8+ Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor In 2022

Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Searching for Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor? Then now that you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are the Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor that you can get in 2022 for gaming

The improvement in refresh rates is still a niche topic and despite the phenomenal increase in gaming performance that can take your frames beyond the regular 60 frames per second, you’re still stuck with the old monitors that lag.

Some of them have refresh rates of 75 Hz or 144 Hz but now we are seeing monitors that come with rates of 240 Hz.

These are also the fastest that a common person can get on the market.  A 240-hertz refresh rate will ensure that your gameplay is smooth and completely lag-free.

If you are interested in increasing your gaming performance by buying a 240 Hz monitor then we have compiled a list of the Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor that are available right now. Read one and find one that suits your needs.

Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor For Gaming In 2022

1. BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 240Hz

This monitor comes with a ridiculous design, whether it is ridiculously good or ridiculously bad, that is completely up to you to decide. The first thing that will catch your attention when you lay your eyes on this device is its flappy paddles on either of its sides.

They are supposedly designed to remove any outside interference like sunlight, reflections or just the general distractions of the world that lies outside your gaming monitor. Giving an immersive experience doesn’t get any better than this. While they seem to put us off for aesthetic reasons, it cannot be denied that these flaps are extremely practical as far as functionality goes.

While these paddles may divide gamers on whether they are needed or not, there is no doubt as to the performance of this monitor. Without a show of doubt, this monitor is one of the best 240-hertz monitors that are available on the market right now.

There is nothing that this monitor lacks when it comes to gaming. Packing all the features that a gamer could ever ask for such as a strikingly fast response of 1 ms, 240-hertz refresh rate and G-Sync compatibility, there is hardly anything to complain about in this monitor.

If you are a professional gamer, then 240 hertz is great if you want to gain an advantage over your opponent in tournaments.

The screen is 27 inches wide and comes with a full HD resolution, so you’ll be sure to have yourself the ultimate gaming experience.  The monitor packs a lot of connection options and spectacular specs.

If you do not mind the G-Sync, then this is one of the best monitors that you could find and it should be placed considerably high on your list.


  • Extremely fast 240-hertz refresh rate
  • Has the perfect combination of 27 inches screen and full HD resolution
  • Provides  a truly immersive gaming experience
  • Comes with flappy paddles to block outside interference


  • The Design may put off some people
  • It is equipped with TN panels
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2Alienware AW2720HF

If the previous entry has the edge in overall performance, then this one from Alienware has the edge in aesthetics. One of the nicest looking monitors on the market, this screen comes packed with some seriously powerful features too.

It is sleek, free sync compatible which is always a plus if you are not running an Nvidia graphics card and is one of the cheaper models out there. It is RGB lighting, thin bezels that make it even more attractive and its stand and prickly edges are a treat on the eye.

The brand logo is slapped subtly in the lower bezels and goes very well with the minimalist design.

Talking about the stand,  it is quite solid and does not shake even when the desk is moved, which is mostly down to the monitor pushing it down with its weight. To make it even better there is an audio and USB pass-through which is provided to make peripherals plugging less tedious.

With its 240-hertz refresh rate, you are guaranteed to have one of the smoothest gameplay you will ever have if you have the device to play it in those settings. Alienware devices are always some of the most expensive on the market, but this one is rather toned down on the front which is a pleasant surprise.

This monitor has firmly placed itself in contention as one of the best monitors for gaming and the best when it comes to those employing free sync.

It has an extremely fast response rate of 1 ms and when that is coupled with a 27 inches screen and the full HD resolution, you are guaranteed to enjoy the display. The fact that it has an IPS screen only increases its merits.


  • Beautiful and aesthetical design
  • 240-hertz refresh rate
  • Quick response time of 1 ms
  • Well-made stand
  • A cheap model from Alienware
  • Comes with free sync which is great if you don’t have Nvidia graphics card
  • It has an IPS panel


  • It lacks G sync which is the preferred choice for Nvidia users
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3. ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q

Asus makes its entry on to the list in style. And their monitor is exactly what would be expected of their Republic of Gamers division, a flashy piece of equipment that screams gamer. The design is inspiring and the build quality is excellent, which is no surprise considering its makers.

Add to that its thin bezels and its one of a kind stand along with the Asus logo at the bottom bezels and you will find yourself admiring it more and more. Its signature ROG helix stand is exceptional and comes with a customized lighting option that projects an image beneath it.

To complete its looks, there is an RGB feature on the back too, which makes it look quite nice but seems like a waste if you have got the monitor against the wall or have your lights on.

The monitor has features which are as good as any of the others and come with dual compatibility of G and free sync. The fast and quick response time of 1 ms and the 240-hertz refresh rate are some of the best that are available.

Its screen size is on the lower size providing a display of only 24.5 inches but it does have a full HD resolution and TN panels.

Considering the size and the resolution along with the feature that you are provided, you will agree that this is a reasonably priced device that will make sure that you have a glitch-free experience during your gameplay.


  • The build quality of this monitor is top class
  • It’s ROG Helix stand is exceptional both in design and in functionality
  • Lighting fast 240-hertz refresh rate
  • Has dual compatibility with free sync as well as G sync
  • Quick 1 ms response time


  • The monitor comes with TN panels
  • Its screen size is on the lower side when compared with other devices
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4. Acer Predator XB272 Bmiprz

Just like the previous entry, the Acer Predator features one of the best stands in this list. It spreads out at the bottom with four protrusions in all four directions which makes it look like a claw which, at the cost of appearing like a fan boy, just looks so cool.

That being said, this monitor certainly gives off that gamer aura and comes with extremely thin bezels and the logo at the bottom which keeps the design to a minimum and does not clutter the look.

With its design taking much of our appreciation, its features are nothing to scoff at and the specs it packs are superb for gaming. The monitor comes with a lightning-fast response time of 1 ms and 240-hertz refresh rate which is just perfect for the serious gamers who want to get involved in the pro scene. 

It comes with a standard 27-inch screen and full HD display which promises to provide you with in-depth details of your game. However, it comes with TN panels which are a downside.

It also supports G sync so it is perfect for Nvidia users and can be VESA mounted which is a nice option to have if you just want your monitor to stick up a wall.

Its ergo stand provides you with the option to tilt, pivot, swivel and up and down movement, although those are restricted to only the latter options if you decide to mount this monitor.

That being said, these adjustment options are certainly welcome and lets you adjust the monitor so that you can get the perfect viewing angles for gaming.

It is certainly worth checking out and is an affordable and solid gaming monitor that comes from Acer.


  • A high-quality ergonomic stand that comes with adjustment options
  • Has one of the best refresh rates of 240 hertz
  • Quick response time of 1 ms
  • It is a great value for money option
  • Equipped with G sync which is a plus for Nvidia users
  • Can be VESA mounted on a wall


  • Comes with TN panels
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5. Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx

This is one of the cheapest options and if you are on a low budget, the top pick you can find. Despite coming at a lower price it is capable of competing with high-end monitors and has only some minor drawbacks which can be easily ignored.

Even if you are not short on cash, make sure that this device is in your consideration since its features are top-notch and just as good as any others.

Most of the other 240 hertz monitors are above the price range of $300 but this is one of the few that manages to break that price range and manages to provide the user with an under $300 240 hertz monitor.

Leaving its price point behind, the Acer XF has a response time of 1 ms and a 240-hertz refresh rate much like most of the other monitors on the list.  It has a full HD display and 24.5-inch screen which is smaller than the standard but is to be expected.

Since the price is its standout feature, certain compromises had to be made and thus it is only compatible with free sync as a cost-cutting measure. Despite that, if you go with Nvidia’s recent updates, it can support G sync too which is a big merit for this monitor. 

The stand Is pretty basic and is rounded off at the bottom, with its bezels not being all that thin either.

However, this is an excellent choice if you want to get yourself a 240-hertz monitor that provides smooth gameplay and can compete with the best monitors at a reasonable price.


  • Has 240-hertz refresh rate
  • Has a lightning-fast response time of 1 ms
  • Support free sync as well as g sync
  • It is an excellent value for money monitor


  • It is equipped with TN panel
  • Its stand is not all that impressive
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6. LG 27GK75B UltraGear

Another budget option, this time from LG and just like the previous entry, this monitor does not disappoint. The LG 27G is one of the few monitors available on the market that manages to breach the holy threshold of being a 2400 hertz device and being under $300.

Despite its low price it still manages to do one thing that its predecessor could not- give a 27 inches screen with 16:9 aspect ratio.  While it only has TN panels, which seems like a recurring thing, it is bound to provide you with the first-rate action in your games.

Plus, it also comes with motion blur reduction which vastly improves your experience and 1 ms of response speed which lets it compete with the best monitors. With these kinds of specifications, this device successfully manages to punch way above its weight.

On the topic of weight, it weighs around 14 pounds which is fine at this price and comes with a two-pronged stand which looks rather nice on it. For connections, it is equipped with 2 HDMI and a DisplayPort with a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

For compatibility with different GPUs, it is capable of supporting both AMD and Nvidia as it comes with both free sync as well as G sync. The display is full HD and it will even give you a few features that we wouldn’t expect from a 240-hertz gaming monitor.

That includes its 400 nit brightness that is certain to light up your gameplay and the fact that it supports over 16.7 million colors making your display bright and crisp.

If you want the best specifications at the lowest price possible then this device is one for you.


  • Has compatibility with both free sync and G sync
  • A 27-inch screen at this price and 400 nits brightness
  • A refresh rate of 240 hertz and quick response time of 1 ms
  • Has a vast amount of colors
  • One of the best value for money products


  • Has TN panels
  • The stand is basic and simple
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7. Acer Nitro XV273

One of the best 27-inch monitors, the Acer Nitro provides the user with a stutter-free and extremely immersive gameplay that is only possible due to its high refresh rate and its large screen size.

It comes with a full HD display and an IPS panel which vastly improves the viewing angles so you won’t have to worry about form where you play the game.

Although its refresh rate can go up to 240 hertz, it comes with a variable refresh rate that allows the monitor to lower and adjust it according to your device specification so that your game will not lag and tear. This is perfect for those who are playing games with a low-end device.

It has free sync support and its response time of 1 ms is outstanding. It comes with HDR support and its SDR peak brightness is able to dispel the glare.

There are four USB ports for charging and this monitor also comes with integrated speakers which are a big plus. Due to its IPS display, its contrast ratio is rather low which makes it look grey when in dark places.

On an overall front, this is one of the best monitors that will be useful to everyone from serious gamers to casual gamers, that is if the latter is willing to pay for it.


  • Variable refresh rate
  • IPS panel
  • HDR support and integrated speakers
  • Quick response time of 1 ms


  • Not enough brightness to fully utilize HDR
  • Low contrast ratio
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If you want a 240-hertz monitor with fully capable HDR performance then this one’s for you. While its colour accuracy is not very good, it is able to fully utilize its HDR content due to its high brightness.

This is a great monitor for just about any kind of use and has fantastic performance due to its quick response time of 1 ms which is the lowest that any monitor can have.

There is also a motion blur reduction feature which is great for professional gamers and increases gaming experience at high refresh rates. With its low input lag and its capability to run games at any kind of specifications, it is a truly great monitor.

The Viewsonic comes with an IPS display with viewing angles that manages to impress and are ideal for multiplayer mode if you want to play with your buddy.

However, due to its IPS panel, it has a low contrast ratio which lowers its experience in a dark room. It is certainly not recommended that you go for an all-night gaming session with this monitor. 

Overall, the Viewsonic manages to give us impressive HDR content and high brightness levels that provide games with a drowning experience that is hard to replicate. If you want to buy yourself a 240-hertz monitor then this device has got to be a part of your list. 


  • Can play HDR content with the help of its high brightness
  • Comes with an IPS panel
  • Has 240-hertz refresh rate and 1 ms response time
  • It has the motion blur feature which is a definite plus
  • Its viewing angles are impressive


  • It has a lower contrast ratio
  • Its color uniformity is not that good
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Buyers Guide To Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Upgrading to a monitor with a higher refresh rate means you have committed yourself to gaming. While a higher refresh rate will improve your experience, there is a downside to this. 

The price. If you are still not deterred by this, then go ahead and buy one, but make sure that you consider the following things.

Higher refresh rate: 240 hertz is the highest refresh rate among desktops that the average person can get his hands one. Its higher rate means a higher standard. Make sure that you can run this display.

Compatibility: Whether it is G Sync or Free Sync, make sure that your device is compatible with the monitors.

Screen Size: If you are on a lower budget, consider going for a device with a smaller screen. They come much cheaper.

Ports: Make sure that your monitor has enough ports so that you can connect several devices with it at once for better options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor

1. What is the difference between 240Hz and lower hertz monitors?

A 240-hertz display can provide the user with a stutter-free and lag-free gameplay which is a problem found in devices with lower refresh rates.

2. Are they expensive?

Compared to your regular simple monitor with lower refresh rates, these are going to be expensive. However, there are still some models under $300.

3. Can you play at lower refresh rates in 240Hz monitors?

While this is not impossible as some monitor does come with these capabilities, doing such a thing is not recommended.

4. Do I need a 240Hz monitor?

If you are a professional gamer then you definitely cannot do without a 240Hz monitor.

5. Does it have built-in speakers?

A lot of monitors do come with built-in speakers. However, make sure that you check the specifications as a lot of models do not.

Know more about best monitors:


At the moment most of the Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor use TN panels that bring certain downsides such as lower contrast ratio and lower viewing angles. All of them are restricted to a full HD display and 27 inches.

However, technologies change rapidly and we are sure that before long we’ll be graced with the presence of monitors that are even better than what we have got now.

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