Best Cyber Monday Deals On Monitors In 2022

Best Cyber Monday Deals On Monitors
Best Cyber Monday Deals On Monitors

Finding the best Cyber Monday Deals on monitors can be a difficult task, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all of the best monitor deals for you and your family.

Top Picks For Best Cyber Monday Deals on Monitors: 

1.Alienware 360Hz Gaming Monitor 24.5 Inch FHD: Best Cyber Monday Deal On Gaming Monitors

There are tons of Dell gaming monitors out there, but the best one is Alienware’s newest model. This 25″ monitor has an IPS panel with 1080p resolution and offers everything you need for your perfect game play experience!

From its excellent build quality to it beautiful design that won’t break even if thrown on its stand during an intense match; this product has got what gamers seek in high-quality equipment without breaking their budget either.

The response time of the monitor is impeccable, and it has a refresh rate up to 360Hz. This means that when watching movies or gaming in fast-paced scenes you won’t notice any lag between what happens on screen with your movements!

The backlight strobing feature also helps by making darker areas lighter so they’re easier for our eyesight’s night vision process during daytime hours while reading text becomes much more pronounced than not have this advantage at all times throughout year long periods without use outdoors – which makes sense given its primary function.

2.Acer XFA240 AMD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Acer’s new display is a great pick for gamers who live and breathe with their multiplayer matches. This 24-inch monitor has a resolution of 1080p, and it offers brilliant viewing angles thanks to its TN panel.

The response time of the monitor is just 1ms! During our tests, we found that the Acer XFA240 had an almost flawless performance in games like Overwatch and CS:GO – even during hectic scenes where every millisecond counts – the gameplay was always smooth without stutters or blurs!

The price point sees this being one of the best picks out there based on what you get in return despite this not being an ultra high-end model due to its TN panel which helps to further drive down its price point.

3.Dell Ultrasharp UP3017 30 Inch IGZO Monitor: Best Cyber Monday Deal on Monitor

This monitor from Dell is a great pick for those who want an ultra high-resolution screen with 4K, and it also has a very good response time considering the amount of pixels on display – especially if you’re going to be gaming! The monitor supports only Nvidia G-Sync since it doesn’t have AMD FreeSync implemented into its design.

Since this model sports a VA Panel which most gamers already know provides amazing color accuracy and viewing angles with superb contrast making games pop even more with details being more defined displayed on screen with full vibrancy without distortion!

For most, the monitor works excellently with PC games at 60Hz, and it has an acceptable input lag which will please even the most demanding of gamers.

4.Acer Predator XB241H 24 Inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor from Acer is a good pick for those who want a high refresh rate in ultra fast PC games! The g-sync technology implemented in this model helps to eliminate screen tearing in games by enabling the graphics card to control when the monitor updates rather than leaving it up to the display itself.

It also doesn’t hurt that this offer from Acer comes bundled with a Shield K1 tablet accessory making it worthwhile if you don’t have your own device already but need something portable for when you’re on-the-go.

5.AOC Agon AG322QCX 31.5 Inch 144Hz Monitor

This monitor from AOC is another great pick for gamers who want blazing fast refresh rates that will leave them fully immersed in fast paced games with no lag whatsoever!

The 1440p resolution ensures you won’t have to scale the fonts unlike 4K displays which makes this model not only more affordable than its higher resolution counterparts but also practical since many of us don’t own a graphics card capable of pushing 2K or 4K FPS at ultra settings yet so it’s best to stay away from these high resolutions until you either upgrade your GPU or game releases can run smoothly at maxed out quality on 1080p screens otherwise you’ll be missing out on details!

Things To Consider Before Getting Best Cyber Monday Deals On Monitors

Buying a new monitor can be difficult, especially if you aren’t fully up to speed with the latest technology. For that reason we educate our readers on important aspects of monitors and ensure they make an informed purchase!

The following list is compiled as some things potential buyers should consider when looking for Cyber Monday deals:

Screen Size

The size of your screen is important for many reasons, but it’s also an investment. When deciding between a 24-32 inch device vs something more substantial like 49 inches or larger you need to consider how much desk space that extra display will take up as well as what kind of activities are going on around it?

If gaming with friends sounds distracting then maybe think about getting one smaller instead so there aren’t too many distractions inside the room while working simultaneously outside!

Type Of Monitor

We all know there are different types of screens, but what should you consider? Here is a photo to show the differences between TN panels vs IPS vs VA.

TN Panels typically have fast response times while sporting low input lag allowing for smooth visuals without any stuttering or ghosting in games, which makes them great gaming monitors! On the downside they do suffer from bad color accuracy so if you don’t play shooters then this isn’t something you need to worry about since other genres don’t require as much depth since you won’t be looking at objects closely enough.

IPS Monitors can offer better colors and viewing angles compared to its counterparts which makes it suitable for photography work along with graphic design however due to their slowness they can’t offer as many frames per second as TN panels making them feel laggy.

VA Monitors are a happy medium between IPS and TN, offering better colors than TN monitors but faster response times and input latency compared to its counterpart which makes it great for gamers especially those who love open world games like the Witcher 3!

This monitor type also has high contrast and deeper blacks due to its ability to produce pure blacks without any light leakage like models with an LED back-light.

This results in day and night time viewing being more comfortable on your eyes without taking up extra power from your GPU unlike cheaper matte screens that will make you squint during dark scenes!


Resolution is important, but many users aren’t entirely sure what it looks like in real life. This chart shows the difference between 1080p and 1440p resolution so you can appreciate how much more detail and clarity there is on a higher resolution screen!

Refresh Rate

Monitors with high refresh rates aren’t necessary for productivity work or basic web browsing tasks however they offer gamers a better gaming experience due to its ability to produce less motion blur during fast paced games such as shooters and racing sims where every millisecond counts when your looking to beat your multiplayer opponents or come first in an online race! You also need this if you play Virtual Reality games that require controllers which track your movement.

Input Lag

Monitor input lag is how much time it takes for your monitor to respond after you’ve sent a command from your mouse, keyboard or controller. Generally speaking gamers want the lowest input lag since they will experience less delay and faster response times resulting in smoother gameplay! This is common with monitors using TN panels which can result in almost no input lag making them great for competitive shooters and racing games where every millisecond counts!

Cyber Monday 2022 – What You Need To Know

What Is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a term  used to refer to the Monday after Thanksgiving however it’s origins date back  to 2005 when major retailers began promoting deals on their online stores in order  to draw more customers. Nowadays it has become a huge shopping day  where people rush home from their thanksgiving dinner and spend their Black Friday haul on their laptops or home computers.

Why You Should Start Saving Now!

Cyber Monday is an event where you can get huge discounts on all kinds of tech including monitors! If planning to upgrade your screen next year it’s best to start saving early to make the most of Cyber Monday deals that will appear in November ! You can also buy a monitor now and resell it before the holiday at a higher price so you don’t have to spend as much but still get an awesome screen.

Where to Find The Best Cyber Monday Monitor Deals

Now that you know a bit more about Cyber Monday and why it’s important to start saving early, let’s look at some retailers who have awesome deals on their stores!

Amazon –
Amazon is one of the best places to get Cyber Monday monitor deals thanks to its huge selection of products! You can read reviews from others before making a purchase and also see what kinds of products other users bought which can help you find awesome deals on similar items!

Best Buy –
This is one of the most popular stores in America and Best Buy happens to have awesome Cyber Monday monitor deals that will save you a lot of money. You can view many offers right next to each other where others may only have one sale to look at so it’s much easier to compare!

Walmart –
Walmart is a great place to get Cyber Monday monitor deals since they have a huge variety of models from all the popular brands. You can also choose from different screen sizes and resolutions depending on your needs! They also have a price match guarantee which means you’ll always get the lowest price online.

Cyber Monday Ads –
Cyber Monday ads are your best friend when it comes to getting monitor deals. Most stores will begin releasing their early Black Friday ads around mid October however for some retailers they may release them as early as September which can be a great way to plan or budget what you’re going to buy or how much money you want to spend! Make sure to check back regularly after the holiday season kicks off since retailers will start revealing their upcoming sales starting December 1st!

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