Best Monitor For PS5 In 2022[Editor Picks]

Are you a console gamer and looking for Best Gaming Monitor for Ps5 then click here to know what are the best monitor that you can get for your PlayStation. One of the best gaming monitors for PS5 are likely to have some great features, like being able to pair them with your new console.

If you’re lucky enough that they still have it in stock or can find one at all then this will be an ideal addition – but if not don’t worry because there’s plenty more where these came from!

The PlayStation 5 is a huge tech leap over every PlayStation before it; make sure yours has everything its.

The PS5 has an upgraded video output capability that allows you to unlock all of its capabilities – 4K, 120Hz refresh rate and HDR. But this comes at a cost: finding the right monitor will be key in order for your viewing experience to be maximized!

Make sure it’s got HDMI 2.1 inputs because only then can we fully utilize what this console offers us with graphical goodies like variable frame rates or high dynamic range (HDR).

The recent PS5 update has confirmed that, among other fixes and bits and bobs, there would now be 120Hz support for “some” 1080p/120 Hz PC monitors. This is great news!

It means gamers can game at higher frame rates on these compatible displays which in turn increases their immersion when playing the games they love so much–especially.

if you’re hoping to get an even faster response time out of your gameplay experience with things like action shots or fast-paced racing sections where every millisecond counts.

We are working on a list and information of which exact PS5 monitors will be compatible with this support so stay tuned, more of those screens may appear in the next update.

Also hopefully this paves way for such compatibility across other models as well!

One of the major factors that will influence a company’s strategic decisions is price.

For example, while delivering on all those core capabilities in one screen might be costly for some companies at first blush – there are still deals to be had if you’re willing to look close enough or have an eye for bargains!

In other words: don’t let your budget stop you from getting what could very well become an excellent monitor .

Best Monitor For PS5 In 2022

1.ASUS VP28UQG: Monitor For PS5


  • Screen size: 28-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 4K; 3840×2160
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Viewing angle: 170/160 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 500:1

The new ASUS VP28UQG is capable of displaying 4K and 120Hz. Though most games can’t both run at this high refresh rate, the latest graphically intense ones might be able to.

Whether you want a monitor for gaming or your professional workstation needs it doesn’t matter-if they’re looking for something with good color accuracy but also an excellent response time (especially in dark scenes).

With a price tag of only $240 / £242, this monitor is astonishingly affordable for its 4K size and 28 inch screen.

Thanks to HDMI 2.0 compatibility with the PS5 as well as DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity abilities that will let you play games on your PC seamlessly while also supporting HDR visuals without any problems whatsoever!

The ASUS VP28UQG has a 1ms-capable TN panel, which is impressive for its ability to produce fast pixel response times.

While it isn’t the best at color reproduction or contrast ratio compared to IPS or VA panels, this technology still manages an edge over these other technologies in pure speed due solely to how quickly images appear on screen with no lag time between actions happening within games themselves as well as when you mouse around menus while browsing YouTube videos online!


  • Comes with 4K visuals.
  • Gives a 1 ms response time.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.


  • Comes with TN panel tech.
  • Only 60Hz refresh rate.

2.BenQ EW3270U: New Design Monitor For PS5


  • Screen size: 31.5-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 4K; 3840×2160
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Viewing angle: 178/178 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 3,000:1

If you want to get the best visuals without breaking your wallet, the BenQ EW3270U is an excellent choice.

With punchy colors and fantastic contrast ratios of up 3,000:1 this affordable monitor will not disappoint!

It also supports HDR so even though it isn’t a true HDR display its input can be processed through VA panels for some seriously high quality images at home or on-the go.

If premium 4K visuals are what you’re after then there really isn’t anything else that comes close in terms of price tag either now or anytime soon thanks largely due UV filtering properties which reduce glare from bright light sources like sunlit windows found commonly throughout most homes today .

BenQ’s EW3270U is a sleek and stylish 32-inch 4K monitor with an attractive price tag. It has 3,840 by 2160 resolution for really intense graphics you can make out even on the smallest screens – perfect for any gamer or professional looking to fill up their workspace!

Plus it looks great from all angles thanks to its slim bezels that don’t disrupt visibility once again making this one super appealing choice in terms of design as well.

The EW3270U is a compromise, but not the best one you can make for your PS5. It won’t unlock all its capabilities–most notably 120Hz refresh rates and 4K video-streaming capability.

But something has got to give at this end of market, so if smoother gameplay above regular resolutions are important then take note: The BenQ will get it done without any fuss!


  • Awesome 3,000:1 static contrast.
  • Perfectly sized monitor for the console.
  • Comes with great Slim bezels.


  • A bit older model.
  • No 120Hz is available.

3.ASUS CG32UQ: New Model Monitor For PS5


  • Screen size: 32-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Brightness: 400cd/m2
  • Response time: 5ms
  • Viewing angle: 178/178 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 3,000:1

Console gamers should take note of the ASUS CG32UQ because it is a serious contender for best PS5 monitor lists next year.

The console-focused gaming monitor offers top shelf performance and can handle everything from first person shooters to racing games with ease, making this an excellent choice if you’re looking forward to getting into some high quality video gaming on your television set!

This monitor is great for gamers because of its high resolution and amazing HDR capabilities. It’s expensive, but now you can finally see the difference between your normal TV without any image flaws or darkness in game play!

The monitor’s 95% DCI-P3 rating and contrast ratio of 3000:1 allows the glorious colors to shine through with perfect clarity.

One of the best features on this monitor is AuraSync lighting. Offering ambient light that only some TVs in UK do, it’s backlighting effects which help to separate them from other packs and add immersive show quality for an impressive display!

A great monitor with a premium design and the latest technology. It’s packed full of features, such as FreeSync which ensures your gaming experience is flawless without any input lag or tearing in sight!

Plus there are Game Fast mode for quick gameplay optimizations to cut down on waiting time between missions etc.,

flicker-free pictures that eliminate those irritating screen flashes when brightness changes too rapidly during intense moments – not just while playing games either but also from email alerts popping up all over or phone notifications sounding their alarms at once (talk about distracting!).


  • Amazing picture quality.
  • Well-managed color range, depth, and contrasts.
  • Full 4K and HDR goodness.


  • Quite a costly pricing.
  • Only a 60Hz refresh rate is there.

4.Samsung CRG5 24-inch


  • Screen size: 23.5-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: Full HD; 1920×1080
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Response time: 4ms
  • Viewing angle: 178/178 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 3,000:1

If you are looking for a high-refresh 1080p monitor, don’t panic. You can get one with an ultra-wide curved premium panel from Samsung that costs under $150!

The 24″ model of this screen is called the GRG5 and we have it in stock right now at our store – come check it out today if your budget allows (or hurry before they’re gone)!

The monitor boasts a 24-inch curved VA panel, which is not HDR compliant. But thanks to its 3k contrast ratio and 1800R curve for immersive viewing experience that can potentially compete with monitors claiming HDR capabilities.

1080p screens are the norm at this price point, but if you want a super smooth high-refresh experience with no pixilation and rich colors then 4K isn’t going to be available.

Likewise 24 inches is hardly cinematic or large enough for most people; however something has got give because we still need affordable gaming monitors that can fit into our lives without breaking them financially.

The VA panel provides the best gaming experience with fast response times. If you’re looking for a monitor that can offer your video card smooth gameplay, this is one option worth considering.


  • Provides 120Hz refresh rate support.
  • Comes with VA panel technology.
  • Very low pricing.


  • No HDR support is there.
  • Not a 4k monitor.

5.ViewSonic VX2768-PC-MHD


  • Screen size: 27-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: Full HD ; 1920×1080
  • Brightness: 250cd/m2
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Viewing angles: 178/178 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 3,000:1

The 27-inch panel sports a tight 1500R curve for that immersive, wrap around feel and is based on VA technology.

The implications of this type of tech include outstanding static contrast ratios up to 3k:1 along with punchy colors in addition to good viewing angles which were once associated only with TN panels but now can also be found among their IPS counterparts thanks largely due recent advancements within the industry’s manufacturing process itself!

There are two reasons why 1080p is still the best resolution for gaming. Firstly, 1,920 by 1,080 has better detail and sharper images when compared to 4K native screen resolutions.

Secondly -and most importantly- it’s more responsive than higher pixel count displays which will give you faster gameplays without any lag time or delay in response times!

This monitor is a great choice for gamers looking to get the most out of their PS5 system. It offers topnotch refresh rates and colors, but does not have HDR or an ultra-aggressive price point like other competing models on the market today!


  • 120Hz refresh rate.
  • High-contrast VA panel.
  • Complete value for money.


  • No HDR support.

6.Acer Predator CG7


  • Screen size: 43-inch
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 4K; 3840×2160
  • Brightness: 1,000 nits
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Viewing angle: 178/178 degrees
  • Contrast ratio: 4,000:1

Acer’s 43-inch Predator CG7 has been updated with HDMI 2.1 support, making it one of the best PS5 monitors going now!

The branding is confusing though as they added an ‘P’ at end which signifies that there’s an upgraded model – prices will be different and links lead to where you can purchase them from online retailer sites like Amazon or eBay etc..

The VA panel is the real deal and it can produce 1,000 nit brightness.

The Visual Response Boost mode that comes at the cost of decreased light output makes this laptop perfect for those who value responsiveness over sheer power; you’ll even get full 120Hz with your games thanks to HDMI 2.1!

The Acer CG7 is a high-end monitor with 90% coverage of the DCI P3 color gamut, but it doesn’t have full array local dimming.

Still this means that users can benefit from HDR 1000 certification and enjoy up to 1,000 nit brightness while still getting 14 edge lit zones for deep blacks in dark scenes or bright whites when viewing highly detailed images like videos side by side other monitors without blurriness caused because they lack any type of anti Aliasing technique which helps make video games so much more immersive!


  • Mega 43-inch 4K panel.
  • VA tech delivers huge contrast.
  • Up to 144Hz for ultra-responsive gaming.


  • HDR panel doesn’t perform well.
  • The backlight is edge-lit.
  • Not budget-friendly pricing.

Buyer’s guide for Best monitor for PS5

This article will help you decide quickly which gaming monitor is excellent for your PS5 needs. So, please read through our tips to find the perfect video game display screen!

1. Resolution:

If you want the ultimate detail in the recreation, a 4K monitor is your best bet. But make sure to get a high refresh rate one too because if it’s only 60Hz, there will be tearing and stutter issues while playing demanding games!

2. GPU:

You need to match your video card with the resolution of the monitor. If you have a 1080p video card, it is pointless to buy a 4K monitor as your PC will not be able to produce frame rates over 60FPS.

Yet, if you are looking for an upgrade to PS5 Pro, go for 1440p monitors!

3. Refresh rate:

If you are using a 4K monitor, do ensure that it has a high refresh rate. Since you are rendering more pixels than 1440p displays, the game action will be much smoother if your monitor can keep up with the output!

4. Response time:

Ideally, you should go for 1ms or less to ensure no ghosting effect when playing fast-paced games like racing simulators or FPS (First Person Shooter) titles.

5. Ports:

Look for the basic ports like HDMI and DisplayPort for PS5 Pro – you don’t need anything else like USB ports, speakers etc..

If it has USB-C then that would be tuber cool but not mandatory!

6. Room lighting:

If you are buying one for PS5 Pro or Xbox One X, make sure that it is bright enough to be viewed even in a brightly lit room.

There are many models which offer 1000 nits of brightness but if your room is sunny, too much light will impact the performance of the screen!

7. Pricing:

If you are buying a monitor for PS5 Pro or Xbox One X, make sure it has all the bells and whistles like HDR support etc.

But please don’t spend more than $500 on a gaming display – if your budget is much lower, check out our 4K TV buying guide where we have listed some of the best models under $300 and also the top models under $500!

8. Other:

If you are a racing or FPS fan looking for perfection, check out our buying guide on 1440p 144Hz monitors.

These offer good value for money and will deliver silky smooth performance while keeping speed with your G-Force (Racing) or reaction time (FPS)!

Frequently asked questions for Best monitors for PS5

Can I get the best 144Hz gaming monitor for PS5?

Yes, you can! In fact, some of our top picks include a 240Hz model as well as a high refresh rate 1440p monitor.

Can I get the best 27 inch 4K gaming monitor for PS5?

Yes, you can! While there are plenty of 60Hz models on offer, we have picked out the one with the highest refresh rate for PS5 Pro!

Can I get the best G-Sync monitor for PS5?

Yes, you can! We have picked out some incredibly good 4K models which support G-Sync and offer a great gaming experience.

Is it okay to buy a cheap $200 1080p display for PS5 Pro?

Yes, it is – but don’t expect any bells & whistles. For example, there are no FreeSync or G-Sync enabled monitors in the sub-$200 segment!

Can you buy an Ultrawide monitor for PS5 Pro?

Yes, you can! Ultrawide monitors offer an incredibly immersive gaming experience with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a huge field of view.

I have a 1440p monitor – is it okay to get a 4K one for PS5 Pro?

Yes, you can! In fact, we have listed some great models that will deliver outstanding performance while keeping your wallet happy too!

Why did you not recommend OLED panel monitors for PS5 Pro?

Yes, they are great! However, that technology is still quite expensive and costs more than $2K for a decent display.

Also, consider the fact that LCD/LED monitors have progressed leaps and bounds over the years – so you get an almost OLED experience at much lower prices!


Are you looking for the best bigger screen size gaming monitor? Here is a list of some options that will meet your needs. I’ve covered both budget-friendly and feature rich models in this post, so it should be easy to find one with what suits your preferences!

Finally, if you want to try any other high-end gaming monitor and would like our guide on finding the best for PS5 check it out!

I think you have a good monitor for your PS5 pro. You can check out our monitor buying guide to find the best 4K monitors for PS5, 1440p 144Hz model and the G-Sync enabled ones as well!

As we have outlined in this article, most ultrawide monitors are not FreeSync or G-Sync enabled. However, if they do offer these features, the price will be higher than normal – so keep that in mind! We hope you found what you were looking for in our post – if not, check out our gaming monitor buying guide.

Thank you so much for giving your valuable time and reading. I hope you made your decision .

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