10 Best ATX Case In 2021

Best ATX Case

Are you in the search for the Best ATX Case? Then you are at the right place as we have metioned what are the 10 Best ATX Case that you can get in 2020 for your gaming pc build.

ATX cases are the Advanced Technology Extended cases which is basically the motherboard and the power supply specification which was developed in 1995 by Intel. The work of ATX case is to safeguard the power supply which will run the device.

There are many types of ATX cases namely mid-tower, mini ITX and full tower ATX. This is the point of confusion, the one who wishes to buy an ATX  cannot understand what is the suitable ATX for them, is it good for them or not, should they buy it or not, will the purchase be worth the money.

There are many customers who feel disappointed when they do not get the desired features or the specifications, sometimes the seller does not have the minute details as well but in hurry, many users buy any one case they like by the appearance or some for some casual feature, sometimes the user purchases cheap quality ATX spending much money which is very unfair but these practices are very much seen these days.

Now, we know that we cannot change people from being money minded to be a genuine one but all we can do is to educate ourselves about the minute details of the things that we need to have in our work desk and we must make sure that no one is fooling us.

We all know that the internet gives us the knowledge of every little thing so we can read articles like this which is more informative than advertising. So for all such confusion, this article will give a brief of the top 10 Best ATX Case and the specifications that the users need to know before buying it and for making the best utilization of their money. Here are the following top 10 Best ATX Case that you must buy for your satisfaction.

10 Best ATX Case In 2021

1. RIOTORO Small Gaming Case 

Best Budget Pick

RIOTORO Small Case

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The cable management of RIOTORO Small Gaming Case is some of the best that one can have. Everything can be stashed in the bottom which is out of the way, with just enough slack to reach the components. That goes for PSU too which is a bit tough in most tower cases especially this size. Pull the case cables through first then mount the board.

The glass gives a very nice look to the case, especially if you have a fancy GPU and heatsink. There are 2 120 fans mounted in the front which makes a very nice Air passage for the air to move in a direction without hitting the obstacles in the pathway.


  • It is one of the  smallest ATX cases that supports full-size ATX motherboard
  • Not very costly


  • Horrendous airflow, meaning the temperature is enormous. Just removing the side panel reduces the GPU temps by 15 degrees.
  • Cheaply made
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Best Pick


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CORSAIR CARBIDE 600C Inverse has a very unique layout that allows smooth airflow from the device and also from the GPU and the CPU and the air doesn’t get wasted on the cages of the drive. The look is very much loved by every user as the panoramic full side panel window makes the inside view transparent which shows off the inside components. 

To get rid of plastic cases, this device has 600C which provides full steel front and top panels for extra durability and good looks. Three fans are also included in this ATX case. This has many good features like cutting edge design and keeping the device cool by having pathways to direct the cooling, the hinged and latched interior gives the device a transparent look for the users. The inverse ATX is very eye-catching.


  • Good airways
  • Transparent design


  • No included dust filter for the top fan mounts, and getting the filter used on the 400c looks difficult.
  • lack of sturdier attachments for the front face of the case, rather than plastic clips.
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3. NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-B1: Best ATX Case

Best Overall Pick


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NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-B1 case is a very well built case, then working with this one is very easy as well. The cable management is very important for this one as well. This minimalist case will be worth it. No one had ever a white box would look so good.

And what’s weird is that it doesn’t have a boring design, ironically. Cable Management is good. The white metal bar inside the case does a nice job at hiding them. The tempered glass is really good quality, and it didn’t come with any scratches.

Thumbscrews come on the back panel so it looks pretty flush on the front.

Suitable for liquid cooling up to 240MM. The black case is very attractive and the weight of this product is also not too much.


  • One of the best minimalist cases 
  • Good quality


  • Bit expensive
  • less space for motherboard placement
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4. CORSAIR Crystal

Best RunnerUp Pick


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First things first, that’s a B350 Tomahawk, and an EVGA 750GQ, with 2 SATA, 1 PCI, and a Molex for RGB strips, so a lot of cables. Also, those are cable extensions and there is still room to run cables if you know what you’re doing.

So honestly any combination will fit in this case if you have the patience to manage the cables. The looks of the product are amazing and the cable management is also commendable and that’s a sure work, overall it is a really nice and compact little beauty. 

It is a little loud though, but that may be due to the LL120 fans. Users got this case over the crystal 570x because that thing has 5 tempered glass panels, Very nice feel, good front airflow and very quiet case. The case in General looks very good while all setup.


  • high-quality materials
  • a bit bigger than standard cases (pre-assembled type) but at the same time smaller than the gigantic cases that point to those who assemble computers alone
  • full of hooks with the which handle cables
  • packed very well
  • the front filter and bottom look very comfortable


  •  fans do not spin at the speed 
  •  pre-installed fan cables look like a tangle 
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5. Thermaltake Core 

Best ATX Pick

Thermaltake Core

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Thermaltake Core is one of the best and amazing ATX cases which Keep everything you love in the living room and with the very innovative member of the Core G3 slim ATX chassis Thermaltake Core series has been specially made up of  4K virtual reality system of gaming.

Thermaltake Core offing is beyond comparison when it comes to cooling performance and compatibility with style and personality. Enjoy your games, music, stream, or movies all from one device.

The Net Weight of Thermaltake core is 4.2 kg / 9.3 lb, it has two slots of extension and the cooling system is supported with the Turbo Fan which has been installed in two units in the same system.

Maximum three fans can be placed which comes with two fans pre-installed at the front which I removed and replaced with Corsair RGB Fan and placed third at the GPU side vent. This case is well ventilated that allows for plenty of airflows.

And most of all, it is compact for the size of ATX! The only issue that you will face is cable management, but with some carefully laid out wires, you can make it a little less messy and better. The GT430 does not require any such cable for the power cable.

So with those cables only I was still hard-pressed to make room in the case to prevent any cable from obstructing airflow. In the end, if I had more drives, a video card that needed power cables then this would have been a more challenging task.


  •  Enough of space to play with adding a water cooler
  •  Fairly easy to set up and take apart
  •  The slim form factor for ATX


  • The power button is extremely sensitive (less than 1mm actuation), and you can power it off by accident easily, I am going to have to modify it.
  • Filters all seem to work fine and are flat for the most part, however, they tend to slide off easily.
  • The PCI-e extension is less flexible than expected.
  • Thinner metal than expected
  •  Few troubles with the screws as they were poor quality and had trouble removing a couple that had been cross-threaded.
  •  No space for cables to go behind the board
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6. Cooler Master Case SL600M: Best ATX Case

Best Cooler Master Pick

Cooler Master Case SL600M

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The most suitable one for work as well as for playing games. The case is clad in sandblasted aluminium. The case is the centrepiece of the workspace of the Cooler Master, the top and front of the case are clad in anodized aluminium, the Master case SL600M keeps both performance as well as professionalism top-notch while also taking care of smoothness on noise reduction and airflow.

The Master case SL600M addresses both noise reduction and thermal efficiency; while noise reduction can run cooler gaming can become quieter. By fusing together the Method of cooling with the Method of noise reduction, the Master case SL600M enables components to run efficiently for work, for play, and for everything in between.

There are many good features in this ATX case, the weight of the item is 29.5 pounds and it has two USB ports of 2.0. Both front & rear fans included have 3 pin connectors, and are outfitted with Molex connectors that are also included.


  • High-quality design
  • High airflow path


  • No option to rotate the back brackets
  • Mess of cables
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7. Cooler Master MCW-L3B3-KANN-01

Best Budget Pick

Cooler Master MCW-L3B3-KANN-01

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This is also one of the smallest ATX cases that you can buy from online sites which are very popular, this is the model named as the Master Box Lite 5 RGB. This comes with a beautiful look and it is a mate case which makes it look more attractive.

This Cooler Master MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 not only builds up your computer but also makes it good as per outer looks as well. The customisation and the performance are very satisfying to all the users. The feature that you get inside the case is most beautiful as it has a black coating which offers the user a clean build.

The edge to edge is transparent of this ATX case with an acrylic side panel that shows the components fixed inside it. It has the support of preinstalled RGB cooling fans along with a system of cooling water. Also, the edge to edge protection is given by tempered glass.

These can be bought in three colors which are mainly black, red and white. There is also a dual-chamber system that keeps the heat away that generates from the PSU. The RGB fan can also be customized by the user.

The item weight is 14.53 pounds and the dimension of the products is 18.45*7.87*17.89 inches and Front is available in 120, 140, 240, 280, 360 mm radiators which are limited up to 50mm thickness without any fan and the rear is120mm x 1.


  • Self customization
  • Attractive looks


  • Expensive
  • Lack of hardness 
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8. Aero Cool Cases Aero

Best Affordable Pick

Aero Cool Aero

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This AeroCool Cases Aero-1000 Black is having a solid construction of chassis A case quickly and easily transforms into a test bench ideal for enthusiasts and overclockers. Two durable trifle fans included in the front which also supports a 240 mm radiator for powerful airflow

Aero Cool Cases Aero supports up to 4 HDDs or SSDs by removable HDD cages

The tray of the Motherboard can be removed by the user to install or to remove or swap the components that are inside. It has X dock slots and Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports in the front for Lightning-fast plug n play I/O

Rigid carry handles on the side panels


  • Fans are the best
  • Customisation 


  • Expensive
  • mediocre cable control
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9.Corsair CC

Best Corsair Pick

Corsair CC

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Corsair CC is available in black and white colour. This ATX case has a very unconventional design of Carbide series air 540 which uses dual chambers for the delivering air from cooler to the CPU, motherboard, graphics card and also memory without the intervention of power supply or drive in the way.

The custom Air Series AF140L that is included in the Corsair CC is to intake and the great airflow performance is done by the exhaust fans at lower noise levels than the other typical case fans. This product also lets the user mount up to six 120mm to five 140mm fans along with top radiator support 280mm and room for a radiator on the front panel of 360mm.

Corsair CC has Carbide series Air 540 which is specially designed for clean and fast as well as satisfying builds. It has very appreciable cooling features and the operation is a quieter one whenever used by anyone. This is the best one which a user can have for water cooling and also advanced Air cooling.


  • Outstanding cooling
  • Quieter operation


  • The SSD case is not very satisfying.
  • The power button is very sensitive.
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10. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO: Best ATX Case

Best Small Pick

Cooler Master XB EVO

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Cooler Master HAF XB EVO can easily transform into a test bench in no time. It has two XtraFlo fans which are very durable, it is fixed in the front part for a very powerful airflow and it is supported by the 240mm tower which cools the CPU which is around 180mm tall, also supports the graphics cards up to 334mm long. 

Apart from the mentioned things, the capacity of this cooler master is also up to 4 HDDs and or it can be SDDs using cages which are removable. Removal of the  Motherboard tray can also be done by the user for an easier installation.

X-Dock bays and also the Dual USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports that are fixed in the front of the product is for lightning-fast plug-n-play Input or output. The cabinet is extremely robust, elegant and complete. 

The design of the spaces is planned for proper ventilation that flows from the front to the top and rear of the tower, leading in addition to placing additional fans at the top, or a liquid cooling system.

It is very quiet and also comes with some internal attachments to better control the airflow, although they usually get in the way when installing large graphics cards (GTX 1060, 1080, etc).


  • Convenient flexibility
  • High Air Flow


  • The case is not new or attractive.
  • The bottom of the PSU is mounted.
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At the end of the article, I expect that all readers now can understand what they want to buy and what they need to know before buying. I hope everyone makes the best atx case decision and buys the one which is worth their money.

There is a lot of information that one should know before making of choice regarding ATX case as it has a good role in making a  smooth functioning of your work, not spend unnecessarily on any ATX whereas you can spend your money at the right place, do check the links for the latest prices. I hope everyone is having a clear idea of the specification that you need in your best ATX cases, make a late choice but a better choice as this will help you in the long term.

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