Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Perfect Assassin Build and Guide

In this guide, you will learn how to become the perfect assassin in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. If you are one of those players who loves stealth and silent killing, then this guide is for you.

Assassin’s Creed Perfect Odyssey Assassin’s Handbook

Beginning of activity

In the early hours of COA, stealth can be hard to find. Unlike previous AC games, the gameplay here is different, meaning that the enemies are outside the camps, the animals – it doesn’t matter – can see or hear you from afar, and the mercenaries know exactly where you are. This can make the killer’s mind disappear, but don’t worry, just be patient and wait for the skills and improvements to come to you later.

  • If you have a low level and little damage, stay away from enemies in the forts and houses of the main man. It’s almost impossible to silence the bandit camps, but my advice is to focus on the bandit leader/elite enemy and kill him so you can easily take care of the rest of the camp.
  • Always scanning the area and spotting all enemies with Ikaros to see where they are looking, going and doing, with this clear view you can make your strategy. Preferably do this before you enter the zone, but you can also do it when you are in the zone.
  • You can whistle and attract the attention of enemies to bring them to you and kill them in the bushes or behind the walls. This is very useful in large regions.
  • You will see a fireplace in every fort and sometimes in the camps. These braziers are agile, and you need to focus on the brazier first when you go into the forts, because usually the invisible soldier will run straight to the brazier to call for reinforcements, and 95% of the time you won’t see him. By setting a trap on the grill, you can kill this scum instantly without even touching him. Usually the grill is self-contained and unattended, so you can easily access it.

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  • To excel in the game of stealth, you must have the skills of an assassin. And the way to get these skills is to upgrade the spear, and you can only upgrade it with the mysterious fragment that falls when you kill the farmer. You need a certain amount of frag each time to upgrade your spear, and while some Cultists need higher levels to kill, some can easily be killed at lower levels. Prioritize the murder of cultists, as you need to raise the spear as high as possible to become a silent killer without reaching the end of the game. A pointed spear will do the killer even more damage.
  • Level up on different islands by killing animals, completing side quests and more. This also gives you the ability to kill everyone in the arena, because unlike most enemies, those in the arena are not as flat as you.
  • ALWAYS and ALWAYS hiding bodies in large forts and camps. As soon as it is detected by the enemy, all the cloaks you had up to that point are destroyed. If you can, throw them off a cliff, hide them in bushes, ponds and lakes, or take them into unfinished rooms when you’re in desirable homes.
  • Stay away from mercenaries who have a reward for you, unless your levels are close, kill them in a safe place. Most of the time you have to deal with different mercenaries, because the game system makes you the center of the world. You can simply avoid them by walking away or by immediately pressing the card button and paying all the rewards.
  • Unlock as much as ? on the map, because opening a new location gives you XP.
  • And the most useful advice: If you want to steal items or raid forts and camps, hit the meditation button and do it at night. The townspeople are away and the soldiers are on guard at night, and sometimes 4 to 5 of them sleep next to each other, so 5 of them can be killed easily.

Killing skills

There are several assassin skills that will help you throughout the game. Some don’t require wrenching, so you don’t need to unlock a second possibility wheel to use them regularly.

Critical appraisal

Since all enemies are now dressed in heavy armor and even head movements are not enough, multiple hits are needed to kill them. This is where the Critical Assassination ability comes in handy, allowing you to kill the enemies behind you with more damage than you can muster. This capability is scalable and will prove more useful than you think if you focus on upgrading.

Shadow Assassin

If you’re a pillager like me, this ability allows you to immediately loot the enemy you just killed with a kill. It also increases critical damage.

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Stealth Master

By improving this ability, you reduce the visual and auditory range of your enemies, allowing you to kill people without anyone noticing. However, I advise you to pretend that this ability does not exist, because it is not as effective as it seems.

Rapid attack

This skill is fundamental to becoming a fast and competent assassin. You must unlock and sign this ability once you reach a sufficient level. With this ability, you can kill up to 4 enemies (fully upgraded) without anyone noticing. This is how you become a master of the subject matter and prioritize important and lone opponents. The problem of enemies facing each other in the camps will no longer exist, as they will die simultaneously within seconds.

A little tip for a quick attack: If an elite enemy does not die with the first power shot and remains with half health, rush to another enemy and return to him. Some enemies can be killed with two shots of this ability. Concentrate on these enemies first and try to stay in sight of them while rushing to the others.

The veil of death

This ability doesn’t open until the end of the game, but right after you use it, you’ll get an idea of why you’ve been fighting all this time and that it was worth it. It does not have to be assigned to a single key. If you kill and shoot an enemy, he immediately disappears without a trace, but with his weapons and shield. The other enemies don’t recognize the weapons and pass by, so you don’t have to worry about hiding the bodies. This ability is a complement to Shadow Assassin.

Useful engravings

If you complete in-game quests, advance to the next level, and use a certain type of weapon long enough, you can have special features engraved that are useful for weapons and armor. These engravings will be available depending on how you play. I won’t explain all the killer prints, but I will mention a few that I use. Some are legendary, some are not.

+% speed of movement during squatting

It can be engraved on boots and sometimes on weapons. Since you will be the quietest killer in Greece, you will spend most of your time squatting. To increase speed and kill combos, this engraving is very useful.

+% damage by murder

You should think about increasing the damage your killer does. This engraving is updated as you ascend, so check it regularly with each blacksmith you encounter.

+% damage caused by the skills of the assassins

If you use your skills as an assassin, this engraving is essential for you. But if you’re just playing with your ability to kill, you can get by. However, I recommend using this one.

+% Head injury

If you can’t kill your enemies with a single headshot, you can kill the animals and protected enemies running towards you with a single headshot. Personally I often use bows and like to keep my distance from the elite, I focus on their heads because their shields don’t cover their heads.

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Everything I’ve pointed out doesn’t guarantee you 100% stealthy gameplay because the mechanics won’t allow it. But it will help you become the silent killer you can be. Never forget to upgrade and burn your weapons and armor often, because there’s always a chance to screw up your stealth combo and fight to your last breath. I hope this little guide will help you reach the level of stealth play you want. Enjoy the day by hiding in the bushes.

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