10 Best Micro Atx Case In 2021

Best Micro Atx Case

Searching for Best Micro Atx Case? Then we have made a list of 10 Best Micro Atx Case that you can get for your pc build.

The demand for Micro ATX cases has been increasing considering the efficiency it provides to gamers and professionals. This product has now proved to be essential for gamers and professionals. The cases combine the power of the ATX system with the small form factor of an ITX rig. This way gamers and professionals get to create a system that is perfectly balanced. 

Micro ATX cases have proved to be very beneficial and efficient to its users as it comprises very little space and costs also pretty less. This has proved to be a boon for gamers or professionals that want to explore their creativity but are on a budget.

There are a variety of options available in the market depending on the internal space, durability, and several other things. There are different micro ATX cases that cater to various customer requirements.

But choosing one could get even harder as getting a case isn’t enough it should have enough airflow too else it won’t be able to cool your PC leading to throttling issues

Therefore choosing from such a wide range can be a difficult task. To make this process easier, the following is a list of 10 Best Micro Atx Case.

10 Best Micro Atx Case in 2021

1. NZXT H400i

Best Pick

NZXT H400i

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The NZXT H400i Micro ATX can be easily spotted for its unique design. It is inclusive of RGB control features and PSU shroud. The sides of the ATX case have a tempered glass side panel, making it sleek and good for professional use.

The case is pretty spacious and can accommodate a lot of components. It can hold huge video cards, 5 different fans for cooling, and also hold small A10 coolers. 

One of the many special features of the NZXT H400i ATX case is its adaptive noise reduction design, which helps to reduce the sounds from the vibrations, which can be irritating.

It is one of the best small form factor cases and comes with multiple color schemes for buyers to choose from. However, the case is a bit expensive and not the best choice for the buyer’s on a budget. 


  • Spacious 
  • Adaptive Noise reduction 
  • PSU shroud 
  • RGB control Features


  • Expensive
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2. Phanteks EVOLV mATX: Best Micro Atx Case

Best Overall Pick

Phanteks EVOLV mATX

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The Phanteks EVOLV mATX case is as good as the NZXT case but is not equally spacious. It also has a tempered glass panel on its sides and includes a PSU shroud. The case can accommodate cards only up to 12.5 inches long.  

The case is good for buyers who are looking for the most common features and don’t want to pay a lot. Customers might have to compromise a little on the space but it is enough to hold higher-end CPUs and components.

This case is cheaper when compared to the NZXT case. It includes RGB lighting and makes the set up very appealing and aesthetic. The case supports 5 to 6 fans and thus increases gaming usability. 

The features that come with this case and its cost efficiency make it a good choice for gamers and professionals. 


  • Tempered glass panel on the sides
  • RGB lighting 
  • Cost-efficient


  • Not very spacious 
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3. Thermaltake Level 20 VT

Best RunerUP Pick

Thermaltake Level 20 VT

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The Thermaltake Level 20 VT has received really positive reviews from its buyers and thus proves the credibility. The case is covered with four tempered glass panels, front, sides, and the top. 3 of the 4 tempered glass panels are removable, making it highly convenient for users.

Very rarely are the micro ATX cases covered with tempered glass on all surfaces, this is a unique feature provided by Thermaltake Level 20 VT. The Micro ATX case has a lot of room inside to accommodate high-end components.

It supports graphics cards up to 13.8 inches long and CPU coolers that are up to 7.3 inches tall. Considering the amount of space it provides it can accommodate any graphics card or air CPU cooler currently available in the market.

The case has rough space for holding Liquid cooling. Users can also fit radiators that are as long as 280mm. 

Some of the downsides regarding this mATX case are that it does not provide sufficient airflow, which can be an issue for a lot of buyers and the case is also very expensive when compared to other options available. The cover case can accommodate 9 fans. 


  • 4 tempered glass panels 
  • Accommodate high-end components


  • Insufficient Airflow 
  • Expensive  
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4. Antec P6

Best Antec Pick

Cougar MX330-G

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The Antec P6 comes at a good price and is inclusive of all popular features a micro ATX case includes. This makes it a good and premiere option for most buyers who want to purchase a micro ATX case.

It is covered by tempered glass on the sides and includes a PSU shroud.  The case has an all-black sleek look making it appropriate for professional use. 

The case is extremely spacious, it can accommodate graphic cards up to 15.4 inches long, which means it can easily support any high-end graphic card. The case can hold CPU coolers that are up to 6.3 inches tall.

One can have liquid cooling in the form of radiators as long as they are 240mm in size. The fans and radiators should not be longer than 55mm. This is a good amount of room for most components and thus should not be troublesome for the users.

The case has a high end built, which makes it appealing along with spacious. This is one of the top picks for micro ATX cases as it meets maximum customer expectations that too at a good price. 


  • Accommodating or Spacious  
  • Visually appealing 
  • Cost-efficient
  • Inclusive of all popular features


  • Only sides have tempered glass
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5. Thermaltake Versa H15

Best Budget Pick

Thermaltake Versa H15

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The Thermaltake Versa H15 has a minimalist design, which makes it easy to install. It is also one of the cheapest options available in the market when it comes to ATX Cases. This makes it a very budget-friendly and holistic product.

The case comes with a preinstalled fan and users can add up to 4 more fans. Moreover, it has a perforated front panel which enables the case to have more airflow and remain dust-free. Along with that, the case has a vented top, which also adds to the air circulation in the case. 

It can accommodate graphic cards that are as big as 12.4 inches big and CPU coolers as tall as 6.1 inches tall. This is more than enough to accommodate premier quality components, video cards and CPU coolers. 

This particular case is a very good option for buyers on a budget as it accomplishes all basic and popular criteria of a good micro ATX case. Buyers must consider the Thermaltake versa H15 when purchasing a case. 


  • Preinstalled fan 
  • Perforated front panel 
  • Vented Top
  • Good for budget 
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6. CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280X: Best Micro Atx Case

Best RGB Pick


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The Corsair Crystal case is unique, small and efficient in nature. It meets the buyer’s expectations and fulfils popular features. With 3 tempered glass panels, it has a good quality built and is appealing to its users.

Along with its external appeal, it is also very accommodating for big and full-size components. It is spacious enough to hold graphic cards that are up to 30 cms long and can also accommodate a full- size PSU. 

It can hold two 3.5 inches and 3 2.5 inches drives. This proves the ample amount of room it provides. The case also includes a great cable manager and promises good cooling by accommodating six 120mm fans and 3 240mm radiators. The Corsair Crystal 280X micro ATX case is a good deal.


  • Unique and small
  • 3 tempered glass panels 
  • Very spacious 


  • Cost 
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7. IN WIN 301

Best Affordable Pick

IN WIN 301

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The In Win 301 micro ATX case has an elegant design ad is small and simple in appeal. The case is also covered with tempered glass on the sides. It provides an ample amount of room to accommodate various full-sized components and is a good choice for gamers. The In Win 301 provides an overall good experience to its users. 

It is built of premium quality material and has a steel frame and is durable. The case provides plenty of space that can easily accommodate full ATX PSU or a 330 mm long graphics card.

The case has enough space to support 5 fans, which allows advanced water cooling solutions. However, there is scope for improvement in the cable management system and can do better regarding the space inside the case. 


  • Elegant Appeal 
  • Tempered glass on the sides
  • Advance water cooling solution


  • Poor cable management system
  • Not very spacious
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Best Mini Pick


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The Nanoxia Rexgear 1 is popular for its external appeal and easy component installation. Users don’t have to face much trouble in terms of configuring the components and the case. The case has numerous cooling and storage options, making it a very efficient product.

It also comes with rubber pads so as to reduce the vibrations and give users a peaceful environment to work in. The case is accommodating and has enough space to support a 345mm long graphics card and full-length PSUs. 

Among its multiple features, one such feature is that it includes horizontal removable trays for motherboards, increasing the accessibility of the users to the components.  This also gives more scope for space inside the case.

The quality of cable management in the Nanoxia Rexgear 1 is commendable and a good feature for efficient working. Considering the features this case provides, the micro AXT case becomes wholesome and one of the best options for interested buyers. The case meets every requirement and satisfies the customers. 

The space available inside the case can support two 240 to 280 mm radiators and six 120 or 140 mm fans. The product is highly efficient and recommended. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Multiple cooling options 
  • Rubber pads 
  • Very spacious 
  • Good cable management 


  • Too many features
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Best mATX Pick


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The Cuk Micro Stratos Matx has a good appeal thanks to its integrated lighting system which makes it even more attractive. Users have had a good experience while using this micro ATX case.

Although it is not very spacious it has five expansion slots, thus making up for the limited space. The case provides good airflow and the credit for which goes to the 6 preinstalled halo RGB fans.

There are three in the front, 2 at the top and one at the rear part. The fans come in 6 different color options and can be controlled by the motherboard or using a remote controller. 

It can accommodate radiators up to 240 mm. The micro ATX case has a good design and is steep with light effects. 


  • Good design
  • Five expansion slots 
  • 6 preinstalled Halo RGB fans 
  • Light effects 


  • No very spacious
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10. Fractal Design Node 804

Best mICRO Atx Pick

Fractal Design Node 804

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The Fractal Design Node 804 has a very minimalistic appearance and is a black cube style micro ATX case. This makes it an appropriate choice for professional use. The case has enough space to accommodate high end and full components inside the case.

It can easily support 12.6 inches long graphic cards and CPU coolers that are as tall as 6.3 inches. The case gives ample space to store liquid cooling radiators that are up to 280mm long. 

However, this case might seem a bit expensive for buyers on a budget. 


  • Minimalistic appearance 
  • Spacious 


  • Expensive
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Buyer’s Guide For Best Micro Atx Case

  1. Spacious/Accommodating

It is extremely important to consider whether the micro ATX case is sufficiently spacious and accommodating or not. A lot of concerns are dependent on the space provided inside the case. This determines how easily can the user configure the components and also the kind of components that can be placed or stored inside the case.

Users have component requirements based on their usage, so one must buy a case that easily fits their graphic cards, radiators, drives, fans, and CPU coolers. A mismatch here can prove to be very troublesome. 

  1. External Appeal

One would want to consider the external appeal of the case and how it encloses the components. This has a direct relation to its durability as well. 

Some micro ATX cases come with an integrated lighting feature, which might attract a lot of buyers. However, some buyers would prefer a minimalist look that suits their professional space. 

  1. Cost 

The cost of a case plays an important role. This is exactly why buyers must be sure about the expectations they want their case to meet. Accordingly, they must look for cases with the features that suit them.

This way they will be able to identify the kind of budget they want to go for or the amount of money they should be spending. Users who do not have many high-end necessities can go for the cheaper options available in the market. 

  1. Thermal check and Airflow

Users must be certain of the components and the size of the components they are going to store inside the case. This is important as it will determine whether one should go for cases that have air circulation as their tp priority or not.

Users that use large or multiple graphic cards must be careful with the case they choose. It is vital for them to choose a case that has sufficient air circulation features and the proper system for liquid cooling. This is because graphic cards ten to heat the case, which might cause serious damage to the case due to overheating. 

  1. Cable Management 

Cable Management is another feature buyers can consider while choosing their micro ATX case. A case with a good cable management system will make your task with cables very efficient. You will not have to face sloppy cables that can never be handy. This way you save a lot of time and everything looks very systematic. Moreover, it helps in maintaining a clean organized build. 


Micro ATX cases have become very popular among gamers and professionals. Its small size and pricing are major reasons behind it. 

Some might want to buy a sleek and minimalistic case so as to match their professional space, while some might want to go for the integrated light and stylish micro ATX cases that put out a statement. Whichever way, buyers must first consider how accommodating the case is and whether it has the ability to host cooling systems. 

The above mentioned Best Micro Atx Case is inclusive of almost all popular features and customer requirements. They are also budget-friendly and reliable. Buyers must choose a micro ATX case that suits their requirements the most. 

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