All Treasure Location in Mt Aozang Genshin Impact | The Lost Riches Treasure Area 14

This is the 7th Day of Lost Wealth, the 14th. The treasure zone you must find is the influence of Aozang Genshin Mountain. You must find the location of Mount Aozang’s treasure. We have all the details and exact location of all the treasures of Mt. Aozang Genshin Impact, look.

All treasures are located at Aozang Genshin Exposure | Treasure Zone of Lost Wealth 14

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The Lost Riches event is currently taking place at the Genshin Impact. As you complete the daily tasks and activities, you can earn rewards. There aren’t many rewards, and you can only get iron coins in these quests and events. During the Lost Riches event, you will receive daily treasures in Genshin Impact that you will have to find while exploring the island.

Exploring the whole island and finding the treasure is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time and you need a lot of patience. The Aozang treasure would be the last and final group of iron coins you receive at the Lost Riches event, but this has not been confirmed.

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The 7th day of the Lost Rishi event will take place here, and Mount Azong will be the 14th venue. The treasure room in the Lost Rishas. You can find this treasure on Mt. Aozang in Liyue. And since this will be the last treasure zone of this event for you, we encourage you to spend all your iron coins in the event store.

Mount Aozan is probably located in the northwestern part of the Bishui Plain in Liyue and east of the first of the seven statues of Liyue. You must explore this area and explore the entire area northwest of Mount Aozang on your own.

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You have to use the treasure hunter you got from Ulman and you have to walk around in the area to find the treasure. This gives you a total of 60 pieces of iron, which you can use in the event store to purchase any item. And don’t forget that the event store is open after the 22nd. January is closed. When you get there, you’ll see picks on the map, follow the markings and see them.

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Mt Aozang Genshin Impact: Location

On the map shared, you will see a white dot with an image below it indicating the total location of the Mount Aozang Genshin Impact treasure.

The effects of Aozang Genshin Mountain

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You should also know to visit Ulaanbaatar at the Liyue Stone Gate and ask to launch the event. Ulman gives you a treasure book and a gadget called Seeley’s Treasure Hunt, and only then can you begin the event.

During the Lost Riches event, there are two new areas each day where you can find treasures and receive iron coins as rewards. There will also be special places for treasures. With pieces of iron, you can buy: Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Ore Enhancement, and a special Seelie. How to find the location of Mt. Treasure of Aozang Genshin’s impact.

So it was the treasure house of Aozang Genshin Mountain and the 14th century.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to All the Treasures of Aozang Genshin Mountain Impact | Treasure Zone Lost Treasures 14.

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