Top 6 Best Intel CPUs for Gaming Recommended In 2022[Expert Pick]

Best Intel CPUs for Gaming
Best Intel CPUs for Gaming

When shopping for the Best Intel CPUs for Gaming, you’ll want to balance performance and features with your PC budget, visit till the end to find out Best Intel CPUs for Gaming.

Intel’s new Alder Lake chips are the fastest gaming chip on the market.

The $589 Intel Core i9-12900K provides incredible levels of threaded performance, often rivaling or beating out its competitor for less than half price.

If you want to be at the top of your game, make sure that both your gaming computer and graphics card are up-to-date.

You’ll want to make sure you have the right graphics card for your gaming needs.

Check out our Best Graphics Cards page, as well as a GPU Benchmarks Hierarchy on how each level impacts PC performance and playability.

Alder Lake chips are the fastest gaming chip on the market. The $589 Intel Core i9-12900K provides incredible levels of threaded performance, often rivaling or beating out its competitor for less than half price.

It’s worth noting that while many gamers may find that particular Intel processor worthy of their money.

Talking about Gaming Intel CPUs provide Best Gaming CPUs a robust free environment

Best Intel CPUs for Gaming

1. Intel Core i5-12600KBest Picked Choice for Gamers

The $296 Core i5-12600K is an excellent choice for gamers who want to game without breaking the bank.

It outshines other systems with its leading gaming performance at this price point, coming in cheaper than Ryzen 5 5600X even though it has slightly lower specifications and the Ryzen 5 5600X which costs more than twice as much.

The 12600K offers up to 38% more threaded performance than the Ryzen 5 5600X and even 7% more speed when you need a quick single-threaded task.

It’s also worth noting that this gaming chip has snappy, fast multithreaded speeds so it’s definitely going to address your needs!

The 12600K is built for the serious gamer.

This processor comes with six P-Core threads running at 3.7 GHz and four E-cores that run at 2.8GHz, which totals 16 cores in total.

With 20MB L3 cache, 9Mb LM2 memory & 1 TFLOPs computing power – this baby can handle anything your gaming rig throws its way without breaking a sweat.

Even though it has slightly lower specifications, the Core i5-12600K outshines other systems with its leading gaming performance at this price point, coming in cheaper than Ryzen 5 5600X even though it costs more than twice as much.

You’ll need to get a new 600-series motherboard for your processor, and there are currently no options available besides Z690 models.

However, you can find plenty of high-end boards that support DDR5 memory as well as lower-level discs with varying price points in between them!

Specifications :

  • Architecture: Alder Lake
  • Socket: LGA 1700
  • Cores/Threads: 10 (6P + 4E) / 16
  • Base Frequency: 3.7
  • Top Boost Frequency: 4.9TDP: 125W

Key Features :

Defining in a nutshell this is the best CPU for Gaming, the Intel Core i5 is a flagship product that has it all.

A beast when it comes to multitasking and rendering, this CPU easily handles anything you throw at it without batting an eyelid.

The best part is the price-to-performance ratio is spot on with most reviewers giving this CPU top marks in most areas.  

The only issue is that you need to upgrade everything (mainboard, RAM, GPU) to make the best use of this CPU.

Triple Cores are back! Intel’s 8th gen Coffee Lake processors take on AMD’s multi-core game by combining two twin cores into one package.

This allows it to create a microarchitecture for high performance at an affordable price. Packed into the same space as the previous generation, this CPU ensures that you’ll get more work done than ever before without any trade-offs in power requirements.


  • Provides Exceptional gaming performance.
  • Available with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory.
  • Overclockable experience you will notice.
  • Out games the Ryzen Competition.


  • No bundled cooler is available with this.
  • Requires LGA1700 motherboard to work.

2. Intel Core i9-12900KBest In Overall Scenerio under Intel Gaming

For gamers, there’s no better processor than the Intel Core i9-12900K.

It outperforms even $699 Ryzen 9 5950X in gaming and heavily threaded content creation tasks making it an exceptional value for high-end streaming too.

And as one of x86 single-threaded performance leaders that have never been dethroned by any competitor yet again with its proven record at stock speeds across all games tested.

The fastest gaming processor on Earth can be found here.

The new champion continues what developers have come to expect from years worth of data sets using a little more bandwidth may yield higher profits but don’t forget about those other factors either such as core count/clock speed.

The 12900K supports leading-edge connectivity with DDR4-3200 or up to DDR5 4800 memory, along with 16 lanes of PCIe 5.0 and an additional four from the processor for M2 SSDs, it’s ready now.

The latest Intel Core i9 processor is a beast! With eight P-cores that support hyper-threading and eight single-threaded E-cores for 24 threads, this new chip offers 33% more processing power than its predecessor.

The processor’s performance is unmatched by any other chip in its class. The P-cores have a 3.2 GHz base, and peak frequencies reach 5.2GHz with Turbo Boost Max3 (this feature is only active on P-cores).

Meanwhile, the E-core has 2 4 gigahertz bases that extend up to 39 GHz through standard algorithms like turbo boost 2 0.

With 30MB L1 caches 14 Megabytes old memory this offers unparalleled power for demanding applications or games. You’ll be pleased with the results you get from this 12900K.

It has a 125W PBP (base) and 241W MTP (peak) power rating, but we recorded considerably lower consumption than its prior-gen counterpart, so now there’s no need to worry about running out of juice when on stage or recording.

Specifications :

  • Architecture: Alder Lake
  • Socket: LGA 1700
  • Cores/Threads: 16 (8P+8E) / 24
  • Base Frequency: 3.2
  • Top Boost Frequency: 5.2TDP: 125W

Key Features :

  1. Best value for gamers
  2. Surpassing the Ryzen series in Gaming performance
  3. Packed with high-end features
  4. Requires LGA 1703 motherboard to work.


  • Gives top-notch gaming performance.
  • Comes at the affordable price point.
  • DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support are available.
  • Overclocking ability is there.


  • No bundled cooler is available with this.
  • It requires an LGA1700 motherboard.

3. Intel Core i5-11400Best Intel Processor for Gaming

With the Core i5-11400, you’re getting a chip that is more powerful than both AMD’s two-year-old Ryzen 5 3600 and Intel’s current offering.

The $182 Core i5-11400 delivers a stunning blowout victory over the Ryzen 5 3600 that often retails for $200 or more.

In fact, you can pick up this graphics-less model at just under half of its price.

The 11400F will perform excellently and gives gamers plenty to smile about with Quick Sync support thrown in too boot so it’s worth considering if low FPS performance is something on your mind, and even better.

There isn’t an F version available as well making these savings seem even greater when compared side by side against each other from various sellers online.

The Core i5-11400 has a better blend of performance throughout our full suite of application tests, too.

This means it performs more evenly and consistently across the board.

There isn’t really one area that stands out as being above or below average for this processor’s level (or close to).

The 11400’s large lead in single-threaded work is impressive, and its only deficiencies come from when it has been topped with some other cooler.

The 3600 may be a better option than the 11400 when it comes to sustained heavy-duty work with strict power limits.

However, when those limitations are removed there is no contest as this motor’s lead only grows stronger in response time and torque output.

The Core i5-11400 is the best chip for enthusiasts, but it needs a motherboard with hardware like the B series.

These boards let you overclock your memory and lift power limits to get more performance out of this processor while also giving users room for tweaking.

Specifications :

  • Architecture: Rocket Lake
  • Socket: LGA 1200
  • Cores/Threads: 6/12
  • Base Frequency: 2.6GHz
  • Top Boost Frequency: 4.4GHz
  • TDP: 65W

Key Features :

A mid-range gaming processor in Best Intel CPUs for Gaming is what you need to run games with ease.

A powerful one will be too much for your computer and not enough when it comes down to processing power, but luckily there’s an optimal balance that suits everyone.

A processor that can handle any task you throw at it without slowing down your system or running out of power quickly with its fast speeds and low response times to make sure everything runs smoothly on screen, even if there are lots happening simultaneously.


  • Provided with a solid gaming appearance, which is massive.
  • Comes with Bundled cooler availability.


  • Power consumption is more you will notice.

4. Intel Core i5 11600KBest Budget Intel CPU

For those who miss the good old days of Intel CPU launches, I have some news.

The Core i5 11600K is my favorite chip from this latest batch and marks a nostalgic return for those who remember when things were simpler: faster speeds with lower prices!

With its 11400 quad-core processor and support from motherboard manufacturers like MSI, this will be one powerful computer!

The PCIe 4 interface means better performance when you plug in an ultra high definition graphics card such as AMD Radeon 390X or Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 Ti into your PCIe x16 slots while also being able to increase memory speeds by 25%. 

To truly take advantage of their high price/performance, gamers needed to upgrade from older processors.

The top-of-the-line was always a decent halo product but with i5s where the metrics really played an important role in convincing them that upgrading is necessary for gaming enthusiasts.

The Cypress Cove 14nm backport may have made it relatively power-hungry, but that doesn’t stop the CPU from being great gaming and one that delivers more processor silicon for not much cash.

And now, Intel 500-series motherboards are updated with PCIe 4.0 support.

Though that isn’t much use right now as our testing has not gone well for supported SSDs yet.

It will be worth waiting on though because there’s no telling what could happen when we get more information about their performance.

Specifications :

  • Cores: 6
  • Threads: 12
  • Base clock: 3.9 GHz
  • Turbo clock: 4.9 GHz (single-core)
  • Overclocking: Yes, 4.9 GHz typical all-core
  • L3 cache: 12 MB
  • TDP: 125 W
  • PCIe 4.0 lanes: 20

Key Features :

Intel’s best budget gaming processor is the last-gen Intel Core i5 11600K

This chip will play games on max settings and provide you with smooth gameplay at higher resolutions, even in Supreme Detail mode!


  • Less heat and power consumption.
  • Undercuts 5600X on price, which is most of us demand in Gaming pc.
  • Provided with high-end gaming performance.


  • The price may be a bit high for some tight-budget gamers.
  • iGPU is still quite weak, which might be a problem for some users.

5. Intel Core i5 10400FBest In-Display Graphics, Speed

It’s hard not to be surprised by how exciting the Core i5 10400F is.

It replaces Intel HD graphics with something that lacks any suffix at all, so you won’t have this chip lagging even when playing games on low settings or watching videos in YouTube Studio Mode.

The Core i5 10400F is the best of both worlds, it’s faster than its predecessor, but at least you can forget about Intel integrated graphics.

It’s easy to use the new technology in your gaming PC, so long as you have QuickSync or NVENC.

Otherwise, it might be worth looking into more expensive alternatives with higher performance-to-price ratios like an Intel Core i3 processor.

The H470 is a great option for those who want to save some money and have fewer limitations. It’s good to know that at least you get cooler in the box with your new processor.

Most boards can happily run up on some 10400F cooling action, so don’t worry about its low base clock speeds. In the near future, games may start to push beyond their 6-core capabilities.

However, before you’re ready for an upgrade there’s no need as the i5 10400F is plenty fast and extremely affordable.

Specifications :

  • Cores: 6
  • Threads: 12
  • Base Clock: 2.9 GHz
  • Turbo Clock: 4.3 GHz
  • Overclocking: No
  • L3 Cache: 12 MB
  • TDP: 65 W
  • PCIe 3.0 lanes: 16

Key Features :

Intel is the go-to for building a fast, powerful computer.

The best parts can cost you an arm and leg but if you’re not looking to break any bank then there are plenty of options that won’t leave the budget drooping low on gas.

The new budget-friendly option for Intel builds! In the near future, games may start to push beyond their 6-core capabilities.

However, before you’re ready for an upgrade there’s no need as the i5 10400F is plenty fast and extremely affordable.

It’s all included in Best Intel CPUs for Gaming.


  • Comes with an Affordable mid-rangers, by which everyone who is interested can think of buying it.
  • Provided with cooler, which helps to work for a longer time without a heating problem.
  • Gives efficient enough performance for gaming.


  • Overclocking is not supported in this.

6. Intel Core i9 – 7980 XE Extreme Edition Processor In Intel

Extreme Edition Processor (24.75M Cache, up to 4.20 GHz).

The Intel Core i9-7980 XE has an even higher base clock than the 7960X and a higher boost frequency as well.

The XE series is a warning that these processors are not supposed to be taken lightly when it comes down to the overall performance. They’re mega powerhouses with lots of cores, but they also come at an equally high price.

While that may seem like the end of the world for some, this processor doesn’t lack in providing enough power to make anything beyond the next generation of games need more.

Most gamers won’t even be able to tap into its value at this point. Really, though, it’s not meant for them; that’s why there are other processors on our list like the Intel Core i5-9600K which is our best mid-range

It also costs almost two times as much, but we can’t review it without putting it up against its direct competition which is AMD Ryzen Thread ripper 1950X.

Specifications :

  • Total Cores: 18
  • Total Threads: 36
  • Max Turbo Frequency:4.20 GHz
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency: 4.40 GHz
  • Processor Base Frequency: 2.60 GHz
  • Cache: 24.75 MB
  • Bus Speed: 8 GT/s

Key Features :

Intel’s high-end processors are just the thing for power users who want to take their gaming experience further than anything experienced before.

  It has more cores than most gamers would know what to do with, it’s got enough cache to keep up with some of the longer-lasting memories, it can even become an overclocking monster when paired with certain cooling solutions.

It also comes with a hefty price tag, which is why it’s featured on our list of the best high-end CPUs for gaming.


  • A huge number of cores and threads.
  • Highly overclockable without risky voltages.
  • The best choice at this price range is if you do something else as well besides gaming.


  • Pricey when compared to the competition.
  • Extremely high power consumption when overclocked.
  • Overclocking did not support and the Box cooler is also missing a thing.

Buyers Guide:

Buyer's Guide Best Intel CPUs for Gaming
Buyer’s Guide Best Intel CPUs for Gaming

Clock Speed –

The clock speed of a processor (GHz) is an important factor in determining its overall performance. CPUs adjust their speeds based on task, temperature, and other factors; you’ll see base clocks with maximums that vary by model or manufacturer.

Cores –

The processor is the brain of your computer, which consists of several parts. Modern CPUs have between two and 64 cores with most containing four to eight.

Each core can handle its own tasks making it important for you to use at least one or more in order to get optimal performance from software programs.

Thread –

This is the number of independent processes a chip can handle at once, which in theory would be more than just cores. However many processors have multithreading capability allowing one core to create two threads for maximum efficiency.


The Thermal Design Profile (TDP) for each processor type determines how much heat it generates at stock speeds, as measured in watts; this number will differ depending on what you are running your PC or laptop with- games tend not to have large TDPs since they don’t typically require much graphics processing power but may use multiple cores heavily when doing complex tasks.


There are many factors that contribute to an individual processor’s performance, but the instructions per cycle (IPC) is one major determinant.

Even if two CPUs have similar clock speeds and thread count; their company of origin or architectural differences between chips can lead them to deliver different levels of IPC which heavily depends on what kind of architecture they possess inside it.

Frequently asked questions for Best Intel CPUs for Gaming:

Frequently Asked Questions Best Intel CPUs for Gaming
Frequently Asked Questions Best Intel CPUs for Gaming

Didn’t some Apple computers have some bad processors?

I think that some of the previous generations of Mac CPUs were a bit weak. I was mostly referring to recent releases as being good for gaming. The latest generation, though, seems to have put those days behind them with nice performance and solid architecture.

Will any Intel processor do for gaming?

No. That’s why we have recommended specific models within certain price ranges. The processor is the main factor in your gaming performance, so it’s important to get a good one if you’re serious about playing games well.

How many cores are there for Intel Core I5 6500?

There are four cores total for that particular chip.

Is Intel HD better than Nvidia?

It’s impossible for me to make a judgment about which is definitely better, but it seems like Intel and Nvidia are both about as good as each other. Nowadays they both seem to be working on technologies and features that could help gamers reach the future of gaming.

What about i7 vs i5?

In most cases, higher numbers are better for this kind of thing. However, if you don’t have a need for the extra cores or threads then it doesn’t really matter all that much. You can save some money by going with a lower number and not noticing too huge of a difference in terms of gaming performance.


This is all about Best Intel CPUs for Gaming from our side.

Intel CPUs are the best for gaming because they have powerful quad-core processors at affordable prices. They perform better than AMD chips in almost all conditions so it is advised to go with them if you want good gaming performance on your PC or laptop.

When you’re looking at CPUs, the first thing to consider is what your computer will be used for.

There are many factors that determine how much money should go into a specific purchase and they all depend on different uses of course!

When deciding between two processors each with their own set features but similar prices it might not always make sense just based on straight price alone even though it may seem like a more expensive option would provide better performance.

Since we never know exactly how well something will perform until after purchasing so figure out which tasks require quick response time such as gaming or other high-paced activities where every millisecond counts then choose accordingly!

Thank you for being around for this article, hope you’ll find the Best Intel CPUs for Gaming.

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