Fix: Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working

Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working
Fix: Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working

Are you looking for a guide to fix the Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working issue? So, here’s complete guide for you;

ASUS is a forerunner in the computing industry with leading products that are recognized for toughness and high performance.

We recently experienced several instances of the ASUS Keyboard not displaying its backlight. Either it was too dim or else we could not control brightness and color settings at all, which made using this device rather difficult for us as users!

We have had many issues with our keyboards lately where they stopped providing light relief from typing on them because either there are none left in their system OR you can’t adjust anything about hue/color whatsoever- ruining what should be one easy task: making your computer easier to use by seeing everything clearly without strainers afterword due screens burn out constantly?

The survey found that 70 to 80% of customers experiencing this issue had just upgraded to Windows 10.

When an operating system is upgraded, all manufacturer-supplied modules must be updated as well!

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What Causes Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working

Wrong drivers: With the latest drivers installed, your keyboard will have access to all its features and backlighting.

As a result of installing suitable hardware on our computers we are able not only use them but also get an idea about what is possible with these devices when they work correctly in tandem with each other!

Issue with the hardware: ASUS is the parent company of many hardware brands, including ASUS Motherboard.

These devices can still malfunction even if they are manufactured by this popular brand name!

Sometimes you may get an error message when installing your new gadget that says “ASUS-Hardware not recognized or detected properly” but don’t worry because there’s a solution for every problem at hand – just refresh and check each component one-by-one until everything works as intended again (or try another set).

Installation file: The installation file which is responsible for managing your hotkeys (which includes laptop backlight hotkey) might not have been executed yet in the computer.

Error State: It sounds like you’re having trouble with your computer. Restarting it will fix most errors that happen on Windows-based machines, and if not then just a few troubleshooting steps should do the trick!

Before we move on to specific solutions, make sure that you are logged in as an administrator. Furthermore, your system’s BIOS must have Fn keys enabled for this procedure — making it so there is no need of having them hard-wired onto the keyboard itself; additionally, check if any cables connecting between components (such as power supply) can stay loose during use without causing problems later down the line!

Follow these steps to resolve your problem with keyboard

How To Fix: Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working

If the keyboard backlight does not turn on or show up, try following these steps: 

1.Reset to factory settings (EC reset)

2. Restore BIOS configuration

3. Reinstall the control interface driver for ASUS system

Reset to factory settings (EC reset)

  • Things like memory cards, CD/DVDs, dongles, and all other external devices should be removed
  • Turn off the computer
  • Take out the all power supplies
  • Then  take out the battery  also
  • For performing a hard reset, press and hold the Power Button for 40 seconds.
  • Change  the AC adapter and battery, and then turn on the computer to see if the problem has been repaired. If the problem remains, proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

Restore BIOS configuration

  • Resetting the BIOS to its default configuration
  • If the problem continues, please proceed to the next step.

Reinstall the control interface driver for ASUS system

  • In the Windows search bar, type and search [Device Manager] and then open it .
  • Remove the ASUS System Control Interface drivers from your system, Right-click ASUS System Control Interface and select Uninstall device, then check the arrow next to System devices.
  • Select Uninstall after checking the box to Delete the driver software for this device
  • Download and install the ASUS System Control Interface driver from the ASUS support site. By the help of this page you may learn more about how to search and download drivers
  • If you face same problem now also then move to the next step

Reset the PC

If you’ve exhausted all of the troubleshooting methods and your computer is still facing the same problem, it might be time for a reset.

Make sure to back up personal files before doing this!


1: Why isn’t my laptop keyboard backlight turning on?

In the BIOS, make sure your keyboard backlight is turned on. If it’s not an option in whatever version of the settings menu you’re using then try selecting “Keyboard illumination” from that drop down list– but be aware that some machines don’t have this ability unless they are upgraded with new hardware!

2: What is the procedure for resetting the keyboard light?

In order to turn on your computer, press and hold down the esc key. Once you have done that, keep holding it for 5 more seconds then release immediately when prompted without letting go of these buttons or any other keys on the keyboard (i.e., if lit up). If successful-the screen should start flickering; this means reset was successful!

3: My ASUS laptop’s keyboard backlight isn’t working. What should I do?

It is possible that it has been disabled in software. You can try to turn it on by navigating to C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ATK Package\ATK Hotkey and running a program called hcontrol.exe or you can try holding down the FN key while pressing F4.


That is it guys i hope our guidance helped you to fix: Asus Backlit Keyboard Not Working

If you’re experiencing problems with your ASUS laptop’s keyboard light, we’ve provided the best methods for fixing it.

However if those don’t work and more testing is needed on an ASUS authorized repair center then please contact them directly!

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