8+ Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K [Buyer’s Guide and FAQs] – 2022

Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K
Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K

This article will explore your options for the best CPU coolers for the Intel Core i7 10700K. We have researched and reviewed each of these coolers to help you find the right one for your needs, be it a gaming rig or workstation. These are not in any particular order, but all are excellent choices for this processor.

Intel Core i7 10700K is a powerful processor that can handle most games with ease. It’s still overkilled for games like Minecraft, Among Us Valorant, and Red Dead Redemption 2 but may pose no threat to this Intel Core I7 due to its Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology which takes it up past 5GHz frequencies!

This processor is a 125W TDP machine, and because it operates at such high frequencies heat production can be an issue. To avoid thermal throttling you’ll need to make sure your computer has the best CPU cooler for Intel i7 10700K!

There are a few types of coolers to choose from: Air-based and liquid-based. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages, features – but it’s hard not knowing which type you prefer!

The biggest deciding factor may be how much space your case provides for cooling systems; water-cooled units take up more room than air-based ones do (though they don’t require any special vent cuts).

Liquid coolers offer greater flexibility in size, TDP, and maintenance but the liquid is generally louder than air-cooled systems.

Best CPU Cooler For i7 10700K To Buy In 2022

1. NZXT Kraken Z73: Best Flagship CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 7.1 x 5.8 inches inches
  • Base Height: 2.05 inches
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Fans: Three
  • Socket Support: LGA 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 Intel Core i9 / Core i7 / Core i5 / Core i3 / Pentium / Celeron, AM4, sTRX4, TR4
  • Warranty: 6 Years

If you want to experience both silent and stylish operation, the NZXT Kraken Z73 is your best choice. It has three 120mm Aer P120 fans that ensure stable 21dBA noise levels with its eye-catching design!

NZXT builds a premium product with an eye on performance and ease of use. The best liquid cooler for i7 10700K will run smoothly without any fan noise thanks to its three RGB LED fans, which can be customized in accordance with your liking or lighting needs – all while being silent at low speeds too!

The i7 10700k is a 125W TDP processor, and cooling it won’t make this cooler even budge at base clock speed. If we turn on the processor’s turbo speeds though…

It includes an attention-grabbing full 2″ customizable LCD with 24bit color & brightness that speaks for itself!

NZXT’s Z73 lets you customize your own color theme with the CAM software, and it also has a 360mm aluminum radiator for maximum cooling efficiency. The warranty speaks volumes about how confident they are in their product – 6 years worth!


  • Great Aesthetics
  • LCD Display
  • It comes with 6 years of warranty


  • It does not have threadripper bracket

2. Gigabyte AORUS ATC800: Budget CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 5.24 x 2.17 x 5.87 inches
  • Base Height: 6.42 inches
  • Weight: 2.23 Pounds
  • Fans: Two
  • Socket Support: LGA 2066, 2011, 1366, 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, 1200, AM4, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Gigabyte AORUS ATC800 is the perfect cooling solution for your high-performance computer. This advanced tower features two 120mm fans, both with individual control over their lighting color and brightness levels as well!

Capable of handling 250W worth of heat production from one processor alone (the 10700k), this powerful yet efficient cooler will keep your system running smoothly at all times without ever getting too hot to touch.

The ATC800 is the quietest, most efficient cooler for i7 10700K. It produces 18 dB at base-load conditions and has no moving parts to break or wear out over time!

The reputation of this air cooler is not harmed by the fact that it does not incorporate a fan offset technique and cannot accommodate RAM specifications above what’s defined as “exceptional.”

The width limit on PCIe cards also affects users with larger video solutions such as 4K televisions.

These cons don’t make for an exceptional product, but we consider them all worth noting when looking at whether or not 10700K would be suited well enough for use in your gaming PC rig!

The aesthetics of this air-based CPU cooler is what makes it so great. The RGB and the number of bars show you exactly how hot your computer has gotten, without taking up any screen space!


  • It has RGB lighting
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Great value for money
  • Quietest CPU cooler


  • Hard to install

3. Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360P: Premium RGB CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 17.56 x 9.21 x 5.75 inches
  • Base Height: 2.08 inches
  • Weight: 5.28 pounds
  • Fans: Three
  • Socket Support: LGA2066, LGA2011-v3, LGA2011, LGA1200, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA775, TR4, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Cooler Master has jumped into the premium category with their new Masterliquid ML360P, a high-end liquid cooler that’s 100% compatible with Intel i7 10700K.

The RGB lighting is included in both fans and water block – not to mention all of its flashy features like a dual-chamber pump allowing heat transfer from your processor while maintaining an optimal operating range without disrupting any other facets on performance or longevity.

With three transparent finned fans, this liquid cooler is perfect for i7 processors. It’s easy to get replacement parts if any of the fans stops working due to its size and compatibility with other aftermarket equipment which is impossible in smaller models like 180mm radiators.

The three fan radiator cables are visible on the water block, and a flexible joint allows for movement. This is different from other manufacturers who hide their cables underneath tubes sheets to reduce noise!

Whether you’re a professional gamer or just want to have the latest hardware, ML360P is your best bet for an efficient gaming PC. This product will last 70000 hours without failure thanks to its dual-chamber pump design and high-grade polymer material!


  • It has integrated fan design
  • It comes with low profile dual-chamber pump
  • The best cooler for i7 10700k


  • It does not have a fan replacement option

4. Noctua NH-D15S: Best Budget Air CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 5.32 x 5.91 x 6.3 inches
  • Base Height: 6.29 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Fans: One
  • Socket Support: LGA1200, LGA115x (LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156), LGA2011 (LGA2011-0 & LGA2011-3), LGA2066 and AMD (AM4 (since 2019), AM3(+), AM2(+), FM1, FM2(+)
  • Warranty: 6 Years

Noctua’s NH-D15S is a high-end cooler that can handle 167Watt TDP processors. It gives the i7 10700K some headspace for overclocking and it has no moving parts, which makes this product long-lasting with its diverse compatibility of sockets allowing users to use Noctua coolers on any motherboard without hassle in future years too!

Aesthetically, the Noctua beige and brown theme is not a popular choice for most users. However, its performance makes up for this shortcoming as it has been proven to work well with i7 10700K chip making them one of those air CPU coolers worth checking out if you need something large enough or simply want an aesthetically pleasing PC case design!

The best part about this cooler is that it has enough space to fit any PC. The height requirements for installation are as follows: 6″ above the socket and 65mm RAM clearance inside your case or motherboard tray (they remove one fan).

The offset design also helps to clear PCIe slots for big GPUs, becoming a norm by Nvidia and AMD. It comes preinstalled with an NF-A15 140mm fan that produces 24dBA at 1500rpms -and they have included high-quality NT-H1 thermal compound too!


  • Low-Noise Adaptor
  • Asymmetrical Design
  • 6 Year Warranty


  • Bulky
  • It does not have RGB lighting

5. Corsair A500: Best Budget Corsair CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 6.81 x 5.65 x 6.64 inches
  • Base Height: 6.81 inches
  • Weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Fans: Two
  • Socket Support: AM4, AM3, FM2, LGA 2011, LGA 1155, LGA 1151, LGA 2066
  • Warranty: 5 Years

The Intel Core i7 10700K is a gaming, encoding, and rendering powerhouse that won’t be hindered by the Corsair A500 due to its ability to support up to 250W TDP with some unique features you’ll only find on this cooler.

The pre-applied CORSAIR XTM50 in pattern allows maximum heat transfer while installing it hassle-free thanks to direct contact heats pipes for quicker response when changing demands are made of heating your processor or allowing higher frequency operations when overclocking capabilities allow them!

The A500 is a huge cooler that has the ability to be vertically mounted. The mounting height can range from 50mm – 45 mm, which makes it compatible with high-profile RAMs at both ends of the heatsink as well as offering more space inside your PC case while still providing excellent performance!

The CORSAIR A500 offers an excellent balance of cooling and performance. The fans are PWM-based, so they offer variable speeds as per the processor heat production level you want for your build: from a quiet operation at 400rpm all the way up to 2400 rpm when overclocking needs it most!


  • It comes with a pre-applied thermal paste
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Pocket-friendly


  • No RGB lighting

6. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240: Best CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 7.0 x 14 x 7.7 inches
  • Base Height: 5.91 inches
  • Weight: 2.64 pounds
  • Fans: Two
  • Socket Support: LGA 115X, LGA 2011-3, LGA2066, Square ILM, AM4
  • Warranty: 5 Years

ARCTIC’s Liquid Freezer II 240 is a great choice for those looking to overclock their i7 10700K, with its compact design and efficient cooling capabilities.

In addition, it includes an extra fan that keeps the VRMs safe from overheating while still providing stable voltages! This 280mm cooler also has very easy routing tubes which will make your build look sleek as well!

This AIO water block is unique in that it lacks RGB lighting or noise reduction adapters. However, the RPM can be reduced to make for a quieter system – there are many options with great aesthetics but this one does come at some cost.

The tubes also run straight out of the cooler which makes managing more difficult than other units on offer; no user manual was included when purchased so if complications arise then take help from internet forums!

ARCTIC’s liquid cooler can efficiently run the i7 10700k at its maximum TDP. It doesn’t require any venting or priming before startup, and it is as easy plug-and-play for ultimate system performance with stable temperatures that don’t exceed 67 degrees Celsius! The best solution you could buy within your budget – get an ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 today.”


  • It comes with pre-loop venting and filling
  • Great cable management


  • It does not have RGB lighting

7. Asus ROG STRIX LC RGB: Best Asus AIO for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 inches
  • Base Height: 4.72 inches
  • Weight: 4.69 pounds
  • Fan: Two
  • Socket Support: LGA 1150, 1151, 1152, 1155, 1156, 1200, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066, AMD: AM4, TR4
  • Warranty: 5 Years

The best AIO for gaming computers is the new ROG STRIX LC, which has a sophisticated copper plate that can easily be customized with Aura sync.

With this water block, you are in Republic of Gamers (ROG) territory – coming from Asus’s high-end products like motherboards and graphic cards they have taken on CPU cooling!

The best CPU cooler for i7 10700K has some flaws, but it’s still one of the best coolers in its category. The price tag is relatively high and ROG products often come at an expense–but there are cheaper options with better features like VRM cooling or cable management which make them more affordable than other comparable models on this list!

The entire water block looks like a blade with colorful LED light shining through. Asus has once again shown its brilliance by designing an aesthetically pleasing and maintenance-free loop that can be installed easily even for beginners, thanks to flexible joints on the component which make manipulating tubes over motherboard easier!


  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Great aesthetics
  • Provides a really good value for money


  • Falls on the expensive side

8. Deepcool CASTLE 360EX: Liquid CPU Cooler for i7 10700K


  • Dimensions: 15.8 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches
  • Base Height: 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.56 pounds
  • Fans: Three
  • Socket Support: LGA2066/2011 v3/2011/1200/1151/1150/1155/1366AMD, TRX4/TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/F
  • Warranty: 6 Years

A new player in the market of high-end cooling systems, Deepcool is an industry leader that you will find difficult to ignore. With products designed for heavy duty processing power and made with premium quality materials like aluminum fins or copper pipes; their coolers are built tough enough to handle anything your i7 10700K throws at them!

The cooler is expensive with its RGB lighting, but not up to par in comparison. The fan has no bells and whistles either – something we would expect at this price point for high-end products like fans or radiators alike!

It’s also quite noisy under stress conditions; some gamers may prefer placing their computer on the desk instead of blasting out sounds all day long while they game away (or work).

The good news is that the braided sleeves and high-quality tubes allow a great degree of freedom during tube management. The RGB lighting isn’t too bad either, and users haven’t found it annoying or lackluster implementation at all!

Moreover, since this loop has anti-leak technology built-in with pressure monitoring for better operational life overall; most motherboards out there should support RGB LEDs as well (in addition to whatever other features they might offer).

Buyer’s Guide

Buyers guide for Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K
Buyers guide for Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K

PC case:

Choosing between an open-air case, mid-tower or full-tower is very subjective. Open-air cases are the cheapest but they don’t offer much room for hasty cable management and controlling your build can be really difficult without good airflow inside (mostly due to reduced ventilation).

Mid towers are the most common type of PC case, offering decent space for components but not too much. Full-towers are mostly designed for professionals who want to do extensive modifications on their PCs which require more breathing space than normal.

CPU heatsink:

A closed-loop might be better choice if you are planning to overclock your processor, otherwise cheaper TOP-tier air coolers like Noctua NH D15 will do just fine.

These can cost as much as an entire water cooling system but provide far greater performance at stock speeds compared to CLPs which are only recommended for truly extreme overclocks requiring LN2 or other temperature-controlled coolants.

Cases now-a-days come with mounting holes designed specifically for different types of CPU coolers which mean even beginners can install their own build without shelling out money on additional hardware! Be sure to check your case before purchasing one though.

RGB fans:

Avoid these unless you don’t mind spending a lot on something that only looks good AND are willing to switch them out with other parts in future if RGB lighting becomes outdated.

Aura Sync is the latest trend among all motherboard manufacturers which allow users some degree of control over their build, so getting an RGB fan today might not be as bright idea as it once was since they will likely become obsolete quickly.


The rule of thumb for determining tubing length is about 2-3 feet per 120mm radiator space and 3-4 feet for 240mm radiators. You can remove or add pieces without issue, but keep that in mind when building your own system.


TDP stands for Thermal Design Power and it’s the maximum amount of heat your processor can dissipate, measured in watts! TDP is a good way to determine how much cooling you need when overclocking.

High-end CPUs like i9s have TDP around 150W while mainstream ones are closer to 65W so if you have an i7 7700K or i5 8600k, you don’t need a CLP that can handle more than 240W just to overclock it since their stock TDP is 91-95W.

If you have really crappy thermal paste though, adding extra cooling might help you achieve higher benchmark scores. Always check your CPU’s max TDP before buying a closed loop.

Avoid AMD Threadripper CPUs since they don’t have reference designs for CLPs, so you might get bad performance due to manufacturer cut corners when designing the cooling block. Ryzen 7/5 are great alternatives that come with Wraith coolers which can be powered by RGB lighting unlike their Intel counterparts.

Motherboard connections:

Liquid coolers are compatible with almost all modern motherboards thanks to their universal design, but make sure you check your motherboard’s manual for the following connections before buying one.

CPU fan connector (4 pin):

This is where CLPs get power from your motherboard which allows them to understand CPU temperature readings. Don’t forget this port since it’s very important. Memory fan connector (4 pin): This port allows CLPs to control the speed of your radiator fans which means that temperatures will be minimized under heavy load.

Without this, you have no sensors to monitor your system so it might overheat due to lack of cooling. Case fan connector (3-pin or 4 pin): Most motherboards come with 3-pin connectors for case fans which are usually used for exhaust, but 4-pin ones are preferable since they allow the motherboard to change speeds on its own accord rather than by how fast your blades spin.

Watercooling pump power:

Most pumps are sold without power adapters nowadays meaning that if you want full performance from your water block, you need both SATA & Molex connectors plugged in.

Not having either might severely limit performance, so be sure to buy a pump that can handle both power connections to maximize cooling & performance.


Desk workers need to work in a quiet environment so they can focus on their tasks and not be distracted by other noises, such as people talking.

The loud and often annoying coolers in restaurants can be a distraction from work.

Make sure your cooler has low operational noise before purchasing it so that you are not bothered by its babbling, chirping birdsong.


AMD and Intel processors come in different sizes, but they all need a socket to fit into.

With so many different sockets to choose from, it can be hard choosing the right one for your processor.

Make sure you cross-check with the specs of the cooler and see if they match up first.


One of the most important aspects of selecting a cooling system for your computer is dimensions.

This will dictate what kind and size you need, but it’s also necessary to consider how many fans can fit where without blocking other components on their way out or Posing any hazards during installation due to limitations with space availability inside our computers today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K
Frequently Asked Questions for Best CPU Coolers for i7 10700K

What cooler do I need for i7 10700k??

i7 10700K comes with a 95W TDP and since it’s an unlocked processor, you can get even higher performance using liquid cooling.

I recommend buying lowest profile kit like Phanteks Glacier C399a if you don’t want to deal with custom tubing while still getting great cooling performance.

What is the best CLP for 1080Ti?

Tubing length should be around 3 feet per radiator space which means that 1 x 120mm or 2 x 240mm should do fine.

As for pumps, Noctua D5 should perform well but feel free to check out other alternatives below: Swiftech MCP35X2-H GTS 360 Alphacool Eisbaer 420 NZXT Kraken X61 NZXT Kraken X62.

What’s the difference between CLC and open-loop?

CLCs such as NZXT G12 mount directly on top of your case while open loops can take up three 5.25″ bays and use external radiators so installation time will be higher if your current PC doesn’t have those bays available.

Open loops also have a much bigger radiator surface area so they can dissipate heat better, but you don’t have to refill them as often.

What’s the difference between 280mm and 360mm radiators?

280mm radiators are usually around 30-40% cheaper than 360s which is due to less copper pipes being used in manufacturing.

If your case supports 120 or 140 mm fans then you don’t need a 360 at all since those radiators barely give an advantage over their smaller counterparts. Just make sure that there’s space for it before buying one!

When should I upgrade from my CLC/open loop?

If you reach thermal limits on your current setup or your PC is overheating every time you play PUBG/Rainbow Six: Siege then it’s time to upgrade.

Check out comparison charts below and choose the best option for your needs & budget: Best price/performance CPU coolers (fans included) Best AiO / custom loop CPU Coolers (recommended for overclockers but make sure you buy a kit with fans since most AIOs don’t include any)

Should I get a CLC or AiO?

AIO coolers provide better cooling if installed correctly which means that they still require a case fan at the front for intake purposes.

If your case doesn’t come with an exhaust fan then make sure to install one since every radiator needs forced airflow in order to extract heat outside of your chassis. AiOs also don’t take up much space inside your PC allowing you to keep more components inside.


After long and hard fishing for the best cooling options, we have finally found what you need. These coolers will keep your system running smoothly with enough power to run any task or game at high settings without getting too hot! Thank you for reading this article and good luck building your new rig!

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