10 Best Bezel Less Monitor In 2021


Are you looking for Best Bezel Less Monitor? Then you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the 10 Best Bezel Less Monitor that you can get in 2020 for your home or office use.

Does one think that the amount they surf, play online games and research, and read that the display which is small and the huge bezel that they have will satisfy them? In a generation, where people are so dependent on technology and their computer, is it good to strain the eyes? It is not healthy to settle for cheap monitors which will cost you later in life. There are millions of monitors which are available in the market with Bezel-less look and are safe. 

With the advancement and progress in the field of technology, it is a new trend these days to make Bezel-less monitors. Bezel-less in simple plain terms means a computer with the thinnest screen which has a 0mm frame.

It counts frames which have less than 3mm or less than that of a border. Companies these days are making edge to edge and frameless designs. The maximum they have gone for is less than 1mm bezel but not 0mm as there is no such product yet available in the market. 

These edgeless and slim monitors give a modern, elegant look. It does not distract the user as well as to what’s going on around the screen. It is usually preferred by gamers who use multi frames to play games as it helps for easier concentration. 

Follows are the 10 Best Bezel Less Monitor that are available in the market and preferred by us for being used: 

10 Best Bezel Less Monitor In 2021

1. Dell U2718Q 27 Inch 4K Monitor: Thin Bezel 4k Monitor

Best Pick

Dell U2718Q

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This has been one of the best brands for several years now and has achieved its place in the market. This company has designed its frame perfectly and has improved its technology and picture display to perfection. It has a resolution of 4K and has a great pixel.

This monitor has been voted to be the best bezel-less screen for years and now in 2020 as well.  The monitor is sleek and beautifully designed. It is compatible with any kind of design suited in the house. It has a technology inbuilt called the IPS which allows the screen to be noticed from any angle. You will also get multi-monitor technology.

The monitor has great connectivity as it can connect to various ports such as HDMI, DP, and mDP. There are four USB ports 3.0. The thin bezel monitor has a set of OSD which is set as per the uses of the user. Although due to its several advantages this monitor is not perfect for gaming-related issues. It lacks features to make it a gaming monitor. 


  • It has a great combination of screen and resolution
  • It has an amazing technology of HDR which improvises its display from various angles
  • The settings are easily adaptable and are extremely easy to use. The monitor is even good to look at without the bezel


  • The monitor lacks facilities and hence cannot make it a gaming screen
  • There is still space for improvement of its screen since some of its features are extra hyped
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2. ASUS Designo MX27UC 27″ 4K Monitor: Best Frameless Monitor

Best Overall Pick

ASUS Designo MX27UC

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This company has introduced several screens which are great for gaming and also the best monitors. This has a 27 LED display screen and is the best design for a frameless display. It is designed with only 1mm bezel which projects excellent views from all angles and is also pleasing to the eyes.

It has a multi-monitor setup. The gaming becomes easier due to the angle being wide and being visible as well. It has a quite high-quality display and as well the color definition is great ensuring the colors come out as constant is it on the screen with vibrant features. It also comes with great sound optimization.

This screen has a technology installed FreeSync program which ensures that the game is run smoothly and that there is no stutter or lag while playing the game. It has great connectivity such as USB ports, HDMI, and a Display port as well. 


  • It is bezel less and provided and excellent wide screen 
  • The Audio system is great with amazing sound clarity and is very entertaining 
  • It has multiple connections and great connectivity 


  • It is not compatible with VESA
  • The height of the screen cannot be adjusted 
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3. Dell UltraSharp U2415 24″ LED Monitor: Slim Bezel Monitor

Best Runner Up Pick

Dell UltraSharp U2415

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Dell is known to produce great quality products and never fails to satisfy its customers. It has come up with an edgeless monitor which is a popular choice for gamers and has a list of incredible features.

This is a sharp borderless monitor. This has a multiple set up monitor providing it a vertical resolution. It has a great resolution and display. It has great connectivity to 3 high USB ports.

It displays a great picture of quality due to its great high definition feature and has very good charging capabilities. The colors of the picture are not compromised. 


  • It has an amazing borderless monitor with great resolution and it is enable to multiple screening 
  • It can adjust height as per the user 
  • The picture clarity and the display of colours is to perfection


  • The ratio of the display is limited and less 
  • The on-screen display does not get detected automatically 
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4. HP VH240a 24-Inch IPS LED Monitor: Ultra Thin Bezel Monitor

Best HP Pick

HP VH240a

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This is a budget screen with a great and wide range of screening and resolution. It is an incredible combination of these three features which are bezel design, appealing specs, and smooth performance.

This monitor is a great choice for workplaces like the office and can be used for gaming who are starters and not intense. The thin screen is purchased at a great price.

It can be tilted and the height can be adjusted as per convenience. It has a decent amount of connectivity options such as HDMI port, HDCP support, and VGA port.

It has an excellent stand which is capable of functioning at multiple times. It is compatible with VESA ports as well which makes it mount over the wall. 


  • It has a great bezel design at minimum price 
  • The IPS panel provides a great quality of picture display with colours 
  • This is a great investment in return and the stand of this monitor can provide multiple functions 


  • The coverage is only about 70{a4c7761a66c5e230fdf8135fd26cc8f22a414d525b4f9493baa5b99f3704b6cd} which makes it not a great choice for the usage by graphic designers
  • Speakers are as well not of great quality 
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5. LG 24MP88HV-S 24″ IPS Monitor: Best Bezel Less Monitor

Best LG Pick


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LG has been one of the strongest companies in 2020 and the products of this company are great and are known for its great functioning. This new monitor is great for display and is worth all the investment the buyer pays for.

It has a full HD IPS display. It is great for watching movies, playing games, and for simple uses of editing images. It has a seamless bezel of about 2.5 mm. It is wonderful and sleek. The stand is not strong enough to support also there are some issues with the flash. 


  • It is inbuilt with a high definition of IPS technology 
  • The 2.5 mm narrow bezel display is incredible 
  • The split-screen facility in this screen enables the user to multi-task 


  • The stand is this IPS monitor may seem to be defective and the monitor can be a bit distracted 
  • The ports in the device are not auto-switching
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6. AOC i2777fq 27-Inch Monitor: 27 Inch Frameless Monitor

Best Acer Pick

AOC i2777fq

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This is a great screen with great display and resolution and bezel-less with a small budget. It has a great IPS LED monitor with great HD. This has a great display of colors and pictures. It has a narrow bezel with a good amount of ratio.

It has good connectivity as it can easily connect to VGA and HDMI and it is good to watch movies, play games, and do any design work. It has a great ratio of 16:9 display making the pictures on the screen pop out and also with engaging beautiful colors and giving a great gaming experience. It has a screen of 5ms making the product effective and with all entertainment criteria. 


  • It has a narrow bezel with high definition 
  • Slim speakers are integrated to make sure the sound technology is great from the display 
  • There is great connectivity 


  • The flashes on the screen can be very disturbing 
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7. Acer Predator XB321HK 32″ 4K Monitor: Bezel Less 4k Monitor

Best Gaming Pick

Acer Predator XB321HK

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Acer provides the best bezel screen for gamers. It has great specs. With the syncing monitor, it is great to switch from PC to the gaming console with the use of the HDMI port. There is a system for multi-user set up.

The resolution of this device is great and the 4ms bezel monitor makes the gaming run smoothly. The stand of the monitor is great. It can be adjusted to any continent height and tilted at any time. It is also VESA compatible which makes it enable for wall mounting. 


  • The HDMI port work seamlessly with the thin bezel monitor 
  • The gaming resolution is great with no disturbances at all 
  • It is of great quality and investment 


  • The stand is a bit big which takes up space 
  • Although it is cheaper than most of the products, with the resolution, it offers it can be a bit costly 
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8. Asus VC239H 23″ Monitor: Best 23 Inch Monitor

Best Asus Pick

Asus VC239H

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Acer model has created its name in the industry for gaming monitors. It has a great screen and bezel for gamers to play smoothly. It has a super thin monitor drawing the attention of several gamers in the market. It has a great high definition quality and has great speakers. This motion has also good connectivity. The ratio display of this monitor is also great. 


  • The thin bezel and the ratio of display makes it perfect for gamers 
  • Due to the great stereo the music and gaming experience makes it enjoyable for the user
  • It has an inbuilt IPS technology which allows the wide angle view allowing people to watch and experience the screen for any angle 


  • The speakers aren’t very loud of the monitor and hence leading to buy new external speakers 
  • It does not seem to be as promising as it is
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9. Acer R240HY 24″ IPS Monitor: Thinnest Bezel Monitor

Best Acer Pick

Acer R240HY

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This is a good quality product which is available at the market but at a comparison of other products, this is a much cheaper product.

It has a wide IPS technology screen slowing it to be viewed by the user from any angle. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees which allows it to be viewed from any corner of the room.

It has a thin bezel monitor allowing it to function smoothly while watching movies. It has a zero frame design which allows it to strain the eyes now and there is pleasure to the eyes while watching. It is borderless and has an adjustable stand. The connectivity is great with VGA, DVI, and HDMI support. 


  • It has the flickless technology allowing the user to view the screen without any flicker and not causing any damage to the eye 
  • It can be tilt to an angle of 15 degrees 
  • It has an eco friendly design and display and can be recycled any time . 


  • The monitor has a problem with blacklist bleeding and has created some issues
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10. LG 27UD68-W 27 Inch 4K IPS Monitor: Borderless Monitor

Best 4K Pick

LG 27UD68-W

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This 4K resolution screen is great for the purpose of gaming. It is the best thin level bezel monitor made by LG and is very attractive. It has an attractive edge and is borderless. It has a neat design without borders making the screen wide for viewing.

It provides an excellent gaming experience. The curve design stand is stylish and the monitor is compatible with VESA mount. It has a great display due to the IPS technology and great display of color and pictures as well. To use the split-screen and other ODS functions, there is a joystick that allows you to adjust a few settings.

The stand-in this monitor only allows the facility of tilting. There is no scope of the facility to shush height in the system which could be disadvantageous. 


  • This is one of the best bezel less monitor in the market 
  • IPS technology makes the display of colours and picture enhancing 
  • Due to the VESA support, it can mount over the wall


  • The stand is not strong and it can only be used to tilt 
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Buyers Guide to Best Bezel Less Monitor

There are a lot of facts to look at when coming to buy a Bezel-less monitor for oneself. This article will help the users to make the best choice and show detailed information of the top 10 Best Bezel Less Monitor of 2020 and also show them a guide which will help them in the future to buy these screens. 

These screens are usually preferred the most by gamers for more concentration. Many people as we know have a lot of knowledge about these types of monitors but don’t know where to exactly start the journey of purchase and how to buy or they are confused due to the numerous products and do not know which is the best for them.

It not only helps gamers, it helps a number of people such as video and graphic editors, and is also beneficial for people who simply surf the Internet and work on computers for a longer time which strains their eyes. 


This article hopes to help readers with their choice of bezel less monitors. These monitors are for the health safety of people. This article shows the Best Bezel Less Monitor in 2020 and it covers all of the kind starting from a low budget to high budget and also with respect to functioning. 

If one is on a budget, it is advised to choose the  AOC I2267FW or Acer R240HY. If an individual wants to choose a monitor for gaming purposes solely, then it is advised to choose Acer Predator XB321HK, and Incase of any professional use which over great specifications and features it is advised to use Dell UltraSharp U2415 or ASUS Designo MX27UC.

This article hopes to help the buyers in order to help them from getting confused with numerous products available in the market. There are several products available now in the market due to technology advancement. But only a few of them are promising and great at functioning. Hence, this article has the products after great study and carefully chosen to help our readers. 

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