Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX 8350 (Updated)

Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX 8350 (Updated)

If you are looking for the best liquid CPU coolers for AMD FX 8350, then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of AMD FX 8350 liquid coolers, both new and used. We will help you find the right one for your needs.

We’ll show you the best CPU coolers for AMD FX 8350, their features, and why they stand out from other products on today’s market.

If you are looking for something small and powerful enough to keep up with an overclocked processor, then maybe checking out some of these smaller options will be worth your time.

There have been reports of overheating and excessive heat with the AMD FX 8350 processor. The best coolers for this chip are designed to help you keep your computer running safely, at an optimal temperature range that won’t cause any damage or degrade performance!

Here are some of the best options out there for this model!

 Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX 8350 

The FX 8350 doesn’t need to be stressed out too much, which means that it can handle more heat than other models. The best way for this processor is with liquid cooling!

1. Corsair H150i PRO: Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX8350


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 18.66 x 5.75 x 7.28 inches
  • Cooling Method: Water
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 25 dB
  • Material: Copper
  • Max Airflow:  47.3 CFM
  • Fan Noise Level:  25DBA
  • Fan Speed:  1600 RPM

The H150i PRO is a premium water cooler that stands out from the crowd with its colorful and vibrant packaging.

 The long, rectangular box makes it easy to see what you’re getting before opening up your new purchase so no one can guess how boring or uninteresting this product might be!

The best CPU cooler for FX 8350 can be found in six languages on the far right. 

Once turned 90 degrees from its initial position, you will come across a list of socket availability spanning 1366 – 2067 AM2-AM4 and what’s included with this particular model watercooler.

CORSAIR’s ICUE software offers a variety of features to enhance your gaming experience, including adjustable RGB illumination and individual fan speeds. 

The Zero RPM cooling profile helps stop all unnecessary noise from pumps at low temperatures so you can game in comfort!

The H150i is a high-end cooling solution that can be easily mounted and has been designed with compatibility in mind. 

Not only does it come with an AMD FX 8350 compatible cold plate, but the copper heat sink makes sure you’ll never have any performance issues no matter how hot things get!


  • It can increase the pump control to handle the noise level 
  • RPM cooling system works efficiently and easily allows the fans to stop at low temperatures.
  • Comes with an attractive RGB lighting system
  •  In terms of cooling system absolutely top-notch performance 


  • High pricing 



  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 12.48 x 8.07 x 5.39 inches
  • Power Connector Type: 4-Pin (PWM), 3-Pin ARGB
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Wattage: 1.8 watts
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 16.7 DB.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Maximum Rotational Speed: 2000 RPM

The recently launched MAG CORELIQUID Series has everything you’re searching for, ranging from quality fabrics to consistent longevity and compelling heat dissipation technologies.

The AMD FX 8350 is a better option for those who prefer their hardware to be simple and intuitive. 

The 270-degree rotating blockhead makes it easy-to-use, while also providing an original aesthetic with trendy colors that are both creative as well aesthetically pleasing!

The MAG CORELIQUID series is a perfect fit for the FX 8350 with its ability to provide efficient cooling without compromising. With many mounts and options, there are no limits on where you can put this cooler!

The FX 8350 is a powerful processor, and it needs an excellent liquid cooler to keep up. 

The pump has been built into this radiator for sound dampening as well as noise control; plus putting the motor inputs more distance between your system’s heat source (the CPU) and yourself so you can enjoy cool gaming sessions without worrying about burning out that costly component!


  • Its RGB fans support custom speed and also PWM fans enhance the performance.
  • For customizable demand, it can control the lighting through the software
  • The pump performs amazingly with the heater for sound dampening and noise lessening.
  • Comes at an excellent price point 


  • Bolts and other items are in one voluminous together which disappoints somewhere 

3. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 15.5 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches
  • Wattage: 12
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 30 dB
  • Material: Fep, Aluminum
  • Air Flow Capacity: 66.7 Cubic Feet Per Minute

The Master Liquid ML360R RGB is one of the best CPU coolers for AMD FX 8350.

 Our low-profile dual container pump outperforms its single chamber counterparts in heat transfer and airflow, while also providing superior performance with characteristically robust build efficiency from our industry-leading fans!

The AMD FX 8350 liquid cooler is now available with full-color customization, addressable RGB LEDs on the pump, and fans that can operate via supplied controller. 

In addition to being Kink-free for an elegant look of luxury, you’ll also get FEP tubing which has been sleeved in order not to damage your system’s components while providing optimal performance!

Best CPU coolers for FX 8350 feature an all-steel construction with a high-quality glass fan that never needs to be replaced.

 These units also come equipped with patented liquid Proof technology so they are resistant against corrosion and leaks caused by immersion in water or chemical exposure PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) fibers combined these two properties make up one durable material!

The Master Fan 120R ARGB is a perfect fit for those who need to cool their AMD FX 8350 specific air cooling systems. 

It also allows you to customize the color of your fans so that it matches whatever style or theme you have going on with all-inclusive builders!


  • Special tech cooler master controls superiority and shapes on periods of innovation with a hundred percent.
  • Dual-chamber gives an outstanding performance of the cooling system.
  • The 360 millimeters radiator removes the excess heat from the CPU.
  • Thus, gives maximum cooling efficiency 


  • Firmware is not attached to the box which disappoints 

4. Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240: Best AIO And liquid Cooler


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 5.55 x 10.71 x 12.6 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Compatible Devices: Intel® LGA 2066 / 2011-v3 / 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 775 socket AMD® AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / FM2+ / FM2 / FM1 socket
  • Noise Level: 30 dB

Cooling your AMD FX 8350 can be a daunting task without the right equipment. 

The MLLC240E RGB by Cooler Master is an original design that offers users colorful and eye-catching features to match its black exterior, braided cabling with matching colors for each effect option available on both fan or water block – all expanded through six lighting effects!

The best liquid cooler for AMD FX 8350 is the unusual Dual Chamber Pump and twin 120 mm Master Fan configuration. 

This ensures reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation so you can game without worry!

The 240mm radiator is perfect for installing on the newest Intel or AMD platforms, whether you are installing new systems as well updating your current one.

The AMD FX 8350 liquid cooler features a low-profile dual chamber pump that provides efficient jumps through single-chambered designs.

 In addition, the FEP allows for robust and lightweight tubing while giving this processor an elegant appearance by its mesh outer sleeve.

The FX 8350 is a powerhouse processor that can be cool with just about anything. We’ve put together the best 240mm AIOs on this list, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet being too tough or not flexible enough! 

You’re going to want one of these CPUs if efficiency matters most in gaming sessions where temps stay below 55c – they’ll give us top performance without breaking a sweat thanks to their high Silent mode settings (which boost clock speeds).


  • Works quietly and efficiently 
  • A dual-fan radiator increases the efficiency of performance and gives excellent air balance.
  • Copperplate exchanger helps in reducing heat efficiently 
  • Thinking the tubing system improves the water follow


  • At high RPMs, it becomes a bit noisy 

5. Cooler Master Liquid Cooler ML60R


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 15.5 x 4.7 x 1.1 inchesWattage12Cooling 
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 30dB
  • Material: Fep, Aluminum
  • Air Flow Capacity: 66.7 Cubic Feet Per Minute

This cooler is sleek and compact, making it perfect for any household. With 12 watts of power,the  this product can keep your food cold without compromising its taste or quality!

 These products will keep your system cool and ensure that you have a very high-quality product with the water method.

The product has an exclusive tech cooler that allows cooling with a master facility. This design is very much in the house and quality of this appliance will not let you down!

The 360mm radiator of aluminum is specifically designed to transfer heat from your processor. This enhancement in performance and durability make this cooler one-of-a-kind!


  • Good choice for gaming purpose 
  • Quite a good build quality 
  • Too easy to install 
  • excellent cooling performance 


  • Disappointing support system 

6.Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 10.91 x 4.92 x 4.71 inches
  • Noise Level: 36 dB
  • Compatible socket: Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2, sTR4, sTRX4

The CORSAIR Hydro Series is a best-in-class CPU cooler that includes the latest in silent cooling technology. 

With iCUE software, you can customize your MSI Gaming X house it’s    lighting to show off how much of an expert hacker am I!

When you’re overclocking your FX 8350, the best CPU cooler fans can help keep it cool even when running at higher speeds. 

With raised heatsinks at each corner to prevent overheating and increased fan sizes that provide more airflow per square inch than traditional designs do!

The H100i Elite is a new and improved version of the best-selling air cooler. It has superior heat dispersion with no memory restrictions on tubes or pumps, which means you can mount it in endless positions without worrying about interference from other components!


  • Excellent RGB lightings 
  • Comes with an option to control RGB lighting 
  • Thinking the tubing system enhances the water follow.


  • Fans can be noisy at high RPMs.

7. Thermaltake Water 3.0 360 ARGB Sync Edition


  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 7 x 5.74 x 18.5 inches
  • Power Connector Type: 4-Pin
  • Voltage: 5 Volts, 12 Volts
  • Wattage: 9 watts
  • Compatible Devices: Desktop
  • Noise Level: 25.8 dB
  • Material: Rubber, Copper
  • Air Flow Capacity: 56.45 Cubic Feet Per Minute

Thermaltake offers the best CPU cooler for AMD FX 8350 and RGB liquid cooling system with pre-installed multi-colored LED light strips on their pumps, fans as well! 

This patented circular cold plate design increases heat conductivity while improving durability so you get maximum efficiency out of your build.

The best liquid cooler for AMD FX 8350, ARGB Sync edition also includes an addressable RGB controller that’s compatible with Asus Aura sync or Gigabyte RGB Fusion. Users can easily sync lighting effects between all matching components to create their own uniqueness!


  • Special tech cooler master controls superiority and shapes on periods of innovation with a hundred percent.
  • Dual-chamber enhances the performance of the cooling system.
  • Best AMD Fx 8350 heatsinks


  • Who doesn’t like RGB lighting this one is not for you 



  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 12.48 x 8.07 x 5.39 inches
  • Power Connector Type: 4-Pin (PWM), 3-Pin ARGB
  • Voltage: 12 Volts

The newly launched MAG CORELIQUID Series is the best CPU cooler for AMD FX 8350. 

It comes with quality fabrics, consistent longevity, and compelling heat pipes that help in dissipating metabolic waste from your system all while being able to keep it cool enough so you can game hard without worry!

The FX 8350 processor is a powerful and unique offering from AMD that aims to please the most demanding of users.

 It has liquid cooling included in its repertoire for added convenience, making it perfect if you value efficiency over anything else!


  • RGB fans support custom speed with PWM fan enhanced the performance
  • you can control the lighting through the software for customizable demand.
  • Comes at an affordable price point 


  • Bolts and other items are in one voluminous together

Buyer’s Guide For Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX 8350

The type of cooling system you need for your computer’s processor is one factor that should be considered when choosing a CPU cooler. 

The most important considerations in this regard include whether or not it can keep up with the demands placed on them by various types of hardware and software, as well at what price range we are looking at here!

When you have a PC with liquid cooling, choosing which model of CPU Cooler is more complicated due to the wide range on today’s market.

Here are a Few Features to Consider When Choosing a CPU liquid Cooler

Socket Compatibility

Make sure that the cooler you choose will work with your processor socket type. Most air-cooled units only come in Intel format, but liquid cooling kits can be used on any AMD or a CPU as well!

If you have an older motherboard that uses the AM-series or FM series Athlon processors, then be sure to choose a cooler with mounting capabilities for these types of sockets!

Also, remember some models may not fit on top due to physical size requirements so always check first.

TDP Rating

You may have heard of TDP before, which is the Thermal Design Power.

It’s a number that measures how much heat gets generated by your CPU during operation and can be found in watts or Celsius degrees Fahrenheit on most computers with an overclocking feature to adjust clock speeds for better performance!

Fan Speed

If you want to know how fast your fan will spin when powering on a PC, then be sure that the cooler’s design includes fans with RPM speeds listed.
This way it’s easy for choosing just what kind of noise level and cooling power suits best!

Some people are bothered by loud computer fans, while others don’t mind them so long as the inside of their case stays cool.

If you have sensitive hearing and want to ensure smooth operation without any extra noise from equipment operations then make sure this is something important before purchasing!

Fan Noise Level

The cooling fan is an important consideration when choosing a good CPU cooler for your system.

Some people are sensitive to loud fans, and others mind them less as long as they work well so choose one based on what’s going best in terms of noise level or if you need something super Quiet since there may be children around who could wake up easily at night with noisy equipment!


Investing in a high-quality CPU cooler is important, but it’s also vital to know the warranty.

 Some coolers only come with short warranties of about one year while others last longer and cover more serious issues like pump failure due at defects in manufacturing!

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Liquid Cooler For AMD FX 8350

Still strong AMD FX processors?

The AMD FX 8350 is still very popular after years on the market.

 Even though its performance has been surpassed by newer models, it’s still a great choice for gamers looking to save money without sacrificing too much in features and quality!

Do liquid CPU coolers require special maintenance?

Liquid cooling systems operate at lower temperatures than air-cooled ones so they can be left alone for long periods of time before needing any kind of regular checking or calibration!

  Which liquid cooler brands are best? 

Choosing one of the top brands like Thermaltake, Corsair, NZXT, Raijintek or DeepCool will ensure that you get an excellent product with solid construction and long life!

What do I need to keep in mind when buying a liquid cooler?

When it comes to choosing the best CPU cooler for your gear, there are no hard and fast rules. You will need to consider what type of motherboard you have so that it can be matched with exactly the right model!

So whether you are looking for air or liquid cooler, perhaps one of the many great examples shown on this list is just what you need!

For any advanced PC user, having spare parts around is always a smart idea! 

This gives you more freedom when experimenting since if something breaks, then it’s easy enough to fix by replacing the part rather than waiting to get a new motherboard or processor.

You will definitely need fans so try to get some with high-quality bearings for low noise and longer life.

If the cooler only has one fan, then you may want to invest in a second one soon after your purchase!

What are some common liquid CPU coolers installation problems?

The most common problem that people experience when setting up their new CPU tower involves the incorrect mounting of parts. 

This can be due to failing to use the right size screwdriver or fastening things too tightly which distorts parts over time!


With so many coolers to choose from, it can be tough finding the perfect one. We’ve tested a few of our favorites that are guaranteed to not only improve your computing experience but also keep you safe and sound!

The ideal product for you will depend on your needs and budget. Some of these products can be used in ventilation systems, while others provide excellent control features that are perfect if the business is what you’re after!

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