

The Red and the Black combo of this motherboard is stunning. It also has affordable overclocking options, but you’ll need an excellent cooling system if want to ensure a smooth running experience from start to finish (not just during intense gaming moments).

The drivers were difficult for me to install at first because they didn’t all fit into my computer properly; otherwise; there’s sufficient connectivity with USB 3 ports as well other peripheral devices such1s printer/scanner combinations!

MSI’s 970 Gaming is a good choice for those who want to save some money and still have an effective gaming system.

It can accommodate up to 2133MHz RAM with simple BIOS tweaking, supporting SLI/CF in addition to both graphics cards running at the same time or separately depending on your needs!

This motherboard is perfect for those looking to get the most out of their AMD FX 8350 processor.

You’ll be able to optimize it up until 4GHz @ 1,445 voltage with this bad boy and not worry about VRM overheating because its BIOS interface makes achieving good results easy as pie!

Plus you also got yourself a nice set or dedicated audio chip that ensures high-quality sound when playing games online – what more could someone want?

The best bang for your buck is this motherboard if you’re not looking to overclock too much and want a stable processor.

The VRMs are susceptible, but the audio quality makes up for it with AMD FX 8350 support!


  • Top-notch audio quality.
  • Comes with USB 3.0 Headers.
  • Best band for your bucks.


  • Consumes too much power.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Motherboard For AMD FX8350 (Updated)

Is the AMD FX 8350 Good for Gaming 2021?

Yes, this chip is good for gaming even in the future when it comes to processor support!

It’s the current flagship of the AMD FX 8-core family that will be succeeded by other models but can still handle itself quite well against Intel processors because its memory support allows us to push our games further with faster GPUs!

Best Motherboard For AMD FX8350 (Updated) Will The Asus AM3+ M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Work With A Ryzen 7 Processor?

The motherboard is designed to work with old and new processors in the same family so you’re good to go!

Is MSI 970 Gaming a Good Choice for a Gaming Build?

It’s a solid choice for an AMD FX 8350 that prioritizes overclocking options, but it doesn’t support SLI/CF – better suited for gamers who want to optimize their processor’s performance by overclocking.

Can I Use DDR3 RAM with MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard (FX8350)?

Yes, this motherboard’s AM3+ socket supports up to 2133MHz RAM!

What is the Best Motherboard for AMD FX8350?

If you can afford it, go with MSI 970 Gaming because it features everything a gamer needs from overclocking support all the way to dedicated audio chipsets that help gamers avoid low sound quality – any other motherboard in this price range won’t support SLI/CF!

Is MSI AM3+ 970 Gaming a Good Choice for a Gaming Build?

It’s a solid choice for an AMD FX 8350 that prioritizes overclocking options, but it doesn’t support SLI/CF – better suited for gamers who want to optimize their processor’s performance by overclocking.

Can I Use DDR3 RAM with MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard (FX8350)?

Yes, this motherboard’s AM3+ socket supports up to 2133MHz RAM!

Buyer’s Guide For Best Motherboard For AMD FX8350 (Updated)


The AMD FX 8350 is the brain of your system, and as such, it needs a motherboard with enough power to keep up.

This means you should look specifically at motherboards that support this processor – but don’t worry because we have compiled all those into one list for easy reference!


Chipsets have been around for a long time and can be found in almost every computer.

They manage data flow between main memory, cache memories on the processor itself as well as providing connectivity to graphics cards if needed through its own onboard chipset Suite Alternatively there may not even exist any kind of integrated graphics processing unit at all!

Form Factor:

The difference between an ATX and Micro ATX motherboard is that the former has standard size ports, slots while providing more features such as DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Modules) slot for installing RAM memory modules in multiple banks; whereas on smaller boards these types of accommodations may not be available.

RAM Slots:

Upgrade your system with the best RAM for an FX 8350 The most important part of any computer is its memory.

FX8350 requires 16GB, but there are only 32 GBs in total supported by motherboards and you’ll want to make sure that yours has dual-channel architecture or equally fast speeds because it will give better performance when running demanding apps such as Photoshop, etc

PCIe Slots:

When you are looking to buy a new motherboard, one of the first things that should come into mind is whether or not they have expansion sockets.

Expansion slots allow gamers and graphic designers alike greater accessibility for their hardware needs as well!

You’ll find a PCI-E 2×16 (graphics card) interface along with other types such 8X PCIe; 4X SATA & M2 SSD among others on each board we stock at Micro Center so don’t forget about them when making your purchase decision today!”


If you have an AMD FX 8350 processor, we recommend going with the best motherboard for this powerful and thirsty chip.

This CPU can be quite difficult to overclock due in part to its high power consumption which will require a stable machine that has good VRMs ( voltage regulators) as well as sufficient phases on each core’s circuit board so they don’t overload when overclocking; under severe conditions like this where temperatures may rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 Celsius your computer could cause Blue Screen Of Death error messages!.

The difference between motherboards is clear when you compare USB 3.0 and M2 SSD support, but what about gamers who want both performances in their games alongside an attractive appearance?

Well luckily for these individuals there are only two models that offer this feature: MSI logo matting on all four sides along with RGB light strips below each raid fan slot at no extra charge!

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