5 Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 In 2021

Best Gaming Laptop Under 800

Searching for Best Gaming Laptop Under 800?

These days several people have gotten into the habit of competitive gaming. But some people come with a limited budget for buying these gaming laptops. This article here will help those people who have a budget of $800.

It would not matter to them whether they would need a laptop for multimedia or business purposes, or any other niche specific use. The only criterion is for the gaming performance on the laptop.

Gaming has become a predominant feature for several technological freaks. Gaming performances can even range in different smartphones depending on the versatility of the device.

These laptops depend on features such as graphic reproduction, sound staging, color gamut, and refresh rate of the display. Hence this article will be useful to those individuals who wish to buy laptops under $800 and our enthusiasts for gaming.

Following are the Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 in the market:

5 Best Gaming Laptop Under 800 In 2021

1. Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming Laptop

Best Pick

Lenovo Ideapad L340

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According to the market, this is the best gaming laptop under $800. It is packed with the 9th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and has a quad-core of 2.4 GHz Processor. It has the latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB DDR5 graphics.

It has a RAM of 8GB and has a 512GB of SSD storage. It also has a 15.6-inch display of high definition. This Lenovo idea pad comes with a Windows 10 operating system which is quite fast in functioning because of the advanced processor.

It is very quick in games and application launching due to the installation of the latest generation. It has an exceptional performance due to its graphics which makes the gaming experience run smoothly and fast.

It also comes with a decent amount of RAM which is quite efficient for it to handle the speed of the gaming applications. It has an excellent storage capacity for 512GBSSD. It does not compromise either with its display.

The display is great with an amazing resolution to make the gaming experience more enhanced and vibrant. There are some additional features on this laptop such as there is a physical shutter on the WebCam.

There is a quick and quiet mode. There is a Dolby system that takes Gaming experience much better.


  • It has an excellent battery life
  • It has an amazing value on money
  • The latest generation of processor is installed


  • The laptop can make some loud sounds which tend to be disturbing
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2. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

Best Runnerup Pick

Acer Nitro 5

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This is fitted with the 7th Generation Intel core i7 processor. It has the latest graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. It has a RAM of 4 GB. There is a display of 15.6 inches in Full HD fitted with great resolution.

It has a memory of 8 GB and SSD of 256 GB. This laptop has a powerful combination of CPU and GPU which makes the gaming experience much smoother. It is also fitted with the highest generation of the processor which makes the experience much higher and the laptop can be enabled to play intensive games very easily.

Due to its high graphics and RAM, the game experience runs smoothly. It has a memory of 8GB which is the minimum requirement for any multi-tasking. To play the best games of the intensive type, the laptop would need the highest storage which is about 256 GB SSD. This laptop has an added advantage of having an extra drive slot.

It has a great display of 15.6 with an amazing pixel density which is appealing to the gamer. There are some additional features of this laptop such as it has a dual-fan which is for the cooling purposes of the machine when the game gets intense.

It is also combined with the Dolby sound system making the gaming experience much more enhanced and vibrant. It comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 operating system.


  • It has a cooling fan
  • It has an amazing battery life of about 8.5 hours


  • It is quite expensive
  • This has less storage while considering the long run
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3. Asus Tuf FX505DT Gaming Laptop

Best Overall Pick

Asus TUF FX505DT

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It is installed with a quad-core processor named AMD Ryzen 5 r5-3550h and the latest graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB. It is operated by Windows 10. It has a display of 15.6 inches with a great resolution.

It comes with an SSD of 256 GB and RAM of 8 GB. If an individual loves gaming, they would know that this laptop has the best quad-core processor when it comes to gaming. It also performs tasks apart from gaming very efficiently.

It has an amazing graphics processor which gives a fairly good frame rate. Within the budget of $800, it has a great storage capacity which is wonderful for the gamers. There is also another hard drive and an optional storage facility on this laptop.

Hence this laptop comes with excellent storage and RAM capacity which is enough for multitasking and for the games to run smoothly. It has an excellent NanoEdge panel and an IPS display.

The screen is very wide with amazing resolutions which make the picture quality vibrant and colorful. The viewing angles of this laptop are also perfect and it has a good refresh rate of 120 Hz.

There are some additional features in this laptop such as the technology of the virtual surround sound audio. It makes the gaming experience much more vibrant and enhanced. There is a dual fan as well in this laptop to prevent overheating when gaming becomes intense.

There is an anti-dust technology as well which prevents the dust from entering into the internal parts of the laptop. This technology increases the lifespan and stability of the system.


  • It has an amazing construction with the latest features
  • There are an anti-dust technology and cooling fan


  • The battery life is short
  • The trackpad can become frustrating to use
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4. Asus FX504 TUF Gaming Laptop

Best Budget Pick

Asus FX504

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This product is installed with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H Processor. It has the latest graphics of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. It also has a 256 GB SSD and RAM of 8 GB. The laptop too has a full HD display of 15.6 inches fitter with great resolution for the users.

Since this laptop is fitted with the latest generation processor along with the amazing graphics processor, it can handle AAA games on an intense platform. It can handle the latest games such as PUBG and fortnight at the rate of over 60 frames per second. It also is installed with the Turbo boost technology which can handle the heavy and intense problems of the game.

This laptop comes with a 250 6GBSSD as mentioned. For any beginner gamer, this storage capacity is more than enough to enjoy. But as we see for any professional gamer they would have to upgrade the storage so that we can enjoy their experience in a much more enhanced version.

It has a RAM of about 8GB which means that this laptop can handle intense gaming sessions and can also perform multitasking. This laptop will not slow down even if the storage space is almost about to be over. With all these features of storage and RAM, it proves that the laptop can prove to have smooth gaming experience.

The display of the laptop is so great and it has an amazing pixel density. It is enough for any gamer to have a clear and bright picture of the game from any angle. This will make it more enjoyable for them.

There are some additional features on this laptop such as the designing of this laptop is very attractive and sleek. It also has a cooling system along with the anti-dust technology.

The cooling system would prevent the laptop from getting overheated while playing intense games and the anti-does technology would act as a shield to the internal devices of the laptop so that no harmful dust particles get inside.

It also is surrounded with a premium sound quality which enhances and makes the experience of gaming much more vibrant. There are some keys on the backlit keyboard which has a lifespan of about 20 million strokes.

It also comes along with a Windows 10 operating system making the experience much more durable and powerful. The laptop is comparatively lightweight than the others.


  • It has an amazing and sturdy built construction
  • The laptop is stylish and powerful
  • It is lightweight with the latest technology installed


  • It has a battery life which is quite average
  • The laptop is not as user friendly. It can take time to a hand of it
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5. Dell G5 15 5590 Gaming Laptop

Best Dell Pick

Dell G5 15 5590

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This is fitted with the latest Quad-core processor has 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H. It also has the latest graphics technology called NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GPU. It has an amazing 8GB RAM and 1TB of HDD and 128 GB of a solid-state drive.

The laptop has an excellent full HD display of 15.6 with an amazing pixel density resolution. This laptop is a great competitor for several other gaming laptops which are under the price range of $800.

Since it is fitted with the latest quad-core processor and it comes with the operating system of Windows 10 which is operated by the best graphic processor, this laptop has proven to be much more reliable, faster, and stable than the other laptops.

It has an excellent frame rate. Any gamer with these characteristics will love the experience in this laptop since it is much more vibrant and enhanced. It has a RAM of about 8GB which makes the experience much more fluid and faster.

This Ram of 8GB can also be upgraded to 30 2GB where the experience of gaming and multitasking is taken to another level. This laptop has storage of about 1 TB HDD along with 120 8GB SSD which is upgradable as well.

With the display size and resolution, this laptop has proven to give an excellent gaming experience. An individual can view the laptop from different angles. The display has thin and slim bezels around the edge which makes the screen to body ratio much more attractive and enhanced.

Some of the additional features of this laptop or that it comes with a dual speaker setup which makes the sound quality of the game much better and intense. It also has a dual-fan cooling which comes with vents so that the lower temperature of the laptop is ensured. The laptop overheating will not disturb the gaming experience.


  • It has an upgradable option for both RAM and Storage
  • It comes with both SSD and HDD
  • It has an excellent battery life


  • The sound quality is not very promising
  • It is quite a thick laptop although with thin bezels
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Buying Guide for Best Gaming Laptop Under 800

This is a guide that will help users to buy the perfect gaming laptop. This guide will include the important features that one must look at while purchasing a laptop, especially for gaming purposes.

  • Processor:

This is quite an essential category of a computer which plays one of the most important roles in the performance of a computer. This has a very important effect on the overall gaming appearance and also depends on how smoothly the experience flows out to be.

Since an individual is only about to spend $800 on the laptop they should check in detail what the processor is and what it constitutes. The most highly rated games include i5 core processors. But it is seen that with this price range one can avail of the Core i7 processor.

  • Graphics Card:

This is the second element that should be looked at after the processor. One must check the dedicated graphics card which is being used in the gaming laptop. The graphic card improvise is the quality of the game and the frame rate per second.

Hence a good graphic card is an essential element for an individual to enjoy the favorite parts of the game. Within the budget of $800, an individual would get a gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and 4 GB of VRAM. Due to these high installed graphics processors, it makes the gaming experience much smoother.

  • RAM:

 It is seen that the more RAM I laptop has, the laptop functions faster and more efficiently. This also makes the task of multi-tasking much easier and the laptop becomes more functional and practical. Due to higher RAM, it prevents the laptop from lagging and glitching at all times. At the budget of $800, a laptop with about 8GB of RAM and several other great specifications can be purchased.

  • Display and Resolution:

For a gaming laptop, its display, and resolution is one of the most important criteria is that an individual has to keep in mind. With this range of $800, an individual would get about 15.6 inch HD display with a pixel density of 1920 x 1080. But there are several other laptops that have better picture clarity than this.

  • Storage:

This is also a very important criterion for gaming laptops. One would have to look at features such as SSD instead of HDD. SSD works much faster in transferring and it reduces the load time as well. With this range and for the gaming laptop 256 SSD would be perfect.

They could also check if there is an option where there are laptops that are available to expand the storage or not. There are a few laptops still in this range that offer both SSD and HDD.

  • Connectivity and Battery:

This is also an important criterion do mention it last. One should always check the connectivity options for a laptop since gamers love to connect their laptops to different devices while playing games. They should have at least a few DVD drives.

The next is the battery performance of the laptop. There would be gamers who love to play for long hours so they would genuinely need a laptop in this range which could at least function for 4 to 6 hours continuously.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Gaming Laptop Under 800

  • Is cooling fans essential for gaming laptops?

 Yes, cooling fans are essential for gaming laptops since gaming is such an intense experience that puts a lot of pressure on the internal systems of the laptop. Hence, it is required for them to cool down before the continue so the gamer can enjoy the experience without any disruption.

  • How long does a Gaming Laptop last?

A gaming laptop if used properly and fitted with a good technological system would run for almost about 4 to 6 years. They would initially run smoothly without any disturbances for about 3 years.

  • Does SSD enhance the experience of gaming?

Yes SSD does enhance this experience because it reduces a lot of the extra load of the laptop while playing games. It runs much faster than the traditional HDD.


This article hopes to help readers who are in search of a Best Gaming Laptop Under 800. There are several gaming laptops in the market which promise to function perfectly.

Due to the increase in the advancement of technology, there are not many laptops that promise to be the best but fail once used. This article has enlisted some of the best laptops in the market which has proven to best in the market and experience.

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