10+ Best 10 Inch Tablet In 2022

Best 10 Inch Tablet

Are you in the search for Best 10 Inch Tablet. Then now you are at the right place as we will be telling you what are 10 Best 10 Inch Tablet that you can get in 2021 for your gaming or college sessions.

You are a person who travels a lot. It could be for work or personal related reasons. Now you are just fed up with carrying a laptop all around. And you can do much on your phone as it has a small screen. You want a gadget which is not too huge and heavy and also not too small. Something in between these two.

Let me tell you the best gadget you can go for is a 10-inch Tablet. Trust me, it has got a correct proportion of widescreen, it’s not heavy that you require to carry a different bag for the same. It’s not too small where it is tough for you to watch a movie or hold a video call meeting. The best part is that it is portable and you can carry it around without any hassle.

To make your life simpler I have listed down the top 10 Best 10 Inch Tablet. Go ahead and read to find out which one suits your requirements and your budget

10 Best 10 Inch Tablet In 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019)

Best Cheapest Pick

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Samsung has come back with a new tablet after almost 2 years.  The Tab A 10.1 inches 32 GB has a slimmer screen compared to the previous one. It has an upgraded LPRD4 2-GB of Ram.  It uses Type C USB for charging and has a dual audio system.

The operating system used by TABA is Android 9 pie. The contrast and color settings of this tablet are pretty good. So, if you are ever in a mood to watch Friends or a movie, sitting outdoors enjoying the nature you can go for it. 

For all the gamers out there, you should check out this tablet. It supports most of the games like PUBG, Into the Dead, Shadowgun Legends and so except Fortnite.

It has got a balanced graphics settings and you have the option to change it HD. Though, playing it on HD can cause stuttering sometimes. 

Since it runs on Android 9 pie you can access Digital well being, where you could see the time spent on each app.  You have the option to navigate it with gestures and also can turn kids mode on.

If you want to text someone on WhatsApp and simultaneously you want to watch this really good video on Youtube, well, that’s possible. You have a split-screen option available. Lastly, the battery life is decent.


  • Android 9 Pie
  • Good Cammers
  • Average speakers


  • Fingerprint scanner not available
  • Ram 2 GB
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2. Lenovo Tab M10 HD

Best Overall Pick

Lenovo Tab M10 HD

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Looking for a tablet that could be used by every member of your family? Well, you can check out Lenovo M10 HD.  It is a multiple user profiles tablet that can be unlocked with facial recognition. It is kid-friendly as it has preloaded kids mode.

Also, you can add a kid’s pack and stylish folio case. So, you don’t have to worry while lending it to a kid.

The operating system of this tablet is Android 8.1 Oreo and the processor is Qualcomm SD429, Quad-Core. It uses USB type C port for charging.

The M10 HD has this feature of turning into a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa Integration through Lenovo Smart Dock. 

You have to use the tab at default settings as it doesn’t have an option of adjusting the color temperatures. So, it is difficult to use outdoors.

If you are into simple games like Dead trigger 2 then you can go for this tablet. For others who are into more complex games then you might struggle. It has got powerful and balanced speakers. It lacks in bass though. 

The stereo sound is produced only when you are holding it in a landscape mode as the speakers are placed on the longer side of the tablet.


  • Family-friendly; can be used by multiple users
  • Good Battery life
  • Reasonable price


  • Can’t play complex games
  • Not good for outdoors
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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6:Best 10 Inch Tablet

Best Pick

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

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Confused if you want a laptop or a tablet? Why not buy both? Yes, if you buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 it can act as a laptop and a tablet. You can transform into a Desktop when you attach the keyboard that has a built-in trackpad. You might find it difficult to use the keyboard on the lap, as it doesn’t connect to the tablet rigidly.

This lightweight tab includes an S pen which is easy to use. The processor used is Octa-core and the tab has a battery life up to 15hours. This 128 GB tab allows you to call and text without using your phone.

Are you a lazy person? Do you find it difficult to get up from your couch to switch on the fan or to adjust the temperature? Don’t worry S6 pampers you with its Smart things app, which lets you adjust temperatures or monitor your front door.

Another feature is that it has a  built-in voice assistant Bixby which listens to your command from across the room.  It has got pretty good camera quality with an 8MP front camera which is good for a video chat. And also it captures a wider view.


  • Good Battery life
  • Loud & clear speakers
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • The keyboard is not stable
  • Productivity is affected by the widescreen aspect ratio 
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4. Apple Ipad Air: Best 10 Inch Tablet

Best Apple Pick

Apple Ipad Air

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All those loyal customers of Apple will be happy to see this on the list. Well, what can I say about this 10.5-inch retina display tablet? It might be a little pricey compared to others. It is the upgrade and downgrade version of the iPad Pro. 

This metallic sleek looking tab comes with a Touch ID rather than a Face ID. It has a True Tone Display feature which automatically adjusts its brightness according to the room’s lighting. There is no air gap between the display and the glass. 

Another interesting feature about this tab is that it comes with a smart connector. You can connect the keyboard to the tab through the smart connector. You don’t require any battery or USB. It is easy to carry around.

The iPad Air’s CPU has been upgraded to A12. This means it is future ready. If there is going to be any updates from ios it will be able to support it. It replaces Bluetooth 4.0 with Bluetooth 5.0 compared to its previous version.  Nevertheless, it is a better version of its predecessor at a better price.


  • Got a wide display
  • Fantastic Battery life


  • Comes with a generation one apple pencil
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5. Microsoft Surface Go: Best 10 Inch Tablet

Best Reliable Pick

Microsoft Surface Go

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Microsoft Surface GO is the best affordable Windows tablet you could purchase. This high-resolution 10-inch tablet comes with 9 hours of battery life. It is a lightweight tab that just weighs around 0.52 kg and comes with a kickstand, which you can’t find it in any other tablet.

The kickstand could be moved as per your comfort. The quality of Surface Go is pretty good, as it is made up of Magnesium.  The USB Type-C port can be used for charging. You have the option to switch between Windows S mode and Windows 10. 

The digital resolution of this tablet is 1800 * 1200 pixels and has a good quality of speakers.  It comes with a facial recognition feature.

You might find a little difficulty in typing as the space between keys is narrow. To get full functionality, you need to have a keyboard. It is a mini version of the laptop. 


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable Price


  • Need to buy the keyboard separately
  • The touch screen is not up to the mark
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6. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Best Budget Pick

Amazon Fire HD 10

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If you are looking to buy a tablet within a budget and also at the same time you want a wide screen then go for Amazon Fire HD 10.  This 10.1-inch display tablet comes with USB Type- C port for charging and also comes with a 9 W power adapter.

The operating processor used is Octa-core and has a battery life of 12 hours. It weighs around 504 g but it is easier to hold with both hands for a longer period. It comes with a dual speaker backed by Dolby Atmos, but the sound produced seems to be hollow.  It has Bluetooth connectivity as well as a headphone jack.

The performance of this tablet is pretty good. It opens the apps quickly and you can also multitask among different apps (up to 6 apps).

It is recommended not to play high intensive games. However, games like Candy crush can be played without any disturbance. This tab is not suitable for video calling as the camera quality is really bad. But again what can you expect with a 2 MP front and rear camera.


  • Good Battery life
  • Affordable
  • High-Resolution


  • Not lightweight 
  • Can’t download Youtube or any other Google apps
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7. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Best Affordable Pick

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

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Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is another tablet that is on the lower price range. It weighs around 475 g and comes with a USB Type-C port for charging. This 10.1-inch tablet comes with a fingerprint scanner which is not quite common for this price range. It comes with a headphone jack. 

MediaPad M5 has four speakers in total, two each on top and bottom. The quality of the speakers is considered to be outstanding. The display resolution of the M5 lite is 1920 * 1200 pixels and has got really good viewing angles.

The operating system of the tablet is Octa-core and has 32 GB internal storage and 3 GB of RAM. It has the of using split-screen.

For all the gamers out there it may not be the ideal tablet for you. But you can PUBG on M{a4c7761a66c5e230fdf8135fd26cc8f22a414d525b4f9493baa5b99f3704b6cd} lite with little stuttering 

It comes with an M Pen lite which is pressure sensitive.


  • Four Speakers
  • Good Battery life
  • Fingerprint Scanner


  • Not so good cameras
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8. Samsaung Galaxy Tab S4: Best 10 Inch Tablet

Best RunnerUp Pick

Samsaung Galaxy Tab S4

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It is a unique looking tablet that has a glass back and front. The display of this laptop is around 10.5 inch . Like most of the Samsung tablets, even this you can transform into a PC. It comes with an S pen.

It has a digital resolution of 2560 * 1600 sAmoled and you can maximize the brightness. It has got a really good color contrasting feature. It comes with an option to project the screen to an external TV or monitor.

One drawback is that it runs on Sanapdragon 835 and has 4 GB of RAM.

Coming to the pretty good camera quality, It has around 13 Megapixels. This is decent for video calls. It comes with a face scanner for unlocking. 

If you are a person looking for a great battery life then this is the tablet. The batter life of S4 is around 16-hours.


  • Lightweight
  • Face Scanner
  • Good design


  • Keyboard needs to be bought separately.
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9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e: Best 10 Inch Tablet

Best Samsung Pick

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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Well, if you are looking for a luxurious tablet but at a not so costly price, then Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is the one. This is a lightweight tablet with 10.5 inches. It is similar to Galaxy Tab A but lighter in weight and has a resolution of 2560 * 1600. It brings out the color and life of the videos.

Even this can be connected to various home devices just like Tab A through Smart connect. Coming to the battery life, it has around 14.5 hours of video on a full charge, and also you can go for fast charging. Go for this tablet if you want that sleek look and widescreen at a mid-range price.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Good battery life


  • It has a basic camera feature
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  10. Lenovo Tab E 10

Best Budget Pick

Lenovo Tab E 10

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It is one of the cheapest tablets of the lot. It comes with 10.1 inches with a plastic body but is well built. It runs on Android 8.0 Oreo and has an internal storage of 16 GB. It comes with a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity.

Tab E10 has got an average sound quality. It misses out on bass. The picture quality of the tab is average. It offers around 5 MP and 2 MP. It is decent for a video call. The viewing angles of Lenovo Tab E 10 is pretty decent. It is wide and it’s not that bright.

Since it is not laminated high chances are seeing your reflection on the screen. It is recommended to use it outdoors.  Coming to the battery life, it can last upto 7 hours.  Overall it’s a decent product if you are looking at a lower price range.


  • Cheap
  • Pure Andriod Go


  • Camera quality is bad
  • Low Battery life
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Make an informed decision before you purchase a tablet. It is important to list down the features you are looking for in a tablet and your budget. And also the reason why you are buying a tablet.

Is it for studies, work, or to just watch movies or series while traveling?  You need to choose the best tablet as it is a luxurious product and it will be a long term investment. So, make a wise and informed choice before you purchase the best 10 inch tablet.

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