8 Best CPU for Streaming In 2022

Best CPU for Streaming

Searching for the Best CPU for Streaming

Streaming is becoming a task that many people want to do in their leisure and not only in their leisure time, but it is also becoming a source of entertainment and earning money for many people.

Streaming is slowly becoming a thing that people are enjoying a lot. Apart from this, many people play games, stream them online, and are becoming very famous and earn name and fame with streaming on YouTube.

According to them, why to play alone when you can share your skills and gameplay with the World online.

Streaming is also becoming a new way of making friends as you interact with many people on the internet. YouTube and Mixer are places where people can earn money with the help of streaming. 

People don’t generally have an idea of which CPU they should buy for streaming. So it is recommended that you have CPUs for the kind of tasks you are going to do.

There are CPUs present in the market which are good for the beginners and there are CPUs present in the market that are good for the professionals, so you need to keep in mind few things before buying a CPU and keep in mind the objective for which you are going to use your PC.

For casual streamers for beginners CPU which has been set at 720p/30fps is considered to be enough and it can work with almost every modern CPU that provides you with eight threads and 4 cores. 

People nowadays generally search about this topic, what is the best CPU for streaming. As we all know, everybody has been a foreign time during this corona period and people are stuck at home and don’t have much to do so most of them like to start their streaming channels and want to earn some hands-on amount of money.

CPUs are considered to be one of the most important parts if you are buying a CPU for gaming purposes. If you are a serious steamer then it is not recommended to buy a CPU with low specifications because it will hamper your streaming experience.

The hardcore gamers or streamers can go for a CPU with more threads and more cores for a better experience and better streaming.

The serious gamers need a better CPU because they need to handle the 1080p streams and videos so in order to do this they need a high-end CPU that can handle all the past and the cpus come with more cores. 

If you are a gamer then your PC absolutely demands a powerful graphics card and a CPU in order to perform all  the high end tasks with high frame rates and high resolutions in a better way.

If you want to do streaming and gaming at the same time then need a CPU that can really push itself to some limits because streaming and gaming at the same time requires too much effort from the CPU and the graphics card alone cannot shoulder this task.

When you play a game it is the CPU and the GPU that has to work together in order to render the visuals of the game but it is the CPU alone that has to encode all the things so in order to stream and game at the same time you absolutely need a powerful processor.

A good CPU for streaming is considered one of the most important equipment for a streamer as we have to to stream the games and process the videos and audios all at the same time.

For this kind of streamers, it is recommended to buy the best CPU that you can in your budget and that has the best clock speed and has chips that consist of high core counts and good clock speed.

For all the modern games that the streamers play in today’s world, they need to have a CPU with more than six cores because these games required high end performance from the CPU and the GPU.

Streamers also use some different things for or a better stream in the experience like some of them speed up the performance by using some very high end desktops chipsets and also by using the ryzen threadripper CPU.

These are considered some of the best and most powerful CPUs that the streamers can use for gaming and other purposes.

We will provide you with the list of some of the best cpus that you can buy for streaming where you can play games and stream the videos and audios all at the same time.

Here in this list you will see the cpus that you can buy if you are a beginner and also so we will provide you the names of cpus that you can buy if you are a professional.

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8 Best CPU for Streaming In 2021

1. AMD RYZEN 9 3950X

Ryzen 9 is considered as one of the most powerful CPUs that you can buy. the AMD ryzen 9 is considered a mammoth when it comes to the power of processing that it provides to its users.

This is not much of a surprise as we all know that most of the streamers that need high and CPU prefer the AMD CPUs because of the performance. The streamers not only prefer the AMD ryzen CPUs as they are good for gaming but the idiom company provides the user with some of the best processes that the gamers can use.

This AMD RYZEN 9 3950X is a powerful CPU as it consists of 15 cores and 32 threads. These specifications are considered to be more than enough for all the games and for all the streaming purposes to be fulfilled.

The CPU also consists of some of the most popular streaming software like the Xsplit Gamecaster. The Ryzen 9 works with the help of an AM4 socket because of which it can be used with the PCIe 4.0.

In the CPU you will also see Gamecache. This Game Cache can boost your performance because of the memory on-chip that it provides. If you are among those people who are planning to stream a lot of triple-A titles on your channel then this powerful processor with the massive boost that it provides to your game performance is considered to be very important.

We all know that the AMD RYZEN 9 3950X is one of the best cpus that you can buy for streaming purposes but still has some demerits. Because it is a new CPU in the market one of the demerits is its very high price.

We do not recommend this CPU for the beginners as the CPU will cost you a lot of money and if you are a beginner who has a mammoth bank account then you can definitely go for this CPU. You can also find that the CPU does not have a CPU cooler attached to it.

When you use the CPU for some high-end performances, it becomes heated up, and an external air cooler must cool it down, which is a shame for it. If the CPU came with an air cooler and would have lowered the price then the CPU could have been considered as one of the best cheap used for beginners and as well as for professionals.

Don’t let these things come in your way if you want to buy the CPU as it comes with mind-blowing 16 cores and 32 threads. If you are planning to buy the CPU then you must have a handsome amount of money in your bank and you must be ready to buy an external CPU for cooling it down.


  • Excellent cores and threads
  • Can easily give high end performances
  • Excellent multitasking


  • A little expensive.

2. AMD RYZEN 9 3900X: Best CPU for Streaming

People always want a CPU that is the best for their purposes and value their money. It is impossible for every streamer or everybody who wants to stream to buy the expensive AMD ryzen 9 3950X.

If such is the case for you, you also don’t have to worry because the producer of the AMD ryzen 9 3950X is the one you are looking for. AMD RYZEN 9 3900 also comes with a strong M4 socket processor and it also has most of the things present in the 3950X.

This chipset has been in the market for some time now and this means that it has some motherboards that are old and are X470 or B450 chipsets. It is highly recommended for the streamers to go for a new motherboard like the X570. 

The AMD RYZEN 9 3900 comes with a 7 nanometre TSMC FinFET process which is pretty amazing. This 7 NM technology helps in making the AMD CPU very quiet and cool and more efficient than most of the CPUs or processes that you will find in the market. It also has AMD’s Zen 2 architecture which is also new.

The AMD RYZEN 9 3900X is not as powerful as the AMD ryzen 9 3950x but it still has a very powerful processor as it comes with some of the largest cores and threads that you will find in the market.

These specifications are considered to be very good for multitasking with the high end applications. It also provides you a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz which has higher than the base clock speed of the AMD ryzen 9 3950 x.

IT provides a boost rate more than it’s descendant and it has a maxboost rate of 4.6 heads and also provides you the cache of 70 MB. 

This AMD CPU is considered to be very good as it has not been priced as much as the 3950 X and it also does know it lacks much specification because of the price.

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  • Very stable
  • Value for money
  • Handle 1080 p streams very efficiently
  • Efficient in handling 4k gaming


  • Bit expensive for beginners.

3. Intel core i9 9900: Flagship CPU for Streaming

We all know that the Indian company has controlled the most powerful and the strongest cpus that you will get in the market. Still, Intel’s AMD rivals have still not given up and are coming up with very good CPUs.

Intel company has come up with an excellent CPU that is the Intel core i9 9900L 9th generation desktop processor which is considered a very good processor that can compete fearlessly with the AMD processors. 

When we talk about the Intel processor, you will see that it has very powerful ko series, which are very efficient for computing powers. With this processor you will  find an average base clock speed of up to 3.6 GHz with the Intel i9 9900k.

The average clock speed is a bit low but you need to keep in mind that the max clock speed of this processor is as high as 5ghz which means whatever game you play on which processor it will run very smoothly and you will get a very brilliant experience because of this processor.

With the Intel i9 9900k you will find enough cores and thread count. It comes with 8 cores and 16 threads and this makes it a lower spectrum of high end processors. These cores and threads are not less as they can make processing very fast and The gamers and the streamers absolutely will love this.

The users don’t usually get an air cooler with the Intel series but with the Intel core i9 9990k you will get an in built solid thermal interface material which allows the heat to transfer better from the CPU and this helps in making the CPU very cool. Because of this solid thermal interface material, your CPU cooler’s burden is lower down and you get excellent gaming experience even at high loads. 



  • A bit pricey for its specifications.

4. AMD RYZEN 7 3700X

When we talk about the most powerful AMD products from the previous generation then we will always find the ryzen 7 3700X in that list. Ryzen 7 3700 X is also considered better than the Intel i9 9900k.

It is also considered the value for the beginners or the people who are planning or starting streaming. when we talk about the clock speed of the ryzen 7 3700 X, they will find that it is not on the higher side as it provides a clock speed of only 3.6 GHz and can reach Max clock speed of 4.4 GHz when we overclock it. 

There has always been a debate about whether a higher clock speed is better with TDP or a lower TDP. We compare it with two products like the 3800 X and the Intel i9 9900 ke then we will see that they both run with 8 cores and 16 threads but the difference is in the design of the thermal power.

With the clock speed that the 3700 X works it stands out to be better than the 3800 X and the Intel core i9 9900 k. When we talked about the thermal coolers in these cpus then we will find that the Intel i9 9900 k does not provide the user with any cooler but the 3800 X and the 3700 x come with AMD coolers.

This is one of the most important factors why you should buy the AMD 3700 x on the AMD 3800 X because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying an external CPU cooler.

In simple language if you are a person who is looking to start streaming and you are looking for a streaming CPU then the Ryzen 7 3700 x is value for your money. 

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  • Not too expensive
  • Value For money
  • Excellent performance


  • Low clock speed

5. Intel Core i7 9700K: Premium CPU for Streaming

This is a CPU brand that people trust and it has been in the market for more than a decade now. The Intel Core i7 97000 processor is considered one of the best CPUs that beginners can go for.

After this CPU came into the market the people realized that the Intel company is still kicking and has not thrown its towel yet. The i7 9700k desktop processor has all the things that are required for a beginner for streaming.

The CPU has been in the market now for over a decade, it was launched in 2008 and since then the i7 9700k CPU has been used by the beginners for streaming. In spite of being such an old processor it still has the power to compete with most of the upcoming processes that you will find in the market.

The CPU provides you a base clock speed of up to 3.6 GHz and when it is overclocked it can give you a max speed of 4.9 GHz which makes it a very fast CPU. The Intel Core i7 9700 is even faster than the Ryzen 7 3700 X.

The speed of a CPU can be increased further with the help of the turbo boost 2.0 which makes it better than other CPUs. CPU is considered best for gamers who rely on heavy physics and have complex amounts of data to work on.

The I7 9700K comes with enough cores and threads. It has 8 cores and 8 threads. These specifications might not be the best, but they are enough for the people who just want to stream online and provide you high resolution or frame rates for streaming. 

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  • Excellent single Core processor
  • Enough for HD streaming


  • Less threads

6. AMD RYZEN 3 3300X

The Ryzen 3 3300 X is considered to be one of the best cheap used for the big nurse or the entry-level streamers. The CPU comes with 4 cores and 8 threads. Once AMD resolves the CPU issues and once the original pricing of the CPU is the end, this will be construed as one of the best cpus for the entry-level streamers.

This CPU is better than the Intel Core i7 7700 k and gets very good gaming performances and a very good response to high-end tasks.

The Ryzen 3 3300 X cannot be used for software encoding because it does not provide such specifications that are required for encoding. With X264 encoding and will increase gaming performance if they are using the presets that come with watchable video quality.

So if you want to buy the CPU you also need to keep in mind and apart from the CPU, you will warn to buy Nvidia Turing GPU for better performances and this will become a budget streaming rig for solid video quality gaming needs.


  • Not too pricey
  • Good for entry-level streamers


  •  Not enough threads.

7. AMD RYZEN 5 5600X: Ryzen CPU for Streaming

When it comes to giving then you will find everything present in the Ryzen 5 5600X and is also very affordable for the streamers. The AMD ryzen 5 5600 comes with 6 scores and 12 threads. These specifications are considered some of the serious problems when the streamers want to stream some high end games online. 

The ryzen 5 5600also provides the user with the ryzen cooler, which is a very good aspect when looking for a CPU for streaming. An inbuilt CPU cooler is important for a CPU because in streaming the CPU sometimes tends to get a little heart and this heat if not dissipated in a good way will affect your streaming experience.


  • CPU cooler
  • Value for money
  • Excellent gaming experience
  • Enough overclocking potential


  • Low threads.

8. AMD RYZEN 5 3400G: Budget CPU for Streaming

The RYZEN 5 34000 is considered a very good CPU for the streamers who can afford a mid-range CPU. The CPU is also considered a very good CPU for gamers and this is also affordable and provides the user with integrated graphics.

When we compared the idiom ryzen 5 3400 with the Intel graphics of the 8th generation and the night the generation CPU then you will find that the ryzen 5 3400G is over three to four times faster than them.

The CPU is considered a good CPU for affordable mid-range performance and it also has an inbuilt CPU cooler in the box. The CPU consists of eight threads and four cores and it can work with a clock speed of 3.7 gigahertz but the turbo clock speed and reach up to 4.2 GHz. It also provides the user with 4 MB of the cache. 

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  • Inbuilt CPU cooler, that is mostly demanded nowadays.
  • Comes with Affordable price


  • Less threads, sometimes it creates a problem for users.

Buying Guide To Best CPU for Streaming

Buyers guide for Best CPU for Streaming


When you are buying a processor for streaming purposes then one of the most important things then you need to look for is the clock speed that the CPU provides.

The clock speed of the CPU is measured in gigahertz. Cpus that come with high gigahertz will perform better than the ones that come with low GHz.


When you search for a CPU online, you will find many options that you can choose from and because of this, you can sometimes be confused about what is the right product for you.

So in order to buy the best CPU and your budget you must look for the CPU that provides you the largest number of cores in your budget. The greater the number of cores means more processing power.


The thread represents the number of individual processes that your chip can handle at a single time. so this is also a very important factor to look at before buying a CPU as the number of threads in your CPU becomes a very important aspect for making it a powerful CPU.


This was the list of some of the Best CPU for Streaming that you can buy for streaming purposes. In the list given above, you will find the CPU that is best for beginners and you will also find the CPU that is good for the professionals. This list consists of low range CPUs, midrange CPUs, and also the costly ones.

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