6 Best LGA 1150 CPUs In 2022 [Expert Review With Buyer’s Guide]

Best LGA 1150 CPUs
Best LGA 1150 CPUs

The LGA 1151 socket is the latest Intel chipset. In this list we have talked about the Best LGA 1150 CPUs that are available to buy!

It will be compatible with 6th generation Intel Core processors and Z170 motherboards, which offer a number of benefits over previous generations. 

The new CPUs have improved power efficiency and performance, so you’ll get better battery life on your laptop or tablet while still getting top-of-the-line processing speeds.

In this article, we’re going to look at what motherboard options are available for people who want an LGA 1151 chipset computer that can handle any task thrown at it.

The processor should be fast and have great graphics, but what’s even more important is how you can get it. The best thing about the Intel Core i5-4690K LGA 1150 Quad-Core Processor ($309) from Amazon right now?

It has an immersive performance that will leave your games looking crisp no matter who or where they’re being played on!

Plus its specific specs create combinations only found in high-end systems such as an affordable price tag – so onlookers won’t feel cheated while paying for them too.

Just make sure not to overclock this baby too much because doing so could cause irreversible damage!

The computer processor is the most important part of any given machine, and it’s responsible for playing many vital functions on the system.

The land grid array – also known as LGA packaging is a surface mount that provides room to hold integrated circuits inside of it with sockets instead of ICs themselves.

They form nexus between printed circuit boards by using these small circular openings in order to maintain quality while still meeting requirements set forth by manufacturers.

It has thin layers processed into inputs/outputs which can’t be compromised due to their high-level functionality needed at all times during operation–at least not without compromising performance entirely!

Processor defines as processing power. The 4th generation core Haswell processors are performing towards the top when compared to many other processors.

They’re reliable and fast with excellent performance that can be had at an affordable price-point; this makes them one of those “must-have” devices for any user looking forward to experiencing everything their device has to offer!

These processors are available in various designs with premium performance that extracts maximum efficiency at a reasonable cost. You’ll have no regrets choosing the company for these powerful, yet affordable processors!

List of Some Best LGA 1150 CPU To Buy In 2022

1. Intel Core i7-4790K: Best Budget LGA 1150 CPUs

The Intel Core i7-4790K is a processor which is well-known for its impressive specs and features. It has an unlocked clock multiplier, which means it can be overclocked to get better performance in video chats or other tasks where high speeds are necessary.

Making this chip one of the fastest on earth! This also makes Devils Canyon processors perfect if you want more power without breaking your bank account too much (they’re affordable).

This package includes a better thermal insulation material. It’s a great heat-spreader that is responsible for maintaining a stable temperature while working. It also provides extra volts to your processor, which makes it more powerful than before! 

The Core i7 processors have four cores with eight threads each; they can boost up to 4GHz in order to achieve maximum performance that is not matched by any other product on the market today. 

This desktop chip has been earning rave reviews from gamers around the world thanks largely due to its virtual capabilities combined with high-level graphics rendering rates.”

PC gamers are always looking for the ultimate gaming machine. The processor is one of their top priorities because it provides a lot more than just speed and power – you need an efficient cooler running system too! 

That’s why we have designed our processors with high-quality coolers so they can handle even extreme loads without overheating or breaking down in other ways that would stop your processing quickly, hurting performance levels across all tasks being undertaken by way of this component along beside giving users maximum benefits from investing money into getting themselves a premium product at an affordable and at a pocket-friendly price.

Some Specification regarding processor:

  • Brand: Intel 
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processors 
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 4.40GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 8MB 
  • TDP: 88W 
  • Max Resolution: [email protected]


  • Affordable price
  • Virtualization technology supports
  • Unlocked Clock Multiplier


  • Needs improvement in graphics 
  • Non-synthetic IGP performance

2. Intel Core i7-4790

The Intel Core i7-4790K is a perfect fit for any user that needs the power of virtualization. It features quick synchronization and hyperthreading, which ensures maximum performance in all tasks.

The processor also has four cores with eight threads to work on various workloads without being bottlenecked by either one type or another – this way you will have more than enough processing power!

It comes from an architecture recently released by Intel themselves (newer models are actually backward compatible), there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues when upgrading your system down the line.

i7-4790K processor has a base clock of 4.0 GHz and turbo boosts up to 4.4 GHz in an automatic fashion, which means you will not have to worry about overclocking it yourself – let the system do its job.

With six cores running at such high speeds, cooling is very important! Thankfully, this model comes with a great thermal interface that keeps things cool even when it works at maximum speed.

A new line of processors from Intel is out and it’s time to upgrade your old machine into something better!

This quad-core processor offers optimal processing power for demanding tasks from media libraries or image processing software. 

What’s more, the hyperthreading technology enhances the multitasking capabilities of the PC by auto threading up to eight tasks simultaneously.

The 4790K will easily handle graphic design, 3D rendering, and many other demanding workloads without breaking a sweat and it supports the latest APIs like DirectX 12 (DirectX 11.3 support as well).

Intel has been a brand of high-end products for most computer users. This time, they introduced their 4th generation Core processors which are known to be the fastest and most efficient in terms of energy consumption ever created!

 The new design is perfect when it comes down o performance but also offers great customization options so that even those who don’t have much experience can get started with overclocking right away thanks 

to Intel’s excellent knowledge base tools.

Some specifications regarding the processor:

  • Brand: Intel 
  • Processor: 4th Generation Intel Core i7 
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 4.0GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 8MB 
  • TDP: 84W 
  • Max Resolution: 4096×[email protected]


  • Overall performance good
  • Operating temperature is lower
  • More energetic than Core i7-4770K


  • Plastic push pins
  • Degradation should be significant
  • Overclocking is limited

3. Intel Core i7-4770K: Best LGA 1150 CPUs

The Intel Core i7-4770K is the best of the Intel Core family, boasting four cores and eight threads.

This processor has a base clock speed of 3.5GHz with a maximum turbo frequency of 3.9GHz, which can be increased to 4.2GHz using Turbo Boost 2.0 technology if needed for more demanding applications or multi-core processes. 

The 4770K also features HyperThreading Technology that enables each core to work on two tasks at once for better performance when running multiple software programs simultaneously or working with large data sets that are spread across many files – perfect for professional users who need their PC to stay on 24/7!

Intel Core i7-4770K is set to take the mantle of the world’s fastest processor. With 9x performance, improved efficiency, and superior graphics processing capabilities it challenges both AMD’s new offering as well as previous generation CPUs from Intel with its extreme power consumption in real applications like video rendering or 3D modeling simulations that involve large models on screen at once (81%). 

This means more frames per second for smoother animations making life easier by eliminating stutters which give you instant satisfaction when working on your project because there can be no waiting involved!

The processor is one of the most important parts of any computer. It takes care not only about processing tasks, but also manages storage and input/output devices to make sure everything can run smoothly without slowing you down! 

With virtual technology written as VT-x which separates activities into different partitions for improved productivity; this chip stands out among other similar models with its frequency maxing at 3.9GHz while still maintaining 8MB cache data alongside Intel HD Graphic 4600.

All these specs help increase energy efficiency by making use of less power from your battery or outlet., improving attached computing system performance.

The perfect processor for today’s high-speed user is one that can not only deliver the best performance in a given situation but also have enough thermal headroom and power to complete tasks before their time. 

The Lava processors were designed with all these needs so they could meet expectations while still being efficient at what they do – delivering on-demand without delay or fail!

Some specifications regarding the processor:

  • Brand: Intel
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processors
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 3.90GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 8MB 
  • TDP: 84W 
  • Max Resolution: [email protected]


  • Less power consumption
  • Work smoothly
  • Architectures with the latest technology
  • IGP up to 50% faster
  • Graphics and performance is good


  • Cumulative CPU performance 
  • Overclocking headroom is less
  • New motherboard is required for LGA1150

4. Intel Core i5-4690K

The Intel Core i5-4690K is a high-end processor that has been on the market for about a year. It offers excellent performance and power efficiency, which makes it perfect for gamers or people who need to use their computers often throughout the day.

The CPU also features hyper-threading technology, which can make tasks like video rendering much easier by using all of your cores at once. I recommend this processor if you are looking for something reliable at a normal cost.

Recently, many people have been purchasing Intel Core i5-4690K processors. This is an updated version of the previous one and comes with a speed of 3.90GHz which provides almost 4% more performance than other processors on average for demanding applications such as gaming or heavy multitasking workstation tasks like video editing etcetera. 

This would be best suited if you’re looking to buy yourself some new hardware because not only will it last long but also perform well when needed most!

The processor is a high-end gaming machine with an unlocked multiplier and Turbo Boost.

It has four physical cores, all based on the latest Haswell architecture from Intel for increased performance in each core individually as well as when they are working together to process data at breakneck speeds that will give you flawless graphics no matter what game or application it might be running!

With its eye-catching design, the  i5-4690K processor with cooling solutions is highly endorsed by customers. Who wants actual performance without grudges or any aftermarket.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional user looking for maximum power delivery in your socket–this thing will stand on its own two feet and do what needs doing!

Now, Intel is back with the great LGA 1150 processor for their desktop. This high-end performance PC offers loads of power, and it’s competing in exams to be awarded Editor’s Choice!

You might not want this award – but I am still on stage advertising my product; however at an affordable price point that will deliver preeminent results.

Some specifications regarding the processor:

  • Brand: Intel 
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor 
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 3.90GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 6MB
  • TDP: 88W 
  • Max Resolution: [email protected]


  • Pack with quality build
  • Good gaming results
  • High core base speed
  • Good base clock speed
  • CPU including cooler at no additional cost


  • Productivity is a bit low
  • Lower heavy multi-tasking
  • Relatively old

5. Intel Core i5-4460: Best Pocket Friendly LGA 1150 CPUs

The Intel Core i5-4460 is a powerful CPU that delivers incredible performance for high-end gaming, 3D rendering, and other demanding workloads.

It’s built on the 22nm process from Intel and features four cores with intelligent turbo boost speeds of up to 3.2 GHz. 

The Core i5-4460 also offers great power efficiency with an 80 PLUS Platinum rating so it can run at peak levels without draining your battery quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a budget processor or want to overclock this one into a powerhouse, the Core i5-4460 will deliver what you need!

Intel Core i5-4690K is a great processor for those who want more power and speed with their computer.

The 3 GHz clock rate allows you to execute your everyday tasks quickly, while the updated version has better performance than its predecessor which will save time in some cases where it might otherwise take longer due simply because of older software or hardware not being able to keep up!

The processor is crafted with some critical components, such as a 22nm processor and Haswell architecture.

It has four physical cores that are quite logical if we talk about its gaming boost which initially moves up to 3.5GHz before increasing towards 4 GHz when required; this means it’s unlocked for overclocking! 

As mentioned earlier in the text passage, the thermal design power (TDP) limits 88W without sacrificing stability during heavy loads.

The processor with a cooling system is a highly endorsed choice for those looking to unlock the potential of their system without paying extra.

It comes from a company that wants users to focus on performance and not Features, which means you won’t find any fancy design or aftermarket options here – just pure horsepower at an affordable price.

The fast clock speeds make this model stand out in both looks AND power delivery due to its effectiveness as well!

A new Intel processor is entering the market, and it’s showing up to compete for best of the breed. This one won Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine in retails under the microscope so I will too!

These reasonably priced offerings promise high-end performance which you should take into consideration when making your premium purchase decision for PC.

Some specifications regarding the processor:

  • Brand: Intel 
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor 
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 3.90GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 6MB
  • TDP: 88W 
  • Max Resolution: [email protected]


  • Modified CPU cooler
  • Provides great resolution of graphics
  • Fast and smooth performer
  • Excellent base clock speed


  • Old version
  • Power consumption
  • Low for core boost speed

6. Intel Core i5-4570

Intel Core i5-4570 is a quad-core processor with four threads and a 3.2GHz clock speed. The maximum turbo frequency of this processor is 3.6GHz that makes it one of the most powerful processors in its class. 

Intel Core i5-4570 comes with Intel HD Graphics 4600, although not as powerful as the latest graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia, it’s still good enough for light gaming and Web browsing.

It also has 16GBs of RAM which makes multitasking smoother than ever before on an intel core i5! Wondering how much RAM you need ? Click here to know

If you’re looking for a new laptop that can do all your work and play games at the same time without breaking a sweat, then this computer is perfect for you!

The Intel Core i5-4570 is a processor which is much loved by buyers. It delivers excellent performance and affordability, with the only drawback being its lack in comparison to Xeon chipsets.

The users who own this computer often find it to be more than enough for their needs because of how cheap they are compared to higher tier motherboards – but if you’re looking at gaming or video editing then we recommend heading straight over towards an X99 motherboard!

This 4th Gen Intel processor is perfect for those who need a high-speed, energy-efficient platform that can keep up with the most demanding workflows.

It has been designed from scratch in-house at headquarters and delivers jaw-dropping speeds of 3.20GHz while also being cost-effective enough not to break your bank account!

In the world of processors, nobody wants a dud. The problem with these defective models is that they’re boring and not worth your time – but there’s some innovation going on here!

One user was able to push their system through tasks at faster speeds by cranking up their processor multiplier just slightly.

While others have been known for tweaking Intel® Core™ i7 6700K computing power a little bit more… But if you want something good then what we have got now? This may be it.

Some specifications regarding the processor:

  • Brand: Intel 
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processors 
  • Socket: LGA 1150 
  • Memory: DDR3/32GB 
  • Speed: 3.20GHz 
  • Core Count:
  • Total Cache: 6MB 
  • TDP: 84W 
  • Max Resolution: [email protected]


  • Sufficient CPU performance
  • Reliable for multi-tasking
  • CPU cooler without extra cost
  • Satisfactory gaming performance


  • Relatively old
  • Mediocre boost clock speed
  • Locked CPU multiplier
  • Average multi-stalking performance
  • Same performance to the last generation

Buyer’s Guide for Best LGA 1150 CPUs

Buyers guide for Best LGA 1150 CPUs
Buyers guide for Best LGA 1150 CPUs

It is always important to do your research when it comes time for you to buy something new.

Whether that be electronic or otherwise, there are some things worth looking into before purchase and this guide will help with the most important ones!

The first thing people should pay attention to regarding any type of gadget can oftentimes seem trivial but in reality, has a big impact on what kind of the product they end up getting – which might not necessarily suit their needs at all due to limitations imposed by its software design and hardware restrictions.

The Cores:

The cores are the bread and butter of how software is to be processed, meaning that more cores mean smoother performance (in most cases), but beware – not every application out there can make good use of all those extra cores you’re throwing at it.


LGA 1150 is perfect for those who require a high-quality, low-cost product with good value. It has been built with Intel’s newest Haswell architecture and can be boosted up to 3.6GHz per core!

The Price:

The price of the i5-4570 is very cheap compared to other processors on the market and can easily compete against older generations which may come as a surprise to some people who aren’t accustomed to this level of affordability.

Extra Features:

There are NO extra features included or bundled with this product so you will have to fork out extra money if you want anything more than just the bare essentials!

Clock Speed: 

The i5-4570 has a respectable clock speed of 3.20GHz which is more than sufficient for running the most demanding applications and can easily be overclocked to match high-end processors!


For this price range, it’s nice to see that Intel included 6MB of cache memory so you won’t have to worry too much about that kind of thing since it uses a decent amount already!

Frequently Asked question for Best LGA 1150 CPUs

Frequently Asked Questions About Best LGA 1150 CPUs
Frequently Asked Questions About Best LGA 1150 CPUs

What is LGA 1150?

LGA stands for land grid array and it is a type of socket which the processor slides into. It was developed by Intel to replace their previous product, LGA 775.

The latest processors feature an improved design with fewer pins than their predecessor leading to better contacts and smoother performance!

Does this CPU come with a cooler?

Yes, you will receive your new processor along with its stock cooling unit. This one comes with a pretty decent TDP (thermal design power) of 84W so there’s no need to purchase an expensive or complicated after-market cooler – this should do just fine at keeping the silicon nice and cool during all those high-energy processing sessions!

Will this work with my motherboard?

LGA 1150 is a very popular socket type so most modern motherboards support it. If you have one that does not try checking online to see if it’s compatible with this product!

What’s the difference between Core i5-4570 and Core i5-4460?

The main difference is going to be in price and performance due to slight changes in their respective clock speeds – they both have the same amount of cores with no hyperthreading feature applied though.

Can an LGA 1150 CPU work in an LGA 1151 motherboard?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You will need to buy a new motherboard if you wish to upgrade your CPU!

How much wattage does the CPU use?

LGA 1150 CPUs can vary in their TDP (thermal design power) as some have as low as 35W while others can go up to 89W which is oftentimes determined by how powerful it is. 

Is an LGA 1150 processor good?

It’s actually very good and a great choice for those who want a reliable, stable product at a reasonable price since most of its competitors are going to be several times more expensive without offering any real difference in terms of performance.


When it comes to processors, you try to get the best of both worlds: performance and efficiency. Intel’s LGA 1150 series has a low power consumption with useful features that will help your games run smoothly without blasting through the default settings – all at reasonable prices too!

Some people might think they can just get by with any old processor when playing games but if there was ever an occasion where this isn’t true then we would recommend checking out what kind of heat output their running hardware produces because in terms of gameplay versus spending energy on cooling capability alone things

This is a great LGA 1150 product that you should definitely consider if you’re shopping for a budget processor since it does its job well!

It won’t be as fast as some more expensive products on the market though but for this price, it’s very difficult to complain about that kind of thing. At least you know it will work and the stock cooling solution isn’t going to break apart during those extensive sessions.

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