10 Best Fitbit For Kids In 2021

Fitbit For Kids

Searching for Fitbit For Kids? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the 10 Best Fitbit For Kids that you can get in 2020 for your kid.

If you are looking for the perfect Fitbit that will suit your wrist this is the right article that will provide you with the most honest feedback. This article will prove to be a guiding book for those who wish to purchase Fitbit for themselves.

Fitbit is a great purchase to make sure the activity log of your kid and also to ensure that they are getting motivated in the right direction. This generation has become very technologically handicapped and hence it is important to make them from sitting at one place like a couch potato to an active generation.

Hence, this is an idea where technology has mixed up with physical activity to make sure both the ventures of life can be enjoyed at one go to ensure a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitbit is a Health Metrics Research Incorporation founded 13 years ago in March 26th 2007 in Delaware, US. It has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. Based on the report supplied by IDC, Fitbit is considered the fifth largest wearable industry with its sales growth of 14.8 {a4c7761a66c5e230fdf8135fd26cc8f22a414d525b4f9493baa5b99f3704b6cd} in the year 2019. It is right after popular industries such as Apple and Xiaomi. 

These bands are loaded with different kinds of challenges including swimming, running, cycling, etc. Kids can set their record for one day and then the bands will motivate them to break their record and set a new record to challenge themselves daily.

The Fitbit bands are well designed as well to attract the kids. They are a great motivation to try out new games and challenges and to push the children to the next level.

To make it more challenging you can see your friends achievements and then get motivated and challenge them in several activities 

Working of Fitbit: It uses a 3 axis accelerometer with which it tracks the motion using various calculations which are used to help to calculate some specific motion activities such as walking, running, swimming, etc. According to scientific research, the results are always about 90 percent accurate. 

Setting up Fitbit: Firstly it is to be connected to an Android, iOS, or Windows device using the Fitbit application. After installation, there are steps and procedures which will lead you to the way of setting up the Fitbit.

One needs to create a Fitbit account to keep their data private since some personal details are required to enter. This will allow the privacy to be kept safe and to avoid any unnecessary invasion.

It can be paired to the device via Bluetooth by a wireless dongle. One also needs to make sure which wrist they have to wear it on to make it the dominant wrist.

The Fitbit will sync to your device as and when the Fitbit is opened and connected to the device. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes to sync. 

This article has found out the best Fitbit For Kids that were available. Following are the top 10 Fitbit For Kids that are available in the market: 

10 Best Fitbit For Kids in 2021

1. Fitbit Ace

Best Pick

Fitbit Ace

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This is suitable for kids ranging from 8 years of and above. Initially, they were only used by children of 13 years of age, and above till they were protected by data.

This device has data and features which allow parental control. It is a great health tracking device that allows it to track footsteps, measure steps, active minutes, and also gives its user badges and prizes if they have set up new records.

This is exclusively a health wristband. To make it even more challenging and interesting one can challenge their friends also. It has a sufficiently decent syncing software.

Although it is not completely waterproof, it can withstand minimal exposure to water. It is made of decent material.

The product does not have a large screen. It is clear and very much concise. It has a decent battery life as well which lasts up to 5 days without charging. 


  • It has fun challenges 
  • Has parental control and health tracking technology
  • There are sufficient fun activities       


  • The waterproof is not sufficient 
  • It does not have a large screen 
  • Battery life can only extend to 5 days
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2. Fitbit Ultra HR

Best Overall Pick

Fitbit Ultra HR

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This is one of the best selling bands on Amazon for teens. It is a great choice for kids who love to stay always on their feet and exercise. It has an inbuilt heart rate monitor which records fitness accordingly.

This gives a proper summary of all the health tracker and can help you suit a workout according to the fitness goal chosen by you. It helps and makes the sleeping cycle better.

It has an installed alarm also within. The device is very advanced.  It counts the steps, calories, active minutes, and distance covered by an individual. It will motivate you further to break your record.

It has an extended and a fair battery life of up to 7 days without being charged. The display screen is not as promising as their device. It has an attractive interface and good connectivity. 


  • It is water-resistant and has great fitness tracking technology 
  • Battery life can last up to 7 days 
  • It can automatically choose an exercise regime accordingly 


  • It has a small display screen 
  • It does not have parental control feature 
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3. Fitbit Flex 2

Best Runnerup Pick

Fitbit Flex 2

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This is ideally designed for swimmers since it is truly waterproof. It is designed to be sleek and is a durable product. It can track fitness excellently and to an extent that it can track the steps, calories burnt, active minutes, and distance to perfection.

It also has an additional quality to calculate your sleep schedule. This band can be separated from its tracker at any time making it look like a bracelet also.

This has great connectivity as it can be connected via your phone to get alerts and messages at any time. It has a system of LED lights when it receives notifications.

This is recommended and designed for usage by then teens especially since it lacks some safety measures. 


  • It recognises immediately what sort of exercises is recommended by the body 
  • It has a call and alert notification 
  • It is completely waterproof


  • It does not have any parental control feature 
  • It has a battery life of 5 days 
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4. Fitbit Charge 3

Best Budget Pick

Fitbit Charge 3

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This is one of the most advanced and adapted fitness trackers best suited for its price range. It can calculate the heart rate monitor and adapt a personal fitness regime for the user.

It has special software that calculates the heart rate and sends a notification when it is at an alarming rate. It has some basic features like every fitness tracker such as – steps, distance, calories burnt, active and sleeps timings, etc.

It sends out alerts and calls notifications. This has several other smart features such as make payments, weather updates, and calendar reminders as well.

It has a battery life of up to 7 days maximum and can go down in up to up to a depth of 59 meters. The recommended age group for this wristband is 13 years old and above. 


  • There is a large OLED display 
  • It is connected to GPS 
  • Excellent battery life and smart health features 


  • Can go in the water up to a certain depth 
  • No parental control 
  • Can be a bit expensive 
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5. Fitbit Versa

Best Style Pick

Fitbit Versa

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This is a new product launched by the company and is identical to a smartwatch. It looks very much like any wristwatch. It can go up to water till 50 meters deep and tracks water activity and sessions.

It measures the sleep time and has a unique feature that it can save up to 300 plus songs in its storage. It has a built-in secure application that allows it to make payments.

There are some health applications that are extremely beneficial for females. The product is to be recommended to be used by children of 13 years old and above. 


  • It has a pulse rate tracking application and other health tracking application 
  • It is connected to GPS 
  • Has great storage and payment features 


  • Battery capacity can last up to 4 days 
  • It has no parent control feature 
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6. Fitbit Zip

Best Affordable Pick

Fitbit Zip

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This is a cheap fitness tracker that lasts up to 6 months without any need for recharging. The battery can be changed at any given point.

This band basically attracts kids of younger age since there is not much other fitness tracker activity apart from the pedometer.

It has a great syncing ability since it automatically connects to phones, tablets, computers, etc. It has a sleek design and can be fitted in at any time. This can be attached or worn anyhow if not in the way of a watch as well. 


  • Can calculate steps 
  • It is water resistant 
  • It has a sleek design and can be worn anyway


  • It can work only for about 6 months. 
  • It has no other fitness tracking application apart from the pedometer 
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7. Fitbit Flex

Best Fitbit Pick

Fitbit Flex

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This is made of a softer material with no display rather than just a show of LED lights. Its main usage is to track sleep and is water-resistant. Yet, it can’t be advised to use it while swimming.

The battery life of this wristband is excellent as it can go for about 10 days without any charge. There is an option for silent and vibration in this watch.

The band for this watch can be removed at any time which makes it fashionable. It is recommended for age groups of about 13 years old and above.


  • It is Water resistant 
  • Has great battery life 
  • Very fashionable and well designed 


  • Has only a sleep tracker application 
  • It has no display 
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8. Fitbit Charge

Best Pick

Fitbit Charge

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This is basically an activity tracker band. It does not have a heart sensor. It has a small display and is very affordable.

The display only limits itself to show the activity status and shows the devices your wristband is connected to for notifications. People usually recommend this type of design due to its excellent battery life which lasts up to 10 days.

It is perfect for age groups ranging from 13 years and above. This model has now been discontinued and hence can be available at the market with the products that were already manufactured and is available at an excellent and affordable price range. 


  • It is affordable and available at great price range 
  • It has an excellent battery life of about 10 days and is water resistant 
  • It tracks the workouts and recommends some new regime also 


  • There was a lack of heart rate sensor
  • This model has been discontinued but still is being sold 
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9. Fitbit Alta

Best Budget Pick

Fitbit Alta

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This is an extremely slim and sleek design wristband. This as well as the benefit of changing its band at any given time to make it fashionable.

The model since it can be separated from its band has a variety of other colorful bands that It can attach itself to. It is a great activity tracker band and has the facility of tracking sleep also.

They have a feature of a smart tracker which allows it to recognize exercises and make new regimes.

There is a reminder as well when the user has been making no movement hence to remind them to be active. It is preferred to be used by an age group of 13 years old and above. 


  • It has a feature of smart tracker which allows it to recommend new exercises
  • It is water resistant and has call, text alerts as well
  • It has a reminder to remind the user to be active 


  • The battery can only last up to 5 days 
  • The material of the watch isn’t that great 
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10. Fitbit Charge HR

Best Overall Pick

Fitbit Charge HR

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This model was released between the release of the Fitbit Charge and Charge 2 model but was discontinued later on. Although it is being sold by third-party sellers.

It has an Aditi feature to monitor the heart and pulse rate at all times. The Smart tracker recognized exercises that are worked out and also suggests new regimes. It is water-resistant and can withstand rain and dust.

Although it is water-resistant it is not recommended to be used while bathing and swimming since it can’t hold that intensity. It is of great use by children aged 13 years and above. 


  • Has a new feature of measuring the pulse rate 
  • It has a system of call alerts 
  • There is a feature of smart tracker allowing to suggest new exercise regimes


  • Can extend its battery life to up to 5 days only 
  • It is not enough to be water-resistant 
  • The model has been discontinued
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Is Fitbit safe for all age groups? 

Fitbit as we see most of them are to be used by a recommended age group of 13 years and above except the Fitbit Ace. Fitbit has some privacy and safety concerns which comes with maturity as we know.

There is a lack of parental control so the parents at times will not be able to keep a track of their children’s whereabouts and it could be difficult. according to some parents, this could make them feel that the tracking device could be an invasion of privacy to their kids and not wish to expose their children to this.

But data of the child can be protected if they make an account where everything is kept securely. As a matter of fact, the US legal system allows Fitbit to be used by the age group of 13 years old and above giving an exception to the Fitbit Ace. 


This article hopes to satisfy its readers and hopes to make sure that their mind is not confused when they wish to purchase any band right now. It also gives a detailed description of all the best Fitbit that are available in the market and the price ranges as well.

These Fitbit bands are very essential to kids of this generation as explained in the introduction as well. Fitness is very important and the kids are recently becoming very technologically handicapped which will make them lethargic.

Hence, there should be new tactics made to make them active and have fun as well. Fitbit has proved to be very useful to the children as it helps them to monitor their health and get notifications of any alarming rate. It has also proven to be of great help for weight loss. 

According to the article, I’d suggest that the best Fitbit for kids of age around 8-10 years old , the best choice for them is the Fitbit Ace. The exercises are great here and very active which will make the kids of this age range love.

And for teenagers as suggested, the Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent choice since it is waterproof, very sport and well designed. In cases where a child might want more of a functional than a wristband, a Fitbit Versa is the perfect choice. 

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