10 Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 In 2022

Best Gaming Laptop Under 700

Looking for Best Gaming Laptop Under 700?

These gaming laptops are for those who love to play games practically anywhere and at any point in time. This purchase is absolutely worth it. Gaming laptops usually cost a lot. The ones which offer more variety of options apart from just gaming are the ones which cost a lot.

If users usually just want a simple portable gaming laptop, this is the right place that they come for guidance which will show them the 10 laptops available in the market now under $700. 

Though low priced, these laptops have promising hardware and software that are specially designed. Many of these laptops are set up with advanced technology such as they even come with graphic cards allowing users to play with the latest games.

There come several gaming laptops under $700 which allow to play different PC Games but only some of them are perfect to play with and work perfectly and have great technology and system inbuilt. Some of them are only promising compared to others. 

Requires specifications for Gaming Laptops under $700: 

  • There should be an Intel Core i5-8th Generation Ryzen 5/7 Processor.
  • The machine should be powered with at least Nvidia GTX 1650 or above Graphic Card.
  • There should be at least 8GB RAM. One cannot be compromising when it comes to RAM along with atleast 240 GB of SSD Storage.
  • There should be at least 13 inches screen size with Full HD resolution 

Following are the 10 Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 that you can get in 2021 for gaming.

10 Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 In 2021


Best Pick


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This is an amazing gaming laptop if one has a budget of $700. This is the best purchase. It has a great sleek design combined with great specifications. This laptop is very lightweight and is super thin as well.

This is a great choice for the ones who are always traveling. The screen size is about 15.6 inches and has an HD display with a very high-quality resolution. It runs smoothly due to the installation of the 8th Gen i5 processor.

They have a great working graphics processor which helps in the functioning of games properly resulting in an amazing experience. There is a great memory available by 1TB. There is a FireCuda Solid State Hybrid Drive which is much faster and due to this, there need not be any need to purchase additional storage.


  • 1 TB storage and with further additional storage 
  • It is lightweight and comes with great design 


  • The durability of the screen is not promising 
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2. HP PAVILION 15 -cx0056wm

Best Runnerup Pick

HP PAVILION 15 cx0056wm

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This as well is another budgeted gaming laptop in the market with great design. It is made with green and black colors which gives a great gaming aesthetic experience. It has a screen size of 15.6 inches with a Full HD resolution.

The screen has a great feature of anti glaring which makes it easy to see the screen be it in any environment. The IPS technology has been installed on the screen which allows us to see the colors as they are.

The Laptop is installed with an i5 processor that boosts to 4GHz. This allows an excellent gaming feature which allows it to run smoothly. Due to its 1TB, there’s plenty of storage. The backlit keypad lights up in the dark making it easy to type. 


  • It has an anti glaring screening and very aesthetic 
  • It has a great storage capacity


  • The Battery drains out quickly 
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3. Dell Inspiron 15 7570 

Best Overall Pick

Dell Inspiron 15 7570

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This laptop is an inspiration for both gaming and business purposes. If one is looking for both gaming and handling work this is the best choice. It looks both very professional and casual with a silver lining.

It has the 8th Gen i5 processor which allows the gaming experience to run smoothly. It has an 8 GB RAM. It has an incredible graphic processor that allows it to run plenty of games. The screen is about 15.6 inches with full HD. It has a battery life of about 8.5 hours. It has a backlit keypad which allows us to see the finer details. 


  • It has a great battery life of about 8.5 hours 
  • It is great for work and gaming 


  • Speakers  can become dysfunctional 
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4. DELL G3579-5965BLK-PUS

Best Dell Pick

DELL G3579

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If one wants a laptop with very much high-quality experience, this could be a great choice. The screen is fully in high definition and screen inches about 15.6 inches. It has an excellent anti glaring feature. One can see the screen easily when outdoors and indoors.

The display is backlit and it has an IPS technology which makes the color bright. It has the 8th Gen i5 processor which allows the game to run smoothly. It has a graphic card that allows the laptop to run smoothly and it has an additional space with an SD card of about 256 GB.

The laptop is inbuilt with 2 fans which helps to cool the machine. It has an excellent design helping to run the machine. 


  • It has dual fans and a great designed laptop 
  • It has an anti glaring HD screen and plenty of storage space 


  • It can sometimes be very tricky to manage the 2 drives
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5. Acer Aspire 5 A517-51G-55RE

Best Budget Pick

Acer Aspire 5

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This laptop is known for its extremely larger screen than the other laptops. It has a screen size of about 17.3 inches. It is a good option to play games in a bigger experience with a higher resolution and backlit LED display.

It is also powered by the 8th Gen i5 processor which allows the smooth running of the games. The intense and great graphics processor allows us to run games smoothly. There’s a total of 8 GB RAM and it improves the smoothness of the games.

It has great storage of 1 TB which makes it possible for not buying any further storage. The speakers are inbuilt to give a great experience with great sound effects. The laptop functions properly for about 7 hours before recharging. 


  • It has a great battery life of about 7 hours 
  • It has a large screen with high resolution 


  • The response on touchpad is very slow and not quick 
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Best Asus Pick


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This comes grey in color with a very nice design. This is another laptop in the market offering both services such as gaming and professional work. The screen size is about 14 inches with high definition and it has a widescreen technology.

It is great to see colors as they are from any angle. The 8th Gen i5 processor is inbuilt allowing games to run smoothly and also an 8GB RAM is present.

There is a graphic processor which allows us to play all different types of games. An SSD drive is present which also avails 256 GB. It is a very lightweight laptop with a super-thin screen.


  • It a great for both gaming and work 
  • It is very lightweight and has a thin design 


  • The fingerprint sensor cannot be relied on and doesn’t function to par 
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7. Acer Nitro 5VR

Best Gaming Pick

Acer Nitro 5VR

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This is a great choice for gaming options which also gives a very powerful experience. It comes in a red and black matte look proving an amazing gaming experience. It has IPS technology which lets the colors come out vibrantly as they are.

It has a screen size of about 15.6 inches and has a wide technology which allows the screen to be looked at from any angle. It has a high definition as well. It has an 8th Gen i5 processor which makes a great impact on the smooth running of the game.

There is an 8GB RAM which makes the laptop function in a lot of areas of gaming hassle-free. It has a 4GB graphic processor making a person play games smoothly.

It has great storage with 1 TB and an extra HDD drive. There is a feature of the backlit keypad which lights up regardless of how dark the environment is. 


  • It has great storage 
  • There is an IPS technology 


  • The keypad isn’t durable
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8. Acer Aspire 5

Best Affordable Pick

Acer Aspire 5

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It is a 15.6-inch display with a Full High Definition and great resolution. The design of the laptop includes black colors that provide the laptop with an aesthetic appeal. It has an 8th Gen i5 processor allowing the function of the game to run smoothly.

It used a windows 10 operating system. This is amazing to run a smooth and hassle-free experience. The graphics system is strong to let the games run smoothly as well. It has a RAM of 8GB included as well. One can easily multitask on this laptop as well.

It has great storage of 256 GB with additional storage of an SSD drive. This laptop has a commendable battery life of about 15 hours.

It is amazing to play with when there are longer games. The audio quality of the laptop is also of very high quality. The sound system gives a very enhanced experience. 


  • It has a great battery life and graphics and storage 
  • The sound and audio quality is very high 


  • The keyboard backlighting is non adjustable 
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Best Pick


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This is an incredibly lightweight laptop. It is ultra-thin and has been implemented with an 8th Gen i5 processor to make sure the smooth running of the gaming experience. It features well with a Windows 10 operating system.

Hence, this laptop makes it better for another usage apart from just gaming. The graphics are a very good set up in this laptop which allows an enhanced smooth running of the game. There’s a 4GB RAM that allows the quick response in the game.

There’s a great storage of 1TB on the HDD drive. The screen is wide with about 15.6 inches and has a wide view system allowing it to be viewed from any angle. This allows the colors to be seen from any angle ignoring the environment.


  • There is great storage and and wide view technology 
  • It is portable and lightweight 
  • The screen size is also comfortable 


  • The keys can be challenging to read at times 
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10. Lenovo Ideapad 720s

Best Lenovo Pick

Lenovo Ideapad 720s

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This laptop functions extremely well when it comes to both gaming and working professionally. This is a fantastic option for those who wish to have one laptop which can be operable for work and gaming related purposes. It is incredibly lightweight and is bare with a thick screen.

It is quite portable. It has an 8th Gen i5 processor which allows the smooth running of the gaming process thus making it hassle-free. It has a graphic processor as well which allows the user to play any game with ease.

It has a fully 14-inch screen which allows us to play games without any disturbance as the screen is anti glaring. It allows the screen to be seen regardless of the surrounding. It has an installed IPS technology which allows the color to come out as vibrant as they are.

The laptop runs for about 14 hours which is far beyond impressive. This will let the gamer play for a longer time without any disturbance. 


  • It is easily portable and the battery life is commendable 
  • It is fantastic for gaming and working environment 


  • It can be problematic when it starts lagging 
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Buying Guide to Best Gaming Laptop Under 700

It is very important to look at certain factors before buying anything. This provides a handbook for the buyers before going into purchase for the laptops.

This section is like a bible to the gamers who should give all these factors very much importance while going into an investment to this machine. There should be no compromise as they would surely not want it to be a shorty time purchase. 

  • Display: One of the main features is to make sure that the display and the resolution is great. Every gamer would want a laptop with a commendable display to enhance their gaming experience. The visuals should have great clarity and it should be in High Definition.
  • Graphics: The graphic card should be available with the laptop so that the gamer is allowed to play games it wants to without any disturbance. The graphics are reliable and ensure high standards for the smooth running of the game. The best graphics are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, and NVIDIA GTX 1660. The first processor gives an amazing gaming experience which includes several details. They are able to handle the processing of all the imagery involved and makes the screen look amazing with the resolution 1920 x 1080z. The second processor mentioned is one of the most popular mentioned processors in the market for gaming. They provide excellent frames to ensure that one is able to play games. The third and the last mentioned graphic processor is the one where one expects extremely high performance for gaming. This is able to produce some excellent frames and it allows us to play with incredibly smooth looking graphics. It is extremely compatible with the VR system and gives a more immersive gaming experience. 
  • Portability: The laptop should be portable which means easy to carry around. It should be able to carry it out and inside the home so that the user can play any game they wish at any given moment. A portable laptop can be maximum stuck to 18 inches. Above 18 inches it can become hard to carry around. Most of the gaming laptops are about 15 inches and the best for choice for gaming. This is an average size and it is big enough to experience an enhanced game. 
  • Storage: It is important for gamers to have sufficient storage on their laptop. This is to see the speed in their operation and as well to see how less time they take to load and lag. These laptops have an extremely great storage of 1TB which is more than sufficient for gamers. One can even attach another drive for extra space. There are some laptops that have extra space in SSD and also the laptop inbuilt space which provides the user to download as many games they wish to and function equally well and that they can access these files at any time. 


This article has focused on all the Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 and only wishes to help our readers who wish to purchase or gift the laptops to a person with a limited budget. The best laptop as per recommendation is the ASUS TUF (FX505DT) Gaming Laptop.

It concludes with all the features such a great screen, graphics, storage, and topping it with its anti glaring screen for safety. It has great graphics which lets the laptop run for longer hours and it’s 2 fans allowing it to cool down and prevent the laptop from overheating. 

Hopefully this article helps our readers and not confuses them with the numerous laptops which are available now in the market. This will help their purchase become better and also economical. 

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