10+ Best CPU for VR In 2022 (Buying Guide)

Best CPU for VR

Searching for the Best CPU for VR?

Virtual Reality, a way broader term than one that we can think of in today’s modern time. It is an escapism from the real world. It is a way to trick one’s mind into believing that there can be a world beyond the real world. Many gamers have started to take shelter within this virtual world.

It has turned out as a new and pleasant home for a countless number of people. It sure is just a computerised graphics world but is no less than a real-world pleasure.

To have the best of Virtual reality pleasure, a CPU that is, a central processing unit, with other important parts are needed to be of high quality. As better the quality, better it will provide the experience to the users. 

Those who wish to step into the virtual reality world and the amazing world of gamers, they look for a CPU that does its task amazingly. This efficiently gives the user the best of the quality experience.

As no one would want to be annoyed or frustrated due to the bad quality of the virtual effects. High-quality performance holds on to the user’s mind to stay more into this world. As here they come to find a better world to live in. Here they come to experience the unknown visuals that the real world cannot create. 

Computer gaming and virtual reality have a world of their own. The simplest way to define virtual reality is, it is a replacement of the real world. As when the users step into it, they forget the world that exists outside of it.

And when the users step out of it for a while, their mind is still occupied within it. They can’t stop thinking about it, or can’t stay away from it for long. It is an amazing opportunity to have another life created within the life they currently live in. 

A CPU is one of those very essential equipment for the build-up of virtual reality and one must buy it with proper consideration.

They should look for a high-quality CPU that can efficiently provide the users with a high-class experience. To do so, the following are the top 10 picks of CPU for VR that you can go through. 

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Top 10 Best CPU for VR In 2021

1. AMD Ryzen 7 1700x: Best CPU for Vray Rendering

Our very first recommendation is AMD Ryzen 7 1800x. It promises to be of supreme quality performance. It also ensures to be the best companion for a creator or a gamer.

Its presence will only provide the user with comfort and satisfaction. As it is a value for money kind of product. It ensures to last longer and provide the best of the adventures throughout its durability. 

For those who pick this processor won’t be disappointed. Its multi threats and multi-cores make it an upgraded version of the CPU. It’s quick processing and fast speed is what a buyer is looking for. As quality plays the most important role in having a comfortable gaming or virtual view. It will provide the best of everything. 

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  • It ensures to be installed easily. 
  • It is a super-fast processing CPU
  • It comes with multi threads and multi-cores for better gaming. 
  • It has the feature unlock for easy overclocking. 


  • The CPU can heat up easily. 

2. Intel Core i9 Extreme: Best CPU for VR Gaming

Intel Core i9 Extreme. A CPU which provides the best of quality experience. Its features are rich and it is designed with the concern of giving the users the best of quality and valuable experience.

While using this CPU for Virtual Reality purposes. The user won’t have to worry about its working and processing. As it is designed in a way that will give the users no chance to have a second doubt. Once you buy it, it is yours. Once you assemble it, it is there at your service. 

It consists of a turbo boost technology. It is a level up for the creators and those who wish to go far away to an incredible and unimaginative world. It is what you should have eith you.

It supports multiple monitors, carries multiple threats and multiple cores. It stands to the expectations of users. It performs strong, better and quicker.

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  • It is efficient for regular usage. 
  • It has multiple threats and multiple cores
  • It is an amazing pick for content creators.
  • It is very easy to overclock. 


  • It requires much power for processing.

3. Intel Core i5-9600K:

When one steps into the virtual reality, they are expecting their experience to be way more tempting and compelling than the real world. Users wish to have everything perfect while they are gaming or experiencing an adventure in the virtual world. Which is why they look for every equipment in detail. As the quality and performance of every part matter a lot. 

This Intel’s Core i5-9600K is an amazing processor. It is efficient and highly functional. It’s processing is great. It consists of multiple cores and multiple threats. It’s very easy to unlock and overclock.

It ensures to be of high quality as well as of turbo boost technology. With its use, your virtual world will doubtlessly become your real world. 

Intel’s this CPU comes with memory support and other remarkable benefits. 

It promises you to be at it’s best. It lets you have your say and your imagination unleashed. What you wonder, it creates that for you. Its speed is fast, and. processing is faster. Buying it will surely give you the best of quality experience. 

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  • It is efficient in doing multitasking 
  • Its turbo unlocked makes it a perfect choice
  • Very easy to process


  • It can only work with a motherboard. 

4. Intel Core i9-9900K: Best Intel CPU for VR

If you wish to amaze yourself, with what you have bought. Buy this Intel Core i9-9900K processor. It won disappoint you or your high expectations. It’s design and body, it’s features and qualities, it’s speed and processing.

All cross the limited boundaries of a buyer’s expectations. It ensures to amaze those who use it. It carries forward your imaginations and makes it real for you in the virtual world. 

It ensures to provides it’s users a top-end performance. It can efficiently do multi-task. As can be used for gaming, recording and streaming. All you can do with its support. Its process g is fast and quick. It’s assembling is easier. Anyone who buys’s will surely have a great experience. 

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  • It is a quality product. 
  • Efficient in turbo unlocking 
  • It provides a laser-like speed up performance
  • Efficient for multi-usage as; Gaming, streaming and recording. All in one. 


  • It can heat up easily. 

5. AMD Ryzen 9 3950X: Best AMD CPU for VR

If you are looking for a CPU that is an efficient supporter of gaming as well as of creating beyond imagination. Here you are. At the right place. Reading about the best of a quality product.

Which ensures to provide the users with elite gaming and high-quality creation. It allows you to u limit your potentials and think experience and create what is not yet known to the virtual world. 

It’s graphics and it’s processing quality is double from the one that you can ever find. Its memory is boosted and it’s chip comes with high quality. It is a quality product and gives you no disappointment.

It ensures to fill your heart with satisfaction, works humbling, and in a quiet manner. It stands to the expectations of its users. 

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  • With it, you will not have to limit your qualities. 
  • It is good for gamers and creators. 
  • It gives a calm, cool and quiet performance. 
  • It is efficient in doing multitasking. 


  • Don’t come with a cooler.

6. AMD Ryzen 7-3700X

If you are looking for a CPU that can let you feel free while using it. You have come to the right place. As AMD Ryzen 7-3700X is extremely fast in processing and is great as a choice for gaming.

It is designed in an absolutely balanced manner. It can provide users with the best of experience. It performs the tasks powerfully. Its features and qualities are one of it’s kind and make it unique and different from others. 

It consists of double the graphics bandwidth, game cache memory of higher level and more.

It performs its functions very efficiently and can do multitasking easily. It is a very advanced processor. Promises to provide best of adventures and excitement to the users. 

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  • Its overclocking is easy to do. 
  • It is unlocked. 
  • It is a fast processor 
  • It is amazing for gaming and for creating 


  • It can heat up easily. 

7. Intel Core i7-9700K:

Intel’s Core i7-9700K is designed perfectly to carry forward all the processing tasks perfectly. It is rich with features and stays alive throughout your whole processing that takes place.

It comes with a turbo unlocking feature. Its frequency is amazing and can easily carry multi-tasks. Its powerhouse can store a lot of energy and it comes with easy overclocking. It is designed of a turbo boost technology and its memory support is very strong. It gives the best graphics experience. 

This CPU is constructed with high-level structure and design. Anyone who will use it will feel satisfied and amazed with its quality performance. It ensures to engage the gamers and provide this with high-quality performance.

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  • It is a highly efficient professor. 
  • The graphics experience it provides is of excellent quality. 
  • It is efficient in holding multi-tasks. 
  • It comes with turbo unlocked and unclocking features.


  • No cooling fan is included in it. 

8. Intel Core i5-10400Best Intel CPU for VR

This is another elegantly designed regular processor with compelling features and remarkable qualities. It consists of a motherboard, a chipset, a cooler, unclocking and unlocking feature.

It promises to provide its users with a high-level experience without disappointing or making the buyer regret their decision. As it is an absolute upgraded version of what you must have seen till now. 

This CPU comes with Hyper-threading just like other Intel processors. Which results in making it a faster and a better product to buy. If your requirements to have a column listed, value for money, tick it right away as it is that all you can ever look forward to buying. Your search seems over As your requirements are settled. 

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  • An excellent choice for gamers. 
  • It takes up less power wattage. 
  • It is believed to be an upgraded version. 


  • Its base clock speed is low. 

9. AMD Ryzen 5-2600:

Ever wished of bringing to life your wild and bright imaginations? Ever known about the graphics way of doing it? Ever felt like creating your virtual reality? Ever had an endless pool of thoughts on this topic? I guess every gamer or streamer or those who simply love the virtual world must have wished and thought about it.

Sure, you must have been looking for a reliable, more powerful, and high-quality performance CPU. Also sure, that this AMD Ryzen 5-600 will erase all your doubts, it will give you an adventurous time. 

When having it by your side, your endless sea of creative thoughts will keep on multiplying and crave to turn into virtual reality. So, if you’re concerned about every little big a CPU can do, if you wish to experience maximum level benefits a processor can give. Go for it. 

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  • It can do multitasking. 
  • It is efficient for both gamers and creators. 
  • You can unleash your imagination with this processor. 


  • It is an older version of the processor. 

10. AMD Ryzen 5-3600: Best Budget CPU for VR

If you want just a CPU to perform the guided steps, you can buy any processor. But if you wish to go beyond just a processor and have a friend by your side, This is where your search ends. It is a superior processor with superior qualities. Efficient in doing big tasks. For gamers and creators, it is what anyone can require. 

It is an advanced CPU. At your service to work like a companion. It performs its task ultra-fast and can work best for the most popular games in the world. It is an upgraded version of the processor, advanced and rich with new features. It comes with a cooler for saving the processor from overheating or getting exhausted easily

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  • It consumers low power
  • It is a superior processor.
  • It is efficient in performing multitasks including gaming and creating. 
  • It includes Cooler. Which is a benefit. 


  • Comparatively of low speed. 

Buying Guide Before Getting The Best CPU for VR

Buyers guide for Best CPU for VR
Buyers guide for Best CPU for VR

While buying a processor, many things need to be considered. It can’t be just that we buy the very first that we come across. Rather a lot of understanding and guidance needs to be known and understood by the buyer perfectly.

As a processor is not just equipment, it is what plays a critical role in your virtual reality. To have the reality right, what will create reality needs to be right. So consider these following guidelines before you plan to by a CPU for your Virtual Reality. 


Before you buy a CPU. You must know about the threads and cores used in the processor. The threads and cores make the processing efficient. It provides the user with a better experience and lets the user do multitasking at the same time.

Without any troubles or issues. It helps in advancing the performance of a CPU. As for AMD, they come with SMT and Intel provide Hyperthreading.  So, multithreading makes the process quicker and faster.

As simple threading is said to be enough for Virtual Reality. You can easily go for any CPU that provides at least 4 threads, 4 cores. 

Clock Speed:

Every processor comes with its clock speed. As higher the speed higher will it be able to provide the performance to the users. This clock speed comes in gigahertz. So more it, greater the efficiency of CPU will be.


In today’s time, both the buyer and sellers have become very concerned about the product’s warranty and durability. The buyer must check with the seller that the product is long-lasting and durable.

As the better the durability, the better it can process and provide a quality that satisfies the users.

Also, the sellers must ensure to provide durable products that won’t break or cause an issue while assembling, or the main processing takes place. 


Just like durability, any product’s quality is equally essential. As higher the quality, higher will be it’s efficiency to perform the task. To experience an adventurous and limitless creative experience, Its good quality is a blessing to the users.

It results in providing the users best of virtual effects and images and can do a high-level performance.  So, look for a CPU that ensures to be of great quality. A CPU that won’t disappoint your expectations. 


AMD and Intel both have come up with various CPU options with good efficiency and high-quality performance. Both ensures to provide the gamers and creators with an amazing experience of a lifetime. Both have boosted their technology to a level beyond imagination.

They have tried their best to let the users bring up the best of adventure. Among so many options, look for the one that fulfils all your demands and satisfy your eager heart. Look for the one that gives you what you exactly expected. 


Various CPU comes within different prices. Many have proved to be just perfect for its price. Always have in mind a clear price range for fast search and for filtering out the options accordingly.

Don’t confuse yourself with many options. Go step by step and see what fits right to your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Best CPU for VR

Frequently Asked Questions for Best CPU for VR
Frequently Asked Questions for Best CPU for VR

What is the minimum required for VR gaming?

An NVIDIA GTX 970/ AMD 290 equivalent or higher will suffice as well as 8GB+ RAM while Intel i5-4590/ AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or higher will be needed if you are planning on playing games that are CPU intensive.

What is the minimum required for VR streaming?

The NVIDIA GTX 970/AMD 290 equivalent or higher will be required for streaming while an Intel i5-4590/ AMD Ryzen 5 1500X will be needed to stream heavy games, especially CPU intensive ones.

Is there a maximum specification for VR gaming?

We were unable to find limits in terms of GPU so if your card can handle it and it has enough memory, you should be good to go when it comes to VR gaming.

However, we would suggest at least 16GB+ RAM which is more than enough for modern titles.

Is there a maximum specification for VR streaming?

There is no limit in terms of GPU but keep in mind that the higher spec you have, the better your stream will be.

Regarding minimum specifications, you should go with at least Intel i5-4590/ AMD Ryzen 5 1500X to stream heavy games. 8GB+ RAM is desirable when it comes to VR streaming.

How much does it cost to build an entry-level VR system?

You can easily get started by spending around $500 and if you plan on upgrading in the future, we recommend going with at least one GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 290 equivalent dedicated graphics card along with 8GB+ RAM and an Intel Core i5-4590/ AMD Ryzen 5 1500X CPU.

A decent VR system that will run 90+% of the latest titles at 90FPS on high or better quality settings would require around $1800-$2000 which includes an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti/ AMD Vega 64 equivalent graphics card, 16GB+ RAM and an Intel i7-8700K/ AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU.

There are also less expensive setups available if you don’t want to spend so much but keep in mind that performance will be lower than what is mentioned above.

What should we avoid when buying parts for our gaming PC?

CPUs with high core counts and high frequencies will not do much good if you are looking to stream VR gameplay so keep that in mind.

Additionally, being able to cool your CPU without making too much noise will also prove challenging considering how hot VR games can be.

Make sure your case has enough space so you won’t have problems fitting all the components comfortably before purchasing!


The choices we make, make the experience that we have in life. If you wish to have the best of virtual reality experience, explore to the best of what all can help you in having it in the best way.

Look for equipment of high quality and which comes with food durability. To have the experience that is one of its kind, expand your vision and look for something that is itself one of its kind type of product. 

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