9 Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 In 2022

Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

Got into gaming and searching for Best Gaming Monitor Under 200? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the best gaming monitor you can get in 2020 under 200$ for your gaming needs.

If you are also a full-on gaming freak just like us then you would know the struggle of getting that best monitor for the best experience. Because what happens in gaming is, it all comes down to the quality of the monitor you have and that quality decides the overall experience of gaming you have, how real it feels, how into it you are – it all comes down to the monitor.

And you really need a good one to enjoy a good gaming session otherwise either it doesn’t feel real or you do not enjoy it as you would with a good monitor. You really need good accessories for good gaming experience and the foremost accessory is a monitor. 

And you know what the irony is here? there are many computer builders and manufacturers who tend to miss this factor or miss this accessory.

They go on making good processes, they go on making good graphic cards, they go on making great storage and everything but what they don’t understand is, all of it won’t look as good if your monitor is not good enough to show it. 

Therefore, it is really important to make our way to the world of computers and find the one with the best monitors which will give you a realistic and wholesome gaming experience.

And we are sure that it makes the gamer in you happy but brace yourselves to be even happier because now you can get these great monitors in less than even $200. We understand if you cannot believe it but believe it. Haha.

You really can get some of the Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 and for you to get them even more easily we have made this detailed review about the best monitors under $200 that you can get your hands on and which wouldn’t disappoint you.

So let’s see what are are the best ones here, how are they good for us, why they wouldn’t be suitable and much more. 

9 Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 In 2021

1. Acer XF251Q

The Acer XF251Q is hands down the best gaming laptop under $200. Its performance is just too good with a 1080p high-end resolution. It’s built-in a great ergonomic way that makes the monitor quite easy to adjust and because of the great but quality it also feels really sturdy to work with. 

Now it has a great response system it will reply, or respond very quickly so it wouldn’t lag so much and give you smooth responsive gaming experience. And what else does a gamer ask for? 

It also supports FreeSync and has got it really good and decent peak brightness and also the way it handles reflection or also called reflection handling is also great.


  • It’s got  a refresh rate of 75 Hertz
  • Will work amazingly well even in a brightly lit room
  • It also has an inbuilt crosshair for shooting games
  • It comes with inbuilt speakers which is a feature we see only inexpensive models
  • The backlight is flicker-free so that you wouldn’t have to strain your eyes pouring into the monitor


  • The contrast ratio and the viewing angles aren’t that great
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2. Dell P2417H

It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile monitors that you can get under $200 out there. It comes with a 60-hertz refresh rate and this one right here is basically an all-purpose monitor. 

This screen has a low information slack, awesome movement dealing with, and extraordinary out-of-the-box shading exactness and colour handling.

Similarly, as with a large portion of their Professional Series screens, Dell didn’t hold back on the ergonomics: the stand is durable and takes into consideration all way of changes just as being VESA mountable.

The 1080p resolution isn’t really up to the mark, yet by and large, it’s a good enough monitor for anyone.


  • It’s got a really wide viewing angle which is great for gamers
  • Also, the screen is flickering free so does not strain your eyes


  • Picture quality and the brightness of the monitor isn’t that great
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3. Dell P2217H

So basically this is just a smaller alternative for Dell P2417H. Which means that you still want a quite versatile and all-purpose monitor and running a bit low on the space or have to install it at a place where a big monitor wouldn’t really suit then just for you the Dell P2217H is here which is quite compact and small in size and can easily fit smaller places.

Though its picture quality is almost the same as its alternative where it lacks is in the black uniformity. 

It doesn’t exceed expectations in any perspectives however it is flexible enough to be a decent decision for those searching for a basic one. Its got a flicker-free backlight which makes it good enough to use for significant stretches of time.


  • Its stand is excellent
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • The picture quality is decent along with every viewing angle


  • Isn’t the bright monitor we expected
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4. HP 27f

So this one’s a full-on 27-inch gaming monitor that you can enjoy at a budget of just $200. Now it’s a great choice of a monitor for playing games but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use it effectively for any other use. It is suitable for almost anything for that purpose.

It’s got a refresh rate of 75 Hz, yet it just works at the resolution 1080p. But at resolutions which aren’t native, it has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, however, most graphic cards can upscale their content, so this shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority.

It bolsters FreeSync VRR to decrease screen tearing, however, it doesn’t work with more up to date NVIDIA designs cards since it doesn’t have a DisplayPort input.

The input slack is low and it has extraordinary handling of motion. The survey points are wide, so it’s a decent decision for center gaming and the out-of-the-box colors and their accuracy is great.


  • Gives an output of an accurate image
  • Supports FreeSync
  • As a pretty low input lag


  • The ergonomics and great and also the stand is fixed at one place
  • Doesn’t work really good in dark rooms
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5. Samsung C27F398

this monitor would work really great even in a dark room. It is also a 27-inch monitor but much better in dimly lit places. 

although it doesn’t have that great of a colour accuracy that doesn’t mean it does not excel in other things, for instance, it has a great motion handling which other monitors might not have. 

In spite of the fact that it has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, empowering the FreeSync mode on the on-screen menu permits the refresh rate to increment to 72Hz and it can go as low as 48Hz.

It has a decent contrast ratio, which is ordinary for a VA board, however, that does come at an expense which is its viewing angles, which are not really great if we see.

Fortunately, it has amazing dim consistency and incredible reflection handling, however, it doesn’t get exceptionally bright as well. 

In case you’re searching for the best 27-inch gaming screen under $200, look at the HP, but but but, in the event that you need a screen with better dim room technology, check out Samsung.


  • Can work really great in dark and dimly lit rooms
  • Quite a low input lag
  • FreeSync support


  • The ergonomics aren’t that good and it is also fixed at one place
  • Doesn’t really get too bright if needed
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6. AOC G2590FX

Although it doesn’t really have great viewing angles which results in a slight twisting of the images when you view it from a certain angle but it’s still a great monitor to go for at this rate.

The response rate is quite great which will be sure to make many gamers happy because what’s better than getting quick responses when you are playing. 

The AOC G2590FX 144Hz 1ms gaming screen highlights AMD FreeSync innovation with a wide 30-144Hz powerful range over both DisplayPort and HDMI. It’s also G-SYNC compatible that ensures VRR execution which is also certified by NVIDIA.

Further, in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu, you will discover the AOC Shadow Control highlight which improves permeability in dull zones of games. 

Additionally, utilizing the screen’s joystick, you can flip between the pre-adjusted picture presets including FPS, RTS, Racing, and three adaptable Gamer profiles.

You will likewise discover adjustable crosshair overlays. Not only that, but there’s also Low Input Lag Mode. Great, isn’t it?


  • Response time is very quick
  • There aren’t much lags
  • So many different gaming features


  • The image quality isn’t that great
  • The viewing angles are quite narrow
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7. AOC C24G1

It is one of the best options to go for monitors under $200 because it comes with a 1080p resolution, 144 Hertz refresh rate as well as great viewing angles. it is got amazing and commendable contrast ratio that it makes the picture quality great.

So it basically supports AMD FreeSync and that is over both HDMI and DP with a 48-144Hz VRR go and despite the fact that it’s not confirmed as G-SYNC compatible by NVIDIA, FreeSync works with perfect NVIDIA cards. 

But unfortunately so, a few units of the AOC C24G1 (and most different screens dependent on Samsung’s VA boards) are influenced by the issue of flickering brightness when FreeSync is enabled. 

This flickering of brightness is generally obvious when your FPS changes a great deal or when it gets beneath 48FPS and triggers LFC. It doesn’t influence all units of the screen and it’s not obvious in all computer games though.


  • Amazing features for the price it comes at
  • The contrast ratio and the picture quality is just great
  • Great viewing angles
  • Many different gaming features included


  • There could be some issue while playing fast-paced games
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8. AOC 24G2

this is another great option for monitors under $200 because you get great picture quality, the pixels are just great and also the response time is so less that means you get very quick responses and it only makes your gaming experience extraordinary. 

The AOC 24G2 highlights AMD FreeSync support with a 48-144Hz refresh rate extend, which is also the variable, and steady and decent performance with perfect NVIDIA cards. 

The other great features are generally the MRB innovation which can additionally diminish ghosting through backlight strobing, (which is a thing) and simply like with the C24G1 model, you can physically change the strobing recurrence. 

You additionally get pre-aligned picture modes for FPS, RTS, and Racing games just as three completely adjustable Gamer profiles.


  • The monitor design is quite ergonomic
  • The colours and picture quality are pretty good and vibrant
  • Supports Freesync


  • The contrast could be better though
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9. LG 25UM58 

Can you believe if we tell you that you can get an ultrawide monitor under $200? No right?

But but but, you can. LG 25UM58 is here to our utmost delight and unlike the normal 16:9 aspect ratio that all the laptops offer this one offers 21:9, which only means a lot of horizontal space and viewing angle for a greater and wholesome gaming experience. 

Sadly, the LG 25UM58 doesn’t really support AMD FreeSync however it’s still possible to overclock it up to 75Hz refresh rate (it can vary based upon your specific unit). Be that as it may, if your preferred games support 21:9, you will have the option to appreciate them on just another level. 

Remember that computer games which aren’t supportive of ultrawide resolutions will simply have dark borders along the edges or stretch the picture. You can check which games support the 21:9 viewpoint proportion here. 

The LG 25UM58 offers a lot of game-improving highlights including Black Stabilizer, pre-aligned picture presets, and propelled picture and shading changes.


  • The resolution is quite high
  • The pixel density is quite high and therefore the colors are also very vibrant


  • Doesn’t support AMD Freesync
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Buying Guide For Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

Well, these were 9 of the best gaming monitors that you can buy under $200. Gaming is a thing that almost half of the people absolutely love.

Maybe it is because of the thrill of it, maybe it is because of the experience, maybe it’s because of the fast-paced events that take place in the game, maybe it is because of that feeling of triumph when you win a game – our point really is, there can be a lot of things that appeal to you into the gaming world and what we really want and what all the companies that we have listed here really want is to enhance that gaming experience for you to make it more and more wholesome and realistic which is the reason we decided to make this detailed review about eight of the best monitors that you can get out there but at a budget rate and that is $200. 

We hope that the review helped you to finally decide on that one monitor that benefits you and suits your needs and serves your purpose and obviously not to mention, fits in your budget but even if you are still confused and even if you are still hesitant to go on and make the purchase then here’s a short buying guide for you that will help you to basically decide on the factors that you need to keep in mind and consider before you set out to buy a gaming monitor or any monitor for that matter. 

Panel Types:

Now the first thing that you want to consider when you set out to buy a gaming laptop is the type of panel.

There are basically three types in it, all of them are different and have their own advantages and disadvantages which you need to understand and make sure you are through with that before buying anything, and they are as follows:

IPS panel: IPS which is just a short form for In-Plane Switching panels offer quite some better colours and colour ranges when compared to other types of panels.

In any case, it can nowhere compare to the bursting quick reaction times and ultra-high refresh rates that a TN board can offer and does offer.

All things considered, it flaunts some extraordinarily amazing viewing angles and guarantees some great colour accuracy and consistency, that is is basically from all the viewing angles.

TN Panels: TN is just a short form for Twisted Nematic panels. And even though, they offer top tier responsiveness (high reaction times, refresh rates), some may discover the colour range of these panels and their visuals lacking when contrasted with VA and TN boards. Besides, they have the most exceedingly awful viewing angles of any of the classification of panels and need colour consistency.

VA Panels: VA which is basically a short form for Vertical Alignment Panels offer the best of both worlds – offering access to some of the great viewing angles, colour ranges, colour consistency, and refresh rates. Be that as it may, it experiences generally more fragile reaction times contrasted with other types listed here.

All in all, which one is the best? All things considered, each of the types of the panel has a reason, and it relies upon your own inclination and preference what you want to go for. Just make sure that it suits your needs and fulfil your purpose of buying it.

Resolution: another thing that you really need to make sure is good and better looking is obviously resolution. at the end of the day how everything looks how the gaming experience is going to field totally depends upon the resolution of your screen and therefore you need to make sure that it delivers great picture quality with some great resolution. 


Well, this was our review of eight of the best gaming monitors that you can purchase under $200. But even though, this is not it, there are so many other great monitors that are available out there in the market which are also exceptionally well and offer some of the best features and outputs but these were the eight that we felt are the most versatile and the monitors that can suit almost anyone with different preferences and therefore we made this review for you. 

Also to satisfy all your doubts and clear them we made a detailed buying guide listing all the things that you really need to take care before making a purchase so go through it, consider all the things, your budget is already fixed so that’s a good point and once you are through with your needs, once you know what you want from your gaming monitor, you can just go on through our review and make that purchase. Happy buying.

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